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i’m currently trying to kick the most horrible cold i’ve ever experienced, but wanted to get some of my favorite photos from our life lately on the blog in the meantime!

it’s been a big week for us with two very big birthdays to celebrate!  despite josh and i taking turns trying to nurse each other back to proper health, i actually feel quite spoiled with how much josh has taken care of me the last few days. i couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday until about noon, i felt like i’d been hit by a truck. i swear i’ve never had a cold so bad.  but it seriously meant so much to have him take care of life and me and everything in-between. sometimes writing about this sort of thing can get lost in translation and it just comes off like i’m trying to brag, which is the last thing i’m trying to do, but i say it to remember it and because i want to acknowledge how much those kind gestures of going out to get me juice or rubbing my back when he was also experiencing the aches and pains of a cold just meant the world to me.

feeling so much better as i type this, and just praying we don’t pass the colds onto the kids who seem to be in the clear as of now. anyway, i certainly hope you are staying healthy  and have had a wonderful week. let’s get onto the photos!
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josh and i bought this rocket ship playhouse canopy for the kids before christmas, but by the time christmas day arrived, we felt like they had accumulated such a big christmas haul that we decided to save it for a random day in january to bring out and surprise them with. and then it turned into a birthday surprise! it is GINORMOUS. haha! i didn’t realize when i ordered it and gosh, we certainly don’t have room to store it in our tiny apartment but it is just so fun and special, we are loving it. it’s worth the space it’s taking up when we hang it, for sure.

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scenes from inside the rocket!

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josh found a cool app for the kids called gizmo that has a lot of controls and buttons and things and makes them feel like they are soaring into space as they shout out commands to one another and press all the buttons and steer. lots of, “mission control, do you copy!” or “abort! abort!” always very dramatic at one point or another when they gain speed or when an astroid is about to hit them. ;)

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josh got us tickets to see the batsheva dance company perform at BAM in brooklyn last night. we debated even 2 hours before the show if we should go, but i knew i’d regret it forever if we didn’t. especially since ohad naharin debuted it in new work. by the way, i am dying to see mr. gaga the film which is out now that is all about ohad’s work. has anyone seen it yet? i was lucky enough to get to perform one of my favorite pieces by him, minus 16, when i was at juilliard. (it starts at the 3rd minute of the video i linked.) ohad came into the studio and worked with my class our senior year and the experience is something i’ll never forget. he is everything.  (ps. for those who have asked, i’m wearing this matte lip color in the shade stylist.)


these photos are from a few weeks back, when josh and i were able to sneak away one saturday afternoon to the armory to see manifesto which had 12 different short films, all starring cate blanchett as different characters connecting more than 50 manifestos from different artists around the world. it was crazy theatrical, with all 12 films playing at the same time on large screens in the same room. so glad we were able to see it before it left the armory.


sometimes the “testing out the light” photo is my favorite photo of them all. :) this handsome man is just the handsomest.


he was over the moon excited to be helping make cookies on a snowy day, and quite insistent on holding the cookie sheet all by himself! he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face once i finally let go. haha! “i help! i help!” is his favorite thing to say. :) also, the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in all the land, right here.


such a low key birthday for this man of mine who was especially sick the day of. we have to make it up to him in a few weeks, because he deserves so much more than a terrible cold on his birthday. but he doesn’t mind which is why i love him so much. he was so happy with a pan of homemade brownies and several pints of ice cream. even happy to let the kids blow out this birthday candles. i love him.

LOVE TAZA 47thjg-3

take out pizza from motorino for the birthday boy. :)


eleanor invited 10 of her little friends to a fencing lesson for her birthday party this year! all of them in all the gear is probably what’s the cutest thing of all. she loves fencing so much. i am so glad she had such a good time. also feeling so lucky she has such wonderful friends. seeing them together was truly the sweetest.


my little SIX year old! so big and beautiful!

birthday0274-3 birthday0274-4

such a fun birthday age this year because everyone is learning to read and write this year so they were all extra excited to have eleanor read their card! i was dying. it’s just the sweetest when they are more excited about the card and the words than the presents!


so impressed with how well eleanor and samson fenced against each other during her party! they showed such good sportsmanship, saluting each other with their foils and shaking hands at the end…birthday0274-9 birthday0274we hope you have a wonderful weekend! stay healthy out there!!!!

ps. my yellow sweater is the same as my peach one (had to snag it in the second color, the fit and feel is just so good).

  1. hanna

    Your kids are so cute! –Like Hanna

  2. Fran

    the last picture in this post <3 feel better!!

  3. Ohh your kids are so cutes!!!!!
    I follow you since……. puff a lot of year :) I thank you to share with us this little bits of your life.

    I adore the rocket ship (better than a tipi)

    kisses from France

  4. Stephanie MacLeod

    Is that gorgeous Birthday cake homemade? If so, what is your technique for getting the sprinkles on the cake? :)

  5. Megan

    Love these posts so much!! I can’t believe how big the kids are getting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tracy

    The last photo of Eleanor between you and josh is priceless! I have one with my mom and dad from my 8th birthday and it is my favorite, especially since the passing of my mother.

