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right now, there is this lingering smell of vomit on my shoulder that i can’t seem to get rid of. all three kids have taken turns experiencing a brutal stomach bug this week and i haven’t been outside in two days. it hits for just maybe a 12 hour stretch, and then they are happy and back to their regular selves, but just as we think we’ve sterilized everything and it’s left us in peace, it hits another family member. SO FUN. it’s definitely making the rounds in our neighborhood because many of our friends have had it the past few weeks as well, but it surely can’t make the rounds a second time in the same household (RIGHT?!).  i’m crossing my fingers josh and i have somehow miraculously skipped it this go. (we’ve basically had our fair share of experiencing it by being puked at and on over the past few days and that should count for something, yeah?)

hoping by next week (THANKSGIVING) it is gone! and hoping all of you are staying healthy this season, too!

sharing a billion photos from the past few weeks, many from our iPhones, today! the past few weeks have flown by but these photos help us remember all the little moments in there, that these past few weeks didn’t just pass us by without creating some beautiful memories as well.

a few of my favorites…


when we go in to kiss his cheeks he laughs so hard and covers them like this! it’s one of his favorite games, and it’s the sweetest!

quick photo on the way home from church! (for those who asked on insta, my boots are by frye. they are about 5 years old and still holding up so well thanks to josh and his cobbler.) faux fur vest HERE (on sale!) and denim dress HERE. and choker necklace HERE.


from a little after school tea party at alice’s tea cup with my sweet E and friends!

love-taza-lately2-2 love-taza-lately2-3love-taza-lately4

a firefighter making some play-doh pizza!


celebrating my friend mari’s birthday with a double decker bus ride around manhattan! i’d never done this before, and it’s a lot of fun! happy birthday, mari! and thank you amanda for the pictures! (my coat with the faux pink fur collar from HERE.)

love-taza-lately-3love-taza-latelylove-taza-lately7 love-taza-lately8

these two on their bike together is just the sweetest!

love-taza-lately9like pretty much everything, conrad likes to do it himself. he gets sad or mad if he doesn’t get to! love-taza-lately10-2

her hair is my absolute favorite. love when she asks me to do it for her.

love-taza-lately10-3 love-taza-lately10-4 love-taza-lately10-5

josh snapped this photo on his phone after samson came over to him and asked him to help him tape his other “skate” to his foot. haha! he taped that first one all by himself and was so proud. who cares about lego pain when you’ve got skates!!!!

love-taza-lately10-6 love-taza-lately10-7

josh took these pics a few weeks ago after i interviewed randi zuckerberg at 30 rock for the sprout network. it’s on my Facebook page if you wanna see.


always brings some sort of toy or gadget with him to the playground! spy glasses and cowboy boots!


i found this on josh’s phone. haha. i didn’t know he took it but it made me laugh, so sharing it here to archive.


by the way, exciting news! even if a bit unrelated, but i know so many of you have asked about my booties i’m wearing in this picture and since i’d bought them last year at nordstrom, i couldn’t find the exact pair online anymore. BUT, a reader named jenna found them (thank you, jenna!) and the exact pair can be found here. also, they are on sale, so extra exciting. i’ve lived in them this fall, they go with everything and are incredibly comfortable. also, how cute is my E in her all-purple look?! love this stage of dressing herself so much.


you see what i mean about never leaving home without some sort of gadget or accessory?! ski goggles for bike rides, okay!!!!

love-taza-lately10-12 love-taza-lately10

also, eleanor’s make-shift tool belt makes me all sorts of proud. i just love these kids so freaking much.

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somehow it’s thanksgiving next week and i don’t even know how we’re already here, but looking at these photos helps me remember how much we’ve done together the past few weeks and just makes me so thankful for cameras and photos and the memories they help preserve. even simple pictures from our phones, they are truly magical and i’m forever thankful to have them.

  1. sarah

    we have had that stomach bug. All of us once, and I just had it for the 2nd time. it is awful.

  2. Essie

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful family! Which lens do you mostly use with your Canon?

