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here is a big dump of lots of photos from the last few days! i feel like i just did a big “life lately” round up of pictures just last week, but then we brought the big camera out over the weekend which always leaves me happy (and with a lot of great photos).  something else that is making me happy is recovering from that terrible cold i had last week (josh too!) and that we’ve kept another round of the stomach bug that has unfortunately hit several friends and neighbors the last couple of days, out of our home (knock on all the wood!!!!).

while recovering from our colds over the weekend, we finished reading harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone to the kids. i’ve mostly been reading the chapter book to eleanor this past month or so, but sometimes samson will come sit down beside us and stay for a while listening too! it’s the sweetest thing. i know the book is geared towards someone a bit older, but they have been fascinated with it and ask so many thoughtful questions as we read together. i remind them often it is just pretend, which i think helps it feel less scary at times! since we finished the book over the weekend, we started watching the first movie together last night and gosh, does it bring me back! that harry potter series is one of my all time favorites and those books are so dear to me. also, re-reading them now as a mother, i can’t believe how many beautiful and important messages are woven into all of the text about bravery, friendship, and love.  it’s just so good. we’re going to have to do a family trip to harry potter world at some point soon, i am thinking!

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we got tickets to the NY Philharmonic’s young people’s concert series where they put on three shows during the year for little ones. these shows are incredible. josh took eleanor and samson to the last one, and i was going to take them to this one, but on the way, samson decided he didn’t want to go and wanted to go on a papa-son date with josh instead. so conrad took his ticket and had the best time ever! i realize now i should have gotten conrad a ticket as well when we bought them but  it was forever ago and he wasn’t even two yet so i just didn’t put it together in my head that he’d be ready for it by the time the shows came around. (since she had already been once and felt like an old pro) eleanor did a great job taking conrad around to the different stations to learn more about the instruments and he clapped and danced during the show and stayed sitting the entire time without wiggles! i was so impressed. i think we’ll just keep switching off which kids we take for the remaining shows so they all get their fill. also, i need more live music in my life. they seriously were so good.

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their faces!

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-22LOVE TAZA58uhf01-11LOVE TAZA58uhf01-12

wanting to do everything his big brother does! including hang from the scaffolding on the city sidewalks. :)

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-13LOVE TAZA58uhf01-14LOVE TAZA58uhf01-15LOVE TAZA58uhf01-16

you may have noticed that we buzzed samson’s hair a few weeks ago after he requested it. i cannot believe how old and grown up he looks right now with this new fancy hair cut! he loves it so much, and i just love him.  seeing him yesterday especially, he just felt so grown. it’s wild how time is flying by right now.

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all three of my handsome boys.

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-32

putting together eleanor’s mars rover robot toy. she asked for a mars rover for her birthday, so josh found this science kit you can make 10 different things out of. it was her big present for her birthday. it took several days and more than several hours to put this mars rover together, but that’s because josh helped samson and eleanor do almost every single part by themselves! (and it’s for ages 8 and up.) super proud of these kiddos. love watching their minds work.

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-33

don’t mind samson’s arms, he got into a bunch of temporary tattoos that were in one of eleanor’s gifts from her birthday party with friends and applied all of them to his arms in the bathroom by himself in like 2 minutes! haha. not my favorite thing in the world, but they are coming off, slowly…

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-30LOVE TAZA58uhf01-31LOVE TAZA58uhf01-27

i have to say, this thing is pretty cool. it has a remote control that moves several motors and the kids get to see how all the gears they assembled work together to move the wheels and arm.

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-28

that bed head in the back of his head that never seems to go down. lol. bless it. i love it so much, honestly.

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-29LOVE TAZA58uhf01-2LOVE TAZA58uhf01-26

running around the apartment in papa’s panda mask from his halloween costume last fall!

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-3 LOVE TAZA58uhf01-4 LOVE TAZA58uhf01-5LOVE TAZA58uhf01

singing and listening to her own echo outside the natural history museum!

