our photoshoot for milk magazine!

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it was kind of crazy when milk magazine, an editorial french fashion magazine, reached out to us and asked if we’d like to be photographed for their december cover and editorial spread for their holiday issue of the magazine. honestly, while we often take lots of photos of our family every day, we haven’t ever done anything like this and i wasn’t sure if the kids would be up for it. before agreeing to do it, i showed eleanor and samson photos from past magazines and also from anna palma’s work (the photographer who shot this spread, and who is also seriously the sweetest woman in all the world!) and asked them what they thought and if they wanted to do it. they were up for it, so then we agreed to do it and ended up having the best time ever playing dress up and interacting with fun props (all thanks to the incredible people behind this shoot for making it such a fun and special morning for us!)

we had been dealing with a lot of sickness in our home during the weeks leading up to this shoot and conrad had just gotten over having a fever for a few days so he slept for most of the morning.  we didn’t put him in most of the shots since he was just cuddling with josh nearby, and i just held him for a few of the looks when he was being a bit clingy and wanting some loves from mama after waking up. i’m so glad we still were able to sneak a few pictures with him in there, and so so thankful to everyone who helped out on set since we were just getting over that rough patch of illness which was truly a beast for our family this fall.

this shoot was so much fun. it was exciting to get to dress up in such beautiful whimsical pieces that stylist alexis zipp pulled for us to play together in. a few of my favorite images below…

love-taza-for-milk-magazine-6love-taza-for-milk-magazinelove-taza-for-milk-magazine-5love-taza-for-milk-magazine-7love-taza-for-milk-magazine-4 love-taza-for-milk-magazine-3love-taza-for-milk-magazine-901a million thank you’s to milk magazine and also anna palma for having us be a part of this spread. i can’t believe how special this was to play pretend in such beautiful pieces with my littles for a few hours and have these beautiful images to hold onto.

  1. Brittany

    Wow. Wow! This is kind of the coolest shoot ever- Eleanor looks so grown up! So cool guys!

    Xo, Brittany
    I’ve got a gift guide for men on my blog today!

  2. Emma

    Gorgeous photos! Eleanor and Samson could seriously be models. They look so grown up!

  3. Siobhan

    Oh my goodness, how precious, and amazing! Such a beautiful group of photos!!

  4. Kate Clarke

    These shots are amazing, I love the one of E with the stars on her face. They are stunning.

  5. Allison

    These photos are so great! Love that solo shot of Eleanor!

  6. Already bought it in French! ;) That was so strange for me to see you on this cover as I follow you for years! You are all absolutely wonderful on this pictures, congrats! :D

  7. Lucie

    Hi Taza,
    I live in Paris and walked around a newsstand the other day and there you were, right in front of the newsstand on Milk magazine. I was in a hurry to pick up my son but I was like, oh, is this really the Davis Family on a french magazine? Need to buy it, now :).
    Cheers for everyone getting better a have a nice Christmas season.

  8. Katy

    Awesomely creative and wonderful shots, what an amazing opportunity. Hope your precious little one is feeling better now xx


  9. Kat

    THIS IS AMAZING! what a treat for you and the littles. that solo shot of E took my breath away <3

  10. Yaindy Lara

    How much awesome. All the photos are beautiful. Congratulations

  11. Mary

    Wow beautiful!!!!!

  12. Erin

    Very cool! The backgrounds, props, and of course all of you guys are gorgeous.

  13. Carey

    All the heart eyes! I bet in years to come you will long for the days when Conrad just wanted to cuddle (sickness still sucks though)

  14. Allison


    Do you have any info on how to purchase this issue? I tried it twice but it doesn’t seem to be able to accept my American card. Would love to get a copy of your issue!

  15. Christian

    Naomi! These are absolutely amazing! You guys are all so beautiful and the outfits are so gorgeous!! The picture of E is breath taking! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. That solo photo of Eleanor is absolutely stunning. What a beautiful personality that girl has.

  17. Melanie

    WOW! COOL!

