finding the biggest donut ever! and a VLOG, too!


so, i read about this new ginormous donut that the doughnut plant just launched over the weekend and knew i had to try it. it’s the week of thanksgiving and my diet has pretty much consisted entirely of sugar in celebration of the holiday. so it just seemed like the right next step, eating a donut the size of my face. they named it the ripple and the one we brought home was a berry parfait flavored, with blueberry, granola and raspberry. they say it’s a great alternative to having a pie at thanksgiving dinner since it’s supposed to feed several people, so i guess if you don’t like pie, here you go!!!

see the video and more photos below…


can’t ever lose me in a crowd! i’ll be the one in bright color, forever and ever!


conrad always gets so excited to try to help pay and swipe the card. he’s just as confused as i am with this whole new “insert chip” thing. it seriously drives me nuts, especially that loud rude beeping sound that it makes when it wants you to remove your card.


you’ll see in the video, but samson was so excited about this donut and fell asleep before we got there. i tried to wake him because i promised him i’d do so before he fell asleep, but he wouldn’t wake up! we saved the rest of the big donut though to eat at home with both eleanor and samson later that day because that’s more fun anyway.


this is conrad pretending to sleep after he pointed at his sleeping brother in the stroller! he is such a ham.

love-taza_-10love-taza_-9love-taza_ love-taza_-5love-taza_-7honestly it’s a super fun donut because it’s just so big and colorful and different, but i don’t think it’s life changing or anything like that (and i do believe things like donuts have the potential to be life changing. it’s true.) definitely fun to try if you’re in chelsea and have a group with you. regardless, the donut plant is still one of my favorite spots in the city for a treat. the creme brûlée donut is just perfection.

hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving tomorrow!!! we’re staying here in the city for the holiday and my sister and her husband are joining us for dinner and i’m so excited. josh has cooked us a turkey every year since our first year of marriage and he has seriously perfected it. i’m especially excited for my huge plate of left overs the day after because somehow it always tastes even better than the day before!


pink tweed coat (it just sold out) but all other coats at jcrew are 40% off today! loving all these ones with the bright colors for the season!

pink pom pom beanie hat

this lipstick in the color pink me up 

conrad’s panda coat is old (it once was eleanor’s and then samson’s), but the new updated pattern  is blue with penguins!

conrad’s red gnome hat

conrad’s red rain boots

  1. Greta

    Hi! I know you said your coat just sold out online but is it from Jcrew like the others you linked to? Hoping to be able to find it in store, I just love it!

  2. Erin

    Stuff like this makes me miss NYC so much!! I recently moved to Chicago and Donut Plant was one of my last stops (along with 2 Bros because I loveee their dollar slices). Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Allie

    So in love with your outfit! and what a fun and quick outing to have with family. so sweet. have a blessed thanksgiving!!!


  4. brittany

    okay one that donut- it’s huge! and two both your hat and conrad’s hat are amazing.

    happy thanksgiving!

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got the BEST gift guide for babies and toddlers on my blog today!

  5. Victoria

    I would prefer a donut that size over a pie any day! 😄

  6. Sara H

    Was the donut as amazing as it looks!??

    Please share what brand your stroller mittens are!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving-



  7. Jessica

    okay, don’t be creeped out but every time I watch your videos, I am in awe of your beauty–inside and out. My family has loved watching your vlogs. We have started really getting into watching family friendly vlogs together and yours is one of the few we like! We also started one recently (6 kids=lots of chaos!) Anyway, just wanted to share with you :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  8. My son would have freaked! He’s a little older than Conrad and he just recently started REALLY liking donuts and now every time we walk past one he has to have it!


  9. kellie

    Wow- yea that is definitely the biggest donut EVER

  10. That doughnut is truly majestic // I’m leaving for NYC tomorrow for my Thanksgiving weekend and will be staying at my friend’s house with three more of our girlfriends! We did the same thing last year, so we’re all super excited! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  11. Carly

    Oh my gosh! That is seriously the biggest donut ever! I love that it’s bigger around than Conrad… funny. I bet it was amazing

    You look great in that tweed pink coat. It’s so stylish and fun. Definitely unexpected and fabulous on a mommy of three.

    I hope you five have a wonderful Thanksgiving and continue to eat tons of sugar in celebration

    Carly from

  12. Dana

    I love reading your blog! I have just one question: aren’t you cold? You always dress so light. Happy Holidays from Romania :)

  13. Sarah

    You guys always find the most impressive sweets! Those donuts are incredible. Love the happy faces and colors in your photos!

  14. Sonya

    I’m really loving your vlogs! Can you please share camera and lens information, please! When you busted out your camera it had me so intrigued. Thanks!

  15. Destinee Leakey

    I just found a coat at JCrew for 60% yesterday! Thank you black friday! Also, that doughnut is everything!

  16. Alaina Tarver

    This has nothing to do with this post, but there’s not way to email you to ask you this.

    Anyways, a few years ago you posted a picture of little gold name rings. I loved it so much, my husband got me one with the name of our newborn daughter. Well, we’ve added to our family since then, and I need more rings! But I can’t find the link we used to buy ours. Can you please send me the link?

  17. emmy

    I swear every time I am at doughnut plant the line is soooo long lol. I’m glad you guys got to try this! It looks delicious!

    Emmy Coletti

  18. Yessie

    Where in the city do you get your lashes done ?