starting mornings with a stretch.

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years ago, before three kids and a blog, i was a dancer. and i was (a little bit) flexible. flexibility didn’t come naturally at first and i worked hard to limber myself up and lengthen every muscle i could over the years. after hours of moving my body in a dance studio each day, it was natural to come home and sit on the floor in a strange position while watching a movie or reading a book because i always felt best when i was in tune with my body. there are so many things i do not miss about those dancing days, but there are also many things that i do miss. high up on that list is the the strength and flexibility i once had for sure, but mostly because those specific things lended themselves to helping my body out at any hour of the day, which as a mother to three little ones (and also perhaps adding age on top of it), i am missing like crazy.

i’ve actually been making a point to stretch more at some point during the day, because with all of the resolutions i’ve set, being kinder and gentler to my body and giving her all the proper love and care she deserves, is a big focus. i’ve partnered up with birchbox to help spread the word about their beauty resolutions they’ve set out to tackle over the course of 3 weeks in january all about getting back to the best you with lots of self challenges and some huge giveaways every week as well! this week’s giveaway is a wardrobe, vanity and linen closet makeover. see the details and enter all the giveaway fun here! (you have to click “enter sweepstakes” at the very top.)

the theme for birchbox’s beauty resolution this week (week 2) is “revamp your routine.” i thought it fitting to share my goal of making it a priority to stretch each day.  eleanor has actually joined me on several mornings to stretch (she even asked me to get her some “work-out” clothes, which i happily did!) and it’s been a fun thing we’ll do together a few mornings a week before she leaves for school (pushing furniture aside and making space to really spread out)! also, i don’t feel as stiff and things don’t hurt as much when i’ve stretched before i start my day. it’s definitely something i’m working to incorporate into my morning routine and make a habit out of.

i was really excited to help spread the word about birchbox’s beauty resolutions, because they are a great way to discover new products (i’ve been looking forward to the skincare products since i’ve been making it a resolution to really up my skincare routine and have been enjoying trying to find what is best for my skin in the process) and another way to do something small for yourself in the new year. they send you a monthly delivery of five beauty products, all picked just for you for $10 a month with free shipping.

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  1. I wasn’t so flexible like you but at least I try to do some movement every single morning… and I feel better. (at your side I am a beginer :) )

    Kisses from France

  2. Oh man I used to dance through high school and I definitely miss the strength and flexibility too!! I am trying to get better at making time for yoga daily but its hard. Thanks for the reminder Naomi!


  3. Rena

    I see you are very well in shape and very elastic! I’m doing – besides my other exercises – each morning the yoga like “5 Tibetians” :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Julie

    Look at you flexible bunny, all those years of dancing are still proving good! I know the feeling about how you always push your body so much as a mum of 3 and how there is always something more important to do than looking our exhausted bodies. I do a pilates class every week which I hardly ever miss and which is my little pocket of me time and when I feel I look after my body, I am trying to take a nice warm bath more often when I have had a tough day, I am taking vitamins supplements…all for a good cause: a fit happy mummy is a happier/more patient/stronger mummy and it benefits the whole family so it’s worth it on the long run. Could you give a few examples of stretches you do to inspire us more? Thanks Naomi! Hugs from London, Julie x

  5. brittany

    I bet it’s a nice way to start a morning- and I imagine your kiddos are usually crawling all over you joining in!

    xo, brittany
    I’ve got a great boot roundup on my blog today!

  6. stephanie

    unrelated,,,,where is that rug from!!!!!!! If I’m going to stretch, i want to do it on THAT rug:)

  7. this reminds me of the time where i used to do sport for 5 years. i was also flexible and i miss it! now, 6 years later, i wish i continued training because it is a little bit hard to start again.

    and oh, that hairstyle is so pretty!!

    have a great day!

  8. Lauren

    Wow you’re so flexible! I was a dancer too and gave it up for a law career. What I would love to achieve now though it that flexibility, I will give it a go! Thanks for the inspiration x

  9. Emma

    One of my goals for this year is to start truly taking care of my body, losing some weight, increasing my fitness and improving my flexibility. I would be so interested in a post or video that took us through some of the stretches or stretching tips you learnt as a dancer.

  10. Sierra

    I love stretching but definitely don’t do it as often as I should. Your hair is adorable by the way! Beautifully Candid

  11. megan

    thanks for the inspiration…always looking for new routines that are good for my body.

    have a wonderful day!

  12. Caitlin

    Stretching daily makes such a difference in how your body feels and your posture! It’s such a great habit to get into! I love that it’s something you can share with your daughter – that’s so cute! Also, loving your nail polish!

  13. Emily

    Stretching every day is a great goal! I used to be a flexible dancer today and sometimes it is depressing how limited my flexibility is now! I find yoga is helpful too:) I’m curious to try out the birchbox, thanks!

  14. Tanner

    sounds great! would you mind sharing your stretch routine? like what stretches do you do, do you do any sort of warm-up exercises to accompany them, do you do them before or after breakfast, etc? i would love to develop a habit like this but really don’t know where to start!

  15. Jessica

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the reminder, I need to stretch!!

  16. One of my resolutions this year is to stretch every day too! I’ve always been *kind of* flexible, but I’ve told myself the past few years I was going to get my splits back, and I just haven’t committed! This is inspiring me to stay on track. ;)
    Also, girl, you’re still TOTALLY flexible.

  17. Jessica

    I totally understand lounging in strange positions to read or watch TV, years of gymnastics did that to me! I would love to get back some of that strength and flexibility.

    Can you share where your adorable pants are from?!

  18. Ivy

    I love this!!!
    I’m one of those people who felt like a work out is wasted if it’s not some hard core HIIT workout with sets of strength training thrown in (I was a rower in college). But I’d always end up feeling really down when i didn’t get those in, like I wasted a workout (if that makes sense). I’ve come to see that that is not a healthy mentality for me. So I’m now learning to enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures of walking my dog, doing some yoga, or even a couple of stretches a day. It really does the body good.

  19. Maria


    Lo primero decirte que tienes una familia preciosa y me gusta muchos seguir tu blog ya que sois una fuente de inspiración.
    Soy una seguidora vuestra de España desde hace 2 años.

    Estoy intentando iniciarme en el yoga, pero la verdad que tengo el cuerpo un poco engarrotado y ahora con el frio mas, me has dado ánimos para seguir cada día.

    Feliz semana!!!

    Pdta: perdon por escribirte en españo. pero tengo un poco mal el ingles,


    I first tell you that you have a beautiful family and I like many follow your blog as you are a source of inspiration.
    I am a follower of yours from Spain for 2 years.

    I’m trying to get started in yoga, but the truth is that my body is a little bit cramped and now with the cold but, you’ve given me the courage to follow each day.

    Happy week!!!
    Thank you!

    Pdta: Sorry for writing in Spanish. But I have a little bad English,

  20. Kelly

    I agree, starting with stretching can make such a difference!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. natalia

    I need to stretch!!

  22. Shalina

    Please pretty please tell me where that
    Gorgeous rug is from!!!