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LOVE-TAZA-FAQ-BEAUTY01i’ve rounded up some of my most frequently asked questions today for you! there seem to be a lot that are asked around the same topics, so i thought i’d break them up into a few different posts so we don’t get crazy long and random here. let’s start the whole FAQ series off with my most frequently asked beauty related questions since this is a fun topic, and several of these questions are the ones i get daily.

i try my best to respond to your comments, emails and DMs on instagram (thank you so much for always taking the time to send them over!), but sometimes i’m not always able to get to everyone’s, so i wanted to get all that info in one place to help direct you to in the future! i hope this is helpful! i’ll get to your other questions that aren’t related to this topic in the next couple of FAQ posts, so stay tuned!

this seems to be my most frequently asked question these days on instagram! which is funny, because i have been wearing lash extensions for a few years now! they are completely fake, slightly obnoxious if you ask my husband, and definitely thinning my natural lash, but i love that they help me feel awake and somewhat put together since i can’t deal with mascara and have always had the tiniest thinnest natural lashes known to man anyway. i love trying new places around the city to get them done, but the one place i do recommend is bling lash at 14th street.

i know every place is different in terms of what types of lashes they offer and how they do them, but i prefer getting a double set (2 lashes to every natural lash) which means the set is much fuller looking. i’ve also noticed that i can get away with going so much longer in-between getting them filled when i wear a double set in the natural style, a C curl and 11 and 12mm in length. i try to take really good care of them in-between sets to make them last longer, although i do get them wet and tend to sleep on my face at night. but all i have to do each day when it comes to my eye make up routine is apply my under eye concealer and brush my lashes with a lash brush. no mascara, no eye liner, no eye shadow, nothing! they aren’t for everyone, but they are definitely for me.  i love me some big crazy lashes and also that i get to take a nap when they apply them (they always have to wake me up at the end! i’m usually so embarrassed because i’m sure my mouth has been wide open as i’ve snoozed because i’m always so tired. lol.)

i do cut my own bangs, but only recently started doing it over the past few months because my hair stylist moved to florida and i’m in denial about finding a new one.  the good thing about bangs is that they grow back quickly, so if you botch them a bit, it’s not so terrible.  i made this youtube video over the summer that shows you exactly how i style my bangs, what products i use, and how i blow dry my hair.  currently, my favorite dry shampoo is THIS ONE and i am still so so obsessed with THIS thickening texturizing spray.

i did a tutorial on how i do my every day make up look RIGHT HERE! i’m still using all those same products each day. the only thing i’ve added to the mix is my beauty blender that i wish i’d known about and used sooner! life changer, that little thing.


if i’m not wearing a red or darker lip, you can bet i’m in either maybelline’s pink me up or lust for blush or smashbox’s mauve matte (shown below.) these three shades are great because they give just a bit more color to your natural lip, are a matte base but still moisturizing enough to wear completely on their own. i never leave home without one of these on hand.

i’ve also rounded up all of my favorite lipsticks in all shades RIGHT HERE and the very best shade of RED lipstick HERE.


i like getting gel manicures because i can make mine last around 3 weeks without any chipping or significant wear. when i don’t have a gel manicure on my nails, i am known to pick at my nails and cuticles until i have pretty much none left. somehow having polish on them helps me leave them alone, so i prefer the polish! i go to a salon in my neighborhood and they use their own numbering system instead of names for the polishes, so i’m sorry i don’t know the exact names of the shades i wear.


several years ago, i swapped out my wedding band for a few thin rings that have my loved ones’ names on them. i ordered mine from HERE several years ago (and when conrad was born, i was so excited to add his name to the stack, that i ordered his from my hospital bed right after we decided on his name! #priorities! lol). i actually just had to reorder two of them because i had a band snap and the top of a letter bent off (which was strange because they’d held up for years without an issue and then two broke within a few days of each other!) but besides that, i’ve been so happy with them. they are a fun and inexpensive way to customize something special. i am not a jewelry person beyond these rings, so i wear them all day everywhere. (by the way, in my first order, i ordered the emma style handwriting font, but after reordering two of them recently, it seems that the original emma font is now called the abram handwriting font.)

i hope this was helpful! thanks for your patience when you ask a question and i sometimes take a million years to respond. i’ll do another round of FAQs on a different topic soon!

  1. Rena

    You are really talented in hair-cutting! Love how you cut your bangs now and for sure your fake lashes <3 In my opinion you are in general extremely beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Emma

    Can you please give us more info about your lashes? :)

  3. Julie

    I loved reading about your beauty post as it’s quite different to mine but I am always loving to hear how another mum of 3 takes care of herself. And sometimes it gives you inspiration to try something you, especially if that person is Taza;) I put some nail varnish on my finger nails last week and the colour lasted, well about 36 hours before the first chips arrived and that got me down. I would love to try a gel manicure but I am so worried it would damage my nails, What do you reckon Taza? Your lashes are gorgeous, I had no idea you wore fake ones but it really works on you! You never look tired, always so smiley and fresh faced! Anyway, thanks for sharing all your little tips. <3. Big hugs from London, Julie


  4. brittany

    this is so good! i somehow never knew about eyelash extensions, and yours are so good! i feel like that’s a perfect idea for a mama- thank you!

    xo, brittany
    the prettiest spring trends at every price point on my blog today!

