my favorite skincare products! (+ a video)

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i wanted to share a round up of all the skincare products i absolutely love and use for you all today! it seems to be a question i get asked a lot, which is very kind of you to inquire about, considering that i feel i have an ongoing struggle with my skin. it’s like, I’M AN ADULT NOW! SHOULDN’T THE BLEMISHING AGE BE OVER?! but i’ve definitely found a handful of products i absolutely love and feel very loyal to, as i’ve seen them work their magic on my stubborn skin over time.

i want to make sure you know that this post is not sponsored by any of these brands or products. these are the products that have made a place for themselves in my skincare routine because i genuinely find them really great! (although i hope you know by now when it does come to sponsored content, that i always only share and recommend a product or item that i do absolutely love and use. if you knew the amount of things josh and i turn down daily which we’re asked to promote, there is a very very long list!)

anyway, let’s get to the skincare goodies! i made a little video talking about each product below if you’d like to watch! also listed what i love about each one below if you want to skip the video.

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also, thanks to josh for stepping out on our little fire escape balcony with me to take these pics and also i feel like i should tell you i am totally wearing pajama pants that you can’t see in the picture. haha! one of those days where everyone is recovering for being sick and getting dressed half way felt good enough. ;)

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here’s a video of me chatting about my love for each product and why i use each one:


i love this face wash because it leaves my face incredibly clean and fresh. it exfoliates, but it’s also really gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling raw or stripped. i have rather large pores and i feel like this is one of the best washes i have found to help unclog them and keep blackheads away.

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so i realize the price tag for some of the goop products can feel rather steep, but this stuff is so pure in its ingredient list, that i swear i feel that sort of difference on my face. i have struggled to find moisturizers that don’t leave me feeling greasy or full of added shine, but still do their job. this stuff is great!

favorite body lotion: AVEENO DAILY MOISTURIZER
i’ve been a fan of this moisturizer for my body (my legs in particular) for years. it’s just a solid product for an incredible price that continues to impress me.

something i’ve really noticed in the pass year or so is the loosening of my skin, especially in my face where more fine lines and wrinkles are appearing. i honestly think aging is a beautiful thing in so many regards, but i do appreciate a cream that can help my skin feel a bit tighter, restoring the collagen levels that used to be there as best it can. i feel like i noticed a major difference in my face after just a few weeks of using this.LOVE TAZA best skincare products-4best find for removing dark eye circles/ sun spots: MURAD RAPID AGE SPOT AND PIGMENT LIGHTENING SERUM
since i have pale skin that freckles a lot in the sun (although they tend to fade in the winter and just leave me looking ghostly), i’ve noticed that dark spots tend to also gravitate my way. the hardest thing for me is the darker under eye circles that i’ve always had, but somehow appear darker after each pregnancy and birth. i started trying a lot of different products to try to help the circles under my eyes after samson was born, but nothing did the trick so i stopped. a friend of mine recommended this lightening serum after i had just given birth to conrad and was complaining how the dark spots seemed more apparent then normal. she said she used this only under here eyes in the evening (rather than the entire face) and was sold. even with her recommendation, i didn’t actually give it a try until last summer and then i wished i’d listened to her sooner. to be honest, i feel like this product does not smell great, but honestly the dark spots under my eyes are much brighter and lighter, so i’ll take the smell! ;)

so this night cream is probably my favorite of them all. i only use it in the colder months of the year, when my skin is more dry and in desperate need of more hydration. it does the trick! i do feel like it is working hard over night because the following morning my skin feels firmer and softer. it’s definitely a splurge product in my opinion, so it feels special and luxurious to apply it in the winter months and kind of like a treat. i use it sparingly to make it last, although i’d probably apply it everywhere if i could!LOVE TAZA best skincare products-3best cleanser: CLARISONIC SKIN CLEANSING SYSTEM
i feel like there has been so much hype about the clarisonic but after finally trying it last summer, i saw why. they say it cleanses skin six times better than hands alone, to remove dead skin, impurities and make up left behind. i only use mine once or twice a week with my usual face wash and always love how my complexion looks and feels afterwards.

at the end of the day, i always take my make up off with one of these wipes. i have used these for years. i found them back in my dancing days when i’d have such heavy stage make up caked to my face night after night of performances. they smell amazing and just one wipe takes everything off for me! i use them for removing my lipstick as well.

