forgotten photos from november.

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i am the worst right now at staying on top of anything! it’s mid december already and i am going through my photo folders and realized i never shared these images from a saturday we spent in november with friends in central park. it was such a beautiful colorful and warm day, and considering that my weather app is currently telling me it feels like 11 degrees outside today, i’m like, TAKE ME BACK!!!!!

our friends have four of the most beautiful boys you ever did see, and they are such a great family. i love the way stephanie mothers and since her two older boys are a few years older than eleanor (the younger two are samson’s age!), i feel like i am constantly asking her what she did with them at my current stage, because her oldest always has a ginormous book in his hand and all four of them are just really well mannered and kind.

anyway, this was such a fun day. turtle pond in central park has become one of my most favorite spots to picnic and hang out. currently missing all those bright vibrant colors on the tree tops! i didn’t even realize how gone they were until i looked at these pictures. fall always ends a little too quickly for me.


eleanor and her super hero mask crack me up. we had a little program in our church where all the little kids get up and give small parts at the pulpit and sing songs together for the congregation (we call it a primary program). eleanor wore her super hero mask on her forehead kind of as a headband (she loves to accessorize in the cutest way ever) and i died when she got up to the big microphone to say her part with it on. it was very sweet. i love that she just loves being herself and i really hope she will always be that way.


so many people on the castle!!!!!

saturday01-38 saturday01-37saturday01-33

these toys are seriously the worst idea i’ve ever had.

saturday01-32 saturday01-31saturday01-5

this red tree was over by the shakespeare theatre and everyone was stopping and taking pictures of it. it was the most red tree i have ever seen. i seriously would not stop talking about it on this day and now that i am looking back at these pictures, it’s like i’ve got a second wind and will probably talk about it nonstop for the next 24 hours! just so beautiful. mother nature is something else.


my friend stephanie took this photo as conrad just kind of leaned up against me as we were chatting and took a little nap. i know my days are numbered where he’ll nap on me in random places so i soaking it all up while i can.

saturday01-29 saturday01-28 saturday01-26saturday01-12saturday01-14 saturday01-15saturday01-21saturday01-4saturday01-19

wouldn’t be a proper get together without josh and uri throwing the kids in the air. like, every time over the past four years we’ve known them! haha.

hope you all are staying WARM today! there isn’t any color on the trees anymore but there is SNOW forecast for all day saturday and we’re hoping it sticks for a little while so we can play in it!


jacket: my black denim jacket

pants: blush lace pants

hat: black beanie

stephanie’s jacket: rebecca minkoff

  1. Ariel

    where is the star wars shirt from? My little girl is OBSESSED with all things Star Wars lol

  2. hanna

    These photos are keepsakes –Like Hanna

  3. The ligths and colours are simply amaizing! Autoum I miss you :(
    The last photo….throwing the kids in the air….. very funny

    Kisses from France

  4. Corina

    Looks like a great day, Naomi. Fall is already filled with colour

  5. Julie

    Hey Naomi, beautiful colours and what a stunning day. It’s nice sometimes to have someone with slightly older kids to get some helpful info about what to get prepared, insights….I am lucky my sister in law is very good at that and she is very honest as well so it’s lovely to ask for her opinions sometimes. Love that pic at the top where Samson & Eleanor are sitting next to each other on the mat and I obviously can totally relate to that sweet pic of you with Conrad sleeping on top of you…bless him <3! Hope you have a good weekend! Julie x

  6. Valerie

    Ha! I love this! I need to do a missed pictures from the last 10 years post I think!!! You guys looked like you had so much fun and I agree with you on the light sabers. My son has so many and is always scoping out more, but oh my goodness! WHY??!?!?!

  7. Olaia

    Dear Naomi,

    I found your blog a couple of months ago while looking for activities to do in New York with my son. I’m flying to NYC tomorrow with my husband and my 2 year old son. We’ll stay in for four nights before heading to St. Louis to visit the inlaws. I’m so looking forward to discover the city!

    I wanted to thank you for your blog, for the NY city guides and all the good tips you have regarding visiting NY with kids. But I would also like to let you know how inspiring your blog it’s been for me.

    You have a beautiful family and I love your way of parenting. I like how you get the most out of living in the city with the kids. And I really appreciate all the tips you give about family organisation. Sometimes the day to day life can be overwhelming (working, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping…) but thanks to you I see that it’s possible to manage everything AND be put together ;-)

    After many years reading blogs it’s the very first time I leave a comment but I needed to tell you how much you taught me. I’m also learning from you to be more grateful!

    I wish you and all your family a wonderful Christmas.


    • TAZA

      awe, thank you SO much! such a sweet comment and it means a lot that you took the time to write it. i hope you have the best time in the city! xoxo

  8. Amanda

    The colors are so gorgeous! Eleanor is so funny – I love all of her masks and outfits!

  9. There is so much LIFE in all these photos, from the colours to the beautiful people in them. Even though it’s already started to snow, I’m loving these autumnal memories :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  10. Kelly Fleming

    Lovely photos- thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you could spill me the beans on the pram you have? It looked awesome and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need one!

    • TAZA

      it’s a bugaboo donkey!!

  11. Rosie


    Such wonderful photos of your family!
    Just have one question though, where’s Eleanors Star wars t-shirt from? It’s adorable!

    • TAZA

      it’s from target!

  12. Qamar

    The autumnal memories are always loving. These children are so gorgeous. I remember my childhood days. The pictures of your blog are very imaginative and heart touching in a real way. I read a lot of posts but your’s record-breaking. Thank you, I love you!
    Regard: Qamar

  13. Mapiri

    The weather looks seriously divine. It’s summer in Latin America so a crisp clear day right now seems like heaven!

  14. Lauren

    Gorgeous as always! I can almost feel like I am in Central Park on a beautiful warm fall day!