give me all the january days like today.

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it’s no secret january can feel rough. i won’t even get into why because then i’ll just start feeling bummed out.  good news is, it’s half way over. even better news is, there have been some days this past month that might go down in my group of “favorite days ever”, and that’s surprising to even me!  these were days where we weren’t even really doing anything big or special, but days where we just somehow had a really good time spending the day with our little family, making memories in our neighborhood or at home in our tiny apartment. funny how those days usually always come out on top!

monday felt like that. we spent forever at the playground in the afternoon. eleanor and samson have a knack for making friends with the other kids and were dashing this way and that playing games with a group of older kids. josh and i hung out with conrad and i maybe went down the firemen’s pole. lol. i put my camera away towards the middle of our time playing but then the sun gloriously came out and was bursting through one of the buildings hitting the playground just right and it felt so warm and golden, i had to get my camera back out to try to capture it. i’m happiest when i have that thing in my hands, i swear. and that burst of sunshine felt like january’s way of saying, “life is good, even in this first cold month of the year. life is good.”

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i spy with my little eye, a tennis ball high in the air!

LOVE TAZA play374rjk-2

see what i mean about that sunshine? it was everything for a minute there and i felt so many things as i watched my kids play with that as the backdrop. it was beautiful.

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giving me the push i needed to get on that firemen’s pole! haha, love you conrad.

LOVE TAZA play374rjk-17LOVE TAZA play374rjk-18

he just paused here and rested his head on the pole mid climb. it’s funny because he looks so much like eleanor and samson here, and i’ve watched all three of my kids learn to climb up this curvy ladder over the years. it was a déjà vu moment in many ways. all three are so very much different little humans, but still have so many similarities in their make up and personalities. it’s wild sometimes.

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i asked a few times if samson wanted me to hold his racket while he played, but he was like, “no, it’s ok. i got it.” haha!

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leave it to conrad to find the one and only puddle at the playground to jump up and down in!

LOVE TAZA play374rjk-7LOVE TAZA play374rjk-11 LOVE TAZA play374rjk-12

this sweet super hero!!!!! love her so much it hurts.

LOVE TAZA play374rjk-13LOVE TAZA play374rjk-3LOVE TAZA play374rjk-33LOVE TAZA play374rjkLOVE TAZA play374rjk-26

this kid loves his tennis and is so good at it! we’re going to need to get him back into lessons.LOVE TAZA play374rjk-27

the handsomest.

LOVE TAZA play374rjk-28LOVE TAZA play374rjk-23

start em young!!!

LOVE TAZA play374rjk-24


black belted puffer coat (it’s 50% off right now!)

these boots and hat is old (similar here and here, too)

kids coats (also more colors here) and their hats here and here


  1. Brittany

    what a gorgeous day. that winter light! good job getting out of the house fam!

    xo, brittany
    my baby essentials on the blog today!

  2. Elishia

    Winter in NYC has totally surprised me! Warm days with just a cardigan and snow days?! Got to get out there and make the most of it and your blog totally inspires me to get out and do something.

  3. Oh these pictures look so happy!! I am so impressed you guys get out at all with these kids during these super cold grey days we’re having over here in Amsterdam its hard to even get myself to leave the house some days! Beautiful pictures as always!


  4. Cailin

    There is so much joy reflected in all of your faces! Such a happy post.

    Also, if I could swap wardrobes with Eleanor i would in a heartbeat. Those striped pants! The reindeer hat! I like your style girl.

  5. Leslee

    What beautiful photos of your daring family! Time goes by so quickly–it’s awesome that you’ve captured an ordinary day of family togetherness. And that light is just yummy! (I know you’ve mentioned you use a 24-70 for shooting your photos. I’m just curious, do you shoot manually and choose your focal point for each shot? Actions shots with kiddos are tough and you do a great job!)

    • TAZA

      thank you leslee! yes, we are shooting in manual always! sometimes with action shots where the kids are moving and running around quickly, we use the AF Servo setting for auto focus (it helps focus automatically on whatever your subject is while it is moving so it can stay the target point.) just make sure you change it back once they aren’t moving anymore or your focus will be all over the place (i have learned that the hard way!) i hope this helps? i’m not that great at explaining. good luck!

  6. Rachael

    What sort of coat would you wear if it was a cold/snow day as well as rain and you had to be out and about in it.?

    • TAZA

      i have a shell jacket for one of my down feather jackets which is great at protecting against the cold/wind/wetness. it’s nice too because i can take the shell off and just wear the jacket (you can see it in this post: and it is from patagonia!

  7. KJ

    That close up of E and her cat ears–DIVINE! What a gorgeous little girl.

  8. Sheriden

    January is one of those months that feel rough and hopeful to me all at once. I think it’s a natural part of transitioning. I’m glad you were able to latch onto some of its beauty with this day with your family. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I totally feel you on January being a rough month. It’s not even “cold” by NYC standards in LA, but this month has always been difficult for me. But I too had one of those “great days” this last Saturday, and boy did I need it. Happy you’re finding some too. :)

  10. Krista

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like such a fun day :) Your hair seems to be getting so long. Random question, but do you use any special hair products to help with growth? If not, what hair products (shampoo/conditioner, leave-in etc.) do you use? I’m trying to grow mine out and it’s taking forever and is so dry right now from the weather. Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks krista! i have been trying to grow it out for ages. i don’t use anything specific to help with growth, but i do take prenatal vitamins (even when not expecting) and i think those help. lately i have been favoring bumble & bumble’s thickening shampoo and conditioner.

  11. Yeah I don’t know what it is about January but it’s not my favourite either, I can’t wait until its over! I like that you’ve chosen to find the good within the month instead, its something we all could do to help us get through it! :)

  12. kate

    Love this! We were in the city this weekend and although it was cold for most of it, we made it to a few playgrounds. Kids don’t care about the cold! Also love the shots- that light is awesome.


  13. Ah that pic of Samson with the racket down his coat cracked me up! Very innovative. January is definitely my least favorite month, but I’m inspired by your fam’s effort to get out and enjoy it. :)

    Alison –

  14. Fariha

    The simplest days with your loved ones are the best, the ones that require the least planning and scheduling. You take such beautiful photos of your kids. I’m sure it’s nice going back to the photos and reliving these happy moments with them!

    Fariha | Blog

  15. megan

    these pictures are so cute… and the kids are getting so big! january is a hard month to enjoy, but it’s always better when you can put the little things aside and enjoy time with your family.

  16. omg Conrad and that oversized bauble hat! Especially loving the picture where it’s covering one of his eyes :P // Samson is so innovative! Excellent way to keep hold of his racket while keeping his hands free. V practical. // The photo of Eleanor standing on the slide! She could be in a catalogue! Beautiful and strong with those cat ears, striped pants, and bright jacket and shoes :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  17. Stine

    Such beautiful og happy pictures. And a good reminder, that january isn’t all that bad. Loved to read your words about awoiding stressfull moments a few posts back. i’m in a very stressfull period of life myself at the moment, but i try to focus on all the good things and not let it show to my 2 year old daughter Ellinor.
    I would love to read more about how you deal with stress and maybe some thoughts about how to let it go.
    Thank you for an inspiring blog and a beautiful perspective on life.

    – Stine

  18. Corina

    oh boy, these 3 kids just melt my heart with each and every photo. The most adorable

  19. This January has been so nice! I think we’ve been at the playground more in January then we were in the summer! Looks like you guys had so much fun and I love your boots! I’ve been wanting a pair of duck boots but have been dying for a recommendation for a good pair. Thanks!