photos from our thanksgiving!

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i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend! josh and i spent most of the morning switching off in the kitchen between baking and cooking side dishes or prepping the turkey. we spent the majority of the day with my sister and her husband and just ate lots and lots and lots. we played with the kids and went on a walk and had some great conversations about the holiday season and all we have to be thankful for this time of year.

something that is really important to me, is to make sure i’m doing what i can to teach and show my kids the beauty in everything around them. because we have much to be thankful for, beyond just saying “family” or “food” or “shelter”, but in the details of everything around them… in the simple things, in the outdoors, in a bustling urban city, in their own working and healthy bodies. there is just so much to take note of, and hopefully acknowledge and thank their heavenly father for every day beyond the thanksgiving holiday. it’s something i sometimes have to work at because it’s easy to occasionally forget, but when i do pause and express gratitude for all of it, it’s amazing how far that can carry me, and how much happier and present i am in my every day. the timing of the thanksgiving season is always so appropriate, too. it’s the best way to reenergize and prep ourselves for the most wonderful time of the year, counting our blessings and realizing we already have it all.


helping me make some homemade rolls for dinner! always appreciate my extra helpers in the kitchen, even with the extra messes that usually accompany them. haha!  (ps. my red pajama’s are from here for those who have asked).


samson went over to my sister’s house that morning to help her make sweet potatoes and play with her dog for a little while. i came into the nursery after prepping something in the kitchen to find eleanor and samson under the desk reading books together in their pajamas! it’s their current favorite hide-out spot to read and it makes my day finding them there.


i told you guys earlier this week, but he’s made our turkey every single thanksgiving since we were newly weds and they never disappoint. we’re also getting really good at timing all the dishes all these years later so we’re able to eat everything hot and all at once! even with our tiny oven and stove top, it happened!


samson made that cute little turkey ornament at preschool earlier in the week! also, josh put together that bouquet of flowers himself from our local flower shop. my boys make me proud.


i love getting dressed up for thanksgiving! for those who’d like to know clothing sources, my orange eyelet skirt from here and my bowed collared sweater here (and it’s on sale!)


eleanor was so cute and ran to her room to grab her little thankful book mid meal! we went around the table a few times taking turns sharing things we were thankful for, and i think it prompted her to bring out her little book which we had forgotten she had made earlier in the week.


this man and his mad cooking skills. forever thankful for that, i tell you. thanksgiving would look a lot different if i were the one cooking that turkey. thank you so much, josh davis.


and hopefully next year, this boy will branch out and eat things beyond just the vegetables and rolls at thanksgiving dinner. haha!


one of conrad’s favorite people in this world is my brother in law, ryan. mid meal, he got down and went over to him to give him some hugs.


snagged this cute little necklace for eleanor last week and thought i’d save it for her christmas stocking. she found it (i forgot to hide it properly and put it on my dresser) and walked into the kitchen where i was and exclaimed excitedly, “mama, i love your new necklace! i put it on!” it was so sweet, that she thought it was mine since it was on my dresser but also so excited for me about my new necklace! i was like, “oh baby girl! that’s for you!!!” i mean, when i see something that is the color blue, and also the eiffel tower (it reminded me so much of the little blue eiffel tower key chains she brought home for all of her little friends a few years ago when we visited Paris) i had to get it for her. she was even more excited that it was for her! she hugged me so tight. she’s been wearing it everyday since! (it’s from crewcuts, for those interested.)


the kids helping my sister hannah put whipped cream on the chocolate mousse pie they brought over! they always make the best pies. it was delicious!


hope you had a great thanksgiving! we decorated for christmas the day after, and i seriously have been smiling nonstop since. it’s been a good couple of days, even if i couldn’t sit down comfortably with my pants buttoned up on saturday. but you know, seven servings of mashed potatoes later and i still don’t regret it. ;)


skirt: orange eyelet skirt

top: bowed collared sweater here (on sale!)

  1. Lovely pictures and I hope you had a super thanksgiving (I sure you had)

    Ahhh I see you and your children in “Milk” !!! Congratulations!!
    Eleanor if you need another Tour Eiffel I can sen you another one

    kisses from France

  2. Corina

    Love everything about this, Naomi. But mostly, the people in the photos. My favourites :)

  3. Martha

    That’s Conrad under the desk with E,not Samson LOL! “Between all the kids and pets, I just started calling everybody ‘darling’ “…I get you girl- I have 3 under 5 and this happens at least once a day ;-)

  4. brittany

    awww! this looks so cozy and perfect. josh’s turkey looks amazing!

    xo, brittany
    gift guide for the new mama on my blog today!

  5. my favorite family :) really loving eleanor’s natural up-do btw haha!

  6. Julie

    Hi Taza, I love this season of thanksgiving that you have in North America. It’s not something we celebrate here in Europe but I do see the point of being thankful for what we have got. Half the time I find our kids take so much for granted and can sound a bit spoilt. I always want to remind them that lots of little ones around the world don’t have even a fraction of what they have. It seems like you guys had a lovely celebratory day with everyone in a jolly mood. It’s great it’s a family celebration with no present involved, just a time to get together and appreciate just that, a special family time. Can’t wait to set up the Christmas tree, the kids are getting so impatient!! Have a lovely week. Hugs from London, Julie ps: adorable top Taza! So feminine!!

  7. Ashley

    What a beautiful family, love this time of year too! And it’s so true: we already have it all, a great reminder!

  8. Elishia

    It looks as though you had a wonderful time. My husband and I, two native Brits, were luck enough to be welcomed to experience a family Thanksgiving and we loved it. It’s a wonderful tradition and, like you, I am SO ready for Christmas!

  9. Casey

    Ah, I love that you accidentally called Conrad, Samson. There is something so endearing about mixing up children’s names. Not sure why – maybe because it implies your family is big, chaotic but full of love. There sweetness in the simplest mistake. Happy holidays. xo

  10. Carly

    It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I definitely agree that sometimes we forget to acknowledge the subtle parts of life that we should be grateful for too. I love that you are teaching your kids to be grateful for all the little details.

    Your dining room is amazing! You guys did rustic chic perfectly in that room.

    Also love that Josh wears an apron! My hubby will never wear one….

    Carly from

  11. Victoria

    Awe I love Eleanor and her new necklace. :) Glad you and your family had a lovely Thanksgiving, Naomi!

  12. Paige

    So glad you guys got to have such a lovely time with family! These pictures are beautiful!


  13. j_

    What are your sister’s tattoos? They look so cool from the little peek!

  14. Analisa

    Could you share the recipe for the chocolate mouse pie?!

  15. I am obsessed with your darling apartment! You make living in NYC with three kids look so easy! Thanks for your cute post!

  16. Jo

    Lovely photos, and looks like a fantastic day, just wondering though, Is Samson not so keen on having his photo taken? there seem to be fewer and fewer of him these days? kids do go through stages like this, i know my nephews did. Elenore is still super keen though, how do you entice them to pose?

  17. Rahele

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