it’s another day of SNOW!


67 minutes of putting on all the under layers, coats, hats, mittens, thick wool socks and then snow boots. out the door,  someone needs to potty. back in the door. take off all the layers. and then back on. 12 minute lag in the lobby of our apartment building because someone’s snow boot feels funny and it’s bothering them something crazy. 3 minutes of trying to bribe a toddler to keep the snow mittens on. another 2 minutes now with the hat.

we manage to successfully conquer 22 minutes of play outside in the snow.

but the 22 minutes are worth all the minutes beforehand of preparation that almost drove me mad. so worth it. possibly my favorite 22 minutes of our day. and probably the kiddos, too.

we’d talked about trying to make it to the park to sled. or maybe a few blocks further downtown to sister’s apartment. but they are content on the street corner forming snowballs and writing their names in the fresh powder and catching a few flakes on their faces while making snow angels. papa brings the big slr camera and because he is skilled, it manages to remain in good condition despite the wet storm around us. (thank you so much, josh.)

we watch the snow fall from our apartment windows during the remainder of our day. we’re several floors up, so the snow is whirling and twirling and dancing like crazy so high in the air against the wind. it’s magical to watch, and conrad keeps pointing outside and saying “doh”, which means “snow” incase you don’t speak conrad.

all i know is,  even when we know it’ll turn to grey slush with a side of scary ice that is difficult to walk in come tomorrow, we wait all year for these storms. because once we’ve conquered making it out the front door with all three little ones successfully bundled, nothing beats feeling like a kid again along side them, with a bustling city we get to call home around us.

love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-5love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-3love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-2love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-12love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-4love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-6love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-8 love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-7 love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-9love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-11love-taza-nyc-snowstorm-72h4-10if you were in the city on saturday, hope you enjoyed the snow as well! and hope you are staying safe in the slush and ice that has taken its place since! happy january, guys!


my belted puffer black coat

hat (similar here and also here)

my snow boots (here in brown leather)

this lipstick in shade lust for blush

the kids snowsuits are from here

eleanor’s snow boots

samson and conrad’s snow boots

eleanor’s pom pom hat

conrad’s gnome hat

  1. Jenn

    We are battling the flood season here in California. Stepping into puddles has turned into be careful of that pond outside your front door! It’s beautiful to see the difference from west coast & the east coast during this glorious season.
    The Pepper Express

  2. Shauna

    You’re right! It’s always worth it to the kids outside- even if it seems like an impossible task. Beautiful photos in the snow.

  3. Anniina

    You guys look just like a regular Finnish family 😊 And all these cloth and potty problems, so true and familiar! Greetings from the.north!

  4. brittany

    minnesotan here, so i totally feel you on the snow prep! i can’t wait for my little girl to get more into it- you guys look like you’re having so much fun!

    xo, brittany
    everything embroidered and beachy on my blog today!

  5. Georgiana

    Conrad’s faace and hat!! Such a dumpling

  6. Irina

    AWESOME PICTURES!!! AS ALWAYS! But snow pictures are my favorite, as we don’t get that too often here in SoCal.

  7. tami

    Beautifully written….

    I did babysitting for years, during the day… So I know a little bit what you mean. Crazy (and also beautiful) how the short amount of fun weighs up against the difficulty and patience it can take in preparation!
    I already sensed that, ‘only’ through loving these children that weren’t even mine :)
    That does always make me understand how parents can be so strong and powerful and patient with their children. It is a magical strength that comes out. I loved the girls I babysitted (is that a word in English?) and already felt how it influenced my behaviour. I can only imagine the strenght when it concerns our own children!

  8. I would love to be in my loving New York in snow time!
    Thank you for sharing these amazing photos!

    All the best from Hamburg/Germany !


  9. We want the snow too. The last time we had it was 3years ago. So we need it 😃 at least for a weekend… Please please.. (I’m praying to the snow ⛄ God)

    Kisses from France

  10. Lauren E.

    I love that your photos inadvertently captured a delivery man on a bike. All day Saturday I kept looking out the window and saying, “Oh gosh, those poor delivery guys!” Of course, that didn’t stop us from ordering a pizza Saturday night… :)

  11. Karen

    This made me smile!

  12. You make me yearn to take my family to New York and experience the city firsthand. Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you guys as we handle the ever so indecisive TEXAS weather. <3

  13. Elaine

    The colors in this post are amazing. Everyone’s faces and snowsuits. They say that white always brings out the other colors in a flower garden and it must be the same with snow. But you need to move to Florida where there is no bundling! no mittens, boots snow hats! Happy happy snow days!

  14. Kelly

    These photos are adorable and on the Upper East I just loved watching the little ones in the snow, the squeals were too cute!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  15. Tracy

    Ah that’s a good read before bed ❄️❄️❄️
    Sweet dreams ✨

  16. Rachel

    I really love how this post was written, as it was all happening right then, instead of in past tense. It made it that much more exciting!

  17. Roos

    Love your title of the blogpost, it shows your obsession with lala land ;)

  18. Ahh I’m still wishing for snow like this to hit the West coast of Scotland, we’re hopefully expecting some later this evening or tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

  19. this photos are magic!! so so beautiful!


    Sofia (Portugal)

  20. jean

    i worked in a preschool classroom with 10 little ones, so i totally understand this! i had all 10 to myself.

    do you use your iPhone or camera for these snow photos?

  21. Paige

    We had snow in Georgia for the first time this year and it felt like the greatest thing ever!


  22. McKenzie

    You all look like you’re having so much fun! We just got a huge snow storm in Portland, it’s crazy! The city can’t handle it, but it’s so beautiful out regardless. xo

    McKenzie |

  23. Kyra

    I was there on Saturday! Vacation from Germany!
    It was magical, though.
    Made it to Central Park and it was maybe the most beautiful thing ever.
    We took our big heavy camera as well, and it was worth it.

    Love your photos!

    Miss NYC.

    xo, Kyra

  24. Christine

    Love the title!!! 😀 Great pics on a fun NYC day

  25. Darlene

    Getting ready to head out into our current Denver blizzard right now! and then maybe thinking about taking down our tree…

  26. Bronnie

    Haha sounds like quite the battle!!

    Very cute though, and you have such beautiful children.