new “let’s chat!” video!


josh and i filmed a new “let’s chat” video (see all of them on my youtube channel here.) we talk about a few things we’ve found to have really strengthened our family life together (like how to make the best of our time together, being mindful of how we engage with others and ourselves around the kids, praying together out loud or building a safe place to express gratitude, and complimenting the things one does well regularly.) there are other things we wanted to get to, but of course this video is already 16 minutes long (sorry!). i know it’s lengthy but i think we get to some of the really good stuff towards the end.

would love to hear more from you guys about other topics you’d like to have us chat about! we hope to do more of these (and promise to find a quieter place next time we’re filming.)

what sorts of things have you found help bring your family together? always love hearing your ideas and trying out new tips or tricks you guys might be willing to share. thanks for watching!

ps. wearing this star and moon sweater and this lipstick in shade pink me up. 

  1. why are you guys the cutest ever? i love these videos!

    xo, brittany
    weekend reading + steals on my blog today!

  2. These are always my favourites!! I love how intentional you guys are and how you interact with one another! So much fun even in such a little video, never apologize for how long they are, cause I’m sure we all love it so much :) <3


  3. Jordyn

    How do you organize all your photos and store them? Cloud? Hard drives? Also, bed time routine with three kids and how it’s evolved over the years.

  4. Karla

    I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. I do not believe I have ever commented. I usually shy away from commenting. But today, I want to thank you both for being so real. Thank you Josh, for opening up the way you did. It really hits home with the things you both say about parenting and how the little things make a difference in a child’s life.
    You guys, your family, you are amazing – thank you for being here and giving us such great positivity and good vibes and something to aspire to.

    Warmest regards-Karla

  5. Lori!

    These “Let’s Chat” videos have been a great addition to your blog. You’re really great people and your children are so lucky to have you guide them :]

  6. e

    I’d love a video about the pros and cons of living in New York City.
    Or maybe a video where the kids talk?

    I understand you value their privacy (totally respect that, too! it shows you think long term.) but it’d be cute to have them in front of the camera just….talking about whatever.

  7. Julia B.

    this video was so sweet! in regards to sweets, on WNYC Morning Edition there was an article on sugar is actually worse than we thought! you guys were so inspirational on limiting your sugar, please don’t give up!! I’m sure you inspired other people too.

    the story here:

  8. Kelsey

    I’m not one to leave comments on things, but that was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. As a mom of a 9 month old, I really appreciate advice on how my husband and I can raise strong, happy, good and confident children in this crazy world we live in… and you guys have been putting out some really good stuff. Listening to Josh get emotional about his children was so sincere and loving it melted my heart. Thanks you guys!

  9. There is a line from a Grey’s Anatomy episode that has always stuck with me and its that “This is the way the world changes, good people raising their babies’ right.”

    And, I think that is so true, and you guys are a great example of that! :)

  10. scarlett

    So Real & uplifting. Thanks for being great role models for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. Baltina Valente

    Thanks for your kindness and generosity in giving of your time and effort to make this space and these videos. Seriously you guys are the sweetest people and it so great to have such a positive space to visit. You’re awesome parents, I’m hoping to take some of your tips and use them in our family, the notes ahh my heart exploded, so sweet. Lots of love and happiness to you in the new year.

  12. Manuelle

    This video got me emotional, thank u for your honesty & for sharing something so private, the way u talk about how u raised your kids, the positivity toward the world or themselves you teach them, that the kind of things parents should do. And it’s a no kid’s person that’s saying it :)
    I usually never comment, but i read the blog daily since 2008 i guess & after all this time we can think that we know u guys pretty well, but this video shows us something new & uplifting.
    It really made my day!
    Happy new year to u all !

  13. Nicole Prather

    That was the sweetest thing ever I am crying thinking about what josh said what this world would be like if we were all kinder to eachother. Amen YOU are the LIGHT. And SALT of this WORLD.

  14. Leila

    Oh my god i just watching your video ! It was very interesting as usually you Help me everyday with my parenting. Thank you so much for your advice ( soory i am french my english is not verry well…)

  15. louise

    I too love that you are so intentional and aware of these aspects of parenting. My boyfriend and I haven’t started our own family yet, but I have been following yours since right around the time Eleanor was born, and find you to be such kind an inspirational people. Love what you said about making sure your home has a relaxing and uplifting vibe. It radiates so clearly out your video how absolutely loved your children are.

