breakfast date on a brownstone stoop!


it’s been so much fun having a few hours the past couple of months with just conrad when samson is at his morning preschool a few times a week as well as eleanor in kindergarten each day. conrad usually naps in the mornings (although he’s beginning to shift to a later nap all on his own), and we’re still trying to figure out the best routine and schedule for the upcoming months when it comes to school days and conrad, but it’s been nice to have some one on one time here and there with him. i’ve noticed how far that goes with each of our children this past year, and so josh and i frequently take eleanor or samson out on little dates during the week. but conrad is just so small still, i forget how nice and also necessary it is to really focus on doing activities together beyond just reading books together and playing at home in the nursery. he’s anxious to chat more, to point things out to me and try to have a talk about it. he loves when i acknowledge things he’s trying to tell me, even when i can’t totally understand what it is he’s saying. i love it so much, though. this is one of my favorite stages with a toddler.

we grabbed some breakfast to go after the early morning drop-offs for eleanor and samson, and papa came and met up with us, too, after biking samson to his class nearby. josh took these photos and i love them. especially the ones where conrad totally tricked me when giving me a bite of his bagel and smeared cream cheese all over my face faster than you can say, “STOP!” he then proceeded to laugh so hard he basically turned red and doubled over. it was kind of the best thing ever and so i just went along with it and it’s something i will never forget. i’ll take a smear of cream cheese to the face anyday to hear that impromptu fit of giggles.


a few seconds after i leaned in for a bite and instead got a smash of cream cheese on me. he thought it was the funniest thing, and it totally was. until he went for it again and really got me good! one thing i know for certain that my kids got from me, is my love of slap stick. this is the kind of stuff my comedic dreams are made of and the fact that they can’t get enough of it either makes me happy.


i’ll take that brown one in the middle, please. (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. but no really, how about just one floor of it?!)


my loyalty remains faithful even all these years later to my chocolate chip einstein bagel, but ok fine, new york bagels come in a close second.


at least he wanted to help me out with a napkin after the jokes were through. THAT is my kind of gentleman and he gets that gene from his dad.


this stoop is one of the very best, year after year.


when he stands up and signs “all done!” it’s such an announcement in our household after every meal. not sure how it started to be such a thing, but all three of my kids dramatically exclaim it once they are finished. haha!

love-taza-breakfast-on-a-stoop38hk748d-7“ching-ching!” we say. here’s a toast to hoping you guys have a happy friday and an amazing weekend! thanks for following along and also for your comments! love you all so much.

ps. wearing this polka dot silk blouse, these acid wash jeans and similar shaggy vest (another great option here.) similar suede booties here and here. my bracelet is an oldie but similar here.


  1. Goodness I am loving the little Conrad stories and the little videos in which he talks, it seriously is THE cutest!! I watch them over and over again. Man I hope to have a family of my own one day :) Happy weekend!


  2. Kyra

    So great! And those beautiful stoops!

    Greetings from Germany! Following your blog for years now :)

  3. Susan

    We had an Einstein bagels across the street in college. Oh, how I love them. I’m with you! I love when my older ones go off to school and I get to miss them but just cuddle with a sweet tiny one. I also love when they come home and tell me all about their adventures that day! They’re like grown up babies. My heart can’t handle it. Also it’s amazing what you can get down with only one child in tow.

  4. Carly

    I bet Conrad loves having a few hours of you all to himself. Looks like a wonderful morning and that he has mastered harassing his mom!

    I always see pictures of people sitting on the brownstones and wonder if the owners come out and get annoyed that so many people like to sit there and take pictures. Has that ever happened to you guys?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Carly from

  5. lorena

    I love that age that they are always happy, I hate how they grow up so fast. I try to be with my kids as much as I can, lovely pictures

    Have a nice weekend!!!



  6. Lauren

    He is so cheeky I love it! Happy Friday to you too! x

  7. brittany

    what a sweetheart! these pictures are so cute- i love your vest!