  18. Hanna Anderson

    Naomi, this is extraordinary! I cannot breath, I love it all so much! You and your family glow.


  19. Mackenzie Saxton

    How cute is E with her CTR ring on!!

  20. alexis


  21. Miranda

    Oh my goodness, I love these!!! That photo of E by herself is beautiful! Eleanor and Samson look just like you, and Conrad looks like your husband!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos with us, Naomi! xoxo

  22. Elishia

    My goodness how cool! I love the style of all of these pictures and you all look so fab! I also, totally love how you talked to them about it, you have a super cool approach to raising your kids, definitely will be taking tips when I get to that point!


  23. Victoria

    Wow incredible! What a fun shoot — y’all are natural models. ;) Haha I love all the sparkles and stars on Eleanor’s face! So cute. :)

  24. Norma

    AMAZING! All these pictures are simply stunning! I absolutely love the cover photo… Naomi, have you ever considered E to be a model for children clothing stores? She is such a natural, very photogenic, indeed!

  25. Jenna

    Wow – your family is gorgeous every day but these photos are unreal beautiful! The one of Eleanor is perfection! STUNNING!

  26. Mollie

    How cute is this!?!? I love the one of Eleanor in the clown costume a lot because as a child I would have loved to have glitter all over me!! What lovely special photos to have forever. Congrats!

    xoxo Mollie

  27. lauren

    beautiful! how fun! you deserve it!

  28. Bridget Hunt

    love that picture of eleanor! these are amazing!

  29. Claire

    So cool to see these beautiful pictures! I walk by a little parisian press kiosk and the cover is on the front (I tweeted this!) Every morning, make me happy to see it and make me remember your mantra (or at least what is for me the “Love Taza mantra), enjoy every little moment. And it feels great. Thank you Naomi for this blog! 💛

  30. Martha Christofferson

    Obsessed with how Eleanor is wearing her CTR ring in these. They are all so darling.

  31. Solenne

    Love how your make-up and hair style give you the french touch!
    Samson is so photogenic! You’re all adorable!
    Love from France!

  32. Clare Keylock

    Oh wow, this is amazing. What a beautiful little family you have. Gorgeous, gorgeous shoot.

  33. Hope

    These photos are amazing! You have such a beautiful family and this looks like so much fun! I love the first photo and the photo of Eleanor on her own – she looks like such a model, and I can’t get over her eyelashes and freckles! I’m sure Eleanor and Sampson will remember this for a long time :)

  34. This is magic. Pure magic!

  35. LEAH

    soooooooo coooooool. way to go!

  36. Amy

    beautiful! and her cute CTR ring :)

  37. As if your family couldn’t get any more BEAUTIFUL. These photos are stunning, and I especially love the sweet close up of Eleanor with the stars on her face. :)

  38. bethany

    WOAH. especially that picture of eleanor by herself.

  39. KP

    Um wow! These pictures are amazing! You look stunning and Samson and Eleanor are born models. E. is giving so much sass and S. is such a handsome little devil! You can tell Conrad is a little under the weather but still looks so adorable. Love it!

  40. Lisa-Marie

    stunning album! love the ensemble and their little faces :)

  41. Corina

    Naomi, these photos are breathtaking. E and S are definitely born models. And you look stunning as always.

  42. Jessica

    These pics are so gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ I love all of them! My heart does ache a little for Conrad. Mommys know that look!

  43. Egle

    wow!! amazing photographs!! you will treasure them forever :)

  44. Sabine

    so so so so incredibly amazing pictures!!!! what beautiful babies!!!

  45. Milk Magazine is so elegant (aspirational parenting at its finest, esp the children’s clothing!), so what an honor!

    We find this magazine on our newsstand at Pike Place Market in Seattle, where they carry magazines from all over the world. I’ll be sure to pick up this latest issue with you guys on the cover–the story behind it sounds really cool too.

    Would be interested to hear your impression of the article behind the cover story, as the French have such a distinct take on the world that is different from Americans–especially interested to hear a French impression of the Instamums blogging from the US, and how bloggers in Europe (and elsewhere?) are different.

