the brooklyn bridge with girlfriends.

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i got to spend a good portion of my saturday with these beautiful faces crossing the brooklyn bridge in pursuit of our favorite pizza. the weather was supposed to be frigid and super windy but by noon, it was gorgeous out! we strolled ever so slowly since we didn’t have kids and strollers and even with all the walking, it truly felt like the most relaxing spa day. haha! really incredible conversations plus a tummy full of pizza is totally my kind of spa day. ;)


we started our morning by meeting up at the subway station, and since it was so so cold when we left and also because starbucks just released their classic red holiday cups this week, i had to make a quick detour for hot chocolate on the way! those cups make me so freaking happy! and if josh is holding strong this year on waiting until the day after thanksgiving for me to bust out christmas over here, i’ll just find ways like this to keep celebrating the season until then.


we met a really nice photographer on the bridge who had a million fancy lenses. he was taking a photo with my camera and was like, “hold on, you guys would like this.” and went over to his bag and grabbed this fish eye lens. he put my SD card into his camera and snapped a few pictures with it for us. i think this lens is going on my wish list. it’s pretty of amazing.

love-taza-brooklynbridge-1-4love-taza-brooklynbridge-11 love-taza-brooklynbridge-1 love-taza-brooklynbridge-2-2 love-taza-brooklynbridge-3-2

mari in her beautiful red coat is seriously my favorite thing!

love-taza-brooklynbridge-1-3love-taza-brooklynbridge_-2 love-taza-brooklynbridge-3love-taza-brooklynbridge-6

thank you to amanda for taking this picture! haha!

love-taza-brooklynbridge-4 love-taza-brooklynbridge-5 love-taza-brooklynbridge-8

i’m extra proud of myself for getting us all in frame and relatively in focus with my heavy camera for this one. selfies with that thing are usually big fails.

love-taza-brooklynbridge-9 love-taza-brooklynbridge-12-2 love-taza-brooklynbridge-13

when megan and mari were basically matching and twinning even with their steps. haha!

love-taza-brooklynbridge-14-2 love-taza-brooklynbridge-14-3

juliana’s! maybe it was because we were starving, but it tasted even better than usual. always worth the trip to brooklyn.

love-taza-brooklynbridge-14 love-taza-brooklynbridge_-3 love-taza-brooklynbridge_-4 love-taza-brooklynbridge_-6

love that my friend amanda brings her big camera out and about as much as i do. a few of these images i stole from her. i don’t even know what i was doing in this one, but probably obsessing over arielle videos because she’s my favorite person to follow on snapchat or once upon a time on vine when vine was a thing. my friends are also arielle fans, which pretty much explains why we are friends. (just go watch a few of her obnoxious videos on her insta. i love her.)

love-taza-brooklynbridge_-7 and a good day made even better by starting it AND finishing it off with hot cocoa. shake shack just brought their hot chocolate back for the season and it never disappoints. i just can’t say no to sugar during the holidays (although you’d be so proud because i’ve gotten so much better the last little while at handling things in moderation, and once upon a time, that wasn’t so.)  thanks for an incredible day, friends! and new york, for being a not too bad sort of back drop for it all, too. :)

ps. since i’m sure someone might ask and hoping to be helpful, rounded up my friends coats and shoes in addition to mine for you! —  my coat is from last season (it’s by nanette lepore, but very similar here in black and navy and here in teal.) similar hat here and my acid wash jeans and booties here.  mari’s red coat is from here (i have the same one in yellow and love it!!!) and similar shoes here. megan’s coat is from anthropologie and shoes from here (the brand is matiko.)  amanda’s cute blouse can be found here and her booties here.

  1. I love the color in your coat, here in France usually we use dark color in cold weather…. (me too) but I realize that I prefer pink, red, orange…
    The photos are great, with amaizing light!!

    sorry again for my english, but I am a spaniard in France :)

    Kisses from France

  2. Ola

    I Just love the photos :) you are all adorable!

  3. Rena

    I see you had not only fun together – you have all cool shoes and jackets :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Carly

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful girls day!

