photos from conrad’s 2nd birthday!

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you might have seen the video on my instagram of conrad blowing out his two candles in his breakfast of oatmeal last week! it’s one of my favorite videos of him ever (as is this one of him playing with his party hat shortly after.) we had the best day celebrating this incredible boy. he knew it was his big day and he was living for it!

we invited just two of his little friends and their siblings over for some pizza and bubbles and birthday cake before bedtime. all day long we kept singing happy birthday and he kept blowing out candles! even pretend ones! he just couldn’t get enough of the candle thing.

a few photos we took during the special day…

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conrad and JOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHH! (have you guys watched my insta stories where he is always calling papa Josh?)


josh baked the cake the night before and then eleanor and samson helped me frost it before school the next morning. i actually attempted to try to write conrad on it with frosting but after the “C”, i realized how unsteady my hands are and i basically chickened out and wiped it off. haha. nothing a little snow on top in the form of powered sugar couldn’t hide. ;)

love-taza-2nd-birthday29hgj-26 love-taza-2nd-birthday29hgj-25love-taza-2nd-birthday29hgj-23 love-taza-2nd-birthday29hgj-22 love-taza-2nd-birthday29hgj-21love-taza-2nd-birthday29hgj-7

when it’s more fun to spread ice cream on mama’s arm than to eat it. he’s definitely two now.


this is one of conrad’s cute little friends named marlowe and i am obsessed with her little pigtails. they remind me of the days when eleanor was a baby and it gives me mad baby girl fever like you wouldn’t believe. she’s the cutest.


it’s not a party without a lot of pizza. ;)


before everyone arrived samson helped me pack little party bags for conrad’s two little guests as well as for their older siblings and also for our family. he was so excited about these gift bags. once everyone arrived, he wouldn’t let go of his, even though i kept reminding him we would hand them all out at the end. he just loved holding everything in his hands the entire time.


his arms extended basically saying “just give it to me already!!!! i’m ready!!!!” hahaha!


that face! and his proud siblings looking on! these kids make me feel like i’ve won the lottery every freaking day. i love being their mom.


eleanor has been so anxious to give conrad this little watch that she got for him way back in november. you might notice that she is always wearing one as well, and telling time and also having that accessory, is a big deal to her. she just lives for her little gadgets! haha. all on her own in november, she asked papa if she could look for a watch for conrad’s birthday and picked it out with him online. she spent forever wrapping it by herself and loved whispering in my ear over the weeks leading up to his birthday how much she couldn’t wait for conrad’s birthday so he could open her gift! when he finally did, both of their faces were magic. she helped put it on him all by herself as she explained how now he would know when it is time to wake up, or breakfast time or what time eleanor would be home from school each day!


i could not get over getting to witness this little watch-giving go down. it was the SWEETEST thing and for the amount of time these three kids often spend bugging each other, it’s moments like this that make up for them and make me realize just how lucky they are to have each other but also, just how much they love each other.


face-timing with both sets of grandparents, too! hard to live so far away from them on the kiddos birthdays, but thankful for technology so we can still see them and chat just a little. conrad was so excited to open their gifts while they were on the phone and show them each piece like they had no idea what was inside the box. haha! his excitement for pretty much everything is contagious and i sure love that about him.

happy 2nd birthday, conrad!!!! we LOVE you.

PS. see his 1st birthday video here!

PPS. and only since many of you always ask me where to find things in my blog posts, here are links to my rome t-shirt HERE, conrad’s happy birthday t-shirt HERE, and the snowmen marshmallows on top of conrad’s cake HERE.

  1. Brittany

    That hug between Conrad and Eleanor-oh my goodness mama how do you even handle that?!! He seems like such a lover, what a great job you two are doing!

    Xo, Brittany
    I’ve got a clean Christmas cookie recipe for baking with toddlers on my blog today!

  2. Valerie

    Oh my goodness! How sweet! I can’t believe he’s 2 already!! I say that every year at my kids’ birthdays too. It’s crazy how fast they grow up and Conrad looks like such a handsome little man now! Congrats

  3. Jane H.

    Giggle… he wearing underwear over his pants? How sweet!

  4. hanna

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! –Like Hanna

  5. Nicole

    Happy Birthday Conrad!!! His sweet face just tells you it’s his birthday

    Where did you find the cute little penguins?!

  6. Pilar González

    Hi Naomi, I’m from Spain and I’ve been following your blog for years and i love it! Such a nice family! It’s great to see all of your children growing up, they’re fantastic!

    (I just have one little suggestion, since the pictures are uploaded in a big size it’s hard to get the whole image together and i think this way we cannot enjoy them the same way than before when they were smaller).

    But anyway i’ll keep visiting your blog! I sure love it!

  7. Corina

    That moment between E and Conrad got me all teary. She is the best big sister ever. Each and every one of your children express emotions so well. They are simply amazing

  8. OOOhhhhh, how cute!!! Simply love you and your wonderful family:-)

  9. Sabine

    All the best sweet Conrad!!! :)

  10. Jo

    Happy Birthday Conrad!! My son just turned 2 also and it’s the sweetest age.

    Also, I have to know where you got Sampson’s bedding from? It’s hard to find kid’s bedding that isn’t some gaudy superhero/TV character.

  11. Amy

    Hahaha the underwear over his pants is KILLING ME!! Too funny. Perhaps he’s a budding superhero! Much birthday love Conrad X

  12. Chloe Dukes

    Love reading your posts about your family! So inspiring for a youngin’ like me! Your love for your family inspires me and is evident in your sweet words and photographs!!

    Love from FL!! Chloe

  13. the cake is huge!! but perfect for little happy Conrad!!

    Kisses from France

  14. Melinda

    Where did Eleanor find Conrad’s watch? I’ve been looking for one for my 3-year-old and that one seems to be just the right size! Happy Birthday, Conrad!

  15. Alison

    What an amazing cake and a sweet birthday party! Conrad looks so happy!
    Eleanor’s watch story is so touching – what a sweet big sister.

    Alison –

  16. Qamar

    Your pictures are loving. The party is going to good. This party is actually a real party with cute babies. The face of conrad is pretty. The cake is my favorite sweet. Your post tells people how to arrange birthday party of child.
    Regard: Qamar

  17. Lauren E.

    I keep trying to tell myself I’m not ready for kids yet but reading your blog is making it so hard!!!

  18. That looked like a magic day! The hug between Eleanor and Conrad is sooo incredibly cute!

  19. Lily

    Happy Birthday Conrad!

    (is he wearing underwear over his pants?!? so funny and cute!)

  20. Erin J.

    You all are the cutest!! Happy birthday Conrad!!

  21. Mapiri

    How sweet! Love seeing the little moments between siblings that add up to so much. :)