    Have a great day guys – and thanks for sharing!

  16. Michelle Young

    This was so sweet and valuable. I admire the people you are and your approach to parenting so much!

  17. Katherine

    Oh my goodness this video. Such sweet and lovely tips, and Josh getting so emotional at the end is so touching. It of course made me cry too :) Thank you for sharing!!

  18. Haley

    These videos are my favorite- always the best part of my day when I see you guys have posted a new one!!! That story about Eleanor & Josh was the sweetest thing ever- thank you guys for sharing with us!

  19. Emma

    Oh my goodness, I don’t think I could love you guys any more. I’ve always admired your family, but this video really took it over the top. Thank you so much for your positive voices and the love that you exude not only to your children but to us as readers as well. I love that you not only give compliments freely to E, S & C, but you also use them in communicating with each other. I couldn’t agree more with Josh that if we all related to each other more in that way, the world would be a more peaceful place.

    You balance each other so well, and I hope that my husband and I can be great parents like you when we enter that season. For now, I’ll practice by giving my dog compliments when he does something good ;)

    P.S. I just started working in NYC on Monday! I’m so excited to explore more of the city and love having your blog as a guide :)

  20. Kayla

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before either… but as a mom of three boys (5, 3, and 1) I wanted to say THANK YOU! I’ve followed your blog for awhile now because I love your parenting style. Thank you for all the great ideas of small things that have a big impact. Thanks for encouraging me to be a better Mom!!! Happy New Year!!!

  21. Lane

    I absolutely loved this video! When Josh cried, I cried! I appreciate how real and beautiful your conversation was. Thanks so much.

  22. Alida

    I’m going to have to watch this video later (great theme, looking forward!), but would just like to quickly suggest a video on tips how you so consistently take such amazing photo’s. Would also like to know what your favourite music is.

  23. Audrie Baker

    It made my heart smile when Josh talked about the kids. Happy New Year!

  24. Kailey O'Neil

    This video, as always, was great. The examples you two are setting both in the way that you parent and in the way that you partner together are incredibly inspiring, and I always feel so heartened after stopping in here. Thank you for sharing your lives, your successes, and (mostly) how you try to overcome your struggles. God bless!

    PS – Josh, your comment about how much better the world would be if we all made an effort to say more nice things to each other was so moving. Thank you for the reminder.

  25. Rachel

    Thank you so much for these videos! I love every single one and I of course love your blog. Your thoughts on family are invaluable.

    Something I’d be interested in you two talking about is your marriage. I just got married over Christmas and hearing more about how you’ve built such a strong foundation for your family and working through the early days of marriage and how you find ways to figure out challenges would be very inspiring.

  26. ayla

    love these so much. love love love seeing the connection and intimacy between you and josh. you guys are so rock solid and it is a beautiful thing to hang out in for 16 minutes ;) if you ever want to talk about how you handle discipline in your family, i would be fascinated to hear. from the look of things, it looks like your children always get along but that can’t possibly be the case, right!? is there a way you handle tantrums/sibling rivalry/all those tough moments with multiple young ones all with their own personalities? also, happy new year! looking forward to more from y’all in 2017!

  27. Heather

    I can’t see your eyes.

  28. Kate

    This was really sweet. I love how you guys talk with each other, its really cute. Hearing about Samson’s prayers was the sweetest thing! My daughter will pray for the same types of things and it is just the cutest.

    Also loved all the NY noises during the video. Kept it real.


  29. Katie

    Your affirmations are wonderful. Something else important to note–you are teaching them what to value in themselves!

    I think it’s also important for them to value action in addition to attributes. I make a point to tell our daughter she did something kind, or that I’m proud of how much she focused, etc. I want her to know that she doesn’t have to label herself with a descriptor to have value.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Take heart in knowing you have a community around you similarly operating out of kindness.

  30. Katie

    This was great. Agreed—at this point in my life struggling with the tantrums of an almost 4 year old (who is awesome but challenging), the positivity was helpful. I ditto the comment from Rachel about being interested in how you manage marriage. I’m specifically curious how you manage time with your kids that still allows you to feel together and working together. We don’t have the luxury of escaping our home and child very often, so it’s hard, but I’d be curious about tips you’d offer. Thanks!

