family walks in central park!


central park never gets old. on the way home from our family walk last night, josh said to me, “could you believe central park tonight?!” and then we spent a solid couple of minutes shaking our heads in agreement at how beautiful the park is this time of year, with all the deep bold colors. and also how fortunate we are to have her so close to our home. i don’t know if it’s a good thing that it’s november and short sleeve weather, but we enjoyed it regardless and will continue to do so for however long it lasts.

for our walk, we headed down towards the mall in the middle of the park, stopping every few feet to spy something new along the way or so one of the three kids could get in or out of the stroller, take a water break, or get carried. after we got to the mall, we just kind of meandered around admiring the color and street performers and then sat on a bench and talked while the kids ran free. at one point, eleanor was spinning in circles with her arms out pretending to be a compass and then stopping and pointing to the direction we should go next. we made our way to a nearby playground on the west side of the park before grabbing a yummy dinner together at parm on the way home.


photo by samson.


a few days ago we had one of conrad’s little friends over for a playdate and he poked her belly button at one point and said “BOOP!” smiling so big! i realized it’s something i do constantly to him because he giggles so hard each time. it was hysterical to see him mimic my actions and try to play the game with his little friend. the best is when he lifts up his own shirt randomly and tries to find his own belly to give a little poke!


oh conrad! HOW are you going to be TWO next month already?! these two years have flown by (well, not at night. but you know, all the other hours of the day) and i just feel so proud of you. you make everyone so happy in our family by being you.


sheep’s meadow was insanely beautiful. we only walked by it, but seriously. a dream.


never too big to be thrown in the air by papa!


wanting to be superman all day everyday. :)


while we sat on a bench in the park as the kids ran and played, conrad started sweeping leaves into a little pile and we realized he was trying to create a big pile to jump in like we did the other day. the pile was so tiny, but he stood right in the middle of it and started jumping up and down. it was very sweet.


jumping up and down in that little pile of leaves! bless his adorable heart.


i love samson in this photo. he is such an incredible big brother to conrad. he waited for conrad to climb up the slide so they could slide down together (although then conrad got too scared and didn’t want to go after all!) but he raced up there, and saw conrad coming and all on his own slide over to one side and patted the seat next to him saying, “come on, conrad!”


these two racing is also gold. they went down several times and basically tied every single time.


this patch of bush in the park almost looked hot pink!


the faces in this photo! i love them so much.

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central park, you’re always so good to our family. happy november, guys!


ps. wearing this black denim jacket, and this t-shirt, loosestraight jeans and m.gemi flats. similar pink hat here and here. and wearing this lipstick in the color mauve matte. eleanor’s starwars sweatshirt and samson’s superman sweatshirt. and eleanor’s tennis shoes here. samson’s frye boots that he has literally not taken off since summer (best ROI?! lol) can be found here.

  1. Aubrey

    That’s how we feel about the parks here in London! They’re just magical :) And we’re trying to enjoy them as much as possible before we head back to the states. Your photos make me think the next trip on the agenda needs to be NYC!

  2. lorena

    Love new York, Central Park so beautiful thank you for sharing those pictures.



  3. Bridget

    that sheep’s meadow picture with the sun! dreamy.

  4. brittany

    These pictures are so, so dreamy. Conrad’s belly + your black jean jacket= good stuff!

    xo, Brittany

    I’ve got wishlists for mama + babe on my blog today

  5. Johana

    Fantastic family photos. Will be visiting NYC in 2 weeks and it looks like we won’t be needing coats after all!

  6. Valerie

    These pictures are amazing. I love how you catch the small sweet moments that I am always trying to tell myself to remember but know I will forget if I don’t find a way to immortalize them as you have. This fall weather is great!

    I have a question re: the Conrad playdate. My kids and I just moved into a condo. I want my son (6) to have playdates since he hasn’t been able to in so long, but I worry that they won’t have enough to entertain them. Do you have any tips for what you do? Maybe with the older kiddos when they have friends over? Thanks!!!

  7. Alison

    These photos are like a fall dream! Central Park does indeed look magical – this is going to inspire me to take some fall walks of my own!

    Alison -

  8. Jennie

    hey taza! darling photos!
    you shoot in manual mode right? do you know which metering mode you use?

  9. Paige

    I think I need to come and live in your closet for a month or two, because all your outfits are so dang perfect!


  10. Elishia

    I haven’t lived here for long, so have so much exploring left to do BUT Central Park is still my absolute fave place in the city. You can get completely lost there and I love the northern part, a little more wild and untamed. Beautiful pictures Naomi x

  11. Julie

    Hin Taza, you gotta love a big park near you especially when the beautiful autumn colours strike! We are so lucky as well where we live in London as we are near Richmond Park, a magnificent Royal Park that looks more like a forest than a park since deers and stags room around but a fantastic place to walk around. I cannot wait to go out there this weekend and try to see some nice fall shades. I love looking at your fun pics and was delighted to see you guys had a brilliant time out together! Big hugs from the UK, Julie

  12. hanna

    I’m loving your hat –Hanna Lei

  13. Neha

    Central Park, three lovely kids,one happy husband, pink hat and 70 degree weather in November! A good day! :)

  14. Katrin

    One of my favorite places!!
    I always love seeing you with a hat, naomi! :)

  15. You are so lucky having central Park so close…. It’s very beautiful in autumn!!!!!
    Thank for sharing Naomi and family of course

    Kisses from France

  16. Oh my GOODNESS. I was in NYC during the spring (RIGHT as all the cherry blossoms were blooming) and didn’t think anything could be more beautiful. Well, it looks like fall is giving it a run for its money! So wishing I could visit the city at this time of year.
    Also, obsessed with the photo of you, Josh, and Conrad that Samson took (your kids are becoming quite the photographers!). It reminds me of those beautiful old photos you find of your parents in their younger days. <3

  17. Lauren

    I love your adorable family. How blessed you are.