winter wonderland in new york city!


you guys, last saturday morning here in the city is most definitely going down as one of my most favorite family memories! we headed outside bright and early into what felt like a magical snow globe as few people or cars or bikes were around. it almost felt like new york was still sleeping and everything was extra quiet around us. we didn’t even make it to central park, the kids were so ecstatic to just plop down on the city sidewalks to make snow angels and snow balls. there were fortunately so many giggles and no tears. (perhaps since we didn’t stay out long?! i feel like someone usually always gets terribly cold or wet and cries in past snow experiences.)

i have to say, it’s one of those rare occasions where i’m thankful to have 3 very loud alarm clocks called children that wake up early, even on the weekend, since the snow turned to rain by 9am as we were heading back inside and was grey slush on the streets by lunchtime. it was exciting to experience it all while it was fresh and beautiful so early in our day.

we brought our camera outside with us and tried to keep her dry while taking some photos. she definitely took a snowball to the lens at one point (haha) but somehow she pulled through. lol. we put our camera through a lot but she never lets us down. also, i’m feeling weird calling my camera a “she” as i’m reading this back. “it” just doesn’t do her justice though.


i shared this photo on instagram on saturday and some people were asking about how i landed this jump in the comments. haha! we didn’t fall, i promise! my body is definitely feeling older these days but the old dancer in me pulls through when it comes to this stuff and maybe it’s the years and years of having done jumps like this, but it just feels comfortable, if not natural for me to be jumping and moving all day long. also, i feel like this is my “safe” jump, so i do this one a lot for pictures because i know i won’t pull anything or hurt anyone. i’d never do it with one of my kids on my back if i didn’t think i could do it safely.  don’t ask me to do a grand jete though, i’d probably be on crutches after.


this kid was talking about “no bool” all day after this!!!!!! it took a few minutes to realize he was saying “snow ball” but once we did, he was thrilled we were understanding him!


i love that she wanted to wear her crown out into the snow! since we knew we’d only be out for a little while, we let her skip her hat.


that moment when your two year old finally understands why you want him to keep his mittens ON and you high five about it! gloves or mittens have felt like a battle with all three of our kids at various stages of their toddlerhood, and i’m just so glad conrad has officially graduated from that chapter of mitten difficulty!


this is my favorite picture of josh and samson. i don’t know if it can ever be topped. i love seeing their happy faces especially. i just love them so much.

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see what i mean from my earlier comment? it’s like the only dancer jump i have left in me. i use it too much, but i love it anyway.


her sweet little snow angel!


i hope this isn’t the last snow day we get to have here in new york city this winter! we’re taking the kids out to utah for a solid week in february so we can hit the slopes and they can get their snowboarding back on while we see family (see them snowboarding here last year! the cutest!), but we might try to sneak in a few snow trips around the east coast this winter too if the weather allows, so we can have more snow fun in the meantime!

merry christmas WEEK everyone!

ps. a ski trip to vermont last winter with friends HERE and conrad and me in the snow last year HERE! also, just to be annoying because i loved going back through all of our old snow posts, samson and eleanor’s very first time several years ago skiing HERE and a snowy day in nyc back when i was super blonde and conrad wasn’t yet born, right HERE.


my jacket and rain shell: patagonia jacket (last year’s color which is now sold out, but LOVE this new color combination), and wearing this waterproof rain shell on top

snow pants: similar here

hat: pink and red ribbed beanie 

shoes: sorel leather waterproof boots

kids snowsuits: polarn o pyret

eleanor’s snow boots: kids size here and toddler size here

samson’s yellow boots: available here, but not snow boots so i don’t recommend for snow! we’re working on getting him to wear his snow boots but sometimes you just have to pick your battles when it comes to dressing your kids (and actually conrad is wearing samson’s snow boots here! lol. they are two sizes bigger than his but he didn’t care!)

conrad’s green and orange snow boots: available here  (blue color here!)

conrad’s hat: red fleece gnome hat

eleanor’s crown: lovelane designs

  1. could you, please send me the snow to France (Orleans) my older (6 years old) son it asking me for snow since two winter ??? please please :)

    kisses from France

  2. brittany

    i seriously cannot handle conrad’s little gnome hat- so sweet!

    xo, brittany
    vacation dreaming must haves for mama & babe on my blog today

  3. Oooh new york in the snow must be so amazing. I am crossing my fingers for some serious snow over here too this winter but so far there hasn’t been a single sign of it! Oh well, I will live vicariously through you guys :) <3


  4. Gabriella

    LOVED this post. So you! And yes for early morning fun in the snow. Makes getting back in for a hot cup of tea all the better, when the day is just starting! x

  5. Lauren E.

    The laundry room in my apartment building is tiny and always packed so I usually wake up when it opens at 6:30AM on the weekend to do my laundry (also it’s a little me time!) and when I looked out the window Saturday, I about died! And then by the time my husband woke up at 11AM it was slushy and raining and gross. I, too, felt very lucky to have witnessed the snow in its purity :) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Carrie

    The snow and your photos are so beautiful! The kids look like they had a blast!

    Carrie |

  7. Jessica

    I just love all of these pics so much! Your joy is contagious!!

  8. Carly

    You guys do look like you are hanging out in a snow globe! Beautiful photos and your kids look like they are having so much fun. I’m glad everyone stayed happy and gave you a magical snow day to remember as perfect

    I usually dread my little guy waking up at the crack of dawn too, but occasionally it does have some advantages like getting out when the rest of the city is sleeping

    Send some snow our way!

    Carly from

  9. Saturday’s snow fall was definitely magical! I enjoyed walking in the snow too!

    Love your photos always. And Conrad’s expressions always makes me melt!


  10. Sierra

    Wow, the city really does look magical in the snow and it looks like you guys had the best time ever! That picture of you jumping is seriously awesome and I love the suits that you have for the kids. Beautifully Candid

  11. ranunkel

    loving josh’s jacket!

  12. hanna

    I love snow day photos, you guys look like you’re having a lot of fun! –Like Hanna

  13. fefe

    I love that it looks like y’all are just in the middle of the street playing in the snow! That snow is so fresh it hides the sidewalk completely. Love it.

    Also, I’m obsessed with Conrad’s hat. I want one that’s adult sized! I’m adding that to my blog!

  14. Harriet

    That leap is definitely your signature move, haha!

  15. These photos are too perfect. OBSESSED with the one of you and Eleanor leaping. Also – her crown?! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. <3 <3 <3

  16. Britt

    Very cute photos as always! I always get intriguied when you mention your dancing-past. Do you have any videos from that time? :o I love ballet and would love to see! :)

  17. Sabine

    One can see from the pictures that you must have had an awesome time- so many happy faces :)

    we are still waiting for the big snow here in austria, hope it’s coming soon! have a great week and a merry christmas to all of your family!!!

  18. Victoria

    Beautiful photos! It’s been a winter wonderland here in Vancouver too!

  19. Corina

    Awwww love these photos Naomi. Looks like a fairytale.

    Maybe you can send some snow over to the UK? I always hope we will have some…at least some.

  20. Beautiful photos, you captured the magic! I love that you guys get out and do stuff no matter the fact that someone might get cold and start crying. You truly have inspired me to venture out with littles no matter the imperfections and I am always so glad I do despite the challenges that may occur.

  21. Elishia

    Such an amazing day! We missed the blizzard (silly studio deep in the light well) but it was the most magical experience to go and get our Christmas tree in the snow… best New York day since moving here even if I slid around like Bambi on ice, such a novice with inappropriate footwear. I’ll be looking up those snow boots you have on!

  22. nikki

    Amazing photos – I’m so jealous that you have snow right now! I’m still holding out hope for a white Christmas here in the UK!

  23. Katie novikoff

    This might be strange to ask.. but do you have any videos from your dancing days on the blog? I love love all things dance, but ballet is a quirky love of mine – and I’d love to see you dominating some of these lovely jumps! 😘👯💃🏻

  24. Rachael

    Hi, just wondering what brand of rain coats you use for the kids. Like the ones they wore in Switzerland when u were there. Thanks

  25. Catherine

    AH! Loved this post- reminds me so much of fun snow days, and has me sorely wishing Nashville will get some snow this year…

    Also, just wanted to say 1) your jumps are fabulous, and you’re a kick-butt mama & 2) it makes me a little sad that you sometimes have to defend your parenting choices to anonymous readers. Anyone, in reading your posts for .2 seconds can see you both love your kids so so much, and would never do anything that intentionally puts them in danger. All parents are doing the best they can with what they got, and I personally think you two in particular are rockstars. Just wanted to send some encouragement along!

  26. Qamar

    The photos of WINTER WONDERLAND IN NEW YORK CITY blog are pretty. Kids are enjying life of snow in romantic way. Furhtermore, The Outfits are comfy for the body of these kids. Shades are delightful under great designing. View resembles with paradise.
    Regard: Qamar

  27. There is just something so magical about New York – I’ve been there 3 times (once in the winter, for Easter, and during the holidays). All I need now is to see it in the summertime ;-) Although, I love New York I have a huge list of places that I’d love to be in in the future for Christmas!

  28. Kami

    Hi! I’m coming to NYC for the first time ever this March 1st with my husband and 12 year old daughter. I’ve looked at many of your tips but a lot apply to warmer weather! What can we do in the winter besides shows, eating? We want to see the 9/11 memorial, Statue of Liberty, Central Park? Will those all be possible and worthwhile?