  31. emma

    Hi! you guys are awesome parents, your children truly are blessed.
    thank you for sharing!

    I would just like to share that in regards to positive affirmations (of which I am a big fan), we like to focus on affirmations that focus on effort or perseverance rather than just blanket adjectives. So as an example: instead of “you’re so smart!” (when our child shows us her writing skills or something), we like to say something like “that is brilliant, your hard work and all that practising is really paying off, your writing is looking awesome!”.

    I feel like it teaches them that you don’t have to be innately good at something but rather, if you put your mind to something and persevere you can achieve great things.

    Keep the videos coming!

  32. Ashlee

    I absolutely loved that video. Thank you so much for posting it. Josh’s message really hit home for — we all need more positivist in our lives.

  33. Jackie

    Thank you so much for putting yourselves out there and offering such great advice! My husband and I are excitedly/nervously expecting our first child this July, and I LOVE all your blog posts and videos about parenting! I even learn things from you just watching your instastories and snapchats. You are definitely a great example to parents, and to everyone for that matter! Thank you for your honesty in all the highs and lows and your willingness to share!

  34. This was my favorite video you two have done–my husband and I don’t have kids (well, except for our dog!), but I couldn’t agree more with Josh’s comment about what a better place this world would be if we made an effort to say more nice things to each other. So appreciate your real, heartfelt, kind, loving words.

  35. Liz H

    This was wonderful <3

  36. McKinlay Otterson

    Wowza. Josh crying totally made me cry HA tears are contagious am I right?! I’m a crier too haha. But seriously you guys rock my socks off. I’m just 18 (actually leaving on an lads mission to Sweden in a couple months YAY) but I admire you guys so much and look up to you and your parenting so dang much and can’t wait to implement what I learn from you guys, as well as what I learn from others, one day when I’m a mom!!! You guys are seriously awesome and THE cutest couple ever. Happy New Year!!!

  37. Tracy

    xo sweet and true and good job you two! You are kind and you are uplifting and you are both a little sparkle on my daily map, thank you ❤️

  38. oh wow. i was not expecting that reaction from josh, by the end i was crying! he’s so true in what he’s saying though, it’s so important to be kind to one another and with your guys example, there is no doubt in my mind that your children will grow up to be the best that they can be. :)

  39. Ashley

    Thank you guys so much for sharing. You inspire me so much! Please keep them coming! Would love to learn how you organize photos, if you print off prints for your kids keepsakes regularly, etc. Thanks!

  40. Abby

    You two are cute. This is my first look at your videos. I love that you are a team.

  41. Sonia

    Thank you guys !!I usually never comment but I read your blog since 2010.

  42. Sonia

    I love the way you raise your children.You really raise good people.Bravo!!!

  43. Sarah-Louise Yarbrough

    Your constant positivity is impressive! I watch along and I think to myself I’d love to know about how you’ve gotten through the toughest thing in your life, and with the kids, I have had to face some unimaginably tough things in these early years of motherhood. I watch and read ( LONG time follower) and have to admit sometimes i feel upset and jealous that you can focus on the good things without tragedy striking in your life like it has in mine. But then I have to go back to I don’t know exactly what you have dealt with as a family, and then I calm down and just think it’s clear you are wonderful parents, and that’s just about the most important thing, SO GOOD FOR YOU!! and I have three little ones basically same as you , big sis and two little bros, and I’m trying my darnedest and you guys are a great little resource for me.

  44. Ana

    Very uplifting video! So nice to see there’s great people in the world, I was also shedding a few tears while watching you guys talk, it’s amazing how a couple words of encouragement can make such a difference in everyone’s life especially the little ones. Words have such an impact in one’s life, either positive or bad, I have a daughter too, and also work with little one’s and when we give them positive feedback for even the smallest things that they do, they’re the happiest little kids ever, they’re smile of contentment for what they did is priceless! They pick up on everything we do, just like little sponges, so important to spread love, kindness, gratitude, compassion, and many more qualities, good things are contagious:) and I look up to you guys for doing just that!! Thank you for sharing this lovely video:)

  45. Amanda

    Love your videos! Can I ask where your hat is from? So so cute! 💁🏻

  46. Just before Josh started crying, I was like, “oh Robert (my husband) would be weeping by now!” I learn so much from my husband’s tender heart towards my boys (4 & almost 2) & I’m grateful God put a plan in place for our tiny ones to enjoy their mama’s fierce love & their daddy’s steady encouragement!

