let’s taco bout it.


last week, josh and i snuck away for a little lunch date and tried out los tacos no. 1 down at chelsea market. every holiday season we try to pack in a few extra dates into the busy season since we love sharing experiences together (even simple ones like sharing a taco!) over big christmas gifts. so in the spirit of keeping alive our 12 dates of christmas (it’ll probably only be like 6 this year just because HI KIDS!), we figured a taco adventure was fitting!

we had walked by los tacos no.1 at chelsea market so many times but hadn’t ever given it a try.  josh has a friend who knows the owner and told him about a secret off-menu item called the queso taco (where they make the tortilla out of cheese on the grill). to be honest, i mostly went for the mexican coke (i hadn’t had one of those since europe and gosh it was good).

if you go, josh’s favorite taco was actually the especial with adobada/pork. we also ordered the cactus taco which was super spicy (we are wimps) but fun to say you’ve tried cactus.

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for all you new yorkers who love mexican food, where do you go in the city?! one of josh’s favorite spots is still a place in his old neighborhood from his columbia days called la taqueria y fonda (on amsterdam avenue between 107th and 108th streets). it’s a little spot where if you walk inside just for a few minutes, your coat will seriously smell like the grill for weeks afterwards. if you know any spots where tacos are out of this world good, please share!!!

(merry christmas!!!)  ;)


pink pom pom beanie hat 

pink diamond tweed coat (it was sold out but it’s back in stock! and 30% off with the code FESTIVE!)

acid wash jeans

ankle booties

bag (old) by kate spade but similar here

  1. Carly

    I’m obsessed with that pink coat! You look stunning in it

    Isn’t Chelsea Market just the coolest place? We were there last summer and I wanted to buy and eat everything! Have you tried the seafood market lobster boil? That’s on my must-try list for our next visit.

    It’s great that you and Josh are able to get some time alone. You two are an inspiring couple

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  2. Emily

    I was JUST in NYC and now I soo wish you had posted this before. Tacos are my favourite food group and these look amazing. I guess this calls for another trip!!

  3. Allie

    For a girl who lives in southern california i can find good tacos basically anywhere! right where i lives there’s a couple places around the corner so i would love to hear of any other good recs in NYC for the next time i’m there. Also, love your coat! Can’t get enough of it, hopefully it’ll be even cheaper for me to snag in a couple more months…


  4. Elaine

    OMG! Looks as good as Santa Fe or Los Cabos. My mouth is watering!And the lighted ceiling is amazing. Wish we were there!!

  5. Jessica

    Love the pink on you!! So pretty!

  6. Zsu

    Tacombi on Bleecker street is really good

  7. Mollie

    I love your idea of including extra date nights around the holiday season. This time of year is so busy, it’s sweet that you make some special time for yourselves. Also, New York looks so Christmassy!! I am dying to visit the city around the Holidays so see all of the lights and decor. :)

    xoxo Mollie


  8. Caroline

    I LOVE Tacombi’s tacos. They always taste so fresh!

  9. You can never go wrong with tacos. Also, I would say pink is definitely your color, but let’s be honest – every color is your color. ;)

  10. Gabrielle

    5 burro cafe! it’s a bit out of your way (in forest hills, queens) but is so good!

  11. Tracy

    Ottos taco 🌮 in east village!

    Love the date idea!

  12. I love your coat! I swear I can’t pull off a colour like that on myself but it looks so nice on you!

    – Charmaine

  13. Cheska

    I’ve heard of la taqueria y fonda years ago because I used to listen to Vampire Weekend who attended Columbia. Haha. Apparently it’s popular.

  14. lorena

    OMG seriously I have fall in love with that coat, so nice!!!!I have never though I would say I would buy a pink coat but this is so pretty.


  15. Anne P

    You have to try a place called Nixtamal in Queens. It is very close to the Queens Science Center. They actually make a lot of the tortillas for other places in the city because they ground the corn themselves and make them every morning. Also although not a taco my favorite place in the city is Arepa Cafe also in Queens- literary the most amazing food in the world. I live in Brooklyn but anytime I am driving through Queens I have to go. Final Taco recommendation is Soccer Tacos in red hook Brooklyn. They have taco trucks park around a soccer field and it is so fun with the Little’s in the summer. We bike there a few times a year- may be too late in the season now but definitely worth a try next summer!

  16. christa

    Adorable! Love the idea of 12 dates of Christmas :) and LOVE tacos! It’s hard to find good Mexican in New England, but we have our amazing little spot in Hartford!

    happy holidays! xo christa | http://www.gardeniasandmint.com

  17. Caitlin

    Loving your coat! I have never seen someone pull off bright colors as fabulously as you! You always rock whatever outfit in whatever color you’re wearing!

  18. Elishia

    As a Brit living in NYC, I genuinely believe that the Mexican food is one of the best things about the city! We go Mexican crazy and LOVE Casca bel Taquiria (sp?) around 107th and Broadway! Chelsea Market is such a treat when it comes to food, we love NumPang and their five spice sarnie! I love your 12 Dates of Christmas, it’s such a lovely idea, but I’ve already borrowed your Little Letters idea (and credited you) so I’ll have to restrain from borrowing 12 Dates of Christmas too! Love your posts Naomi :)


  19. Sara Kapner

    La Superior in Williamsburg is the BEST!

  20. Montse


    I´m from Mexico and ¡yes they are real tacos! Here we call them “tacos al pastor” Please please come to Mexico with your beautiful family and I would be your free tourist guide! It would be a pleasure.

    And let me tell you I love that coat I want one.


  21. Nicoke

    I love all your photos! You guys are so cute. What camera do you use. It produces such lovely memories 💛

  22. Tracy Mansfield

    Barrio Chino on the Lower East side. Delish!

  23. ruthie

    Found the boots on ebay exact. Vagabond western mandy boot in suede if anyone else is looking :) thought I’d share!

  24. Mathilde

    Love your outfit so much !!

  25. Hannah

    The pink looks amazing ob you!!

    My husband and I just started our own travelling blog. You and your family inspire us :D Check it out if you have time.


  26. hanna

    Your whole outfit is so cute! –Like Hanna

  27. Heather

    Lucha Lucha in Brooklyn is delicious!! I was visiting New York a year ago and my sis and I were craving Mexican. Being from Southern California, I have high standards, but they definitely lived up to them! It’s a tiny little place & you watch them cook right in front of you which is always a treat :)

    Love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life!

  28. Merinda

    This place is SO good right? Went there last time I was visiting friends in NYC. I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, there’s a few of them dotted around the city – http://tacombi.com/

    They do EXCELLENT tacos and delightful (plus strong, be careful) margaritas as well.

    Merinda xo

  29. Michelle

    I have loved reading your blog. Your positive view on parenting is so uplifting. Thank you! You always find the cutest things. Any chance I could talk you into doing another gift guide?

  30. Rachel

    We literally just got our first Taco Bell in Southampton England and I now fully understand the American love for Tacos!

    Also you look hella cute in all that pink!!

    Rachel // http://illustratedteacup.com

  31. Misty

    Mmm, I’m always down for tacos.

    And your coat is so cute!!

  32. Oh man, I love tacos!!!!!! Those look delish. Super cute coat!

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  34. Jena

    I just got these acid wash jeans in the mail and seriously LOVE them so much! It’s my first timing buying something from your blog recommendations and now that’s all I want to do. Thanks, friend!