sparkly glitter shoes, museum dates and my almost two year old.


in less than a week, conrad will turn two years old. i don’t really want to talk about it just yet, because i’m a selfish mama who already feels like the last two years went by way too fast (besides the night shifts. which i also don’t want to talk about).

i’m so thankful for this little boy. he makes my heart burst, and it has been special to get to spend some one on one time with him this fall when his older sister and brother are away at school. being the third child, alone time can be hard to come by it feels like, even when we try to prioritize little one on one dates with the kids.  we spent a little time at the natural history museum yesterday morning with papa, too, who took some pictures when we were in the space wing.

also, i wore my sparkly glitter shoes. because, why not. :)


love when he points up, but refuses to let go of his bagel. he’s my new york baby through and through, and it makes me proud to see how well he’s held onto that title. examples– could hail at taxi by 9 months old, doesn’t flinch at the sight of a cockroach on the sidewalk (he loves holding the hissing cockroaches at the museum, did you see this video josh posted of him holding a stick bug the other day??), willing to ride the subway, but prefers to walk everywhere (and not ride in a stroller), and smiles and says “hello” to strangers on the street regularly (my favorite sign. because i have often found new yorkers to be the kindest of strangers).


it just felt appropriate.


this space wing is one of my favorites in the museum. it’s also a great spot to get lots of running wiggles out since the pathway loops round and round a bit.


touching everything and saying “wooooowwwww!”

love-taza-museum-2 love-taza-museum-3 love-taza-museum-4

i just bought this backpack (you all know how much i believe in the mom backpack!) and conrad loved pulling down the pocket that looks like a monster’s mouth and pretending the monster just bit his finger! he laughed so hard every time.


when your child won’t let go of your shoes and thinks it’s funny when you try to take them away… i don’t know, we must have played this little game for a solid couple of minutes because he just though it was the funniest. it’s the most simple and silly of games that are his favorite, and i’ve just learned to try to roll with the punches and go with it. makes the day less stressful for all of us.


such a fun little outing with my littlest baby boy, who’s not so much a baby anymore but you know. let’s go with it. have a great festive weekend, you guys! it might snow in new york on monday and we are all READY!


polka dot tank top paired with polka dot sweater on top

levis high-rise straight jeans

sparkly glitter heels (they are only €37!)

blue monster face backpack (i love that it’s less than $50. beats the fendi monster backpack that all my dreams were made of until i saw that awesome fendi price tag! lol.)

conrad is wearing a mini rodini jacket (old style, used to be samson’s, but similar styles with different animal prints here and here and the same panda print on a sweatshirt here.)

  1. brittany

    what a sweet new york city baby! he totally loves his mama, that’s for sure. and your heels! so fun.

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got pretty wishlists for mama & babe on my blog today

  2. Adore this post! (and your sparkly shoes!!) x

  3. Rena

    You are such a wonderful loving mother and it is easy to see that Conrad is really a happy child! Love your glitter shoes!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. tiffany

    hi! love the shoes – do you find them to be comfortable? and sure to size once converted to US sizing? happy holidays!

  5. alexis

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kendra

    Are UK shoe sizes the same as US? If not, what size do you wear in comparison to the size of the glitter heels? LOVE!

  7. Hannah

    hello! a tiny note — i think the amazing glitter shoes are $53 (but they are £37 in british currency!) just a little thing to help your readers in case anyone wants to purchase them :)

    and, a happy almost-2nd-birthday-to conrad!!

  8. Corina

    This just melts my heart, Naomi. Beautiful photos :)

  9. Mollie

    I absolutely love your outfit! It seems like Conrad liked it too :). It looks like you guys had a fun day together!

    xoxo Mollie

  10. MEGAN


  11. carly

    I can’t believe Conrad will be two either! It’s been fun watching him grow up on here. That boy has the most contagious smile that can light up a room. Looks like a fun day at the museum.

    Those shoes are definitely not mom shoes……and you are rocking them like a model!

    Carly from

  12. LOVE those glitter shoes!! And how is he two already?! I feel like literally yesterday I was reading about how you were pregnant with your third. Crazy how fast time flies.

  13. Pam

    Those shoes give me endless amount of heart eyes!♥
    You two are too adorable!xo

  14. Alexa

    sweet, sweet baby! if i may ask, what was your inspiration for his name? and samson and eleanor, too! i’d love to hear the stories behind them.

  15. Rachel

    Oh my goodness! I just FREAKED OUT over that backpack!! Then clicked on the link and almost cried to see it was out of stock! I will be dreaming about that bag for MONTHS! One of my favorite pieces of yours ever!

  16. Those shoes are so fun! I love how young kids find the smallest things to be entertained by :) Life is full of little moments of joy! Loved that shot of Conrad sticking his fingers in the mouth of the backpack :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  17. Katy

    My little girl would love this backpack! Beautiful photographs and looks like so much fun with your cool little New Yorker dude!

    Love your posts, keep them coming please!
    Katy x

  18. Claire

    Naomi, these pictures are so beautiful. Thank you so much for this blog and for spreading little moments like these. 💛

    I know it’s strange and I know many of us (readers) are telling you this again and again but your posts and the way you write these little bites of your daily life help to bring joy in your own life and to see the good sides or at least trying.

    Thank you Naomi, your blog is like these good books you want to read when you feel a little sad to bring your smile back or these good movies which heat your heart.

    Hope I don’t sound too weird.

    All the best from France,

  19. Liv

    Such a cute post- and I liked your comment about New Yorkers being kind strangers. Only been to New York once in my life and had to make my way to Brooklyn by myself from the airport at 4 in the morning- I’d always heard that New Yorkers were rude- but I can’t tell you how many strangers stopped to show me where I was and where I needed to go- I never asked once for directions- they just saw that I was lost, took my map without a word and pointed me in the right direction. I was so taken care of.

  20. Margaret

    These down-to-earth family moments are my favorite posts. Please keep these coming!!!! They are the reason I fell in love with this blog, but I’m slowly feeling a shift within your content. Sharing out of love.

  21. hanna

    I love your whole outfit –Like Hanna

  22. I absolutely LOVE the shoes! <3

  23. Sparkling shoes…why not!
    You are right!!

    My younger child is two years also, and I understand you… I don’t want to loose my baby……. but

    Kisses from France

  24. Andréa Daud


    My name is Andréa and i am from Brazil. I have 3 kids and we are going tô NY in January,2017
    Can you give some ideas about what to do and places tô visited with my kids in NY?!
    They have 18, 15 and 8 years old.


  25. Cynthia Sue

    Pretty shoes, they almost remind me of Dorothy’s red ones from Wizard of Oz.

  26. Lauren

    Must have your shoes!