LOVE TAZA best skincare productsalso, favorite beauty find of 2016 is my BEAUTY BLENDER (for my under eye concealer, which i use with the one thing i’ll never be able to quit, my YSL RADIANT TOUCH HIGHLIGHTER STICK that seriously makes every dark under eye circle vanish and is my very best friend.)

also, my FAVORITE MAKE UP PRODUCTS i wear daily are all listed in detail in this blog post.

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also, my yellow sweater is from HERE.

i hope this is helpful! i really am no skin or beauty expert, although i do love experimenting and trying new products. i feel like this list seems extremely long when i break it down this way, but i have loved the results i’ve seen over the past year or so as i’ve tried to improve my skincare routine and really prioritize it. i still have imperfect skin and sometimes i’m like, what?! how!!! when that classic blemish appears smack in the middle of my face (always have a feeling it is stress related) but that’s what my concealer stick is for. ;)

last note about skin! i’ve worked hard to cut a large amount of sugar out of my diet this past year and to have my main go-to drink be water. while i love me some ice cold diet coke (with coconut and lime, please!), i really have noticed that cutting out the soda and drinking just the water has helped my complexion quite a bit. it’s a tough one to stick to for sure, but at the end of the day, what i’m putting into my body is pretty much the key. i don’t have all the answers (and while i’ve kicked my soda obsession to the curb, you know i’m totally going to get a dirty diet coke next week when we’re in utah!) but i do know that the water tip (and less sugar!) is a big one for me!

cheers to healthy skin! would love to hear any of the products you are loyal to and love and would recommend as well in the comments below!

  1. brittany

    I love this post! I love finding about about new beauty products. I want to try those goop moisturizers!

    xo, brittany
    a montessori valentine’s day craft for toddlers is on my blog today!

  2. Sydney

    Wow, I will definitely have to try that Murad face wash. Finding a good, soothing, face wash can be so tough.
    My go-to product lately has been rosewater first thing in the morning. I feel it wakes-up my face, smells oh-so-good and adds just a touch of hydration. I know you don’t wear foundation, but it also helps my foundation stick.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kate

    I’ve always had some adult acne until I switched to Simple Micellar Wipes to take off makeup off every night and Dr. Jart BB Cream for smooth, clear skin. I can’t believe what a difference it has made, and I discovered both of these products through Birchbox!

  4. Maggie

    I love these types of posts. I love reading about all-natural beauty routines. I used ponds facial wipes for years, just like your use of Neutrogena. Then, I discovered Norwex Body Cloths and my life has been changed. They are microfiber cloths that take off makeup better than anything I’ve ever tried. The cloths pull out toxins, dirt, and oil. I use them every morning and evening instead of soap. AMAZING. You can wash them with a clean detergent and reuse them over and over. No need to continually buy new facial wipes. I also use my clairisonic and a clean facial cleanser about 2-3 times a week for a deep clean. I highly recommend the Norwex body cloths.

  5. Allison

    Thanks so much for the info! Do you ever change/stop using certain products when you’re pregnant? I never know what I’m supposed to do! I’ve heard varying ideas about using certain products (specifically retinol) when pregnant.

  6. Hannah Robinett

    Do you use a serum? I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced serum since they seem the be all the rage these days. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!

  7. Briana

    Murad products truly do work miracles. I love the lightening serum you mentioned as well as the time release acne cleanser, AHA/BHA cleanser, and the Invisiblur Protecting Shield (this one is seriously amazing).


  8. Nadine

    Love this post. Thanks so much…was on the fence to try goop products.

