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with christmas around the corner, we partnered up with pinhole press to gift the kiddos a few fun activity books and games a few weeks early to get into the holiday spirit! we have three very serious artists on our hands and we always love finding new creative ways to help encourage their artistic endeavors.

i customized some family faces sticker coloring books for eleanor and samson and also customized a names and faces puzzle for conrad! conrad absolutely loves pointing out his loved ones and trying to vocalize names right now, so pairing a name puzzle piece with a face he loves is totally his jam. he is having the most fun with that puzzle game. it’s also a great tool for helping him as we work on learning colors, numbers and shapes as well. and samson likes to practice reading all the names!


the family faces sticker book comes with 30 blank pages for coloring and 96 stickers total! you’re able to customize all of the stickers with faces of loved ones so the kids can use them as a jumping off point to create a special masterpiece as they color away.


conrad is at the most darling stage of mimicking literally everything we do, so when i put my hands up in the air like this asking him which picture was of his papa, he had to join in and do it as well! haha. it was very sweet.

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i really love finding gifts that encourage my kids to do something creatively, but it’s an even bigger plus when it also combines my love of picture taking and beautiful photos and helps bring family memories off the computer or hard drive and into something a bit more meaningful.

***for anyone who would like to make their own customized gifts with pinhole press this season, you can use the code TAZA2016 to receive 20% off all products through december 12th (which is the order deadline for christmas delivery)! you can see some cute board books the kids and i made for josh for father’s day last year right here, which also make for the sweetest and most special of holiday gifts.  thank you to pinhole press for sponsoring this blog post!

  1. brittany

    oh my goodness this is amazingly cute- i am totally making a little faces puzzle for my little gal! she is obsessed with pictures of herself right now, so this is perfect!

    xo, brittany
    gift ideas for keeping a toddler active during the cold winter on my blog today!

  2. carly

    My son loves doing puzzles! He literally has like 30 of them and he’s only 3. He would love the picture puzzles. Maybe we will get them for him for Christmas

    The mimicking stage is so fun!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Carly from

  3. Cyndi

    So cute, I am going to have to try this! And where is your top from! I LOVE IT!

  4. Julie

    Hi Taza, love the idea of a personalised puzzle and stickers. My middle one swears by stickers, she draws to all her friends and having stickers is the icing on the cake so she would love that. I need to check that they ship to the UK.I love Conrard’s face on those pics, looking cheekier than ever! Have a good rest of the week. Julie x

  5. Mollie

    What a sweet idea!! I love that it helps little kiddos learn their relatives, especially for the ones who live far away. Very sweet.

    xoxo Mollie

  6. Caitlin

    I love the idea of these crafts! They’re so clever and such a great way to encourage your kids to be creative! I especially love the idea of that puzzle – it’s just so clever!

  7. Rose J.

    Love pinhole presses idea! Such a fun gift too for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Gem

    Absolutely adore the jigsaw puzzles, what a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing :)

  9. Victoria

    How cute! I love this. :)

  10. omg I feel like my friends and I would have too much fun with those face stickers!! Also, I would probably benefit from those puzzles; it’d help me figure out my extended family :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  11. Anna

    Hey there! Question: I’m wondering why the kids call Josh “Papa”. Do you have European roots? My husband is from Germany and when our baby is born he wants to be called Papa, since that’s what he grew up with. Do you guys have a similar story??

  12. That’s an amazing idea! Looks like there are so much fun!

  13. Alex

    I really like the idea but they do not ship to France :(

  14. Josie

    I just love your blog! It’s very inspiring, colorful, and well rounded. I just love the photos. Who takes all the ones in your home? Or are they just on a wireless remote? They are so fun!

  15. hanna

    That is such a cute gift idea! –Like Hanna

  16. This is so cute! I love the idea of them being in the puzzles, notebooks, etc. makes it just that more fun. These would make great stocking stuffers!


  17. I just bought my mom a custom puzzle of my daughter and used your coupon code! Thank you so much! My mom loves puzzles so it’s a perfect gift! :)

  18. Kerry

    that is just about the best thing i’ve ever seen on your blog! even inspiring me to comment just how cute that photo puzzle is.
    about to look into it now. hope they deliver internationally!