    Thanks for this! xo

  47. This is such a wonderfully thoughtful video. I felt so moved by the truth that EVERY child does something worthy of recognition and praise every single day–you don’t have to make something up to compliment your child. I’m not yet a mother, but my husband and I think hard about how to create a home that is safe, loving, and encouraging. It’s good to hear about the journey you’re on and the thoughtfulness you put into raising your kids–the world is better because of these sorts of habits of kindness. Onward to you all!

  48. Louise

    What a lovely video; thanks so much for sharing. It brought a tear to my eye and hope to my heart that there are nice people like you in the world. My little family are all the way over in the UK but these things make you realise we all have so much in common; we want our children to feel loved, safe and appreciated and whispering in their ear at bedtime is an excellent place to start 😘

  49. Carolyne Hallum

    Guys I love and miss New York so much that these videos help with my withdrawal. Love, LOVE that you both share your life with us all. I can tell you though I would love to be there than instead of here in 98F temps in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you xx

  50. Sophie

    Thank you so much Naomi and Josh for such a cute and passionate video. I do not have kids yet but you are an amazing example of great parenting. The way you seem to bring up Eleanor, Samson and Conrad is definitely one to look up to. If only more families were able to show the same love you give them, our world would definitely be a less scary place. Thank you so much.

  51. Saving this for later (because I’m at work, haha). I always love the videos you guys do! Right now it’s just me and my husband (and our dog), but I’ve found that really taking the time to slow down – whether it’s cooking in the kitchen together, or reading side by side in bed – have really made us feel closer, and they’re the moments I treasure the most. <3

  52. Yaindy Lara

    Oh my gosh and now I love you both lol. You guys. This post is incredible, such a beautiful reminder to us all because like josh said there are so many negative voices in this world that the last thing our children need is to hear something negative from a love one or a family member. You guys are such great parents, thank you for this beautiful reminder, lets all be nice to each other, offer encouraging words, a smile! It doesn’t cost a penny but it came make someone’s day. Thanks guys. Xo

  53. naseem

    Nearly two years ago, my boyfriend of nearly 7 years (!) and I broke up. We were great together and loved each other very much, but after a death of a close family member on his side, he withdrew from life completely and his views on family/marriage changed radically. I still miss him tremendously. I still have times where I can’t imagine being with anyone but him. I share this because your relationship with Josh keeps me from getting back with him… because there are men like Josh out there who are wonderful and supporting partners, who are loving, vulnerable, and caring fathers, and because my former partner turned into someone who was not and didn’t want to be. Josh reminds me that great guys are out there, and as someone who is completely new to dating now, it’s so reassuring. So, thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us, and for sharing yourselves and your values so openly.

  54. Sara Brockhaus

    So I have followed your blog for years. I grew up in a very loving home however affirmations were not given unless you exceeded ALL expectations and achieved perfection. I cannot agree more with your parenting style! It shows in every way with your beautiful children. I also wanted to thank both of you for being such positive role models for me. I was baptized into the LDS church 2 years ago @ 28 and having not grown up in and LDS household, I am learning so much about how I want to raise my future family in the church. I just think your family is a gem and what a blessing you guys are! Happy New Year and a thousand blessings to you and your family from Gilbert, AZ!!

  55. Amber Privett

    Wow, guys. That sure was a powerful video. And Josh, I was crying along with you! I’m a relatively new parent with a 2yr old and 5mos old and it’s really encouraging to have you both affirm the same thoughts and ideas I have toward parenting (and am trying ever so hard to practice daily). Thank you.

  56. Alexia

    Ugh. Melted my heart. Thank you so much for sharing all those amazing tips and for reminding me to always focus on what matters most in life.

    Happy New Year!

  57. Andy

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am not a mum yet, but this is exactly the way I would like to raise my kids. My parents are very loving and responsible ones, but they could never give me a home where I feel safe or in peace. That brought me lots of problems in my personality,I am very insecure and I suffered a lot through the years. Now I am aware of that and I work to feel better every day. I can’t blame my parents, I know they tried to do their best, but I am sure how I want to raise my children now.
    I love your posts! All the best and happy new year!

