matching coats and caramel apples in park city!

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LOVE TAZA park city03-15

sometimes i forget that all of us have the same coat in different colors until a stranger points it out on the street and is all, “did you know you’re matching?!” haha! i am part embarrassed, part proud when this happens. ;) we ventured into park city yesterday to ride the alpine coaster (and did so JUST before the rain/hail/snow storm hit! we were literally getting into our car as it started to come down) and also grab ourselves several caramel dipped apples from rocky mountain chocolate factory which is my favorite thing to do when wandering main street in park city.

josh’s parents met us up there for lunch (and hung out with sleeping conrad in our the car while we did the alpine coaster with eleanor and samson). during lunch, i was pleasantly surprised to find fry sauce in the basket of fries josh ordered and it kind of made my trip. have you ever tried it? it’s a combo of mayonnaise and ketchup together and when it’s done right, it’s GOOOOOD. i make my own sometimes in new york but the way they make it in utah can’t really be beat. it’s such a simple silly thing, but it really brought me back during lunch and reminded me of how much i love utah because of little things like this.

i haven’t taken our big camera out much during our time here, but i brought it along with us to park city yesterday and below are a few of my favorite photos we snapped. enjoy!

LOVE TAZA park city-01LOVE TAZA park city1LOVE TAZA park city03-16

right before we went down the alpine coaster! it was our first time!

LOVE TAZA park city03-17LOVE TAZA park city03-18LOVE TAZA park city-02

it truly looks like my favorite color is pink here, huh?! haha.

LOVE TAZA park city03-2LOVE TAZA park city03-3

main street in park city is absolutely adorable. i think i take this exact same photo, or a variation of it on every trip. i like it.

LOVE TAZA park city03LOVE TAZA park city-03 LOVE TAZA park city1-2LOVE TAZA park city1-3

how amazing is this sculpture of a camera was saw through the window?!

LOVE TAZA park city03-4 LOVE TAZA park city03-5

lots of “ching ching” moments with these kids!

LOVE TAZA park city03-7 LOVE TAZA park city03-8 LOVE TAZA park city03-9

no one does caramel apples quite like rocky mountain.

LOVE TAZA park city03-6LOVE TAZA park city04

on a sugar high because we just walked out of the chocolate factory! the sugar high definitely ended about 10 minutes later when we tried to buckle conrad into his car seat and he was not having it. that kid is crazy strong and can arch his back like no other!

LOVE TAZA park city03-11

he makes this face when he’s trying not to smile and it is my favorite because he can’t hold it for long, although he tries. this kid loves to smile and be happy and it’s darling to see him try to hold it back sometimes.

LOVE TAZA park city03-10 LOVE TAZA park city03-12 LOVE TAZA park city03-13

giving panda a ride on her shoulders! she thought of this, walked over to us, and ask us to to photograph her. so cute!

LOVE TAZA park city03-14

until next time, park city!


my down coat HERE

the very best black leggings ever

and black tennis shoes

my hat is from ASOS (old)

and lipcolor HERE in mauve matte

and sunglasses HERE

the kids coats can be found HERE and HERE (didn’t realize until i was looking at these photos that we are all in the same coat! lol! we obviously love them.)

  1. Lacky

    Such amazing photos <3 Look like you had a lot of fun! =)

  2. Wendy

    my 20 month old does the back arch thing when we try and get him in the car – we call it “doing the banana”. i”m still trying to work out how to stop him doing it without having to bribe him with biscuits/cookies – any tips?

  3. brittany

    those coats are the beeeest. we love anything patagonia. this town looks seriously so adorable!what a fun fam!

    xo, brittany
    spring jammies for babes & mama on my blog today!

  4. Emma

    Hey Naomi! Do you mind sharing where Josh’s boots are from? My husband insists on wearing hiking boots everywhere, and it would be nice to get him a good looking pair like those! :)

    • josh

      Vasque Sundowner!

