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LOVE TAZA sunlight-7LOVE TAZA sunlight-2 LOVE TAZA sunlight-3LOVE TAZA sunlight LOVE TAZA sunlight-4 LOVE TAZA sunlight-5 LOVE TAZA sunlight-6what do you do when you get all your work for the day finished and you realize you still have 15 minutes until all three of your littles come banging on the door from a kiddo playdate swap you were doing with your next door friend and neighbor?! why, you run up to the roof and take pictures as the sun is setting! or that is what you do if you’re josh and me and you’re trying to sort out and organize your camera equipment! we played around with a lens we have owned forever and don’t use very often, since we’re trying to decide if it’s a lens worth keeping.  all i know is josh has taken two separate trips down to B&H this week (it’s the camera store of all camera stores) and whenever that happens, we suddenly have a bunch of new camera gear and old camera gear to sort through. it’s a good thing we are obsessed with taking pictures or something. ;)

would love to share more about some of our favorite cameras, lenses, our photo editing process and how we like to take photos in general with you all! is this something you guys would be interested in?

have a good weekend, you guys! if someone is in utah, please eat a swig sugar cookie (or three) for me…

ps. my sweater, in color electric berry HERE. honestly wish i owned it in every color, it’s shape is my favorite. also wearing THIS lipstick in shade mauve matte.

  1. Amy

    yes, please!

  2. joana david

    yes, please, do share as your photos are full of life and beautiful to see.

  3. sally meyer

    That sweater is amazing! What size are you wearing?

  4. My husband’s a photographer and does all the snapping and editing for my blog but I’m always searching for new tips to suggest ;) I don’t know much about camera equipment but I feel super smart being able to have a discussion with him and make suggestions!! Share away <3

    oh, she’s lovely

  5. Rebecca

    Definitely would love your photography tips!

  6. Kelly

    Yes, would love to hear about your photography process! :)

  7. I love LOVE love your outfit posts, please do more!
    xo Anastasia

  8. Mandy

    I will eat the cookie and think of you! 😘

  9. Martha

    Yes, please do! I bought the 6D because of you guys and would love some tips! I’m still learning manual mode, but my biggest trouble is trying to set the right settings before my toddler stops doing whatever cute thing she was doing :)

  10. Cailin

    I would LOVE a post on camera tips and tricks and the editing process. :)

  11. Elle

    I would love to hear more about your photography and editing tips!

  12. I would be incredibly interested to learn from you guys’ experience with taking photos! You look stunning as ever!


  13. These photos are gorgeous! I’m so envious of the rooftop backdrops New Yorkers get – love the way your sweater pops!

    Alison – http://www.starspree.net

  14. Sierra

    Sounds like a great way to kill some extra time! The pictures came out great by the way and I would love to hear more about your photo tips. B&H is awesome! Beautifully Candid

  15. Kaitlin

    YES!!! Please share! I love all of your photos and am a budding photographer myself!

  16. Abby

    Your sweater is such a beautiful color! :)

    I would love a post on your favorite camera equipment and editing tips!

    I’m also interested in hearing your tips and tricks for blogging and social media- do you use one platform to post on all social media, how do you track your social growth (if you do), does anyone help you edit and put together posts, how do you stay organized and plan posts

  17. Anne

    Yes I’m definitely interested in photo tips!!
    I always love your photos! Especially the light
    in your photos. I love it!

  18. Glenny

    Yes please do share. your photos are inspiring!

  19. oh my goodness yes! do it soon! so many people would love that!

  20. Erin D.

    Would love to know your editing tips!!

  21. These photos are beautiful! Would love to hear about what camera equipment you guys use. We’ve been entertaining ideas of getting a drone, and I’d love to invest in a better DSLR. I use a Mark D III at work and am wondering if I should buy my own, wait for the new 6D, or seriously splurge on the Mark D IV.

  22. Megan

    I would love to know more about the cameras you use, your tips and editing advice!

    Your pictures are always so gorgeous.

  23. cara

    naomi, i would looooove to hear more about cameras and gear!!! would you do a “let’s chat”on this?! have a great day!