  58. Wallace

    Oh my gosh, if I didn’t already think you guys were the best, I would now. I love this and can’t wait for more! I’ve followed Naomi for a long time but have started following Josh too (love his instastories… who else walks down the street of New York City talking to a camera and not getting shy about it once?! Always makes me laugh.) Ive used your blog as a guide while pregnant and as a brand new mom, and thought that maybe it wouldn’t be as relatable now that I’m a single mom (because you have such a beautiful family), but I have to say it’s almost MORE meaningful to me now. Now I’m so inspired to raise my (17 month old) son as the type of man who loves his kids enough to cry about them on camera, in public.m, and to marry a woman who is doing such an amazing job not only raising her babies but spreading the “wealth” of parenting and family wisdom. Keep doing what you are doing; clearly you are meant to be doing it.

    I would love to see a video talking about any parenting books that you’ve read that you’ve loved (or even books that aren’t specifically parenting, but have inspired your parenting philosophy).

    Happy new year, hope it’s incredible!

  59. Jenni H.

    This was beautiful. The hate, greed, and darkness in this world can often be overwhelming but I find peace in my little one, knowing that he is so loved and learning to love. People often want to turn to swift, forceful actions when disillusioned but the real battle is in the constant, every day details of our actions to ourselves and others. Well said. Continuing being the light! Thank you.

  60. Anna Moore

    Josh and Naomi,

    Thank you for this video! You both are such inspiring and loving parents with such great insight in parenting/family life! Both my fiance and I work every day to affirm Chloe’s good behavior and communicate everything we love about her. One challenge we have been facing lately is our daughter bringing home certain behaviors/comments/attitude from her friends at school that aren’t in tune with our values. She is three years old (such an impressionable age) and most of her friends at school are 4 or 5. Do you have a problem with this with Eleanor or Samson, and if so, how do you deal with these tough moments?

    As well, I feel like you’ve talked about this a little bit before, but how do you maintain such a strong relationship with one another? My fiance and I have been together for 5 years and are currently planning our wedding. We have a strong foundation and love for one another, but we find it hard to make time for one another with stress from commuting for work (me) and college (form him. Do you have any tips on how to work through challenges and make quality time together each day/week? How did you work through this before Josh quit his job and was traveling for work?

    Once again, thanks for this video and everything you do here on your blog. You both are great parents and make me strive to be a better parent to Chloe every day!

    Best, Anna

  61. Rina

    I absolutely loved this video. Thanks for your advice and thoughts. So inspiring! It’s good to know that there are dads out there like Josh. And how blessed are your children in being taught through example of how to become better people. I will be using your ideas! Thank you!

  62. Tris

    Wow, just wow. Thank you.

  63. Emilee

    This is so beautiful. Josh’s emotions are contagious! Thank you for posting this and for sharing what has brought your family closer. I can’t wait to have a family of my own and apply some of these great ideas. xo

  64. melissa scott

    I just loved it. We always say the fav parts of our day before bed. Today we added one thing everyone did well today. It was so fun. how intentional you all are.

  65. Christina

    Thank you for being a light in the world and reminding me of the things I need to improve on as a mom. I’m a few years ahead with my oldest child just turning 12 (and 4 more after her down to 18 months), and the busy-ness has gotten me distracted from some of these intentional habits of building confidence in my kids. Thank you thank you for sharing your hearts.

  66. Elizabeth Martinez

    This video was everything. Impossible not to cry. I admire you and Josh so much. My baby is 6 months old and even before he was born I would look at your blog and know that’s the kid of parent I wanted to be. You guys keep teaching me things and I can’t wait to get to that stage with my son when he can reciprocate and be aware of how much I love him. Even now that he’s so little I still make sure to tell him he’s wanted and love and a blessing to me every single night. Thank you for being a source of light and love in this world. You inspire me to be the best mother I can be. Thank you for that.
    And to Josh well I wish every man would have the love you have for you’re children. But most importantly I hope I’m able to raise a man as full of love as you are.