  5. Madison

    I love these pictures! You have the cutest family. I was born and raised in park city and now I’m raising my son here. It’s the best place ❤

  6. Megan

    If you’re back in Utah in September you should do the alpine coaster again. It’s seriously one of my favorite fall activities! The trees you go through are gorgeous and you get green, red, and yellow!

  7. Really can’t beat a Rocky Mountain apple – my favorite is the Snickers. SO GOOD.
    Also, your beanie and sunglasses are super adorable.

  8. Paige

    We were in Park City/Heber a few weeks ago and it’s seriously amazing up there this time of year! The perfect winter getaway for us Georgia folk!


  9. fefe

    For whatever reason, it took me way too long to realize these photos weren’t taken in NYC. I was seriously looking at them and wondering, “where are these cute little stores in the city?!” Clearly, I need a nap.

  10. Rattana Nantz

    This isn’t on topic, but I cannot find your post about traveling & booster seats. Could you please provide ideas for compact booster seats? We have a car & currently 3car seats across the back. My oldest (8yo) is ready to be out of the carseat…she’s getting too tall for the 5pt harness. The full size booster seat would be absoulutely impossible for her/me to buckle the seatbelt to due to lack of space between seats. Any idea is appreciated!

  11. Megan

    Such beautiful pictures! And Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory kills me every time I got in… I just love that place.

    Looks like such a fun trip!

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love when my little baby brother asks me to take photos of him! He hardly ever asks me to, so it’s extra sweet when he does! When my brothers and I were little, we’d also do the ching ching thing :P Even though we’re grown up now, my dad still does it with us :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  13. Dennis

    Wow, that candy looks amazing. I some how feel like candy is a fixed expense when with the kids. You guys have great pics of Park City.

  14. That’s funny! Did you know you’re matching? Of course we are a family! You look beautiful together!

  15. Bec

    What beautiful family moments! Gorgeous.
    Park City looks cute. I’m from Australia but have travelled a lot in the States and I find it funny how so many towns are done up in this style for tourists! Very kitsch

  16. Felicia

    The blue bag pack? Please share where it’s from!!!

  17. Too cute! Josh is totally missing out on the matching coat scene! Those caramel apples look amazing, and they’re making me hungry. I think I’d definitely go with the M&M one. Looks like you guys had an awesome time.

  18. Annie

    You all look so cute in your “matching” jackets! Would you mind sharing how you clean these? I want to invest in some quality down jackets for the kids but I’m afraid of the care… Thanks!

  19. Carrie

    I love your beanie, Naomi! You and the kids look so cute in your matching jackets :)

    Carrie |

  20. Andy

    I would like to know how you clean these jackets, I have one that I adore and I am so afraid of ruining it while I clean it.

  21. Giselle

    Naomi your hair!!! Did you get it cut or was most of it hiding in your coat? It looks beautiful so if it is a new cut I’m excited to see more of it!

  22. Cailin

    Those apples!!! It might be worth taking a trip to Park City just for those.

  23. LOVE Patagonia and LOVE Park City! So much fun :) Looks like you had a great time!

    Please please check out my blog Girl Nesting ( I have followed your blog for years now and it’s totally inspired me.

    I have a Giveaway that just went up for a $50 Gift Certificate for Tea Collection. I honestly wouldn’t have tried writing a blog if it weren’t for Love Taza. It’s gotten me through a lot. So THANK YOU! You’re inspiring.


  24. Laura

    This makes me look forward to winter so much!!

  25. Melissa

    oh my gosh! The matching jackets look so cute! Our son is only 7 weeks and we are already forcing him to match with us! We all have red converse, here’s to more years of matching! Those caramel apples look amazing.

  26. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thgnis like that?

  27. sascha

    I grew up in salt lake and fry sauce is one of the first things I order when I’m back home! However, my aunt let me in on the secret.. ketchup, mayo and a little bit of white vinegar! Try it when you’re craving it yourself and see!