  9. Kim Langston

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news!! But a few of your skin care and makeup products are the culprits of your breakouts. I spent so much time and money trying to clear my skin only to find out NARS blush is terribly comedogenic (it causes breakouts) and the entire time I was using high chemical products. There is a website that you can use to plug any product into and it tells you which ingredients will make your skin break out. Murad also makes me break out. Just thought I’d share. my skin improved so much once I realized which products I could tolerate.

  10. Jessica

    Yay! I just ordered these same Murad products the other day!! Super excited to start using them!

  11. Maija

    Second on the Norwex cloth! Cleared my face up back in high school. I’ve tried other products and always end up going back to just the cloth and water. They are awesome!

  12. Courtney

    I swear by my Ponds moisturizer. You can buy it at any grocery/drug store and it’s so cheap and lasts forever! A giant pot of it is like $12 and probably lasts over a year because a little bit goes a long way. It’s fabulous!!

  13. Have you ever heard of Rodan + Fields? From the dermatologists who created ProActiv! Oh my goodness…you should try them. I’d love to tell you more!

  14. tanner

    the best lotion i’ve ever used is this stuff by mountain ocean ( it’s super super healing and moisturizing but light enough that i don’t feel gross putting pants on 5 minutes later. i also have scars from picking at my skin and this has made those heal and lighten so much faster than anything else i tried

    i got it at i think sprouts but they probably have it at whole foods or something like that!

  15. Ceire

    Love this post! You should follow Caroline Hirons she is the the ultimate skin guru. She gives great tips on products with honest reviews. She would not agree with using face wipes! They are really not good for your skin. I love using Oskia skincare, you should check them out, really beautiful natural skincare. Also FAB skincare is great too and also Moogoo it’s an Australian brand again they use natural ingredients and oils

    Love reading your blog :)

  16. Megan

    Such a good post with amazing products. I use a lot of these as well, and although the price is high, it is definitely worth it!

    High quality skin care products are hard to beat.

    Thanks for sharing your take on some of these, I will have to try out some new stuff!

  17. Nancy

    Thank you. I loved seeing what skin care products you use and recommend. I’d will try some. :) My big question is what do you do for your fingernails? My nails split, peel, and tear in the winter. Do you have your cute, red nails professionally done? If so, what brand of polish do you use? I’ve never had my nails professionally done but I’m seriously considering it. I don’t like like chipped polish so I usually don’t wear polish unless it’s clear, but I’m ready for a change and want to help my nails. I don’t want artificial nails but I’m considering having them professionally done. Does gel polish help nails to keep from splitting and peeling? I’d love your suggestions! Thank you!

  18. Siobhan

    This is awesome! I just this year (ahem i’m 34 turning 35 btw) came to find my skin requires an adult regime. I had an episode of eczema around my eyes and weird breakouts that went far beyond even the usual skin issues I’ve faced. So this is super helpful, especially what you use during the winter months. I really appreciate it!! Currently I am looking at new products and have heard wonders about Origins skin line. Have you heard anything or ever tried it?

  19. Van

    Hey Naomi,

    Lovely post! I’ve been considering the Goop night cream but haven’t been convinced yet but I’m gonna order mine now.

    About the makeup wipes though…I guarantee that you’ll still have a bit of makeup & SPF left even when you think they’re all gone. Also they’re really drying for the skin and contribute a lot of waste if used daily.

    Have you tried cleansing oil? It’s a weird concept but works so so well. Removes everything and not drying. It takes the same amount of time you would take if you use a wipe but so much gentler. I highly suggest the Boscia Cleansing Oil. One bottle will last for a very long time.

  20. KellyNicole

    Oof…hydroquinone in the Murad product is terrible for reproductive health. I’m always tempted to use it but after selling a product that worked wonders (and contained the ingredient) I learned it comes with some pretty huge drawbacks. I’m tempted to use it as well since two pregnancies in two years have left my face with a few dark spots as well.

    Just trying to help a sister out! I love your blog and think you’re an inspiration. ❤

  21. Lisa

    I loved this post. My skin was always great as a teenager and then as soon as I turned into an adult, it’s like a war zone. I think now that I’m getting older, I’ve finally figured it out for the most-part but I will absolutely look into Murad now. :)

  22. MM

    This skincare routine adds up to $713 so not in my budget. But your skin is beautiful!