  67. brittany

    you guys have inspired me so much ever since your earliest days of blogging. thank you for sharing these things from your hearts!! your family is just amazing. :)

  68. Sabrina

    I was in school when I watched this, and went from smiling so hard to crying like a baby when Josh started to get teary-eyed… Everyone around me most definitely thought I had some issues. But that’s okay, no regrets! Because you two are such a gorgeous couple with beautiful hearts. You guys legit makes me want to have kids too just so I can use these great parenting advices on mine. One of the reasons why I was drawn to your blog years ago was how genuinely happy and warm-hearted your kids are (or loom in the photos). They may not be angels all the time, but they always look so confident and independent, which aren’t the most common traits you see in children nowadays. I truly, truly admire you two for being able guide them so well, yet allowing them to find and be themselves. I still remember Josh’s featured-post from a few years ago, where he shared how he noticed Eleanor crying while he was reminding her of what a great person she is – like you guys have said in the video, children learn from what is modelled to them at home first before bringing that to the society; I just love so much how you guys notice the little details and start to build their characters early on. They have the greatest parents and clearly have already received the most love that they will ever need in this lifetime at their age. Bless your hearts and your family!

  69. Imogen

    Thank you both. That was lovely.

    I’d like to know more about how you two interact with each other. There seems to be a lot of care and consideration in your relationship that I’d like to carry into mine.


  70. Claire

    Oh guys, you’re so great! Really the two of you are the best, I love to see you interact like that and I love all the love between you and in your family. Thank you so much for this blog, for these Let’s chat videos and for all the great vibes you bring. And thank you for making your thoughts international and great for anyone, mother or not, practicing or not, etc.
    Oh and can you make me some of that sweet and motivating notes for my lunch too? 🤗💛

    All the best from France,

  71. nikki

    Great video! I’d like to know how you guys take such fantastic photos when you’re out and about. I find it so difficult to take great photos when it’s busy and there is so much going on around me. Thanks! Nikki x

  72. cassidy

    I’m not a mother (not even close), but Josh made me cry so hard when he talks about nice things. The world is certainly critical and harsh, but we can be nice and kind to those around us (our family and strangers) and make it a little better every day. xx

  73. Karolina

    Hi, I’m following your blog for years and this is first time I ever made a comment anywhere … just want to say thank you big thank you for being so inspirational for me and being always so positive. Each time a visit I want to be a better parent for my kids and thanks to you I believe i can we all can as you remaind me how little it takes those little thing that’s matters thank you ❤️ XOXO Polish mum from London

  74. G

    Thank you for the Light you are pouring into the world.

  75. Miriam and Judith

    Hey Naomi, hey Josh,

    thank you so much for the honest and deep video.
    We are two young girls from Germany, reading your blog for years now.
    Every time a blogpost or video goes up, we are so excited about it. You guys are the reason we want to be the best parents possible and practice gratefulness and complimenting oneanother in our future family.
    Thank you so much for spreading the world with your thoughts and intentions, keep up the cute videos.

    Wishing you only the best and a happy new year too!
    Miriam and Judith

  76. Tiffany Lorenzana

    Josh you had me crying with you. I’m a parent of a 6 year old boy in Brooklyn NY. Kids can be mean and can be outside influences. I try to teach my son to be confident and be kind. And it’s hard when there’s so much evil in the world. I pray that our children have strong upbringing to be able to know their worth and not rely on outside opinions. I got emotional watching this video because as a parent your kid is your heart outside on your sleeve living in a world that can be dark. We must continue to show them light. God bless you and your fam. Been a fan since you had Eleanor only. Keep showing us parenting skills. Looking forward to more. Xoxo

  77. Anne

    Wow, so this was a really powerful message to me. Honesty is powerful, thankyou so much for opening up Josh & Naomi. I could not agree more about what you both are saying, and it is so amazing to know good people do exist in our world. Not only good people, but also good things. Repeating happy thoughts and appreciate what happens in every day life is so important, it is something I really try to do myself. We, humans, have so much, so much to be thankful for. To me life is about doing good to other people. Whether it be giving a compliment to a co-worker at my work place, or fighthing for minorities rights. Thankyou for being so real and honoest, you guys are incredible. Lots of love, Anne

  78. Liz

    This was so wonderful and great. You guys are such a loving family. I always enjoy reading/watching everything you put on this blog so good.

