48 hours in paris! part I

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i am still on such a high from getting to spend the weekend with girlfriends in paris! you might have caught a lot of the trip through my videos on instagram stories, but now that i am home, i have a billion photos and stories i want to share as well! we were able to pack in so much in just 48 hours, but it never felt rushed or crammed, as we just wandered around and got lost on the most beautiful streets or inside the most incredible shops. i love traveling with my family and kids, but there was something nice about getting to hop into this store or that store on this trip to paris and just wander, or head out for dinner late into the evening because we didn’t have little ones’ schedules to keep. i missed josh and the kids something awful, but this was a really special trip for me and i’m so thankful josh held down the fort at home so i could go.

my girlfriend jenna found an incredible deal on airline tickets and somehow within a few group texts later, we had a trip booked to paris! for those of you who have asked about the deal, we found it through priceline, but another great site josh and i use often to find great rates for tickets is sky scanner. i think we have an advantage flying in and out of nyc, since it’s such a major airport hub with constant direct flights to and from europe, but you never know!

i’ve broken up our 48 hours into two blog posts, since i took too many photos and want to share them all! so stay tuned for the second post soon! below is part I of the trip!!!


traveling with these two was so much fun. my friend, mary martha, just had her fourth baby, the sweetest little martha mae, when we started texting about this trip and wasn’t sure about coming. i am so glad she went for it and brought her sweet baby girl with. having little ones has never stopped her from getting out and having adventures in her day to day and it’s something i love about her. and also, how can you deny paris as your baby girl’s first passport stamp?! little martha mae wins all the baby awards for being such a good little traveler. and i think it added to my paris high getting to have a newborn around to cuddle! of course, i am now more baby hungry than ever (not that i’m ever not really baby hungry. but you know…)

also, i picked up these sunglasses right before the trip and i am obsessed with them. they are also on sale for $10 online, so thought i’d share incase you’re interested! also in the color sliver right here for $16.


we took a red eye flight in thursday night and dropped our bags off right at our hotel friday morning, quickly washed our faces and freshened up in the hotel lobby bathroom since our room wouldn’t be ready for check in until later in the day and hit the ground running by 9AM! we went straight to the eiffel tower to start our day. it had rained the night before, so everything felt extra fresh and green and definitely like spring! i’ve only visited paris in summer and winter previously, so the spring weather was definitely a plus. not too hot and not too cold, i think we got really lucky to see a few beautiful blossoms on the trees and avoid the rain showers.


basically smiling from ear to ear all day long. (PS- for those who have asked, my red leather sneakers from here and trench coat from here.)


the amount of photos i took along all the corners of streets in paris is insane. i swear, outdoor cafes don’t come more picturesque than in paris.


had to include this photo of mary martha and her baby girl who slept pretty much the entire trip! also, couldn’t get enough of that fun fur detail she put on her stroller canopy.


also had to share this cute candid one of jenna! she is the queen of posing so well, i swear! so thankful for all the amazing women in my life i get to call friends. you know you’re lucky when you come back from time spent with girlfriends feeling so inspired and encouraged as a woman and mother and small business owner trying to do it all every day. there are such highs and lows to life and being able to share with and confide in and trust the women around you is something i have learned to never take for granted. we stayed up one night at the hotel until 5 in the morning having some of the greatest conversations and it just made me leave feeling really thankful.


happened upon the most darling bakery in the 3rd arrondissement called aux merveilleux which has the most insane chandelier hanging in the entry way. we watched them frost and decorate some cakes through the windows after going inside. such a beautiful pastry shop.


stopping by merci is always a must for me. i won’t ever get over that gorgeous store. the merci cafe behind me with all the books along the walls is seriously one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. if you go, make sure to also stop by bonton kids which is just around the corner. i shared a few videos on my instagram stories of the store, but neglected to take any photos. that store is a dream (and also made me really homesick for my kids! it was kind of bittersweet walking around in there. lol.)


