little letters, valentine’s day edition.

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dear throw pillows,
i love you and promise to never get rid of you even if my husband protests your existence each day.

dear waffle maker,
thank you for coming to my rescue last night at 12:43AM. i told the kids and josh that i bought you at christmas for all of us, but i’m realizing that if i’m being totally honest, i bought you just for me.

dear pink t-rex dinosaur purse that my kids think is theirs and keep running off with,
why are you so freaking adorable?! (and thank you for the gift, kate spade.)

dear cold and flu season,
please don’t ever visit us again.

dear julie andrews,
you really are practically perfect in every way! getting to meet you over the weekend was a dream come true (more to come from this soon!)

dear hamilton the musical,
i finally saw you. and you surpassed all the hype i’d already heard about you, leaving me more inspired than ever. thank you for that.

dear upcoming trip to utah in a few days,
can’t wait to drink a dirty diet coke and eat a swig sugar cookie. can’t wait for my chocolate chip einstein bagel and rocky mountain caramel and chocolate covered apple. can’t wait for my cafe rio enchiladas and sweet tooth fairy cupcake. also can’t wait to gain 5 pounds in a weekend. ;)

dear valentine’s day,
i love having a moment to recognize all the things i love in life. especially the people. so many good people i love so very much. thanks for the chance to add more pink and red to the wardrobe and eat one too many tiny hearts that taste like plastic.

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dress by kate spade and t-rex dinosaur purse (both a gift from kate spade)

also wearing this leather jacket

and this lipstick in the shade, stylist

PS. incase you aren’t subscribed to our youtube channel, i posted a new LET’S CHAT video with josh over the weekend chatting all things valentine’s day, some of our favorite dates together over the years and an epic game of who knows who better! it’s a fun one. let me know over there in the comments what other videos you’d like to see more of!

  1. Oh I always love your little letters but this one is extra sweet! The shoes are amazing and I can not wait to hear what you got up to with Julie Andrew oh my!! Liefs, Yara

  2. Mollie

    I love the little letters, what a cute idea! Fun outfit too. Cannot wait to hear more about your Julie Andrews interview!!

    xoxo Mollie

  3. Jamie

    YOU MET JULIE ANDREWS?! That is actually one of my dreams in life. What a dreamy weekend you must have had between that and Hamilton. : )

  4. Desiree

    Great post! Tiny hearts that taste like plastic! lol

  5. Lauren

    Bare legs and snow?! goodness you must have been freezing, that’s dedication right there haha! I can’t wait until its officially bare legs weather!

    I watched your valentines day youtube video the other day, it made me laugh when you got super awkward with Josh’s Valentines Day surprise. Trust me when I say no one was thinking he announced the surprise date in the video on purpose or to flaunt. Its the season of love, of course you’re going to celebrate it together!

    Anyways, loved the post (the little letters ones are always my fave!) and I love your outfit!

    Have a great day!

  6. Natali

    Your dress is so pretty and suits you perfectly but that mini bag is such a work of art! :)

  7. Sheriden

    I love the dress you’re wearing and I love these little love letters that you write to different things that touch you in your life. I think I feel the same way about Vday. And I’m happy that you and your fam are feeling better!

  8. Megan

    I just watched your “let’s chat” video and it’s so cute! I love that you share all of those sorts of little things with us.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  9. Jessica

    Dear Naomi, thanks for making me want that Kate Spade dress even more! And also thank you brain for not allowing me to spend that much on an item of clothing ;) Also I loved the new video!

  10. Emerson

    Just watched your lets chat video and seriously you guys are the cutest!

    I love the idea of doing an insta-live with more questions so some other ideas are, “What’s your favorite restaurant?” or “favorite summer/winter activity?”

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day! :)

  11. First, you look amazing, as usual!
    Second. that entire outfit is to die for! I need that bag! My son would probably try to run away with it as well but I think that bag would win me major moms points.


  12. Alicia

    So you’re done not eating sugar I guess haha :-)

  13. Amy

    Adorable as usual. Can you share where you got your shoes?

  14. Corina

    Naomi, you are such a beautiful person! inside and out

    love these little letters

    Happy Valentine’s day!

  15. karmi

    hi taza:) i have been following your blog for a while now and i dont know what it is about this post that reminded me of him..(maybe its the hairstyle that looks a lot like how you used to braid your hair up..i dunno:)) but i was wondering about your cute dog, Kingsley. How is he? :) if i remember correctly you guys left him with some friends in dc yes? Anyhow, best wishes to you guys and happy hearts day:)

  16. Ruth

    Can you please link the sweater from the video? its so beautiful !

  17. Glad you got to see “Hamilton” now go see “Dear Evan Hansen” the music is so good. Broadway has been rock-in the last 2 years.

  18. Gretchen

    My sister and I would love to meet up with you in Utah! Haha we’ve loved your blog for years! You guys are the real family goals. Thanks for sharing your sweet experiences and adventures!

  19. Amy

    Adorable as usual. Can you link to your shoes please? I have been looking for a pair like that.

  20. Melissa

    all I want is a waffle maker…I’m just sure I’ll gain a hundred pounds if i get one right now. I just want all the comfort foods since having my baby Arren Yuki! Loooove your purse

  21. Love your little letters and i can’t believe that you are wearing those shoes with that snow over there!! brrrr :)



  22. Kate

    I love that dress!:)

  23. Christine

    Those shoes are amazing!!!

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  25. Jasmine

    The baby pink T-Rex is looking so cute and fashionable.