twisted double buns tutorial + come to yoga with me!

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while we were in utah this past week at my mom and dad’s house, i took some step by step pictures of one of my all time favorite hair styles i’ve loved wearing over the years that i get many questions about. my twisted double buns!

it felt like perfect timing too, since i am so excited to be partnering over the next month with JĀSÖN who offers a variety of personal care products that are free from harsh chemicals, making them safer our families and the environment. josh has actually been using one of their shampoos for a couple years now, and when they first reached out about partnering together, his reaction was so animated with excitement. he is such a fan! haha. and that’s saying something since this man researches every product and ingredient list quite intently before bringing anything into our home with our children. over the past few months, i’ve actually switched over to several of their products and it’s been nice to see how effective they can be while also being safe and gentle.

taking care of my hair and keeping it as healthy as possible is important to me. i can feel the difference, and see it too. whether i’m wearing it down or doing something fun like braids or twisting it into double buns!
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my double twisted bun tutorial is really really simple. it only takes a few minutes and is a fun different style to dress up or down. i wore my hair in these double buns a few weeks ago when i met julie andrews because they’re fun, playful, and i feel confident when i’m wearing them. i often wear my hair like this to the gym while working out and then even for a date night out with josh! it also holds up really well if you sleep in them and wear it again the following day. ;)


double twisted bun tutorial:

1. start with two very high and even pigtails on top of your head

2. tease the hair in each pigtail to make it a bit thicker and fuller

3. twist the pigtail up and then wrap it into a bun on top of your head

4. secure it with just about 3-4 bobby pins per bun

important tip: don’t make the pigtails too tight and perfect (i like making the hair i’m pulling into each pony tail a little messy and loose) and don’t make the buns super tight or perfect looking either….in the photo below, you can see that i keep the first twist i pin down very loose to help it pop up a bit more before securing the end of the twist down with a bobby pin. it just gives it a little more volume and height, which i prefer.

LOVE TAZA double buns tutorial_-7

and there you have it! also, funny side story, but a stranger on the subway once told me i looked like a little puppy when i had my hair done like this. i’m pretty sure they were trying to poke fun of me but nobody has time for that so i replied all, “what?! why, thank you!” right back at them, and i keep on wearing my little double buns with pride. :)

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my favorite product of JĀSÖN’s i’ve been using is their normalizing tea tree shampoo. it really helps with the dry and flakey skin of winter and as you can see on the label below, it has none of that icky stuff in it. also very impressed with JĀSÖN’s support of the CARE program, which helps empower women and young girls by building self esteem through educational programs. i had to take a photo of the bottle to show you, because i loved the artwork by estela who is 9 years old and a part of the program!

also, a side note, but the alba botanica hawaiian coconut milk shampoo (which is a sister product to JĀSÖN), is truly the most divine smelling shampoo of all time. JĀSÖN’s sister brands Alba Botanica and Avalon Organics are also supporters of CARE’s Empower Her Through Education program.

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i know there is a lot of talk about natural products vs. not natural products and what ingredients are ok or not ok. i feel like i still have a lot to educate myself on when it comes to brands and products i love in this area, but it’s definitely comforting to know i don’t have to worry about any of that with JĀSÖN, because they have been upfront and transparent about what ingredients are in every product they’ve created for over 50 years now, never testing on animals, eliminating harsh chemicals, and always producing a high quality safe product at an affordable price point, too.

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let me know if you have any other questions about the twisted bun tutorial, but i hope this was helpful! and a special thank you to JĀSÖN for sponsoring this blog post and making such great products that are safe alternatives for all of us and our families.

ALSO! if you’re in the city on wednesday, march 1st, come take a  complimentary yoga class with me and JĀSÖN at 873 Broadway, Suite 301, at 6pm. i’m so excited to go and i hope you’ll come join us! just RSVP HERE to reserve your spot! details are in the link provided and make sure to RSVP to reserve your spot since space is limited.

  1. Yaindy Lara

    i love love how they look on your. Super cute and fun. I have been looking all over for a good shampoo for my kiddoes and myself. My son has very dry scalp so I’m definitely going to try this line. Thanks for sharing. Stay rocking does buns ;) xx

  2. Lola

    Not feeling it. Would look adorable on teen and younger girls though! So many women try to dress and act younger than they are, and it comes off as looking silly and shows lack of self confidence. There is nothing more beautiful than being accepting your age and flaunting it with style and confidence.

  3. Rachel Simmons

    So wish I could pull this off! My hair is too long and ends up looking like princess Leia honey buns on the side of my head. Haha you’re adorable and can pull off just about every hair style!

  4. Ferrell

    I am so glad that you featured a cruelty free brand. I always love seeing which products you use and have wished that you would recommend more that do not test on animals.

  5. Christine

    I hate to be this person, but I have been yearning for a beautiful lacy blouse for summer. I was super close to buying a beautiful one from a.cheng in Brooklyn and here you are with this beauty. Would you mind terribly letting a lady know where one might find such a gorgeous blouse? Many, many thanks in advance!!!

  6. Christine

    1) rock those buns
    2) I did not know about the sister products being a part of the CARE initiative/network. word up on that!
    3) will definitely buy e checking out Jason from the coop!

  7. Emily

    Your hair looks great! If you are looking for education on products, check out the Follain store in SoHo. It has incredible products and the staff there are super helpful.