  24. I would love to have some tips; I am a complete novice!

  25. Kristina

    Yes, please!!! I love everything about photography and your pictures! :-)

  26. Paige

    That sweater looks amazing on you! And these pictures are so gorgeous!

    Paige Flamm
    The Happy Flammily

  27. Lindsey

    I would LOVE to see a photo/camera post. I have a Canon Rebel T3 (starter DSLR) and a 50 mm lens as well as the kit lens and a telephoto lens. I’m at the point where I need another lens and I have no idea what to get. I actually cancelled my trip to Alt Summit this year with the idea that I would invest in a new camera lens instead! ;) Can’t wait to see your post. ALSO – my husband and I are very interested in your drone set up. xx

  28. Krista

    You are such a beauty Naomi! And I love how healthy and strong you look. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t skin and bones (not body shaming anyone who is though!)

    I would definitely be interested in learning more about the cameras you use and any tips. I’m a total novice but I love photography and would love to get into it, but it’s pretty intimidating.


  29. Jordyn

    Please share! Could you include how you organize and store photos as well?!

  30. Katie

    I’ve been wondering how you fit in work. I work on a very part-time basis but need to do a lot of it at home. Now that my preschooler doesn’t nap I have such a hard time finding the time to get it done. Do you have a regular babysitter for Conrad? Do you do most of your work while the older kiddos are at school? Share your secrets with me!

  31. Heather

    I am dying for a Swig cookie and a Diet Coke Malibu with lime. Might have to do it tomorrow!

  32. Kim F

    Please please please share your tips and tricks for taking such amazing photos of your family!!!

  33. Lauren Bee

    Yes, please share! I can take alright landscape photos, but can’t photograph people like you guys can. Your shots always look so candid but perfectly composed. I’m in awe. Tell me everything.

  34. Tania

    YES!!! YES. Please. All of the equipment, photo process, editing tips please! Also, these are gorgeous! Also, also BE CAREFUL NAOMI! haha, that one shot of you on the ledge gave me serious mom level anxiety <3

  35. Lorra

    Definitely! Would love to know how you juggle enjoying the moment and taking pictures. Do you take pictures throughout the entire time? Do you have times when you don’t take pictures? How often do you go through photos you’ve taken to sort them out and do you keep them all or just keep the best ones? I hope it’s a Let’s Chat video! :)

  36. Maureen

    Yes please 😊😊

  37. Julia

    I would love to have a little behind the scenes as to your photo taking and editing process! The photography on this blog is seriously inspiring and I could do with upping my photo game.

    xx Julia


  38. Christie

    Please do share your tips! Your photos are always so beautiful and professional!

  39. Julie

    Hi Taza, defo, something I would love to hear and read from you. As someone who loves photography, I find it quite exciting to be picking up tips from good fellow photograph enthusiasts! Bring it on! Have a lovely weekend! hugs from London, Julie


  40. Alida

    Yes, please, would love to see such a post!

  41. Aurore

    I would love it! You are actually one of my favorite blog for photos, I love how you succeed to catch the moment with your kids!

  42. Haley

    Yes! Would love any & all tips and tricks on how to take quality pics of my family…. I feel like all I have are snaps from my iPhone! I want a nice camera for vacations, family photos, etc. but have no idea where to start.

  43. dorota

    yes yes yes! share all your photography wisdom please! (and thank you!!!)

  44. Beautiful! I can’t wait to take some of those pictures in NY! I’m going there in March :)

  45. YES YES YES to camera info!!! I’m looking to upgrade + I need some tips. Also it’s my dream to have an apartment with an accessible rooftop like this! Love it!


  46. Brianne H.

    Photography tips! Yes, please!! I love the photos of your family, vacations, etc! I would love to be able to create that for my family! Photos are priceless!

  47. Would LOVE to know what you use for filters when editing! :)

  48. Hey Naomi! You are photos always so inspiring and full of life! I would love to know what updates you made to your gear, i know you use mark iii and i have the same one!

  49. Karina

    Would love to hear more about your cameras etc! Also: where are your jeans from in these photos? I love the ragged edge!

  50. Remaliah Lacombe

    Yes yes please! I’d love to know what camera and lenses you use!!