  46. This is absolutely ADORABLE

  47. McCall L.

    I spy E’s CTR ring. :)

  48. Amy

    So cool!! Love the dress up clothes – very torn if the blue dress with fur or patterned shirt and RED pants are my fave!

  49. Kelleyn

    Beautiful photos! I love that you can see your daughters ctr ring in one of the photos!

  50. Seriously cool family photos here, Taza! Woah! That close-up of Eleanor is definitely worth framing – as are the others!

  51. OH MY GOSH eleanor is killing me in these photos! She is so beautiful and i love how much you can see the kids’ personalities shining through. Such a fun experience for you. xx

  52. Vicki

    What a great experience and such awesome pictures!! You and your kids are so beautiful!!!

  53. awww! Well deserved! What beautiful photos!

  54. Em

    You look AMAZING.

  55. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  56. evan

    whimsically magical.

  57. Rose J.

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! So vintage, french, and whimsical like you mentioned. I love the pic of Eleanor, and especially love the fact that she’s wearing her CTR ring. I don’t think she ever takes it off! Milk magazine did some great shots, and y’all are beautiful cover models!

  58. Rylee

    Samson is killing in on the cover !! So goofy and charismatic, that one. These photos are so so great.

  59. Amber Fillerup Clark

    Literally speechless!!! This is such a fun shoot and the photos are AMAZING!!!! omg omg omg.

  60. This looks so good! I love it so much…need to get a copy, looks like an interesting read too xxxx

  61. That is one incredible cover, you look amazing! That solo shot of Eleanor is just beautiful, I know you shared it on Instagram earlier but seeing it full size on my laptop is just mind blowing – what a gorgeous wee thing she is!


  62. Yelena

    That’s really wonderfull!!! “Rock opera” style;)))

  63. Fanny

    oh WOOWWWWWWW i just love the pics so much ! Just bought the magazine ;)

    love from France


  64. Jess

    So so cool!! Applause!

  65. Gab

    So Cute! Love how you can see Eleanor’s CTR ring :)

  66. E as a clown with the stars–LOVE THAT PICTURE! As usual, you and your family brighten my day. Happy day to you and yours!

  67. Marie

    Hello everyone !

    I work for MilK Magazine, in Paris.
    We’re so happy and proud about this beautiful photoshoot with Naomi and the kids. As I read your comments, I saw some of you were interested in buying a copy. You can find your own issue here : http://www.milkmagazine.net/product/milk-n54-english-text/
    And we do deliver in the US !

    [email protected]

  68. Julie

    Seriously Naomi Davis, you are already big in the US and many other countries but you may soon be the new American icon in France;) Bravo ma cherie! Very impressive and dramatic photos, waoh, what an experience! Would love to hear what they wrote about you as the French (I am one of them;) have a very distinctive perception of family and parenting. Might ask one of my sisters in France to locate the issue unless I can find it in London, dying to read it now! Julie xx


  69. Lindsay

    These are the dreamiest photos. Absolutely stunning!

  70. Umberta

    I saw the magazine in the kiosk yesterday in Paris! ;)

    Very nice pics!

  71. Hedi

    OMG – Beautiful! Unpayable. The Picture of E – wow !!!!

  72. Lorena

    Amazing!Amazing !!!!

  73. Lorena


  74. Kelly

    So whimsical and fun! I love everything about these shots! How wonderful to have amazing and beautiful photos the whole family will cherish forever!

  75. ANNA

    what a fun and cool opportunity!! your kids are adorable!!!

  76. Gosh I love the photo of your little girl wearing that awesome costume! She will so treasure that photo when shes older! The wonder and curiosity in her eyes in intriguing and so lovely at the same time.

  77. Lu de la rosa


  78. Dorota

    You look like cindy crawford on the last photo. Btw amaizing pictures!

  79. aaisha khan

    Years later, still love this family!

  80. Helen

    These photos are stunning. And MILK is one of my favorite magazines. As a fellow mama blogger, I love that you represented!