nyc guide: the kellogg’s cafe


over christmas break, our family took an early morning trip to kellogg’s nyc in times square to have a crazy breakfast of cereal with anything you can imagine on top.  or in other words, the kind of breakfast my kids (and me, let’s be frank) dream about. eleanor and samson were so confused as we were ordering and kept asking, “wait, i can have chocolate chips IN my cereal?!” lol.

we managed to spill something on our table a total of THREE times during our meal, absolute chaos at one point there! but you know, i call that a success in my book when there are large amounts of liquid in open containers on the table and you have a toddler who’s favorite thing to do is “help.”

the cafe is something fun to try at least once (although it is in the heart of times square, you’ve been warned!), but making up a silly cereal concoction and then eating it, that doesn’t get old, even when you’re 30.  they do it with ice cream sundaes as well which could be really good, but we stuck to bowls of cereal since it was 9 in the morning. ;)


something that is fun about the cafe is that once you place your order, your buzzer will ring with a specific “cupboard” number on it. so you go up to the cupboards and get your breakfast from inside it! the kids especially loved this part of the experience!


there are some crazy creations on the menu, and we were a little skeptical to put things like vanilla cake mix on top of frosted flakes or lime zest and passion fruit jam on top of fruit loops! but we did branch out a little (i mixed apple jacks cereal and rice krispies cereal with mini marshmallows, pop tart crumbles and fresh strawberries on top. also, i should note, it was actually delicious and i loved it.)  you can see all the creations on the menu here.


the “honey buzz” from the menu was probably my favorite though. it consisted of honey smacks, toasted pecans and banana chips with honey drizzled on top.

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samson decided mid way through his bowl that he didn’t like having chocolate chips in his cereal after all and asked me to help him pick them out. haha! i guess it’s a good thing so we don’t start forming a habit of wanting them in our breakfast at home.


i’m glad our kids still love their morning oatmeal after this wild but fun breakfast and haven’t asked for marshmallows or pop tart crumble in their breakfast since. haha! have you guys ever put anything crazy into your breakfast cereal?

this post is not sponsored. (i always share if it is.) we were just really excited to find a place that has all these cereals and toppings!

ps. i am wearing this ruffle neck and hemline sweater and this lipstick in shade pink me up. 

  1. brittany

    holy cow, this is so cool! what a good concept- i bet your kiddos were in heaven!

    xo, brittany
    all about my toddler + current favorites on my blog today

  2. Briana

    This is just cute enough that I actually might brave Times Square to visit!


  3. rose

    Born and raised new yorker here! This post hits home, as it shows all the impact that yuppies have had on our city over the past decade. Gentrification is very real for a lot of us. We have lived in the same neighborhoods as our parents, and are struggling to pay rent because our rundown hoods become cool and artsy. Supporting businesses like this is not at all a New York thing. We support small, local businesses. Not big corporations who charge insane amounts for food you can pick up in a bodega. Hope to see more of the real NY grind this year

  4. karen

    It looks really really yummi and I wouldnt mind to try it. But I dont know about strawberry in winter… doesnt seem appropriate, or?

  5. So much fun! That definitely wasn’t there when I was growing up. I am totally going to take my girls there this spring. They would think it’s hilarious.

  6. Ella

    The “Honey Buzz” sounds delicious! I will definitely have to try that cereal concoction but with real banana slices instead of dried.

  7. Mollie

    This looks like so much fun! I had seen something like it in London and was wondering if there was anything in the US that was similar. I already sent the link to my boyfriend who is a cereal NUT!

    xoxo Mollie

  8. Jessica

    So I read this post this morning and it made me crave cereal!! We never have cereal for breakfast but we did today! If only post about veggies has this effect!

  9. KP

    Wow, they all look amazing! I wish we had a restaurant like that here in Canada! Your hair looks great too. I wish I could pull off buns like that! lol. I also noticed on Conrad’s t-shirt the picture of Princess Leia. RIP Carrie Fisher. So sad :(

  10. Sabine

    It’s so great you do and post about things that are not sponsored!!! Looks like a real fun breakfast! It’s on my plan for our next NYC trip :)

  11. Paige

    It’s like cereal and froyo had a baby and made this! We need to go here next time we’re in the city.