  51. Nikki

    What a place to shoot photos, I can think of worse backdrops! I got a load of lenses for Christmas and still need to test them all out! Nikki x


  52. Ann

    Hi Naomi!

    The family crush who I’ve been following weirdly for at least 5 years… :)
    wanted to drop by and say that hey, I sure do enjoy Your families vision how to “create” a new human being. I live in Sweden and work in kindergarten and even if it’s a country were its taken care of their children then I wish that more people put more thoughts and efforts in raising a child as You and Josh been doing.
    Other than that I also enjoy Your photographs and been thinking to ask if You guys can introduce how do You organize Your photo library and edit them that You make it to be in schedule and pleased with Your results? Not getting frustrating to edit the pictures to have the best version of that moment? :)
    Thanks again for being a good inspiration in this world and hope You guys really take the time to be proud of Yourselves!

    Best wishes,


  53. Lisa

    Would love to hear more about your photography!

  54. Isabel

    Taza, I live in Brazil and also have 3 kids! I love to read your blog and your photos are so inspiring that I keep looking at them everyday!!
    Please, share your tips and specially your editing ones! If you use lightroom, give the name of your presets and where can I find it!
    We’ve done many trips with the kids inspired by your trips! Now we are going to Switzerland!
    God bless you and your beautiful family!
    Love you all!!

  55. Alyssa

    I am so glad I have found your blog. Your family is gorgeous. Your life seems so rich, in the ways that matter, and full! Thanks for writing about things that matter and inspiring the web with your happy family!

  56. Martina

    Yesss please i would love to see haow you edit your photograps, what lenses do you use, etc. Your pictures always are adorable <3
    Greetings from Argentina!

  57. Chelsea Jane

    Please, please do a post on your gear, editing, etc. !

  58. Callie

    Yes! would love that!!

  59. Kelly

    Yes please! I would love hearing all about your camera loveliness! xo

  60. Hannah

    Yes!!! I’d love to hear about your photo process and maybe some tips on how to coach my husband to capture candid poses ;) I’d also love to know what camera you use for your “let’s chat” videos as well as your everyday photos :)

  61. pia

    Work finished? Is there ever such a thing?

  62. Sarah Rust

    Hi Naomi,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. I have been following for so long and was tickled when I accidently saw you at church the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I have been meaning to email you because when we spoke I mentioned about the Mara Hoffman surf suit. You said that you still had it, but if you decided to part with it, it was mine. I realize that there is some sentimental value with it since Eleanor has a matching one. Believe me I get it….I have things like that with my girls too. However, if you do decide to part with it, I hope that you remember me and it can come my way. (of course I would pay for it) Thanks in advance.

    Thanks too, for always brightening up our days with smiles, inspirations, beauty, and love.

  63. Zahra

    Yup! absolutely would love to know more about your camera, lenses, and settings you use since your pictures are so clear and gorgeous!

  64. Please share camera equipment!!!!!! I’d love to know your process. =) =) Beautiful photos. Just looking at your blog I am so in love with all your photos! Just so fun, light, bright and makes life look so enjoyable!

  65. Rebecca Belli

    I think you are a lovely family that lives your life in Faith and shares that Love and Joy with your children! Thank you for letting us in your life. Okay, you have fabulous eyelashes! Please advise what you do and the product you use. Eyelash curler?

  66. Amy Rebekah

    Yes please! Would love to see content on your camera equipment and editing processes :) your photos are always so beautiful – no small feat with three littles to capture!

  67. Kate

    Wondering if you are going to use your platform to speak out about the current state of our country, since many folks in this city (and around the world) are in a state of concern and even panic. I know your blog isn’t “political,” but I’ve seen many bloggers with a similar following speak out on these issues. Just curious – I would be interested to know where you stand.

  68. Alyssa

    Yes please!

  69. Rachel

    100000000 times yes please do share your photography knowledge because you guys are total goals!!

  70. Marilyn

    I’ve loved seeing your photography style grow and develop with this blog. I bet its nice having a good reason to use your camera regularly, besides having cute you kids you want to capture :) Please tell all!

  71. kayla

    yes yes yes!

  72. Bea

    Yes please!!!