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-7

he’s a chopstick professional at this point and it makes me so very proud! a couple restaurants have these chopstick helpers that the kids love using. they’re great!

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-6

we have been really into the pork buns at momoya lately. yummy.

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-8 and proud of conrad for his edamame popping skills.

LOVE TAZA58uhf01-9 LOVE TAZA58uhf01-10

i’ve been back at the gym pretty hard the last few days and just did one of the most intense workouts this morning. my legs are still a little wobbly as i write this. but i love that feeling. because it feels good knowing you’re getting stronger, especially after a week of being sick. sometimes i definitely take for granted all my body does for me. trying to appreciate her more right now and not be so hard on myself for little things that don’t matter when it comes to the big picture and appreciate my body for overcoming that cold and functioning on little sleep and being overall pretty great to me. sometimes being sick is a good reminder of how good you have it all the other days of the year.

and here we go, rainy tuesday! hope you have the best one!

  1. Lisa Tompkins

    Baby oil, or any kind of oil for that matter, removes the temporary tattoos. I always hated the messy remnants all over my kids arms and legs.

  2. Glenny

    Another great set of photos! Samson and Eleanor looks like they’re twins. :)

  3. Megan

    Love all of these pictures! I have been following along since Eleanor was born and I can’t get over how big the kids are looking these days.

    Have a good week!

  4. Brittany

    Okay how do you handle Conrad?? His fave watching the man play the horn! And those sunburst photos are amazing!

    Xo, Brittany
    Pretty new arrivals on my blog today!

  5. Allison

    Conrad and Eleanor look so precious at the philharmonic! Seems like you might have a couple little musicians in the making in your house.

    Also, that picture of you with the sun shining behind you–what an incredible shot! You look so beautiful :)

  6. meg

    I love your posts with a big smorgasbord of photos! Photos are the best, to have and cherish forever.

  7. Natali

    Oh wow! You had such an eventful weekend and beginning of this week! So many wonderful things you’ve done together at home and outside. It’s so cute to see the little ones use the chopsticks! My daughter has her own, Hello Kitty ones, hehe.
    Beautiful photos and thank you for spreading so much joy and positivity on your blog, totally lifts my spirits up too!

  8. Sheriden

    Lovin’ these gorgeous snapshots of your life lately, thanks for sharing Taza!

  9. Carolina

    Great pictures! and Great people! Please Taza we want more videos of you and your beautiful family! Greetings from sunny Miami Beach!

  10. Carole

    The way Samson is standing with his hand in his pocket. All the feels right there!

  11. Sarah

    Can you share the source for that NYC skyline print?? I think I need it in my life!

  12. Mollie

    I love that you are exposing your kids to music and different foods like sushi already! They are going to be a well-rounded bunch, As always, looks like your family is having a lovely time.

    xoxo Mollie

  13. Emily

    Three things,
    1. Your hair looks AMAZING
    2. Conrad looks sooo cute listening to the music
    3. So glad your kids are enjoying Harry Potter. It was such a big part of my childhood, and I’m so happy the next generation is loving it as well.

  14. I started rereading the Harry Potter series this past fall (currently on #4), and it was basically the best decision I’ve ever made, haha. Conrad’s face in that photo where he is watching the musician – too adorable. Also, can I just say how much I love Eleanor’s adventurous spirit and interest in science? You’re doing a great job raising these kids! <3

  15. E

    your hair looks extra amazing in the photos where you’re wearing the black parka – tutorial please?? :)

  16. Catarina R

    Naomi, you can use sweet almond oil to remove the fake tattoos! My mom had to use that trick so many times because I was a lover of fake tattoos as a child too! ;)

  17. That photo of you + the light is absolutely stunning!!!

  18. Sydney

    I just read through the series for the first time in my life (as an adult) and I was nearly moved to tears reading all the powerful messages of love, friendship and truth woven into the books. I can’t wait to share them with my children!
    I am glad you are all feeling better!