  23. Traci

    Fun post! I always use Weleda natural skin care products. They have a full line of products for different skin types: mostuizers, skin oils, body wash, lip balm. I even rub Skin Food on the ends of my hair at night and it smells amazing.💚🌈🌺🌻🌹

  24. Kerry

    Hi Naomi!

    1 – I’m 50 and although most of my skin issues revolve around wrinkle repair and sun spots now, I think we’ve all been lied to and that growing out of the blemishes stage is a myth! LOL!

    2 – I used to use Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, too, but somehow used Lubriderm one day and it honestly works so much better (for me!) Fresh from a hot shower, it seems to really lock in all the moisture goodness. Especially on heels!

    3 – Searching for the best skincare and beauty products is a lifelong struggle. Check out today’s post (and comments) from another blogger I follow:

    4 – You’ve convinced me – I’m going to have to try the Murad products!!

  25. Emma

    I’ve been trying to slowly up my skincare game as I get closer to 30…I know that if I try to do it all at once I’ll burn out, ha. Thank you for the recommendations-I’ll be looking into them for sure!

    Side note: I am obsessed with that Anthro sweater and am stalking the website till it goes on sale! I just can’t quite pay full price for a sweater, so I’m praying it doesn’t sell out beforehand :)

  26. I’m a big fan of SKII and Aussie brand GoTo. Love my clarisonic as well. If I use it everyday or two I never get breakouts.

  27. KNew

    I’ve never commented before–so first I want to say I love your blog & your sweet family! :)

    Second, I swear by my ponds cold cream to take off makeup! I can’t believe your stage days didn’t make you a cult follower.

    My main questions though is, have you tried any of the natural oils for your skin? I’ve been using jojoba oil on my face every night for about 14 years! (I’m not that old, ever since I was a teenager..) and it’s a GAME CHANGER! I use almond oil on the rest of my body too! You should check it out!

    happy day! xoxo, K

  28. DS

    I’m almost positive you are not suppose to use that murad serum around the eye area. The hydroquinone is too harsh for that area.

    I am intriqued by the Goop and Murad scrub. will definitely check those out!

  29. Amy V

    I’ve heard good things about Murad products so I look forward to trying them. I’m expecting my first child and developed a weird, intense rash on my chest in the 2nd trimester. The best shower cream I found to help was Aveeno Colloidal Oatmeal, very soothing. Since being pregnant I’ve also cut out all soda – I was never a big coke fan but it feels good to know I’m only drinking good stuff :) Now chocolate, on the other hand…

  30. Corina

    whaaaaatttttt???? Josh was so funny.

    same as you, there was a time when I didn’t really pay much attention to my skin needs’, but with age, I think (at least I hope) I have became wiser. I only use organic oils and serums on my face and in the past few years I have noticed a significant difference (so did everyone around me)


  31. Katoo

    I struggled with acne when i was between 25 and 35 years. Even had to take medication (roacutane). Now i am 41 and it s much better, so there are better times coming. But even now i sometimes have breakouts. I used Clinique anti blemish. It doesnt smell or looks nice but it helped. Since i had children my skin is aginhg so now i tend to use the normal Clinique products. For a beautiful radiant skin i can suggest Elemis pro-radiance illuminating flash balm on my cheeks. People do not believe i am 41 already.

  32. Branca

    Hi, I’d like to leave a suggestion for a future post: could you talk about what you do in terms of nailcare? I think I remember you saying you used to chew nails a long time ago, I hope this is correct, and I still struggle with nail chewing, and I’m 30 too, so, it would be really nice to hear what you’ve been doing all these years to keep your nails healthy and pretty. Thanks! Love your blog!

  33. I loved this post! It looks like you have found some great products because your skin is glowing! :)

    I know that there have been some similar comments, but have you heard of Rodan and Fields? You would absolutely love them! I would be happy to send you some samples, and there are some really amazing promotions this month that I would love to share with you!


