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last january, i wrote this post showcasing several of my favorite lipstick shades since what lipsticks i’m wearing tends to be a frequently asked question over here as well as on my social media channels. i’m still often wearing all of those shades (a girl can never have too many lipstick colors to choose from! unless you’re asking josh, who will tell you i’m a girl that probably owns to many.)

if you’ve read this blog since the beginning (*cough* it’ll be ten years of blogging come this summer! *cough*), you know i love me some bold red lips. i am frequently searching for the very best red and always love trying new brands and shades. my current favorite go-to red is by stila in the shade beso. it’s very matte, which is a really good thing in the sense that it does not come off no matter what during the day (like truly only with make up remover wipes!). the only downside is that since it is so matte based, it does get slightly dry as the day goes on. i’ve found applying some moisturizing chapstick underneath before applying helps.

love-taza-favorite-lipstick-85t-2 love-taza-favorite-lipstick-85t-3love-taza-favorite-lipstick-85t-5

next up is another shade i’ve been wearing almost daily over the past few months. it’s maybelline’s lust for blush. it’s very close in shade to maybelline’s pink me up which has been my go-to every day shade for several years, but since that shade has become harder and harder to find (i hear it’s been discontinued?), this one has slowly been taking its place for me. this shade is actually just a touch more pink which is nice, and a little more of a matte as well. i don’t use any lip liner or gloss or anything like that before hand. just the lipstick! the other perk is that it’s usually around $6 in drug stores or online, so yeah, it’s love!

love-taza-favorite-lipstick-85t-4 love-taza-favorite-lipstick-85t-6

these two shades seem to be my go-to’s as of lately! my only other tip when it comes to lipstick is using a lip exfoliating scrub occasionally to get rid of any dry or flaky skin and keep you lips well hydrated.

i’m such a firm believer that a little lipstick can do wonders to pulling any sort of look together (maybe i just tell myself that since i don’t really do jewelry or accessories) and truth be told, i never leave home without it. also, EVERYONE can look good in lipstick and pull it off, you just have to go for it.  i hope this is helpful for those of you have been asking!


RED: by stila in shade beso
EVERY DAY PINK: maybelline in shade lust for blush 


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  1. Stephanie

    lovely as always Naomi! both shades look amazing on you! just wondering if you use any teeth whitener? your teeth always look so so white!!

  2. Jill H.

    You wear a bold lip so well! Can you please share sweater info in the first picture? Thanks!

  3. Corina

    Hi, my name is Corina and I am a lipstick addict.
    I get you Naomi, I so get you.
    I cannot leave home without applying some. It’s my ‘signature’ if you want.

  4. Mollie

    You always can pull of the cutest bright lip colors. That red though, looks like an amazing true red. I love that kind of look in the winter! Both are so pretty, I’m definitely going to have to give them a try!

    xoxo Mollie

  5. Julia

    Where is your thin, silver ring from? Love the blog!

  6. Colleen

    After reading your previous blog post about lip shades, I went ahead and bought Pink Me Up on Amazon. It’s such a flattering color! Today I will have to check out Lust For Blush!

  7. Audrie Baker

    Do you use a lip liner with your shades?
    Also your hair looks awesome!

  8. You can never have too many lipsticks (ahem, Josh). I’ve been LOVING the Maybelline mattes lately. They’re so good.

  9. Kate Howell

    Where is your cosy white jersey from?

  10. Helen

    Hey Taza,
    how do you manage to make your lipstick look always on point? Without any lipliner?
    I use lipliner and transparent powder and my lipstick still doesn’t last that long. Especially when I’m eating or just drinking something..

    Lots of love from Germany :)

  11. Amber

    I don’t normally wear lipstick but seeing/reading your blog post is inspiring me to change that habit! Thank you for sharing! Could you share your nail polish color?

    Love your blog!

  12. Denise

    I never really wore lipstick until this year! I always loved your different lip shades and thought I would try it and now I feel naked without it! It really completes a look!