  5. Catalita

    Loved that post. I love the way fake eyelashes
    Look on you. I am the worst at taking care of them.

    I would love to suggest a topic for your Lets chat videos with Josh (which I love). You travel a lot with the kids and I would love to know how you handle tantrums, kids screaming and crying on a long flight (especially when they were younger), how you handle naps and time changes and jet lag.

  6. Megan

    Hi Naomi! Would you mind sharing where the green top you’re wearing in that first photo is from? Have been looking for one in that beautiful emerald color!

    Thanks for sharing the answers to these questions with us. xx

  7. Carrie

    Your lashes look so natural and beautiful! I also love those name rings.. I’ve been wanting something similar, so I’m so glad you shared where you bought them from!

    Carrie | http://carrieelise.com/

  8. Can you share more about the upkeep of your eyelashes? I got extensions for my wedding and loved having them, but I always felt like I was not taking care of them properly, and I also felt like I couldn’t wear any other eye makeup at the risk of damaging my extensions when I took it off! Help!

  9. Your makeup and hair always looks amazing, so thanks for sharing your secrets! I’ve been fascinated by lash extensions – mine are super long but very, very thin. Right now I can’t justify the cost/time it takes to get them applied, so it’s just coats and coats of mascara for me. ;)

  10. megan

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been wondering where those rings are from; they’re so cute.

    I can’t wait to see more FAQ’s from you soon!

  11. fefe

    Yay! I’ve def been waiting for this post for a while. Follow up question on those lashes – how long do they last/how long does it take to get them put on?


  12. I love your nails!


  13. Aggie

    Hi Taza,
    Have you always had eyelash extentions from the beginning of your blog or did you start wearing them partway through? I’ve noticed them get bigger but they have always looked good.
    Cheers, Aggie

  14. Chelsea

    I have a different question:) – did you wean Conrad? And if that was a hard or smooth transition? My third baby just turned two and he isn’t giving it up like my other two did. Would love to hear how it went for you!

  15. SGB

    Thanks for sharing! You are one gorgeous mama!
    I love those name rings so much – I actually ordered two from Amolia but had such a terrible experience, I’m actually still owed a replacement/refund from them but have given up after months of persevering with them.

  16. Carrie M.

    I also had a terrible experience with ordering three name rings from Amolia. Our bank ended up having to do a refund after two months of excuses and promises upon promises to mail them “tomorrow”. Our bank said the money had been taken out by an individual in Taiwan. Thankfully our bank took care of it for us with no problem. Etsy has tons of artisans who do beautiful work on name rings if anyone is worried about Amolia. :-) Thanks for sharing the lipstick colors, I am always looking for fun options!

  17. Stephanie

    Where is that green top in the first picture from?! I love it!

  18. Natalie

    Hi Naomi…I have a FAQ type question that isn’t on your FAQ…I’m really super curious about what camera /photo equip is used to take the stills of your blog post. I want to start my own blog and need pointers. Does someone photo you? or do you photo yourself with tripod/self timer? What basic camera equipment is used on a regular basis on your blog? Including post-production (i.e. image editing software, etc.). Would love to know your process. Thanks!

  19. Dorota

    Fantastic, thanks for all the info. Share some tips and details of your gorgeous teeth someday, too :))

    Best, D.

  20. Stasja

    I’ve only tried eyelash extensions once but didn’t like the look of them, although I think it was more the place than anything else. They look lovely on you so I’m considering giving them another go! The thought of not having to apply eyeliner and mascara everyday is amazing.

    x Stasja. daydreamdancing

  21. Alyssa

    Naomi I have been enjoying your blog so very much! I love your natural look and yet you know how to glam it up without being obnoxious. Bought some of these goodies today. Thanks for the tips and for writing about things that matter :)

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  23. Robin Tallant

    Yes, where is the green top from? Love the color!

  24. hanna

    Yes I love your lashes! You look great –Like Hanna

  25. I too love this green too! Where did you buy it from? Absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Tracy

    Hi! Where is that gorgeous green top from in the first photo? Thank you!

  27. Shachi

    Awesome Naomi! Thanks for sharing! at Stellogirls we LURV eyelash extensions, but showering/getting them wet is always such a pain! Any tips for drying them out or getting clean with them in?

    Thanks girl!

  28. Judith

    After reading this post I went out to have some put on as well as I had been thinking about it for a while and this just convinced me to go for it and boy oh boy I can’t believe I waited this long!!! You wouldn’t believe all the compliments I’m getting!! So thank you Naomi. Everything you have promoted so far has always exceeded exceptions, please keep only recommending products that you love as the results are 100% perfect!
    Aside from products I would love to hear more about how you keep your kids entertained at home. I have a 2 & 1/2 year old and a baby to come and some rainy days when everything is closed (stupid Mondays) well those days can get a bit long at times..
    lots of love,

  29. Annie

    I’m wondering about what kind of hair dryer you are using in the tutorial? Shopping for a new one!