currently: snowboarding in utah!

we’ve been in utah over the weekend spending time with family and also getting the kids (and me!) more comfortable on the mountain with their snowboards! i’m not sure if you follow along on my instagram, but i shared a few videos over there on my insta stories of the kids in action!

this was conrad’s first time on the slopes, and he loved it! everyone loved it, but i don’t think anyone really loved it as much as josh did! this man has told me from the beginning of our days together how much he desired to have a family of snowboarders. he really just loves being on his board on the mountain so much, and has desperately wanted the rest of us to experience it as well and hopefully enjoy it enough to want to make it a family thing in the years to come. i think his wish is finally coming true, because i seriously loved being on my board this trip, and the kids did great, too.

here are a few iphone photos i took on the mountain over the course of two days.  we snowboarded at sundance this trip, and while it was surprisingly mild out and not all that snowy, it was perfect for us.

this has to be my favorite photo of all of them. i just love these people of mine so much. super proud of all four of them. i’m the luckiest.

just before we took the lift up the mountain together for conrad’s first time! josh’s happy face here is everything to me. haha! (you can see josh and conrad in action right here.)

a photo of below from the lift.

this sweetheart did so great. i wish i had more photos and videos of her boarding, but she went with josh earlier in the day for a one on one while i hung out with the boys both napping in the car, so i didn’t get to see her as much in action. just another reason we have to go again soon. ;)

my little sister rebekah was in town from LA, so i got to do one run with her (although she was on skis) at the end of the day which was so fun. i want her “tan in february” skin from the california sunshine. like have i ever been more pale?! seriously. i can’t even believe it. ;)

i really can’t get over how brave samson is on the slopes though. he just goes and goes. he’ll fall, but get right back up and keeps going. he’ll even giggle through it.  he worked hard on what his instructor taught him during his lesson on the first day, and kept working on it all later in the weekend.  i hope in life that he continues to carry that quality of seeing something through to the end the way he does now. at one point, we were starting to run low on time and needed to get back down the mountain to eleanor who was hanging out with my sister at the base, so josh asked him if he’d like him to carry him and go fast to the bottom of the mountain, but samson replied with such a firm, “no!”, he had to do it himself and i love that about him. here is a little video of him boarding down the mountain if you didn’t catch all the videos from the day before on my insta stories.

and i had to include this cute photo of eleanor and her invisible snow woman she built with josh at my parents home!

this kid could have shoveled snow for a solid hour if we’d let him. haha!

i’ll take all the time and effort it takes to get all the kids in their gear, then have to take all the gear off for a potty break, put all the gear back on and then have to take it off again because something is uncomfortable or doesn’t feel right in a boot or shoe, to put all the gear back on and only get one run on the mountain in, anytime. it’s so much work and sometimes josh and i catch each others eye and are like, “what are we doing?!” but it’s so worth it. it really is. i’m grateful for these incredible experiences, for the patience my kids teach me frequently, and for the memories we make when doing things together. it’s a great life with these people by my side. and snowboarding this weekend with my little crew is definitely something we’ll hold onto forever.

ps. a few snowboarding videos we made together last year, including the one josh made for me on our snowboarding date!, and past ski trips to vermont and the catskills.

  1. Rena

    It is amazing how similar it looks in Utah like here in Bavaria! And I see, Josh is really an avid snowboarder – like you and the rest of your family (despite your skiing sister), too :) You and your sister are so beautiful and I like you with your current skin colour.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Corina

    oh man, how I love these 3 kids. such beautiful photos and memories to cherish, Naomi
    your sister is gorgeous and you look amazing, as always.
    you don’t look pale to me at all
    Josh’s smile is contagious.

  3. astrid

    Where are those ski outfits for the kids from?! Love them!

  4. Megan

    Looks like so much fun! I can barely remember learning how to ski with my parents when I was very young, but the memories I do have will stay with me forever. It’s so great that you have been able to teach all of the kids how to snowboard at such a young age.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. brittany

    okay I still can’t get over conrad’s gnome hat! this is all so sweet- what a beautiful picture of the four of them in their gear!

    xo, brittany
    I’ve got my favorite natural beauty products on my blog today, if you want to take a look!

  6. Elle

    Love the photos! It is great to teach the kids how to ski/snowboard when they are young!

  7. These are such magical photos! Your kids are so brave, I’m impressed! The video of Josh holding Conrad and flying down the slope was incredible!

    Alison –

  8. Simone

    I’m sorry if my question is too personal, but it is just a thought that hit me.
    Do you and Josh ever talk about expanding your family with a kid or two more? Or do you feel like three is enough? I just think about that you Naomi comes from a big family with 5 kids and therefore you have 4 siblings. You and your siblings just seems to get so much out of each other’s company and are having tons of fun together. So maybe you have a wish to also get a big family of your own with Josh? :-)

  9. Kirsten

    Wow this makes me miss snowboarding! I haven’t been in a few years but now that I’m back in cold weather it makes me want to get back on the slopes!

    -Kirsten \\

  10. Conrad is so cute all wrapped up in his gear! I wish I had learned how to snowboard when I was young! I learned once a long time ago but haven’t snowboarded (or skied) in so long that I’ve forgotten how. I wonder if it’s like riding a bike, where I can pick it right back up even after a long time. Also loving your lip colour! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  11. Nicole

    Please tell where your goggle/frames/lenses are from! Been searching all the sites and no matches thank you! :)

  12. Erin D.

    Love all the pictures and videos… so cool!

  13. Heather Benac

    Love all of your family photos! Can you tell me where you got Conrad’s hat from where he’s shoveling snow? So so cute!

  14. Rachel

    So funny how you always have that flat back when you’re bending down to help your kiddos–always a dancer! Love it :)

  15. Marissa Richmond

    SO fUN! Your kids are adorable- just like You and your Hubby. Love your thick wispy lashes, but tone down your brows, too harsh and dark.

  16. elise

    Oh gosh pleeease tell your hubby to wear a helmet. I know the kids have them but it’s so easy to set a good example by wearing your own! It looks like so much fun but I kept feeling so anxious!

  17. J

    I’m never this person, but I have to chime in on the helmet too. A friend who is an AMAZING snowboarder (like semi professional) recently had his second freak accident and if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet, he would have died. Even with his helmet he had to have major surgery,was out of commission for almost two months, and will have to continue rehab for many more weeks. Please everyone, ALWAYS wear a helmet. I work for a snowboard company, we all wear them at all times!!

  18. What a fun family adventure! it looks like you”re having a blast and the kiddos are so cute as always!!!

  19. Jade

    Where did you get the board and boots for Conrad? I have a little guy a bit younger than him and I want to start him on the mountain next year!

    • josh

      We rented them at the ski resort. They were their smallest sizes!

  20. hanna

    This looks like so much fun! –Like Hanna

  21. Noemi

    I love your blog, I have one but it’s in Spanish, I will love to have your success.

    But the best thing of yours is like you are talking to a friend, actually I feel like I’m your friend and your kids are part of my family.

    if you want to check my blog will be great but as I told you is in Spanish but about London :)