  13. Kinga

    Wish to keep my lips on point like you :)

  14. Liz

    can we get a hint on how your eyelashes are always on point too? xoxo

  15. kate

    Love the shades in this post- I should really wear lipstick more! I never do because I always feel that I will look goofy. You’ve inspired me!


  16. I completely agree, lipstick is really a game changer when I’m in a hurry and feel “Bleh” it works miracles! Can I ask you where your super cute knit sweater is from? I LOVE it :)


  17. Fariha

    I have the same Stila lip color and I absolutely love it. I hate it when my lipstick comes off after a short time and that one stays on forever! Your lipstick is always on point. I’ll have to check out the rest to add to my collection :)

    Fariha | Blog

  18. Maggie

    Do you wear mascara on your lash extensions? I feel like it looks like you do (and they look amazing) but I feel like everyone I know who has them always says they can’t wear mascara on them? On the fence about getting them! Convince me! ;)

  19. Kathleen

    What about your nails ? They always look
    Are they shellac or gel or just done at home?
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. fefe

    Once, I tried on this ridiculously bright pink color by Stila and I COULD NOT get it off. It was amazing (the color, not so much!) I will definitely be looking into more colors soon.

    Thanks again!

  21. Dee

    Hi! I had a big question. Doesn’t lipstick prevent you from kissing your littles all day long? That’s why I don’t wear any, although I would love to. What’s your trick? Do you save your kisses until after you wash up? :)

  22. margaux garapolo

    love those colors. i tried beso at sephora, and i guess i just lack a steady hand. my lip line was all over the place. i looked like a clown! ( : oh well, i’ll stick to my sheer reds, i guess. hard to screw those up!

  23. Julie

    I love a good beauty recommendation! I think even when busy with my 3, I still enjoy looking after myself and I love seeing that I share that with you Taza. Father Christmas brought me a nice new lipstick by Nars which came highly recommended by a friend who claimed they kept your lips moisturised. I have been pretty pleased so far and…I feel like a woman! The kids find it really amusing to see me applying it every morning…..I think it won’t be long before they start teasing me about it;) Bold lip colour suit you really well. Hope you are having a good week! Hugs from London, Julie xx

  24. Jenn

    I always wear Anita by NARS and it’s beautiful everyday color. I have the problem of the lipstick coming off through out the day. So thank you for recommending that gorgeous red. I will need to try out that Stila
    The Pepper Express

  25. Sorry if already asked but were did you find your personalized rings? So cute!! Love them..
    Thanks a lot Naomi.
    Audrey xxx

  26. Tara

    Give me all the details about your lashes!!! Love!!!

  27. Caroline

    I’m such a fan of matte lipsticks–especially reds! I LOVE using Bite products. They have a fantastic matte collection that feels hydrating on my lips. They had some great holiday edition reds this year at Sephora–you should check them out!

  28. Jane

    Ooo these are both great shades! <3 I definitely need to pick up both of them.

  29. Jessi

    Have you heard of Lipsense? I have to believe that you have! It’s mom proof lipstick!

  30. Kessy

    I love always seeing you rock a bold lip! It’s inspired me to do it more often now! :)

    I’d love to see your lipstick collection one day, as I love getting more recommendations.

  31. Allison

    Your bangs look so good! Thanks for finding a pink
    me up substitute, I miss that shade!

  32. Kellie

    You are stunning!! I love ye lipstick colors but I also love your simple and cozy outfit from the first picture!!!!

  33. You look beautiful! I especially love the red :)

  34. Mickelle

    your lipstick posts are always a favorite bc i am also a bold lipstick lover! thanks for sharing :)

  35. Aurore

    Could you tell us where your white pullover from the first photo is from ?
    Thank you !!!

  36. I started wearing lipstick about a year and a half ago, and you are so right – it just really makes everyone look so put together! Now, I can hardly go without it. I’ve mostly been sticking to Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils because they’re so easy, but I’m interested in trying these ones!

  37. Megan

    both of these colors look amazing on you! can’t wait to try out the light pink.