while my friends have both been to paris before, neither of them had been to montmarte or to the sacré-coeur, and it is one of my favorite parts of paris, so we made sure to spend an afternoon in the area. i know it’s really touristy, but i swear those views of paris from on top of the hill cannot be beat and i love all the windy cobblestone streets filled with artists working and selling their art. we also had our favorite meal of the trip here at hardware society (see photos below).


we ordered the brioche french toast, lobster eggs benedict and the scrambled eggs on a homemade english muffin and shared all three dishes. all three were out of this world amazing. thanks so much to a reader for tipping us off to hardware société. it looks like they also have a location in melbourne, and when the waitress told us this, it suddenly made so much sense. if you remember my post from last year, the best brunch josh and i have ever had was in melbourne with the kids last winter at top paddock. melbourne just knows how to do brunch. but this place can’t be missed. it was incredible. (ok, i will confess we also split a piece of cheesecake after all that food as well. best crust ever. just trust me. don’t miss this spot.)


all the artists at work around montmarte. always one of my favorite things to see. (here’s my blog post from when our entire family explored that same area a few years ago. eleanor and samson are such babies! also, it appears i took the exact same photo of colorful paints below! haha.)


on our last morning in paris we wandered around the notre dame cathedral (even though it was early the lines were already so long to go inside and we had to catch our flight soon) but luckily i’ve been able to go in before. we’re a little blurry in this photo of all three of us, but it’s probably my favorite one from the trip. hard to tell, but we are standing on a big post which we almost fell off of. haha! good times.


selfies with a ginormous slr camera aren’t ever my strong suit, but we just did rapid fire holding down the button while pointing it at us and actually got a few that were in focus with all three of us in frame! success!


found a few beautiful trees in blossom as we wandered around!


for those interested in other logistics of the trip, we found a good deal on a hotel room at the westin vendome and when my friend called to book the room, she asked for one with an eiffel tower view which they were able to accommodate. it was so much fun watching the eiffel tower sparkle at night from our beds!  the hotel is also a really great central location, so we could walk to several of the nearby museums and neighborhoods. we all wore sneakers and walked almost everywhere! we might be used to it because of living in new york, but it’s the best way to really take in any city, in my opinion. just walking it.

i also think 48 hours is the perfect amount of time to get a decent amount of things in. of course we weren’t able to do everything with our short time frame, and since i am no expert on paris, i am sure we missed so much! but the timing felt just right for us since we all had little ones back home to get back to and also since we’d all been to the area before, it felt like the right amount of time.

okay, so stay tuned for one more post coming soon with another batch of photos and round of other things we ate/saw/did! one thing is for sure, i ate every  nutella crepe and pain au chocolat within arms reach this trip and i don’t regret it one bit. :)

for those who have asked about what i am wearing, i’ve included all the links below!!!

  1. Briana

    Beautiful photos! This kind of trip sounds like such a dream—getting to stay up late talking to friends is something I really miss about being a teenager.


  2. That’s a fantastic trip!!! So glad you still get to do this without your family with you.

    I’m so scared that one day when I have kids that I will stop traveling.


  3. Sara

    Loving this! I’m also headed to Paris for a quick 3 day trip in May (will be my 3rd visit and I agree short trips are fun when you dont have to see allllll the sites for a 1st time!) I think I need your trench coat, been looking for one. Question – Do you happen to know where your friends nude sneakers are from? I’ve been looking for a pair like that as well for an upcoming Italy trip, Thanks!

    • TAZA

      yes, cole haan!!!

  4. okay. WOW. a spur of the moment girl’s trip to paris! you are living my dream come true! glad you had so much fun!

    xo, brittany
    art supplies for your toddler artist on my blog today!

  5. Mollie

    How absolutely magnificent to spend time with your friends for a weekend in Paris! Sounds like something out of a movie or novel. It looks like you guys had a lovely time. I hope I go to Paris one day <3

    xoxo Mollie

  6. paris is always a good idea!! love your pics, looks like you had the best time!

  7. Joann

    Naomi, your pictures are so GOOD lately! What lens were you using (to do the fuzzy in the back / crisp in the foreground thing? ;) (Very technical terms, I know.)

