happy 2nd birthday, conrad!

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he’s been pretending to blow out candles for a few weeks now. and anytime someone asks if his birthday is coming up, he gets a little bashful as he rests his head on his shoulder and smiles so big with his eyes closed tight! when we ask how old he’s going to be, he says “two” so loudly but holds up all five fingers to go along with it! haha, we’re working on learning to hold up just two fingers. either way, he is so ready for this big milestone of turning TWO.

he’s my baby who never really was a baby for long, possibly in an attempt to keep up with his two older siblings. it breaks my heart sometimes because i’m selfish and want him to stay a baby forever, but it also makes me incredibly proud to see him try and grow and excel, even being so small.

he is independent as ever, his favorite thing to say is “no, me. i do!” as he slaps his entire hand against his chest while saying so whenever i try to open his banana or hold his hand when he’s climbing something or even help him down from his big sister’s bunk bed (heart attacks for this mama every single time). he is so tender hearted and gives spontaneous kisses all day long while also breaking out into the sweetest, “i wuv ewwwww!” as he points to each family member or friend during the day. haha. it never gets old. it is truly my favorite thing ever.

he still prefers to remain on a first name basis with his papa, frequently calling him “JOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH” throughout the day. it bothers josh to no end but he’s so sincere when he says it. he devours a giant bowl of oatmeal many mornings and usually finishes his brother and sister’s oatmeal bowls as well. he’s always hungry, always asking to go to the kitchen as he signs “food.” i don’t know where he puts it! but he eats so much. he requests a smoothie probably 7 times a day by pointing to our blender and desperately saying “ooooodeeee!!!!” when you reply back, “smoothie?” he does a happy dance as he nods his head yes. even after being weaned in september, he still asks me for milk almost every day and bows his head sadly when i tell him it’s all gone. he has struggled to sleep through the night, even after being weaned a few months ago (which is what did it for my older two and when they officially started to truly sleep the entire night stretch) so we’re hoping that somehow we’ll make progress with this step now that he’s two. (a mother can dream.)

his laugh makes all of us laugh. his prayers, even while i can’t make out all of what he says, often make me teary eyed. his admiration and awe for eleanor and samson make me so so happy. he just loves those two so much and it makes his day when they include him in their play and activities. he loves to tell “knock knock” jokes that make no sense but we all laugh anyway and his favorite song to sing is “popcorn popping” which he can sing and sign all the actions to by himself. when he puts his hands in his coat or pant pockets and casually walks around, i almost can’t take it, because it’s just so sweet. and when he pats my back when i hug him, i swear i think to myself every single time, “i am the freaking luckiest mother ever.”

we are so thankful this beautiful boy joined our family and that we get to call him ours forever. i love you for eternity, conrad rex. thank you for making me and the rest of your family so very happy. happy birthday!

ps. maybe it’s only special for me to go back through the birthday posts, but his first birthday here and also a video of him eating (or rather destroying) his birthday cake here.

  1. brittany

    oh my goodness what a sweet boy. him in that elf hat! i can’t even.
    happy birth day, mama! and happy birthday, conrad!

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got a christmas list for babe, doggie, and mama on my blog today!

  2. christa

    So so so sweet! Happy birthday to the little cutie! It’s my birthday as well – and I think it’s a great great one :)

    xo christa | http://www.gardeniasandmint.com

  3. Briana

    He is too cute! Just based on your stories and IG videos, I feel like Conrad will be the troublemaker of the trio (in the best way, of course).


  4. Claire

    It’s so beautiful Naomi! Really.

    Happy birthday to this sweet little boy!

  5. Marie

    Happy birthday, Conrad! Naomi, you really have such a way with words! This was such a beautiful tribute to his birthday! I loved reading it. It’s so descriptive and includes everything it possibly could that encompasses him! You’re such a wonderful mama! :)

  6. Mollie

    I always forget that Conrad & I share a birthday! I cannot believe he is two years old already! What a wonderful day for him to make his debut :) Happy Birthday, Conrad!

    xoxo Mollie

  7. Jessica

    Oh my goodness! I love this boy and we’ve never even met!! Happy Birthday Conrad!!! Also this post is making me tear up because my baby is almost 2 1/2. Time flies!!! Two is just such a great year ❤️

  8. Lori!

    I absolutely LOVE when you post “JOOOOSSSSSHHHHH!” videos… they are day makers! HBD Conrad!

  9. sweetest. him patting your back?! my anders does that too and i think the same when he does. happy birthday conrad. you’re so loved!

  10. Denise

    Maybe just my mood, but your birthday post for Conrad made me teary eyed – so sweet, so heartfelt with a mom’s insight. You gave a new window into this little guy’s personality that I have not gleaned from the everyday posts. Very touching…….happy birthday Conrad!

  11. hanna

    Happy Birthday to Conrad! –Like Hanna

  12. Happy birthday Conrad! What a light he’s been :’) Haha I wonder where he picks up calling Josh Josh? :D My dad still calls my mom Mom even though all the kids (including me) have grown up :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  13. Corina

    Such a beautifully written post, Naomi. You and your way with words…so deep and sincere. I so admire the way you and Josh raise these 3 amazing kids.

    Happy Birthday Conrad! You are blessed. And forever loved and cherished

  14. Ashley

    Happy birthday to your sweet, sweet boy!

    I have always been curious why both he and Samson share the middle name Rex. Is there a story behind it? Love it!

  15. Kellie

    Aww this is so sweet and special! Made me tear up a little (I have a 1.5 yr old). Enjoy these precious moments – such a blessing! HBD Conrad! And happy birth day Naomi!

  16. Shannon

    Happy Birthday, Conrad! While your papa may disagree, I think it’s the cutest and funniest when you call him Josh!

  17. Vicky

    happy birthday, sweet Conrad!! <3

  18. Amy

    I always wonder at the back of my mind – do your boys have the same middle name?

  19. Jill

    Thanks for sharing! I love reading posts about Conrad because he’s about the same age as my son. As you write about Conrad’s milestones, I witness it in my son too. My son also loves smoothies, but he says “sue meee”. Haha! And although he won’t dance for smoothies he does dance for chocolate and ice cream. :)

  20. Katie K

    Good luck on the sleeping thing! My son is 2 1/2 and still wakes up at night. I am just trying to love snuggling him in the middle of the night. One night it will be the last time.

  21. Elaine

    What a wonderful post and tribute from a mother to a special son… they are all special but so sweet that you have recorded your feelings at his young age. He IS a special child… but I know they all are!

  22. Tanis

    Happiest of birthdays to Conrad!
    My third and last baby tuns two in three months and it truly is bittersweet. Enjoy the day!! Xo

  23. Happy birthday, Conrad! We almost share the same birthday :) I’m born on the 12th of December.

  24. Ivy

    OMG! The picture tile where he has on the red cap. It could be Noah! You have a beautiful family. These days go by fast.

  25. Qamar

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