donuts and wheelies.

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true story. about a year before i could drive, my dad would teach me in the vacant church parking lot by letting me practice being behind the wheel. afterwards, we’d switch places and he’d do donuts (spinning the car in circles) during the winter months when there was snow. i have one very vivid memory of being in the car with my sister late one night after he picked us up at the church (i think there must have been a church dance for the youth or something) and proceeded to do donuts with us in the most beautiful snow storm. i know it sounds scary, but he always kept us safe, and we were always screaming and laughing at the same time.

i might not have a valid drivers license anymore (does this mean i’m a true new yorker?! just kidding) or even a car for that matter, but incase you didn’t know, a stroller can do some pretty impressive donuts as well! and randomly, as i started doing them the other morning with conrad in the stroller after school drop off for his siblings while we had our morning walk, it brought back so many great memories of being silly with my dad in the car growing up. it also felt appropriate that conrad was wearing his helmet (he’d been scooting on his scooter for a few blocks before this) and josh and i kept laughing at how he wouldn’t take it off. it’s like he knew i’m not to be trusted doing donuts with a stroller. smart kid, even at two.


also busted out my most floral scarf to help summon spring upon us. not sure if it’s working, but funny how a little bit of color can really help your mood.


love you so much, mister conrad. thanks for doing some donuts with me on the wide sunshine-streaked side walks. january with you isn’t so bad.


coat: oversized wool coat

hat: knitted beanie with pom pom

striped shirt: old, but similar here

pants: high-rise straight jeans

shoes: suede booties (still available in the color black)

floral scarf (old by kate spade but similar here and here)

conrad’s helmet is by nutcase

  1. Natali

    Looking super cute in this fun and colourful outfit! I like your boots and scarf very much. :)

  2. Victoria

    How fun! Sounds like my dad — donuts in the vacant church parking lot haha!

  3. Kinga

    Love the light, weather, style, you and Conrad on those pictures haha in total as always I love all what you posted!

  4. brittany

    ah, i love all those sunbursts! what a fun day.

    xo, brittany
    weekend links + steals on my blog today

  5. Greta

    I really enjoy reading your blog lately. More personal, less kid-related contact and the simple joys of daily life – carry on the good work :-)

  6. Greta


  7. fefe

    Glad I’m not the only NYC transplant without a license! Also, please share a post about your eyelash extensions – they are so pretty! I want to get some, and I’d love to hear about your experience.

  8. Jane

    Haha! That sounds so fun! And, I love that scarf!!

  9. Paige

    Your scarf is gorgeous! I love the floral print of it!

    Paige Flamm
    The Happy Flammily

  10. Alli

    You are so beautiful! And I love your lashes! Can I ask what length you get? They always look so good!

  11. Jacinta

    I totally thought “donuts” was an Australian term!

  12. Katie

    I love your blog and Instagram. I just realized, having three young children, you can’t just hop in a cab (no car seats). I would be curious to hear some of your transportation conundrums in NYC.

  13. Conrad is the model child! I thought helmets were so annoying when I was little :P But my parents made sure I put it on and kept safe, thankfully! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. Stephanie

    I spy a new stroller! Did you retire the double?

  15. Kinga

    Bella famiglia, siete tti carini. Baciii

  16. Cathy

    I love the lighting in these photos! Also, I absolutely LOVE the color on your lips! I don’t think it would match my skin tone, but it’s PERFECT on you! <3

  17. All these photos look stunning! You two are so cute!
    I need to get my son a helmet asap he has wanted a scooter for so long but I keep holding off because I can’t find him a helmet that fits they’re all way too big everywhere we go. He’s only a few months older than Conrad so I’ll definitely check out the one he has!


  18. Kenzie Randall

    YES! I live in Utah and donuts with dads are the best!

    Also- I LOVE how colorful your wardrobe is. SO CUTE!

  19. Kelly

    I love that colorful scarf and donuts sound like so much fun!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes