the holiday markets in new york city.


i always look forward to wandering around the holiday markets that pop up around the city during the month of december. in fact, you need to see this throw back to when we went a few years ago to the one at union square and i was 37 weeks pregnant with conrad! that baby bump was no joke. the best part is that it definitely got even bigger if you can believe it in the following few weeks.

josh and i checked out the holiday market at columbus circle last week and picked up a few fun little gifts for the kids while also taste testing some of the food vendors we hadn’t tried in years past. in doing so, we discovered the best nutella filled churro i have ever had. we had to go back and take the kids on saturday night for more churros on our way home from visiting santa at the plaza hotel. they agreed, incredible churros… and they are brutally honest when it comes to if they like something or not, even when it’s sweet and you think they will, ’cause they are kids and they like anything sweet, right?! lol. nope. dark chocolate? a hard cookie?! they don’t hold back their opinions and i love them for it. i plan to have nutella stuffed churros from the market at least twice more this month because you gotta live it up during the holidays when you are giving yourself a free pass on sugar and treats and all things delicious and also, that churro stand won’t be there in january so gotta get my fill.

a few photos from the market…


we also tried authentic bratwursts sold by germans no less (although i couldn’t get myself to add the sauerkraut on top of mine so not sure how legit it is)!


what’s up, handsome! not that i’m endorsing the no-beard look, but you know. love him no matter what. ;)


i bought some of these pretty colorful christmas trees made out of pipe cleaning brushes and spools. the owner has an etsy shop here (although i don’t see any of the little trees currently listed.)


the nutella filled churros i was telling you about. i had no idea i even liked churros before this experience. now they are probably in my top five favorite treats.

love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-24love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-21 love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-7

this is kind of gross, but i couldn’t get enough of it. an ‘i heart ny’ shirt with a cockroach on it. haha! i maybe got the t-shirt version for samson. he just loves bugs so much right now, i had to.


also, how sweet is this tote bag? not that i love spotting rats in the city (or thinking back to our days in our tiny harlem studio apartment where we had a serious mouse issue that was not fun whatsoever), but i loved how clever this was. (the shop can be found online here.)

love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-20love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyclove-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-14 love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-13

keeping with tradition, we got the kiddos a new wooden puzzle from kubiya games (the shop is also online here.)

love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-11 love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-10 love-taza-holiday-markets-in-nyc-9

hoping you all had a great weekend! it snowed briefly for a few minutes last night and definitely got us very excited! we’re ready for a white christmas. :)


coat: black belted puffer coat

jeans: acid wash jeans

shoes: black leather loafers

hat: slouchy black beanie

bag: blue monster backpack

josh’s plaid bowtie: bowtie


  1. Roberta

    Looks like fun!
    I wont let my hubby grow a beard, so totally opposite to you there, I think my hubby looks good with one (don’t tell him o said that), but I can’t stand the tickliness of it!!

  2. Josh I prefer you with bear and I love your bowtie!!!

    And see now churros after lunch…. I want it!!!! Please someone can send me some to France?? merci :)

    Kisses from France

  3. Sabine

    ok, sorry for the superficial comment but you are really beautiful! also, we went to see this market in 2013 and loved it!

  4. Julie

    Oh my goodness, nutella filled churros…this must be soooooo delicious. I lived in Southern Spain for one year and picking up churros on our way home after a big party was the best of treats. That would definitely bring back lots of memories to me to eat a few. I must try to see whether they sell any here in London. So lovely of you to have a little wonder round the market sans enfants’. I really like your loafers. Are they comfy at all? Hope you have a good week! Hugs from London, Julie xx

  5. Lou

    As a German I can assure you you didn’t miss anything without the Sauerkraut ;) You actually went the traditional route (:

  6. Carrie

    Those churros look SO good! I wish we had more Christmas markets where I live – they are so festive!

    Carrie |

  7. Corina

    I love holiday markets. And Nutella in basically anything. And Josh looks handsome with or without the beard. :)

  8. Claire

    First of all, I can’t be more agree with you, churros are one of the best treats ever. And honestly, these one with Nutella seems to be perfect.

    Those markets. Every little thing that pops up for Christmas are just so good. I always love to hang out in cities decorated for Christmas, so beautiful. Really hope to see NYC like this one day.

    And these picture of you two years back. 😍 I remember that post, can’t believe how fast the time fly.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    All the best from France,

  9. Kate

    Beautiful! I just love Christmas markets, they’re the perfect place to get in the holiday spirit!

  10. brittany

    this is so cool- i love those christmas trees!
    and your baby belly- what an awesome throwback.

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got cozy winter looks for mama & babe on my blog today!


    Churros!! They are typical of Spain! I am addicted to them. We use to eat them with hot chocolate.
    The holiday markets are always a great option to have fun.

  12. Carly

    I bet Christmas in New York City is amazing! That market looks like so much fun. There are no Christmas markets where I live but there should be.

    I’ve been seeing the nutella cherros popping up all over social media. They look delicious! You should definitely go get one at least once a week

    Carly from

  13. Erin

    Gosh this December is going by so quickly! Those churros look *so good*, and even though I’m in Chicago, this post is a good reminder that I need to get down to the holiday market here real soon.

  14. I was there just a few weeks ago and had so much fun! I was there Thanksgiving weekend, so it was pretty crowded and I didn’t feel like taking out my camera, though I did get many other photos that weekend! The food at the market smelled so delicious but I refrained from buying food so that I’d have more money to buy gifts! Also some vendors didn’t have their prices up, so I was nervous about how expensive the food would be! Anyways, my favourite discovery at the market was Real Weird Art. The artist makes adorable illustrations, but it’s really his captions that pull it all together! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  15. Diana

    Love that market place so much! This is kind of a strange question but i have been going back and forth on that jcrew jacket for weeks now and my hesitation is with the reviews of a wet dog smell (like what the heck?!), lol. i was wondering if you had any experience with that and also, how warm it is? Thanks so much, Naomi!

  16. Valerie

    Love the throwback! What a great memory. I love the holidays and this looks like such a great family outing – a family tradition the kids will carry on fondly!

  17. evan

    I’m headed to Chicago this weekend and hoping to stop by the Christkindlmarket. It isn’t New York, but it’ll be close. Great pictures as always!

  18. Megan Coleman

    Sweetest little market and goodness that food looks amazing


  19. Ola

    Thank you for sharing the photos of you in the city…. Love it! Happy Christmas time :))


  20. Donna

    Such amazing photos, Taza! Definitely got me in the Christmas spirit.:) I am hoping to check out the Christmas Market here in Toronto sometime this week! And yes, those nutella-filled churros look so yummy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Chelsea

    I know you have a post on it but can you share what lipstick you are wearing in this photo? I love it!

  22. Sylvia

    I read your blog often but rarely comment. You are sooo stinking cute and your family is adorable. Every time I come to your blog, I become so fascinated with New York. My husband was raised in the Bronx (as a kid) before moving to Jackson, New Jersey.

    I remember the first time (yeeears ago) I visited New York, and my visit ending with my in tears. I’m a Southern girl, so well, yeah. When I visited my husbands family in New York about 3 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly the people were compared to my first visit. Well actually, his family were more surprised because me being Southern, I couldn’t get away from some of what we do here and it caught his family by surprise that people there were responding…LOL!

    I know not everyone there is unfriendly of course, and I cant wait to visit New York again.

  23. That baby bump pic…priceless!

    Those markets look like such a fun holiday tradition. I’m googling my city now to see if we have anything similar, maybe in San Francisco.

  24. Nicole

    I’ve never been more hungry after looking at those churros!

    also peaked at your throwback post and loved the puppets. do you remember what the company was called. ADORABLE.

    love from canada

  25. Krista

    You are so gorgeous Naomi! You look flawless in that 1st picture. Love the makeup and lip colour and those shoes! And that cockroach shirt is awesome, lol

  26. Paige

    I love the holiday markets in NY. They’re the absolute best! We used to always go down each year before Christmas for a few days to get last minute gifts and eat our way through the city, and it’s one of my favorite memories!


  27. Jamie Quiroz

    You are stunning! Also I love that you included links to support small businesses!! Hope you and your family are having a very happy holiday season.

  28. Nicole S

    Naomi-you arebwaitiful. Your makeup looks amazing in these photos.

  29. Amy

    Those churros look amazing! Looking stunning as always Naomi xxx

  30. I have always wanted to visit NYC during the holidays, and this is making we want to even more!

  31. Susanna

    Bratwurst ‘to go’ = normally only with mustard on it. If you’re eating Bratwurst in a restaurant or at a German family table it’s often served with Sauerkraut. :)
    Nice to see that our tradition of holiday markets is becoming also popular in the US. Amazing that typical German foods can nowadays be found in the centre of NYC! This would have seemed pretty unlikely to me 40 years ago when I was a kid – which was the time I got addicted to Nutella btw. :)
    If you’re ever planning to visit Germany I’d recommend November/December to add an original ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’ to your travelling plan. The ones in Heidelberg or Deidesheim are very nice, I live only 1 1/2 hours away, my daughter’s a student at Heidelberg University. We’d love to show you and your family around! :)

  32. hanna

    Those markets are so cool –Like Hanna

  33. lorena

    I love this time of the year, lovely Christmas markets everywhere, Christmas lights, so beautiful, I Am sure New York looks incredible amazing!!!
    I love your shoes by the way !!! and beautiful pictures as always!

    Merry Christmas!!! everyone

  34. Madeline

    i am obsessing over your bronzer! what do you use?

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  36. Isabella

    At least in Berlin (Germany) we wouldn’t eat bratwurst with sauerkraut on top (if served in a bun on the go), so you pretty much got the legit German experience ;o)

  37. Lauren

    While we were in NYC for thanksgiving we went to the union square holiday market and Fell IN LOVE. it was my favorite night of our trip absolutely. Man I MISAA NEW YORK!!!!

  38. Lindsey

    hi taza!! i have a question about your coat as i’m thinking about ordering it myself! do you think it’s warm enough for a real nyc winter? i’ll be moving to nyc this fall and as a native texan i’m clueless about winter wear ha! if not, what would you recommend?