    • TAZA

      thank you!! i used my canon 5D mark III and my 24-70mm lens! i’m actually almost done writing a blog post about all things camera, so stay tuned! hopefully that will be on the blog soon!

  8. Christina

    What an amazing experience! As hard as it is to be away from the kiddos, girlfriend time (and in Paris, no less) is always worth it! As a side note, I adore your friend’s nude sneakers. Do you happen to know what brand they are???

    • TAZA

      yes! just asked her and they are cole haan!

  9. Love your sneakers and Jenna’s outfit! What a dream to visit such a beautiful city with your girlfriends :) Hardware Societe looks so delicious! Speaking of 48hrs, I love Jacksgap’s 24hrs series on Youtube :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  10. evan

    just wanted to let you know that the pictures are spectacular and that the link to the trench coat just links to the Nike shoes.

    I’ve wanted to visit Paris ever since Jordan Ferney blogged about it, but i feel New York took me time to understand, in terms of transportation and where to go…Paris seems insurmountable.

    • TAZA

      thanks for letting me know, evan! trying to fix it now!

  11. Sierra

    Looks like such a fun trip!! You got some really amazing pictures! My husband will be traveling to Europe a few times this year for work and I’m hoping to tag along for some weekend trips. I will definitely be checking out sky scanner since we usually fly out of EWR. Thanks for sharing :) Beautifully Candid

  12. AB

    I love this! Can you share how you did the room/bed situation for 3 adults and a baby?
    I have two best friends and when we go on girls trips its not easy to find 2 kings or 1 queen and a single- and of course we’d rather not get two rooms.

    • TAZA

      yeah, we were going to get a connecting room but they were the nicest and upgraded us so we had a tiny suite that had two rooms so we didn’t have to deal with doors in-between us. you can also request a crib if you are traveling with a baby and it’ll be set up in the room before you check in!

  13. Amy

    Such a fun trip! Naomi, where are your friend Jenna’s embroidered sneakers from? SO CUTE OMG.

    • TAZA

      aren’t those so cute? she linked the exact ones on her blog, but i think they are gucci.

  14. Yang

    Love love love Mary Martha’s shoes. Do you happen to know where they’re from? Thanks in advance and you’ve inspired me to plan a weekend trip with friends!

    • TAZA

      they are by cole haan!!!

  15. Glenny

    Ah thank you for this! I’m heading there late August and i can’t wait to see the city.

  16. Marina Cipis

    Dear Taza, what a dream to fly up to Paris for two days! This reminds me a really great song by Corinne bailey rae , “Paris Nights/New York Mornings”!
    Could tell us the brand of Mary Martha sneakers? They are beautifull!
    Thank you!<3

    • TAZA

      they are by cole haan! just texted her! super cute, right?

  17. OH MY GOODNESS, these photos are gorgeous. You perfectly captured the city…I just can’t get over it! Girlfriend time is so special, and I’m so happy for you that you were able to make this trip! I’ll be in Paris again this fall, and this post is making me even more impatient than I already am, haha. Lucky for me, LA has pretty cheap international flights as well – my husband and I have big plans to keep taking advantage of that. ;) Can’t wait to read your next post!

    Also, maybe you’ve covered this before, but what do you use to edit your photos? Lightroom? Actions?


  18. Jenna

    Wow just read this! Makes me want to re-live the trip all over again. Loved spending time with you. Thanks for such a great trip and for the pictures. XX

  19. Kimberly

    This makes me so excited for a girls trip to Paris we have planned in may for my 30th! The deals from NYC to Paris direct were too good to pass up. Our itinerary looks a lot like yours… lots of chatting, strolling, and eating way too much chocolate. Glad y’all had fun!

  20. Rachael

    This is something I dream of doing, it’s unfortunately too long a trip from Australia for 48hrs on the ground. :( You look so carefree and light without all the bits and pieces you have to travel with when you’re traveling with kids. Did you also carry another bag with your camera in it or just wear it around your neck.

  21. Mandy

    What a dream trip! I love your friends gingham shirt and rose shoes also! Your entire post had me smiling!

