little letters, ruffle + stripe edition.

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dear christmas tree stands currently being placed all over corners around new york city as i type this, SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU.

dear people who watched my instagram stories from karaoke with girlfriends last night, i watched them back this morning and i’m super sorry. #OffKey #BasicallyShouting (and i didn’t even post the celine songs.)

dear conrad, it’s been 5 consecuative mornings straight you’ve woken up for the day at 4AM. it’s cracking and killing and driving me nuts ever so slowly. we need to talk about it. you gotta get off iceland time. we’ve never even been there!

dear ruffle/stripe/peplum combo that exists in one top that literally made me gasp when i saw you hanging in the store yesterday, you can’t tell the other tops in my closet, but you’ve won me over in the few hours we’ve gotten to know each other and i am more than smitten.

dear kristin wiig hosting SNL, i’ve only seen your monologue and have yet to watch the rest, but it made me so freaking happy. thank you!

dear everyone who nominated me for most stylish mom of the year award by shopstyle, you’re super super nice. thank you for that! (if you’d like to vote for me, you can do so here.)

dear week of thanksgiving, i love how you come right before the craziness of christmas. you put so much in perspective. feeling so thankful for every single blessing in my life, especially those three beautiful babies of mine (even the one who is waking up at 4AM.)

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striped ruffle top (it’s 40% off today!)

denim boot jeans in velvet

also wearing this lipstick in russian red


  1. Kristy

    Oh my gosh, I live in the Midwest and my 2yr old has woke up at 4am for the day the last few days as well! What is up with that??!!! Is this still punishment for daylight savings time?!!!

  2. vicky

    love the simplicity of this post!
    that top is toooo cute.

  3. britt

    okay okay okay that top? so good!

    xo, brittany
    diy floral crown braids on mama + mini on my blog today

  4. Courtney

    Your top is the cutest! Your top is the cutest! What size did you get?

  5. Sarah

    I’m with you on the Christmas tree stands!! They give me instant happiness! Happy Holidays!

  6. Emmy

    That shirt looks so good on you!

    Emmy Coletti

  7. Jessica

    So cute! Hope your sweet little family has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m thankful I discovered your cheerful blog a few months ago!!

  8. Sarah

    I love Kristen Wiig!:)

  9. Corina

    Love these little letters, Naomi.
    And you are beautiful

  10. Julie

    Oh Taza, that 4 am wake call is horrendous. Our youngest had a short phase when she used to wake up at 5.30 am and I thought that was bad enough. We cut down her nap time and thankfully that made the difference. Love this super feminine top, perfect for the holiday season with a pair of jeans or smarter pants if you need a more sophisticated look! Hope you have a good rest of the week. Hugs from London, Julie

  11. Tristan

    Voted for you and Josh! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Jana

    Come to Iceland! It’s pretty great! ;)