    We recently went on vacation to New York City and I was amazed at how nice everyone was. Your story of a random photographer helping you out with a picture and offering his fancy lenses reminded me of that. New Yorkers are the best! I’m not sure why they have a rep for being rude and harsh. We’ve traveled a lot and I can genuinely say we feel like the New Yorkers were the kindest most helpful people we’ve interacted with on our travels.

    Carly from

  5. brittany

    i love your coat- and that hot chocolate looks perfect!

    xo, brittany
    holiday jammies roundup on the blog today!

  6. Sierra

    You got so many fun pictures!!! We were just at the bridge two weeks ago and it was so much fun to walk and experience it. The same fish eye lens guy was there too, but he tried to get us to pay for a print out :/
    Beautifully Candid

  7. Tricia

    I started following Arielle a year or so back on insta because of her stellar haircut,..come to find out she’s the cutest/most hilarious woman too. So funny! Also,.your friend’s plaid shirt is the best, do you know where it’s from?! Thanks!! <3

  8. Cheryl

    You guys are so colorful for a Fall day! Love it. now I’m craving pizza!

  9. Sarah

    Love that coat!! Also, where, oh where, is your Wonder Woman tee-shirt from?! You were wearing in your Election Day insta post!

  10. Mollie

    I’ve never walked the Brooklyn Bridge but I have always wanted to! I should do it the next time I’m in NYC. It looks like you had a great time!!

    xoxo Mollie

  11. Yaindy Lara

    Y’all shoes game is ON ! Hahaha. Good times!!

  12. KP

    Thank you for posting what everyone was wearing! As I was looking through your pictures I kept thinking “I need to ask her where her friend got that cute plaid blouse!” Looks like you had a great day, and Arielle is one of my faves too! She’s gorgeous and hilarious. Kinda makes me want to hate her, but she’s just too awesome :)

  13. Victoria

    Awe I love these pictures, Naomi — thanks for sharing! It’s great that you can get out and spend some time with your girlfriends. :)

  14. It’s so fun to spend time with your best gals! I love all your color coordinating coats!!

  15. Joy

    omg Naomi WHY ARE YOU GUYS SITTING ON THE EDGE AHHH!! But seriously as someone who is terrified of heights and knows what is happening on the other side of that ledge (A LONG DROP AND TRAFFIC) I would have been the person passing by being like “OMG BE CAREFUL” :)

  16. Claire

    Naomi, I love this post. Don’t really know why or how but these pictures make me feel so happy and relaxed (and I need that these days). Thank you for your smile and for making me enjoy living in a big city a little bit more each day (Paris in my case).
    All the best for the 5 of you.
    Best regards, Claire.

  17. Frances

    Ahh! This post gets me so excited to visit next month for the holidays. I seriously cannot wait o experience New York. I wanna know all the good restaurants to go. I have a good idea from your posts where to go (including all the bakeries because hello…sweets + christmastime = pure joy) I’ll add Juliana’s to the list.

  18. Heather

    I’ve been toying with a fisheye lens for awhile–and I think these photos have finally convinced me to get one. I love those pictures!

    Heather |

  19. Elishia

    This is literally me idea of a perfect day out! I just wrote a blog post featuring my favourite pic I took of the Brooklyn Bridge, and now I’m going to have to go back for the pizza! Luckily we have friends visiting from the UK and it’s the perfect excuse :) Have you ever tried the pizza from Sal & Carmines, it’s AWESOME.

  20. jessica


    i was lusting over your jacket last year. what size did you end up with? thanks!

  21. These photos are fantastic, so happy & colorful!! Love the pink coat!! Greetings from the -just started to getting cold-Greece!! :-) Marianthi, xo

  22. Alida

    Great photo’s and gorgeous friends. And how sweet is that photographer guy? Does he know he’s kind of famous now?

  23. C. George

    How come we never see Josh out with his buddies? I’d like to see how he’s spends his time with his friends too :)

  24. Katia

    About Starbucks cups on your pic : do u know this year they are decorated for Christmas by one ukranian artist living in Canada

  25. ruthie

    Just found your booties new!! Still available through ebay!! Thanks for sharing!!