  8. Katie

    you look awesome and beautiful, as ever, and great response to the stranger – you’re right, we don’t have time for that (or care!!). life’s too short! xx

  9. Olivia

    I’m so jealous of how long your hair has gotten! I’ve been trying to grow mine out for a while now. It takes forever and I’m so impatient! As always, you are looking absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Also, I love the tub in this house in Utah. So adorable!

  10. Alyssa

    Oh mercy I am jealous of how well you pull those off!! You’re beautiful and I wish my hair wasn’t so thick. My buns look more like brown birds’ nests. I always love learning about new natural products, especially those that support bettering our world. Thanks so much Naomi! I find such joy and inspiration in your posts! I’d totally join the yoga class if I lived closer! Namaste ;)

  11. Tamara

    Hi Naomi,
    Beautiful tub indeed, and the dressoir is so beautiful too!

    I just wanted o say that I love your reaction to the subway-commenter!!
    I think it’s the best way to deal with that kind of comments. Don’t let them bring you down.


    Oh, and now I also want to say someting else to you, which is more general about your blog and just.. life. Although we live very different lives, in different countries and with different beliefs and corresponding values, I learned from your blog over the years. This is funny for me, as I am not a Christian and even though it is not a big topic on the blog, I can feel it through some of the posts- which is normal off course as it is a part of who you are. I am a bit younger than you are, but my boyfriend and I hope to be parents someday and I think you taught me a lot about joy in parenthood. You and your husband seem to have created a universe of childhood joy for your children, which is something I appreciate a lot. I love to see how you play with them while also teach them about life. I also love how you’ve been taking them to museums and have them know the arts (something that is important to me and my boyfriend also). I like to see how that education can start so early on, because it will give them SO much in life!!

    I guess what strikes me also about your blog, is that it shows that we, ‘people’, are much more alike than we think. I mean, I read about your church on their website and it is really strange for me to read. I litterally cannot relate to it at all. BUT at the same time YOU have taught me a lot, and I can absolutely relate to you. I hope I’m not too vague (also not native english) and you can sort of see where I’m going.

    I think the bottom line is that we have so much more in common with people we wouldn’t normally think alike.

    I think I am by far not the only one in this relation to your blog. And I think that that is a very valuable thing that you achieved through your blog, even though it might have never been the goal.

    I’ll stop writing now, this has nothing to do with buns ;) Thank you so much for your posts.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  12. hanna

    I so wish I could go to the yoga class with you!-Like Hanna

  13. I love Jason products!! His conditioner is amazing. I’ve actually found a few products at T.J. Maxx for lesser price!! But seriously, that brand is awesome!

    and your hair is cute no matter how you style it!Have fun at yoga!


  14. Kelsey Lantz

    Have you discovered EWG (Environmental Working Group)? It’s an amazing resource when trying to pick health and beauty products that are healthy. They have researched everything from mascara to sunscreen. Check it out!

  15. Jeanne

    I was so happy to read this today as I purchased a facial cleanser from Avalon Organics last week at my local grocery store and didn’t realize it was a sister product to JASON! Since I work in the non-profit world, I love to hear when companies givie back! I have rosecea so I have to be careful what I use and so far, so good! Also, I tried to look up Avalon Organics on the EWG app and it wasn’t listed, FYI, unless I did it wrong… and right now, my hair is too short for the double buns, but… my 6.5 year old might love those!

  16. Megan Coleman

    You’re such a cutie! Wish I lived in NYC!


  17. Carrie

    I love your hair like this, Naomi! It’s so cute! I’ve never tried any of the Jason products, but have been looking into the ingredients I use more often – I’ll have to give these a try!

    Carrie |

  18. Super cute- love the tutorial. I have really fine hair, so my regular bun is about the size of one of your double buns. Not sure how I’d look with this style- but I definitely love it on you!

  19. Hannah

    You are totally rocking that style! Also, your bathroom is so stylist!!

  20. I used to do my daughter’s hair like this! Now she has too much hair and I have too little haha! It looks so cute on you though. I love it. :-D

  21. Heidi

    Where are your pants from? Love them.

  22. Maggie

    If you want to learn about which chemicals to avoid and why, read one of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read, WomanCode by Alisa Vitti. It clearly explains how certain chemicals affect our hormones and causes problems with our health.

  23. Bridget

    Really excited to see this partnership! I’ve been making the transition to “green beauty” and wish more of the bloggers I follow would! I’ve experienced pretty incredible, drastic, improvements to my health regarding managing my asthma better, managing sinus congestion, getting my occasional adult acne problems under control, and more. I really contribute these improvements to taking chemicals out of my beauty routine. Hope you continue researching your products (I love using the EWG database!) and especially hope you blog about it for all of us to see!:)

  24. Where did you get that gorgeous top, and also, what shade of lipstick are you wearing? Love both! And your hair looks fab like that!

  25. Very cute Naomi as always, can you please please please help a girl out and let me know where you got your lovely trousers from xx

  26. s. savage

    To the respondent who talked about age-appropriateness, etc.: liberate yourself from “others” perceived notions of acceptable behavior for women. And if you can’t or chooose not to, keep your opinion to yourself … and do you. N seems perfectly perfect doing N, while rocking her double buns. #ijs