  19. Your children are so incredibly cute!! I can’t believe that the little one can already hold chopsticks – he seems better than me ahahah

  20. Kate

    My husband let my 4yo put a temporary tattoo she got at a birthday on her FACE this weekend! I was like, really? :)

  21. Divya

    source for the boots you are wearing in the first few pictures?

  22. Jessica

    Love your hair!!

  23. Kenzie Randall

    Your curly hair is so cute!!!

    And I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your gym routine? Sometimes when I go it’s hard to think of things to do! I was a cross country runner for years so all I know how to do is run, I don’t know anything about interval workouts or strength training or stuff like that so i’d love to hear what you do!

  24. kate

    Cute post- love Samson’s new haircut.

    I also read Harry Potter to my 6 year old daughter and she really enjoys it. I bought the illustrated version from Amazon, and while it’s kindof heavy, the pictures are really beautiful and have brought it to life for her, without taking away too much of imagination. Highly recommend- I think only the 1st and 2nd books have illustrated versions.


  25. That first photo of Conrad with the french horn player! His face! Also loving that close-up shot when Conrad is on Josh’s back. The panda mask photo is silly :) And I love that photo of you two photos below that. And the photo of Eleanor two photos below that! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  26. Erin D.

    Love you blog!!!

  27. Corina

    Samson with the chopsticks…man, that’s skills. it’s embarrassing to even say, but I am rubbish at it at my age.
    He looks so handsome with his new haircut. Such a boy model.

    Little panda Eleanor :) she’s the funniest.

    Conrad’s face :)) love him

    And you. You look gorgeous with the curly hair.

  28. I was watching Samson’s new hair cut and I was thinking “He looks older with this haircut and after i read

    ” i cannot believe how old and grown up he looks right now with this new fancy hair cut!” hahahha the same!

    Kisses from France

  29. Amazing photos! Your boys are handsome and smart. I love the truck building session!

  30. Ashley

    In that one pic of Samson leaning against the chair he looks like such a confident young man with that stance! Must be the haircut.

  31. Looks like you guys had a fun day! By the way, I love your son’s jacket with the pandas- so cute!

  32. Mathilde

    Love your blog soooo much !

  33. Emma

    Hi Naomi, lovely photos as always! I especially love the last one! I was just commenting to ask if in one of your Let’s Chat videos (or a blog post), you could maybe talk about why you decided to limit the amount of TV your kiddos watch, what you find the benefits are, any advice you’ve read about it, and how you fill full days entertaining them without it? Thanks so much :)

  34. Kate

    Reading childhood favorites to your kids is the best! I’ve been blogging about it in a “New Year, Old You” series on my children’s book blog, We’ll have to add HP to our list. Our littles are also (sigh) slowly graduating from picture books to chapter books. Where does the time go?

  35. Natalee

    Naomi – I always love your perspective! I feel the same way coming off of a bad cold or flu. Thank goodness for a healthy body that heals itself and allows me to do all of the things I love (including those hard workouts!).

    Have a great rest of your week!

    Natalee ;)

  36. Megan

    Looks like so much fun! I love seeing all of these pictures piled together from past experiences.

    Thanks for sharing!

  37. Heather

    I read Harry Potter for the first time in sixth grade and here I am, still loving it all these years later. I can’t wait to read it to my children! My husband and I stopped by HP world in Hollywood during our little honeymoon beach vacation and it was unbelievable. He loved it so much that it got him to read the books (for the first time) and now he is as big of a fan as I am! Try the frozen butterbeer, it’s the best. Love your blog, Naomi!


  38. Dhi

    Hello from Indonesia! Conrad is the sweetest! I love his face when he looked at the musician. It’s just pure sweetness. Eleanor and Samson looks great too.
    I hope you all are always healthy and happy.

  39. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  40. I love your blog and your pictures are beautiful! What a blessing to have such a great family. <3

  41. Steph

    Have you seen the new illustrated HP books? We started gifting them to our niece who is about Eleanor’s age and each year, a new one comes out. They are beautiful! My sister-in-law wanted to wait until the kids were the same age as Harry to read them, but they started a little early and the illustrations have been awesome for them.