  12. Friederike

    This looks like a lot of garbage! I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why everything has to be made out of plastic, for example the spoons, the bowls, the milk containers…etc

    Wouldn’t it be nice to eat out of porcelain bowls with milk from glass bottles? If not for the taste, than just for the concept of sustainability and a zero-waste effort.

  13. this is like the coolest place!

  14. I saw this on CBS Morning recently. Very….interesting? seems expensive…although, knowing Christina Tossi is behind it makes it more worthwhile.

  15. Lindsay

    Too fun! I’m not sure I’d like chocolate chips in my cereal either!

  16. Jamie Lynn

    Is it just me or is the baby wearing awfully large boots?! Haha.

  17. Sylvie

    My children would love it when we’re in NYC in the spring but this much unnecessary plastic kills me!!!!

  18. Babawaga

    We have a ‘Cereal Killer’ cafe (geddit?) here in London which I believe has the same sort of concept, they even do ‘cereal cocktails’.

    Just wondering about Conrad and the honey buzz bowl though? He’s just turned 2 and the pic shows the bowl has a lot of pecans in it – what are your views on toddlers and nut-allergies and giving children early exposure to nuts? There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice given to parents about this.

  19. Maria

    I love this nice pictures and the guides of NY stores and restaurants a lot but what I realice is, that there is always a lot of trash producing. The bowl for the cereals are not reusable, right? Its sad to see that this is still a huge problem.

  20. Emily

    This looks so fun! I will have to check it out next time I’m in NYC.

    I also love your hair buns, you look so fab!! It would be great if you did a tutorial for those, I’d love to try it out myself!

    I just love following your family along, your blog is often a bright spot in my day, keep doing you!

  21. Jasmine

    What a fun and lovely place! I’ll put it on the list of places to take my nieces. The fact that everything isn’t breakable there is nice as well that way the kids can “help” make their own breakfast. I appreciate your buns and Conrads shirt in this post. May Carrie Fisher rest in peace.

  22. My brothers and I love cereal and could eat it for every meal! We’d have so much fun here :D I have a feeling that their concoctions would consist more of toppings than cereal though! (Think marshmallows) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  23. ines dettmann

    nothing against a family breakfast downtown nyc. but living in cologne/ germany i am kind of confused and stunned about the mass of packaging and all the plastic around in this place. what’ s about planet earth? the cornflakes corner across the street sells their stuff in ceramic bowls and everything (except the cornflakes) is as handmade as it can be. the big corporations earn enough to create a perfect illusion of a human and natural lifestyle.

  24. Tony Cox

    Now that my son is older, I guess I’ve been out of the loop for a while. It looks like a great place to take my nephews. It gets tough coming up with simple, yet new and fun activities for them.

  25. What!? How brilliant is this place?! My kids LOVE cereal, and although I’m not a huge fan this would definitely be up my alley – with some almond or coconut milk, of course ;-)

  26. V

    This looks so fun! Haha, I would probably be a bit cautious with flavours too. I dont really eat any Kelloggs cereals as I find them to be super sweet as it is. The Apple Pie sounds good though.

  27. kelly

    What a fun place, I will have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  28. Kathryn

    I don’t think anyone else can quite pull off the top knot buns like you can, Naomi! I love it. :)

  29. Jane

    Omg cereal cafe that’s the dream! I believe I will be happy as your kids are!

    I used to love cereals for breakfast, but now I rarely to have it. Those crazy creations are definitely worth to try :D

  30. How fun! We just moved to Virginia so I am looking forward to finally visiting some of your recommendations on the East Coast! Your tips for DC have been so helpful! Um…that biscuit sammie at a baked joint!!! Oh my goodness!!! So good!

    • TAZA

      isn’t it SO GOOD?! please eat another one for me next time you get a minute! good luck in virginia!!

  31. Lauren

    That sounds AWESOME!!!

  32. Valerie

    When I was in New York like three days before this, I tried to go here but i couldn’t find the entrance! Now i can really see what I was missing out on!