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got weekend links + sales and steals on my blog today-

  8. Lovely pics. And Conrad you are very funny!!lolol . I loved have time with my children individually…. You can focus in only one.

    Kisses from France

  9. Allie

    absolutely love how the laughter and happiness in these photos bring a smile to my face. this is such a sweet post and i must disagree with the chocolate chip bagels and say that new york is definitely in first place ;) haha you’re such a lucky lady to be around all the good freshly made bagels. we’re definitely lacking that in california.


  10. christa

    These are some of the cutest photos ever!! What fun to see their little personalities! Also love your outfit :)

    xo christa |

  11. Jessica

    Oh how I love toddlerhood!! Still all squishy and ready for snuggles but starting to really show who they are. And the talking!! My 2 year old cracks me up daily! You two are just adorable together! Also, love your nail color!

  12. evan

    Oh, New York in the fall is lovely!
    This whole post is straight out of You’ve Got Mail.

  13. Nik

    totally honest question, since I’ve never been to New York. Do people often stop to eat on a house stoop? What if the owner were to come outside?

  14. Katie

    Oh my gosh, I (vicariously) adore all of your children, but Connor is for sure taking the spotlight these days! :)

  15. jamie

    Gaaahhh, so sweet. Makes me wish for when my dude was only 2…I so look forward to your posts – they are always joyful, even when you admit that it’s not always easy behind the scenes, and that’s the key to it all, isn’t it? .

  16. this post was just so adorable and cozy, i absolutely love it!

  17. Ana

    Oh my goodness! I love this so much!!! These photos are so precious :)

  18. Sally

    Too cute! Just curious – is this your stoop? I live in a brownstone in Jersey City and personally never really like it when I get home after a long day at work and strangers are plopped down on it. Just feels wrong!

  19. Barbara

    It reminds me those years when my girl was little and we spent time together every day after dropping her big brother to school. It brings such a warm feeling to my heart :) Thank you for bringing back my lovely memories. Very beautiful pictures and your son is adorable!

  20. It’s funny, I got a chocolate chip bangle from Einstein once and I never forgot it. BUT I also got a bagel one time in NY (somewhere in Astoria) and I’ll never forget that one either ;)

  21. You two seem to have the most special relationship and he is just the SWEETEST thing. Also, NYC’s brownstones are basically what all my dreams are made of, and I’d move to the city just for THAT. <3

  22. Sabine

    Oh my gosh!!! Conrad is just the cutest!!! :) I like the relaxed way you have with your children! I try to work on that, too!

  23. Lourdes Martin

    omg. He is just the cutest!! I love your relationship-I can’t wait to have kids! :) :)



  24. Meg

    Conrad is the absolute cutest and the shots of you and him with the bagel is just…SO SWEET,

  25. Desiree

    Have you ever tried Bagel Boy in Brooklyn? Delicious!

  26. Rebecca

    Is this your stoop? Gorgeous anyway!

  27. Becky

    I love NY bagels too. NJ bagels are yummy and easier for me to get

  28. Jenny

    Lovely photos!What a sweet family.

    I apologise that this question is slightly unrelated to your post: you always have such stylish haircuts, but I have curly hair and cannot replicate your style! Do you have any suggestions for how to style curly hair?

  29. Paige

    This is so fun and cute! I love that NYC offers you thousands of different ways to connect with your kids one on one!


  30. Gray

    Your photos are adorable but what happens when Conrad smashes his food in a classmates face? Kids need to be educated in behavior and allowing him to smash food in your face and laugh only encourages it. You guys look like you love your kids very much but it’s surprising how much control you give to them.

  31. Tina

    Please share what nail color that is! Such a pretty red!

  32. Angelica

    That age is so sweet. I love it.

  33. Mariana

    Looks like Conrad is gonna be the funny guy in the family, so little and already knows how to crack everyone up. I love him haha