a birthday post for my love.

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today, the love of my life has a birthday! and as i started going through some of my favorite photos of him, i just decided i want to share a million of my favorite pictures from over the years because he’s the handsomest and i have this thing about taking a lot of pictures. ;)

i’ve known josh for over ten years now. and i have to tell you, marrying this man was one of the smartest decisions i ever made. and not just because he makes everything delicious in the kitchen or is somehow aging in a benjamin button sort of way where he just keeps getting hotter every year (like HOW).

but because this man is pure good.  because this man loves me unconditionally, and is always kind, even when i haven’t been kind back. over the time i’ve known him, we have laughed so hard together, until we had nothing left to do but cry. and we have cried so hard together, through trials, through heart ache, through prayer… until there was nothing left to do but hold each other and try our best to smile.

because he annoys me daily but when i’m away from him for just a few hours i miss him something awful and can’t wait to be next to him again. because he pushes and challenges me in the ways i need to be pushed and challenged, while still knowing when to just step aside gently and let me figure it out. (i don’t know how he does it.)

because he serves under the radar, and doesn’t care for praise. because he’s nothing but honest, an incredibly hard worker and loves new york city more passionately and fervently than i do (which is hard to beat). because when we spot a chic-fil-a on the map as we’re driving, he’ll do anything to make a major detour and get to it stat! because he’s somehow taught all three of our kids to love haagen dazs ice cream pints but also kale salads and like, who does that.

because this man has the most adventurous spirit, the patience of a saint, exceptional taste in music and the ability to listen and love and rarely judge as i’ve grown and changed over the years. because he’s the kind of guy who has managed to set up three different trash cans into our itty bitty apartment kitchen, because recycling correctly is important to him (let’s not even get into his whole compost pile thing.) because he’ll email and call the city council member with issues he wants to help with to improve our neighborhood for the better and when he doesn’t get an answer, he’ll go in person and wait in the office until he can meet with someone face to face.

because he is a dedicated father who loves his children more than anything, and puts family first, always. because he’s my business partner and we haven’t killed each other yet while working together. ;) because when he looks at me, i know i am so loved and everything will be okay. because he’s my love and marrying someone when you’re barely 21 is crazy scary and i realize this could have turned out not so great.

you’re my favorite person, josh davis. thank you for being my best friend, the father of our children and the love of my life. happy birthday!

joshsbirthday3joshsbirthday6joshs birthday 011-19

^probably forever my favorite photo of baby eleanor and josh!

joshs birthday 011-2joshs birthday 011-7

^baby face josh and tiny samson in amsterdam!

joshs birthday 011-11

^just two babies, celebrating our first year of marriage in the village with burgers and gelato!

joshs birthday 011-10joshsbirthday14joshs birthday 011-9

^when his hair was very 2008 and i obviously cut my own bangs.

joshs birthday 011-5joshs birthday 011-18joshsbirthday9joshs birthday 011-4joshsbirthday15joshs birthday 011-6

^josh and the kids together is my favorite thing in this world.

joshs birthday 011-13joshs birthday 011-14

^because he’s willing to put up with my hat obsession which, case in point with the photo above, has to be so annoying at times.

joshs birthday 011-15joshs birthday 011-16

^because he can still carry all three kids on himself like it’s nothing.

joshs birthday 011-17joshs birthday 0116joshsbirthday5

^okay, this photo is my most favorite, i think.

joshs birthday 0116-3anniversaryjoshs birthday 0116-2joshs birthday 011LOVETAZA-bermuda2-2joshs birthday 011-3joshsbirthday8


  1. AC

    Happy birthday Josh !!! from France :) !

  2. Denitha

    Beautiful post and beautiful family!!


  3. Well isn’t this the sweetest post! I just hope I will find a soulmate best friend to adventure through life with like the two of you. So inspiring, thank you for sharing.


  4. Natali

    Oh my… This is so heartwarming and sweet!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR LOVE!! You two are incredible together!


  5. Rena

    Happy birthday to your love! What a wonderful declaration of love – so touching <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. This brought a tear to my eye, what a special man Josh is and what a lovely father and husband he sounds (obviously we already knew that from all his cute quips in the vlogs and on the blog!) but seriously, you guys are so cute and everything you described is just how I feel about my other half – just want to go give him a squeeze now!


  7. mélanie

    this is an amazing post naomi!
    happy birthday josh !!!!

  8. Corina

    Awww Naomi, such sweet words… for such a sweet man (I can tell from each and every photo)
    Happy birthday Josh!

  9. Nice birthday post! and i feel you with the whole marrying young thing! I was 22,and Jon was 23, and it can be a bit scary, but here we are four kids later, and being together for almost 25 years now has been a blessing…even when there are ups and downs! More ups though! Only now I feel that way towards my oldest daughter who is almost 22 and possibly getting married soon! Yikes!!!!

    Happy Birthday to dear Josh!! Y’all have an amazing day!

  10. Tamara

    Beautiful pictures.

    And the 2008 hair! I’m dying – LOL.

  11. Lauren Kerr

    What a sweet post, it’s such a blessing to share that amount of love with someone!

    Happy birthday Josh!