    As someone who use to work at B&H I saw in a recent post, I can only guess Josh is like a kid in a candy store. It’s a wonderful place!

    Hope you all feel better and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Mollie

    You take so many wonderful family photos! I love the snowy ones and Eleanor’s birthday, and that rocket looks like too much fun! You look like you and Josh are having a great time raising those kiddos :)

    xoxo Mollie

  8. Natali

    Your family is so sweet, bless you all and may you always be filled and surrounded by so much love and fun daily adventures! You’re all an inspiration!

  9. Ashley

    Love the pics, that pizza and cake look so good. You mentioned sometimes it may seem like you’re bragging about your hubby…It’s never seemed like that at all! Just that you are truly appreciative and admiring of your husband, it’s a beautiful thing!

    And I don’t have kids but I kinda want that space shuttle too…looks so fun.

  10. Carrie

    A fencing party for Eleanor! That is the sweetest thing ever. I’m sure all the kids loved that!

    Carrie |

  11. That rocketship is the coolest thing!! I’m sure the kids are just dying over it.
    Also, those snow photos are gorgeous, and I love that Eleanor loves fencing! So cute. <3

  12. Wow, you performed Ohad Naharin!

    Thank you so much for sharing his name here–you are a closet cultural insider, I love it! I just heard an interview with him on NPR (I forget which show), and was unfamiliar with him. He sounds so driven and direct, it was hard for me to imagine what his dance performances look like. That is really cool that you experienced his work AS a dancer. I will check out your links from that paragraph.

    Happy February to you all.

  13. Kathleen

    Hi, I have been following along with you for awhile and also live in an apartment, in NJ with my two kids and black lab pup. I was wondering if you would ever do a post on toys that have made it into your home? We have a hard time finding toys we think are worth taking up space we don’t already have! Thank you!

  14. Martha

    Did you make Eleanor’s cake?? It’s so cute!

  15. Carie

    I hate even asking because I’m sure it’s annoying when people want to know what brand something is but I just love your green scarf from your instastory and hope s you tagged it here :-( do you know what it is?

  16. Corina

    That photo of you with little E got me so emotional. When this girl smiles, I die. She just lights up everything
    And then Samson with his new haircut..❤
    What do you mean, you don’t want to brag about Josh? But please, brag away. He is a great husband and amazing father to the kids, I think you have all the right reasons to be proud and appreciative

  17. Erin D.

    Love this blog!!!!!!

  18. Kristen

    Taza, where did you get your green scarf? It looks so cozy!

  19. Mariana

    Dear Taza

    I ‘ve reading you from long time ago and you must know it never feels as if you were bragging, it feels honest and full of love, I enjoy reading you and it helps me realize there is love outside. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Katy

    Wishing you a speedy recovery back to form! Love this little photo round up, I’ve just starting baking with my little one (she’s 19 months) and LOVES to help too, it’s too cute seeing them so proud to help out!
    Katy xx

  21. What an wonderful time! That rocket is amazing!

  22. Michelle

    Get well really soon, but glad you made it to the ballet! The pictures are the best and I loooove the rocket ship. Definitely need one!


  23. Pam

    Dying over the sweetness of the birthday card lol
    Love these pics and hope little E had a lovely bday! <3

  24. Brooke Hill

    Hi lov the pics and I wish we had fencing here .
    My son saw the rocket ship which I had debated getting but we have a tepee and we are currently moving into a camper while building a house 😳
    So literally no room lol but where did u getvmoon rocer from instastories
    And Eleanor’s inventor shirt please plead . Feel better
    PS my son’s name is Conrad too he’s 5

  25. Kelly

    Aww, so many cute photos and I hope the whole Davis family is feeling well again soon!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  26. I LOVE that rocket ship, and the way that you’re blending technology with imaginative play. Gorgeous!

  27. Ellie

    Goodness, your “life lately” posts are my fav! The fencing.. now I’m searching for the nearest fences classes for my little Eleanor! :D .. Also, Young Living essential oils have made a huuuuuuuuge difference for our family. We have been super healthy and have stayed away from the doctor since we started using them!

  28. I stumbled on to your blog and I super love it! You have an adorable family, can’t wait to read more :)

  29. Aparna

    You are looking adorable.
    I don’t know it’s cloudy here and I think it’s the perfect weather to read this.

  30. Katie

    I used that recipe for the cookies a couple of weeks ago. OH. MY. You are not kidding when you say it’s the best!

  31. Amber

    Ok, you’ve been talking about this cookie recipe so much that I finally made them and you’re right- they are the BEST. I added toasted coconut. New fave! Thank you! :)

  32. P hoff

    What’s all the photos (magnetic pic collage frame??) on the dishwasher?! I love it!!! Where’d you get it pls pls pls….