my brother’s piano music is out!

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my younger brother isaac’s debut album was just released on iTunes! i am so so proud of him. he is such a gifted musician and composer and i had to share the news since i’ve shared snippets of his music in the past and many of you have also been excitedly awaiting this news. he is actually currently in mexico for a 2 year mission for our church, where he is focused on serving the people around him there (and not on recording his music), but he recorded the music before he left with a producer who just finished the album and posted it on iTunes yesterday.

you can search “isaac reid” on iTunes, or the name of the album, “novus” to find the music. it’s a tough call because i love all of them, but i think fantasia on elastic heart and also altum blue are my favorite tracks. but i also love his arrangement of there is a green hill far away that he put on the album as well.  brings me to tears every time.

just to toot my proud sister horn for a second, my little brother has been composing his own music since he was a little boy (like 8 years old!) and i know he will do great things with his talent over his lifetime because it has already touched so many. he is the most humble kid on the planet too and would probably never tell anyone that his music is available now, so i guess it’s a good thing he has four older sisters that have major sister pride. i am thankful for his willingness to always sit down and play for me whenever we are together. i have been living for his weekly missionary emails (we aren’t able to talk on the phone during his mission) and so glad to hear he’s been able to play the piano in mexico because i was seriously getting nervous how two years without it would be possible. he’s an incredible example to my three little ones and we love him so so much.

congrats, isaac!

ps. throwback to this post in 2008 when isaac came to nyc to visit josh and me when he was only nine years old. the best trip.


  1. Janeen Christensen

    Exciting! My husband did two years of piano performance at BYU and then went on a mission. He had some of the same concern, but came back home a better player!

    My bro-in-law is currently serving in the Ciudad Obregon, Mexico mission and gets to play piano all the time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Erin

    This is amazing! I can definitely feel the love you have for him. Congrats to him on such a big accomplishment.

  3. Marcia

    Wow that’s awesome he’s so talented. Just curious why are you not allowed to talk to him him while he’s away?


  4. Mollie

    That is very exciting! Congratulations to your brother! Your family is so artistically talented, I bet you are excited to see what your kids are talented in.

    xoxo Mollie

  5. Kelsey

    What beautiful music! I’m always in awe of people’s gifts – especially when there is no way I could do anything like it! Thank you for sharing. So random but I thought of you today because this adorable felt garland came in the mail and it looked like something you’d have in the kiddos room.

  6. Elena

    This is amazing, truly. Congrats to him and sending many blessings his way! This is inspiring to say the least, when young people are getting out there and doing amazing things with their life. P.S. Loved your photo shoot from the last post; love your style, please share more outfit posts! Also, your kids are always wearing those little rings with th green on top,(matching ones I believe) are they friendship rings? I noticed they’re hardly ever picture without them! Have a great day ;)

  7. Julie

    This is so fabulous Taza! It’s funny the pride we feel when our siblings do so well. Both my younger sisters set up their own business (one in translation and the other one in paintings restauration) and I was so bowled over their guts and their determination. That’s when I thought as the big sister I really needed to get cracking too;) Will check your brother’s music asap! Lots of love, Julie

  8. Oh wow, he is extremely talented. I am a huge classical music fan, it’s my favorite genre. I really admire your brother for pursuing it. It certainly deserves more recognition these days. Please tell him thank you from someone who appreciates a solid piano piece – and to keep up the good work!



  9. Tessa

    Seriously considering walking down the aisle to one of these pieces.
    I am getting married in January and have been trying to work out music to walk up to!

  10. JP

    Wow – your brother’s music is amazing. Gave me the chills.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Carly

    Congrats to your brother! What a wonderful accomplishment and one that he should be very proud of.

    You definitely seem to have an artistic gene that runs in your family

    Carly from

  12. Katy

    I love the proud sister shout out, thank you for sharing this! To be composing from such a young age is so impressive, what a gifted person he must be – I will definitely be checking out his work. Wishing you all the success in the world Isaac :)

  13. You and your family are very very very creative!! I love that!!

    Kisses from France

  14. Thea

    This is so beautiful. Can’t stop listening.

  15. Elisabeth

    I found his album on Spotify, and it truly moves me. Though you approach his music from a proud sister perspective, you are absolutely correct that he has an enormous gift (and good work ethic). I think his music can move mountains. Congratulations to him on the album’s release, and three cheers to you for being a great, supportive sister! The world can always use more beautiful music and love.

  16. he is so, so talented. what a gift. and for you to use your blog to share his music – so exciting all around. bravo, isaac!

  17. vicky

    holy moly, he’s so talented. listening while I’m at work.

    ps: there is a green hill far away makes me tear up. such a gift.

  18. Vane Ruh

    Congratulations!!! and he is super welcome in Mexico !!! We really love everyone who comes to make a better world.

  19. Iris

    Have never commented before but just his entire album. Absolutely amazing music and talent. Thank you for sharing. Iris

  20. Iris


  21. Corina

    He is both talented and handsome…wish he was a bit older though ;P or me younger haha

  22. Courtney

    K he is so talented and HE IS SO CUTE. Let him know he’s got a utah girl waiting to marry him in the temple as soon as he’s home ;) ;) (that girl is me.)

  23. Lauren

    I listened to it it’s wonderful!

  24. Rose J.

    That’s awesome! Love his style, and renditions!

    My daughter also loves the color of your leather jacket. Where did you find such a great color of brown?

  25. it it’s wonderful!

  26. Matilde

    He’s such a great musician! I’m sitting here studying for my exam and his music is on repeat now. Thank you for sharing!

    Matilde, Denmark.

  27. audrey

    So I have been catching up on blogs and just read this today. When I look him up and I already had 3 of his songs starred. Ha ha ha… I must of heard him at some point when listening to music and starred him then. I just wanted to share that. So yeah, with out knowing it I liked him already.

  28. Where did you find that awesome leather jacket?