  12. Alida

    I have this thing about pictures too, so I really enjoyed the photo’s (no lashes and lipstick Taza, also beautiful). What a wonderful life. But I really loved the words! I think that’s why I follow your blog even if we don’t have a lot in common, ( apart from also being dedicated parents, who love God, and love time together, exploring ..ok, that’s a lot)…because you are good people who love hard. Happy Birthday Josh!

  13. You are so totally lucky Naomi, Josh seems like a really wonderful person. Even just by looking at your pictures, that’s how he comes across. And I totally agree with you that he is like a good bottle of wine who ages beautifully. Happy birthday Mr Davies, hope you guys celebrate him in style. Hugs from London, Julie


  14. Amber

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  15. Happy birthday, Josh! Naomi, this was such a lovely post and I absolutely adored the captions <3 you two are so cute and so silly! Can I just say that THAT'S my favorite photo of Josh and Eleanor too because it's quite powerful/empowering in a way? If that makes any sense?!


  16. Sarah

    Happy birthday Josh!! These photos are so awesome, you guys make the cutest family!

  17. Jill H.

    This is so incredibly sweet!! Happy birthday to Josh!

  18. Emma

    You better be careful, you’re making all of us fall in love with him too! ;) Just kidding. You guys are the best. Happy birthday Josh!

  19. Fran

    The cutest most loving couple and family. Happy Birthday Josh!!!

  20. Briana

    This was so sweet! Even without knowing your family personally, I’ve always noticed that Josh seems to be an extraordinary husband and father. Hope you all have a great time celebrating his birthday!


  21. Cailin

    You guys are clearly best friends. Such a beautiful birthday gift to your love :)

    Also if we could have a Taza style transformation post…haha I loved seeing the different hair styles and looks!

  22. Hannah Chau

    Happy birthday Josh! It makes me so happy to see lives lived well :)
    Check out my husband and my adventures on our new blog!

  23. Mickelle

    I don’t comment often but I had to say this post was the best thing I’ve read in a while. Which is why I’ve followed you for so long. I also wanted to say that i met you guys a few years ago at oh joys book signing in NYC and i already knew you were great, but I was so impressed by Josh! He seemed so interested in me and was so easy to talk to. Especially bc I felt so silly bc I felt like I already knew you so well and made a Comment about Asian babies being the cutest that I later cringed at haha! Thanks for sharing your words and happy birthday josh!

  24. Heidi

    Happy Birthday, Josh! This post is just the sweetest!!!

  25. Jessica

    I love this post! So full of goodness and love!! You two are just gorgeous. Happiest of birthdays to you Josh!!!

  26. Annie

    Happy day! I have been following ya’ll since 09 and I must say you BOTH get better with age. <3

  27. Bridget

    naomi, this is so sweet. he seems like he’s got so much integrity and character. a good man. happy birthday josh!

  28. Lauren

    Literally THE cutest post ever, Naomi. Love your family so much!

  29. Yaindy Lara

    Aww. So many cute photos. Happy birthday Josh. Wish you many many more !!! 🎂

  30. Anna T.

    This is such a beautiful post (and that graduation pic is just too adorable)!

  31. Julie

    What a wonderful post!
    Happy birthday Josh! Have a good one!

  32. Corina

    Just read this post once again before bedtime… your and Josh were definitely destined for each other.
    Forgot to ask you – what surprise did Eleanor have for her papa? She always has the sweetest gift ideas.

    Don’t want to remind you, but I know her birthday is coming up soon. Yes, with all the feelings and the tears and the smiles and the fears and the laughter and the worries and the happiness.

  33. Aga

    Happy Birthday to your Man! People say there are no perfect men, but your husband seems to be perfect. Where did you find him? ;) You are the luckiest girl on Earth, Naomi. :) I wish all the best to your family. You give so much energy and joy to your readers.
    Greetings from Łódź (Lodz) in Poland,
    Aga :)

  34. Megan

    I love all of these pictures! It’s so fun to look back at how small the kids were.

    Thanks for sharing!

    And Happy Birthday Josh!

  35. Sam

    This is so beautiful, Naomi! Happy birthday to Josh! I adore your family <3

  36. Jane

    Oh my gosh you two are so cute! Happy birthday!

  37. Kellie

    Y’all are pretty much the cutest!!!!

  38. Tina


  39. Chiara

    The one in the subway!! The look of love…

  40. ashiebee

    the sweetest post!!!! too much love.

    happy birthday josh!

  41. Ofi

    You’re so lucky, Naomi.
    And say happy birthday to your husband!
    Both of you really inspires me a lot :)

  42. The two of you look so cute together! I can feel the love all the way to Belgium! :)

  43. Happy Birth Day! What a sweet post! Love those photos, you are great!

  44. Heather Benac

    This is the sweetest!Y’all are couple goals!

  45. Katia

    You both are such inspiration! Happy birthday, Josh!!

    Best wishes from England,

    Katia xx

  46. liz

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    seriously you guys = marriage goals

  47. Lorna Diwa

    Happy Happy Birthday Josh! I have been following your family’s story for years (since when your only baby was Kingsley!) and love seeing you two together; Josh, you’re a real example as a father and a husband – hope you have a wonderful birthday and here’s to many more!

  48. Toytulip

    Happy birthday Josh! 😄