  3. Argh, that stomatch bug sounds awful. Hope you guys get through it soon!Three things:
    -The pic of Conrad on the bike with Josh trying to kiss him is adorable.
    -That outfit you’re wearing on the stoop with your kids? KILLING IT.
    -The photo of passerbys on the sidewalk and the bikes – ALL THE BLUE!!<3

  4. brittany

    okay eleanor and her toolbelt?! so good! i hope you guys feel betters soon!

    xo, britany
    i’ve got cold weather favorites for mama + babe on my blog today!

  5. Joyce Dowling

    Your kids are all so cute. I started reading your blog because I couldnt get over how cute E’s photos were. Enjoy reading you everyday!

  6. Love this. Now I want some tall wine colored socks to pair with boots.

  7. Conrad looks so snazzy in that tie! // Oh I remember participating in a program at NYC one summer, and I went on a trip to Alice’s Tea Cup with some friends and had so much fun! Loving Eleanor’s wings! // omg the Lego skates. Samson has such a wonderfully creative mind! You and Josh do so well with helping all three of them cultivate this curiosity and excitement they seem to have for everything! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  8. Julie

    Poor you Naomi, stomach bugs are horrendous and when it hits one family member at a time it feels like a never ending pain….Hope you get a chance at the weekend to get some fresh air to relax and everybody is back on their feet asap. Our youngest had a really nasty bronchiolitis in the latest school holiday which was really frightening and then as she struggling to fight it we all got a cold/cough which was definitely not fun (especially since I was sleep deprived from comforting my bronchiolitis stricken toddler at night), Anyway, sometimes there is not much we can do but I am definitely considering pumping up the whole family with vitamins, I hoping this will help! Have a relaxing weekend. Hugs from London, Julie

  9. Amy

    I love your houndstooth sweater outfit combo! Is the sweater still available somewhere online? And is that a superhero shirt? :)

    Sending healthy thoughts!

  10. Ragna

    Oh, stomach bugs are the worst. You’re very lucky if you can skip it this round!

    My daughter Taro (it’s her third birthday next tuesday!!! Exciting!!) has the same kitty dress as Eleanor! She is wearing it to school today. She loves everything with cats on it!

    Anyway feel better and happy Thanksgiving preps!!


  11. Niken

    I hope your kids are better now. I caught the stomach bug last week, and it was so torturing. Have a good weekend

  12. Lovely snaps, and I hope the family bug is a thing of the past now- lots of it too this side of the pond in the UK!

  13. Kinga

    Conrad is just the cutest haha I love your family lovely photos :)

  14. Amanda

    Echoing the comment about the houndstooth sweater outfit combo!! Where is the sweater from?! Looks great on you!!

  15. Lauren E.

    I hope it’s normal that I look at E’s outfits and think, “Could I pull that off?” I’m 31.

  16. marlena

    life is running so fast sometimes!!! it’s good that we can go back to these precious moments with our kids!

    great photos!

    sending love from Poland :)


  17. Madeline

    Hey naomi- love your blog! Just wanted to mention something however. I saw the picture of Conrad sitting on the floor in the “w” position. It’sm not sure if this is normal for him, but I wanted to draw your attention to it. That position in kids has been shown to cause development delays and health problems. Just caught my attention and wanted to bring to your attention in case it’s a regular thing for him. Might want to look into it. Hope the sicknesses are clearing up!

  18. rachel

    I already can’t wait for your thanksgiving post! Haha I am such a nerd. Love your family pics, thanks for sharing!

  19. Kelly

    I love your boots are your kiddos are seriously the cutest!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. Krista

    Hi Naomi! You may have already mentioned it somewhere, but where did you get that beige and black cardigan/jacket you’re wearing walking across the street with Eleanor? I love it! Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. And happy American Thanksgiving from your neighbor in Canada :)

    • TAZA

      it’s from Madewell and it’s a few years old! one of my all time favorite sweaters. i wish they still had it in stock!

  21. Ela

    Haha. This post brings back memories. My little sister and I used to turn our legos into skates, too :))


  22. Zoe S.

    Where is the shirt your wearing in the interview from? I’ve seen it everywhere and I am obsessed!