  38. I always felt silly wearing bright lipstick, so I used to stick with nudes or “barely there” color. Since hitting my mid 30’s, I’ve totally gotten on board with bright lips and realized that attitude has a lot to do with pulling off lipstick. That and finding the right shade. I’ve been wearing lust for blush all summer and love it! I find it’s flattering on most people too. I’m going to have to try that red!

  39. Melissa

    I totally agree! Love Stila! However, I can never apply it neatly like you did. Do you have any tips for applying it? It seems like I can’t line my lips with it properly, lol.

  40. Amazing red! Love both of them!

  41. Louma

    Just wondering if you didn’t have a problem with all the toxic products in make-up such as maybelline products?
    On some websites, like goodguide, or safe-cosmetics, I’ve seen they use really nasty things.
    Given you’ve switched some food choices and clothes choices towards more ethical or organic manufacturing, I would be interested in your choice of more ethical/organic make-up….(because I would NOT put those listed here on my face)
    Maybe an idea for new post? :)

  42. Rachel

    Totally obsessed with lip colours – I just don’t feel like I’m outdoors ready without.
    If you love matte colours that just don’t move,you should try the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. I can literally cover my little boy in kisses, and no transfer!! And the colours are amazingly pigmented. Think you’d love nosferatu, it’s similar to the stila you’re wearing.

    Rach // illustrated teacup

  43. These are such great colors! I can’t believe I only just recently started wearing lip color. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me! Lol! Those shades look great on you!

  44. Rachel

    I love that you say that everyone can look good in lipstick. I tell people that all the time when they comment on mine, but nobody wants to believe me!

  45. Sarah

    Hi Naomi! This may be a little random, but could you do a post someday about your lashes? I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, cuz I’m not much of a make-up girl and have little time in the morning, but I love how put-together and awake lashes can make you look…and yours always look so great!! Please share, if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks!!

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  47. Claire

    So fun to see. I was thinking of buying a lipstick for some time but always changing my mind before. I’m one of those people thinking that lipstick is so beautiful on others but not on yourself… And I saw your post and i was like “go for it girl!”. I went at a MAC store yesterday asking the seller about the right color and bought the “mehr” one. And I have to say that I’m pretty happy about it and that I have only had compliments since.

    All the best from France,

  48. Sofia

    I absolutely love your lipstick colors – you look so gorgeous and I love your blog! If you at some point end up using cruelty free lipstick instead, it would be so great to read a similar post about those items!

  49. kelli

    i found the “ravishing rose” at walmart and i LOVE it. i’ve never really been into wearing lipstick because i’m too scared of being “bold,” but i love this one so much that i am way too confident in wearing it, ha! my little 3 year old loves it, too.

  50. Kelly

    Both are such great colors on you, I understand why you wear them all the time!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  51. Phyllis

    I am crazy about lipstick, and you totally rock it! Love the pink, it’s fun AND sweet.


  52. Allison

    Beso is one of my all time favs! Thanks for sharing-as always. Love reading your blog every day!

    Allison over at

  53. I love this post! I’m a mama to a two year old before him I would wear a red lip almost every day. It was my go to lip but after I gave birth it was so difficult to find a good red lipstick that stayed put. So excited to try that one out!
    Also, can I say, your skin is amazing! You look radiant.


  54. i totally agree with you that EVERYONE can look good in lipstick!

    those colors are amazing! especially the pink one, it’s sweet and you totally pull it off! i mostly wear red lipstick because it instantly changes my mood! but i’d love to try that pink one!

    have a great day!

  55. Ari

    Thank you! I just ordered the red lipstick.Yayy. I am so glad that Josh’s mother introduced me to your blog …I love it!

    xx Ari xx
    From Italy

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  57. Laura

    Naomi, whats your routine for getting all those beautiful long-wear lipsticks off at the end of the day? I usually do about 5 rounds of vaseline-soaking and rubbing it off.Do you have a specific product that you use instead?

  58. Stephanie

    I’m not big on a pink lip and I never have been but after this post & how good it looks on your, I decided to give the Maybelline “Lust for Blush” a try and I LOVE it!! Thanks for the recommendation :)

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