  79. Molly Leighton

    Thanks Josh and Naomi for the truly heartfelt reminder to practice loving kindness everyday with our children, ourselves and others! It is clear that you are raising 3 wonderful children.

  80. Lisa

    Loved this video!! I was wondering if you guys would be open to talk about money? It’s such a hush hush topic but I’m constantly trying to open up the dialogue for people to comfortably share general ideas about saving, budgeting, planning for retirement, splurges and teaching your kids about money. Do they get an allowance? If not yet, do you plan on it when they’re older? I know that Josh has a financial background so I’m not suggesting we get into the mathematics of finance but just simple tips for daily life on how you manage money. Just an idea!

  81. Linsi Boshard

    I absolutely LOVED this, it had me in tears. We too, put a note in our little note in our little guys lunch box everyday. He looks
    forward to it and reminds us how much he loves
    it. It’s the little things like this that help them feel loved
    ! Keep the videos coming, I adore them and you:)

  82. Vera

    Hello Naomi&Josh,

    I’m 17 years old and I come from Hungary. Me and my whole family love your blog, we’re following it since your daughter Eleanor was born. I want to appreciate what you two doing. It’s such a good example. Our family is Christian, and it’s so good to see how God works in different places all around the world.
    I honestly say that when I was wondering on how you can carry out posting the blogposts and at the same time being a full time mother.Naomi you prove that it can work, and it is a very precious work. This video was very cute and moving. Good luck in parenting and in everything.

    Wishing you a happy and joyful year,
    Vera <3

  83. Julie

    You guys are the sweetest!
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts and emotions

  84. nancy nielsen


  85. Mallory

    Yes yes yes! To affirming the good things in them. It helps them know what they are doing right. My four year old has told me what a great helper my two year old is. He’s also told me I look cute and I’m the strongest mom, which was super sweet. And I love hearing his prayers, too; knowing what he’s thankful for, as well as, what is on his mind. My favorite prayer was “And tell Mama what’s for dinner.” Thanks for sharing this video!

  86. Sarah

    Absolutely loved this! You two have such great advice. As a first time mom I soak up every ounce of advice. One of my best friends always tells me that being a parent is so emotional and I totally agree. I cried when I watched this because parenting is emotional and kids are so special. Thank you for opening up about your little family. I love your blog!

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    Can I ask which blush you are wearing? Looks amazing!

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  89. kate

    I’ve never commented before but have followed along for a long while now. There is so much goodness in this video but what got me onto the comment board for the first time was my desire to thank Josh for sharing his vulnerability and love for his kids and his tears; I am so much longing for a world in which men feel empowered to express in this way and I’m sure your sons are soaking so much up from him. Thanks!

  90. SARAH

    My husband and I are ready to start our family and I would love to know if you and Josh have any parenting books that are your favorite, or some that you thought helped you guys prepare or help through any situations.
    As always, I love watching your let’s chat videos, you two are amazing parents and I love seeing how happy your family is! :) xo Sarah

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    Seeing Josh cry made me burst into tears. So many beautiful words♥
    I do not have kids of my own yet, but someday, when I do, I will do whatever it takes to be as great of a parent as you two.
    Thanks for sharing so much and so deeply. Have a wonderful Sunday!xo

  92. Remaliah

    I’ve never commented before and am a relatively new (but avid!) follower on your blog. Thank you so much for this video and what you shared. It reminded me of the importance of speaking out the good we see in our four little people. Please keep doing these! Beautiful…and I love the glimpses we see of your family. Remaliah (Auckland, NZ)

  93. The video was super sweet, but one thing I would say is that the background noise makes it really difficult for the automatic subtitles for people with hearing loss to work. I know that NYC is a noisy old place, but maybe filming videos at home while the kids are out/in bed would be best?

  94. Sandra Bøgh Zerahn

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    I would LOVE to see an apartment tour! I completely envy of your style and your whole family aesthetic, I can imagine your apartment translates over to that!

    Hopefully you think about doing an apartment tour,
    God bless


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    I saw this video two times and cried a lot. I didn’t even know why and suddenly it’s clear. I cry because I feel happy to see that people like you exist. I feel happy because you’re beautiful inside and out and you’re real. Thank you for being just you and for make me believe that’s pure beauty exist all the way.

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    Stephanie (