  34. Megan

    Hi Naomi!

    Loved this post – and love that you use Goop! Have you tried Beautycounter? It’s along the same lines as Goop – over 1500 harmful ingredients are banned from all the products, and the company is leading the way to fighting for more regulation in the beauty industry. I’ve transitioned all of my products over to Beautycounter, I can’t believe how well they work! I’d highly recommend.

  35. Lauren


    I highly recommend the skincare line True Botanicals ( — their Clear Line SAVED my skin. As well as their other really fun products — body wash, moisturizer, weekly mask. You can order it online or get the products in Soho at Follain on Mercer Street.

  36. Ok, definitely want to try that lightening serum and the highlighter stick – I have horrible under-eye circles, which are unfortunately hereditary, and I feel like they just keep getting worse. Desperately searching for something to help with them!

  37. Rebecca

    Evian Facial Spray is really nice! There’s a small Utah company called Bumble and Bee Oraganics that’s super natural. Love their face and body products!

  38. Erin D.

    Your so lovely!! Love the vlogs!!!!!

  39. Katie Cheesman

    Thank you for this! I just started using Salis skincare products and I love it! All natural products and just really great stuff. 👍🏼

  40. Chelan

    You are absolutely darling! I just got a beauty blender and LOVE it! Can’t believe I waited so long to get on that train lol

  41. V

    I’ve been very interested in th GOOP products so it’s good to hear they are nice! I actually use SK-II on my skin which I love. I feel it helps balance skin tone, blemishes and the skin seems to have a youthful glow (minus acne). HOWEVER I haven’t found anything to help my skin with pimples when pregnant. I never get pimples but with pregnancies so far I’ve either had a hormonal rash (all over my face) or very stubborn pimples.

  42. Pam

    Loving the amount of videos lately!
    PS: your skin looks really good, you’re gorgeous Naomi <3

  43. Van

    I’d love to see a week’s outfit from the kids. They have such cute and funky styles. Plus, your two older kids seem to be dressing themselves now. I suspect that one of Conrad’s outfit would be his diaper + food stain.

  44. Lauren

    Hi Naomi,

    I started having problems with my skin after having kids (of course), and made it a goal for this new year to be better about my skincare routine. Seriously so adult of us. I wanted to share that after starting using Patyka products which only uses completely all-natural, wonderful ingredients, my face is looking SOO much better and feels like baby skin – no joke. Thought I would share, since you are doing the same.

    Try it out! I feel like you will be amazed. :)

  45. bree

    Hey, I just got a chance to watch your skin care video.
    Funny how you don’t know how to start and end a video, I wouldn’t know how to either. You do good.

    Just thought I’d give you my two cents. I used to use the Neutrogena face wipes too but noticed those would actually break my skin out. I started using the Yes to! Blueberries face wipes. I like them so much better and they seem to make my face feel really soft. I usually only use them when I don’t feel like washing my face because it’s so late after a long day. I like to use the Clinique foaming cleanser to wash my make up off daily. I will use the wipes when I’m feeling lazy but I always notice when I actually go to splash my face with water in the morning, my skin feels very good.

    best of luck.

  46. Erin

    Since moving from Canada to Germany, my skin went a bit bonkers, but I discovered this cleanser from an Italian company called Skin&CO. It’s their Truffle Therapy Oil Cleanser, and it takes off my super intense liquid liner like no one’s business, but without irritating my eyes. My skin has been so much clearer too. I also love Paula’s Choice BHA 2% lotion, it also has helped immensely with my adult breakouts.

  47. Thanks a lot for the tips and for video! ;)

  48. Daniel

    These pictures and these video are really amazing and lovely ,
    really appreciate thanks for your sharing !!!!

  49. Katy

    I bought these Murad products after watching these video and I am loving them so far. Thank you for recommending

  50. Jen Hoo

    Nice tips​!!!, ​Good explanation love that video. Thank for sharing this video.!!!