cabazon dinosaurs in palm springs california!

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LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-2

we just returned home from a quick few days in palm springs california! we flew straight there after our time in utah since eleanor was still on winter break from school and sunshine is never a bad idea (although looks like nyc was crazy warm in our absence with a cold front coming in as we return. lol. love you too, new york.)

something we’ve never done before and that has always been on our palm spring to-do list is to visit the cabazon dinosaurs! we were able to climb to the top of the t-rex and sit inside his mouth, we did some panning for special stones and rocks, the kids each found a dinosaur egg hidden in the sand (and got to turn it in for a prize), and enjoy conrad’s impromptu “rawrrrrrr!”‘s and “ahhhh!”‘s as he’d run towards them but also run away from them within the same breath. haha, he wasn’t totally sure at times if this outing was fun or frightening. the sweetest little guy.

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-38

see? here he is running back towards me after he realized maybe it’s a little bit scary after all. ;)

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springsLOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-36

also. why is my baby half my size in this photo?!?! since turning two in december, he has seriously just grown up so much. every day is so bittersweet.

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-28

and then this cutie who also looks like he’s a teenager these days. oh my baby samson! please stop growing up so fast!

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-29

i think one of the sweetest parts of our time wandering the grounds was hearing eleanor and samson randomly share little bits of knowledge about dinosaurs to each other or to me. i can’t believe how much they know! more than i do about their dinosaurs, that is for sure.

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-31LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-30LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-4 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-5LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-14LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-15LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-16

panning for precious stones and rocks!

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-17LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-18LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-19

this. means. so. much. to. me.

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-13LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-20 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-6LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-32

ok. i had a lot of fun, too.

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-7LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-37 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-8

climbed all the way to the top of the t-rex and found ourselves trapped in his mouth!

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-9 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-10 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-11LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-34LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-21

digging for “dine-soar” eggs!

LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-22 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-23 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-25 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-26 LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-27LOVE TAZA cabazon dinosaurs palm springs-3

i’ll share more from our trip to palm springs soon! we got to create something fun for airbnb while we were there, and can’t wait to share it with you all soon.  you guys know how much we love making our travel videos, and palm springs was an extra beautiful destination to get to have some adventures in together.

ps. our last trip to palm springs before conrad was born when i was a blonde and E and S were teeny tiny RIGHT HERE, and that one time at the bnp paribas open in palm springs when josh and i got to sit on the court with the sports photographers and see novak djokovic play! (still one of my favorite memories!)


blouse with tassels

denim high rise leggings (seriously my favorite ones ever)

hat (similar)

teva leather sandals

eleanor’s hot pink blouse from here

samson’s dinosaur shirt from here

conrad’s gingham shirt and fedora hat

  1. Dinosaurs!!! My son loves dinosaurs too… but Palm Spring is toooooo far from our city in France……… sniff sniff, maybe one day we will go (also to NY,LA, Boston, …ok, we want to go to the whole America ) :) :)
    I think I have to save a lot of money ;)

    Kisses from France

  2. brittany

    oh wow this looks so cool! conrad looks like such a little man in those first photos- and samson’s haircut seriously puts him in teenager status!

    xo, brittany
    16 sandals under $30 on my blog today

  3. Carrie

    I can’t get over how cute the kids are! They all look so grown up! This place looks like every kid’s dream – I want to go!

    Carrie |

  4. So sweet! I cant wait until my daughter is old enough to venture to the Palm Springs dinosaurs!

  5. Funny, he got scared by the big one! How sweet! Eleanor is so cute and not scared at all! Now I realize that every kid loves dinosaurs! Wonder why!

  6. Megan

    This trip looks like so much fun! And the weather looks perfect!! These are great photos, and you guys are such a beautiful family.

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. ilma

    oh my goodness, conrad’s face with those few tiny freckles! adorable!

  8. Looks like such fun! Love Elenor’s top and her bun- she’s the one who really looks like a teenager! ;)

  9. Allie

    That place is amazing and so much fun (even though I don’t have kids, haha!). I always make sure to stop on the way to visit my grandpa out in the desert <3

    Haute Sauce

  10. hanna

    That would be so fun to go to –Like Hanna

  11. Julie

    How fun and such stunning weather Taza! We went to a similar place called Dinosaur land in the East of England when my older 2 were much younger and it really reminded me of it (well except that we had a typically British grey day….) and how excited the little ones were to see real size replicas! It seems like you had a really great family day, you all look so happy and healthy. Julie xx

  12. so cool.. the kids loved it.
    I know what you mean about the holding hands… when my boys out of nowhere hold hands, hug, watch tv sitting on top of each other.. it just melts your heart.

  13. Love your top, Conrad’s hat, and Eleanor’s hair! Also I love that photo after the one of Eleanor and Conrad holding hands as well! His eyelashes and freckles! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. Syd

    You’re truly beautiful. Everything about your lifestyle is so inspiring! I’m obsessed with Conrad. Especially the matching hats :).

  15. Loving the matching hats!! And Conrad’s freckles!!! *heart eyes*

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