  22. Samantha Norris

    Oh my goodness. I copied all your links….heading to Paris for the first time in June!! I couldn’t be more excited. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wish to read your next post. My grandparents met in Paris and got married….it’s been a dream of mine to go. :)

  23. Caroline

    This trip looks amazing!! There’s actually a Aux Merveilleux de Fred in NYC on 8th Ave between Horatio and Jane! The door is always open and smells amazing when you walk by. My favorite bakery in the city! (besides Levain of course :))

  24. Tania

    Lovely photos! lovely trip. I am in Melbourne, I never take our wonderful food/cafes for granted!

  25. Kelly

    What an incredible trip, I can not wait to see part two and I have to tell you – this spurred my only spontaneous trip and I am going to London for a long weekend in three weeks!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  26. Megan

    Your post just got me extra excited for my own trip! We’re heading to Paris (then the Loire Valley) in just two weeks and we’ll actually be staying at the Westin Vendome as well! It looks like a great location on paper, so we’re glad to hear you actually lived it and thought so. :-)

    We will definitely be checking out that brunch spot…YUM. Looking forward to your next post.

  27. remaliah

    Beautiful! I was hanging out for this post ;) I’ve only been to Paris once – in January when it was freeezing cold! But we are moving back to Switzerland next year and Paris is within reasonable driving distance, so i’ll definitely come back here for the ideas when the opportunity comes!

  28. Willemijn

    the “montmartre” pics look more like place du tetre, though! paris is beautiful and you obviously had a great time! :)

  29. Roxanne

    Stunning blog post! Loved all the pictures so much! I am going to Paris in two weeks so this makes me even more excited ;)

  30. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Paris – I have been here for 3 months now and I fall more in love with it every day !!!

    Also how amazing is that brunch place?! I’ve been there twice now (and got that exact french toast last time, absolutely incredible) yum!


  31. Love your outfit! Love the photos!

  32. Mary

    Hi Naomi – may I ask where the fanny pack is from? – Love it!

    • TAZA

      oh so sorry i forgot about my fanny pack! it’s from lulu lemon!!!!

  33. Katie

    This trip looks like such a dream! Such a treat to see your photos :)

  34. Candice

    This gives me Paris wanderlust so bad! Gorgeous pics!

  35. Rylee

    so fun that you did this!! I might spontaneously go to California soon. This just might convince me! :)

  36. Megan

    I love this post! The idea of a last minute girls trip to Paris is like the best thing ever. Thank you for sharing!

  37. Megan Golden

    Paris brings back so many unbelievable and magical memories. There’s something about the taste of Nutella in Europe!

    You look amazing.



  38. Toni

    We’re going to Paris next month and this post just got me more excited!! Did you bring a tripod for your camera or u asked someone to take ur pics? Thanks..

  39. As soon as I saw the first couple of pictures I knew I had to ask about your camera! :) Already read your comment above and looking forward to your ‘blog post about all things camera’…Maybe you can tell us which settings you most commonly use when taking pictures outside? :) Great job!

  40. amanda

    the trip looks amazing! Quick question-when you say cheap flights, how much was cheap? My mom and I are trying to plan a trip like this but don’t really know what to look out for. Thank you!

  41. Sam

    Can you tell more about the Paris street con artists? I’m going soon and that gave me a little anxiety!! Thank you so much ❤

  42. Mikaylie Parco

    I’m about to go to Paris, where are the photos taken with the stairs and the Eiffel tower in the back?? The pictures there are gorgeous!

  43. toyosi

    these photos are SO GOOD. I just got back from paris a few weeks ago and i am already dying to go back. Also I saw the same guy with the accordion in montemarte! ha, he must be a regular.

  44. Thank you for showing beautiful city of paris

  45. CathyMA

    Absolutely love the idea of going to Paris with girlfriends! Paris is magical.

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  47. Esther

    I got the same priceline deal, but I’m going in Oct! Thanks for sharing, def adding The Hardware restaurant to my list!


  48. Hi Naomi!

    Thanks a lot for your article, looks like you had a great time!
    We were in Paris two weeks ago and we had to go to Hardware Société after seeing your pics!We loved it!

    m. & s. from sistersjunction