at home, over the weekend…

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trying to be better at bringing the camera out on occasion at home and documenting the simpler moments, the messier moments, the in-between moments that i love and live for that are worth celebrating, too. sometimes it’s easy to remember to grab the camera and bring it out when we’re going somewhere specific or doing something special, but honestly, it’s these moments when we’re just together kicking it at home that i love the most and cling to when i’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed with life.

here are a few of snippets from the time we spent at home this past weekend…


literally mid-meal, conrad got down from the table and went and got this fireman hat and walked around the table to put it on josh’s head. it was so random and hilarious and even better, josh kept it on while we finished dinner.


NEED your lashes, samson rex davis. please share them with your mama.

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lately very into drawing ambulances carrying hurt people to the hospital. not sure how this came about, but we’re a bit fixated on it at the moment. :)


i shouldn’t allow this, but yes, conrad is sitting on the sofa eating a banana. this is his routine every other hour. he requests a banana and he sits like that while he eats it. also, keeping clothing on him is near impossible these days.  but back to the bananas… the other day my sister hannah was over and she was leaning over the sofa trying to scrub it with her hand all like, “what’s on your sofa?” it broke my heart to tell her it was dried banana because she hates nothing more than bananas and she was totally touching it. i need to clean our sofa. sorry again, hannah.

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when she draws us together holding light sabres, i could die. :)

love-taza-athome836hh4cor-6 love-taza-athome836hh4cor-5 don’t go for the eyes, conrad!

have a great week, everyone!

  1. I was talking to a friend the other day about blogs and how I am starting to follow less and less blogs but how over the last 5 or so years I never cease to check out your blog daily to see if there’s something new up. And the reason that you and your family stick with me is exactly because of posts like these. Where even though you guys made the blog your main job and live off of it. The message and the core of the whole site never changed. You guys inspire me and I love how you love and treasure family. Thank you for being you and bringing positivity in this world. I, for one, really appreciate it and look forward to your posts very very much.

    Lots of love,

  2. That’s life!!! you’re right, these moments are important too in our life, not only when we are doing somethings special but also when you are in this “normal” time.

    Ah: Samson can you, please, share your lashes with me also, please pleas :)

    Kisses from France

  3. Alli

    I love this post. Where did you get Eleanor’s cute Star Wars top?

  4. Brittany

    oh my goodness- they are all so darn cute! conrad kills me- and eleanor’s crown braid is so amazing! i’ll also take some lash help, samson!

    xo, brittany

    i’ve got a guide to looking cute postpartum on my blog today- or when you just want to stay cozy!

  5. Jane

    I totally agree – simple, no frills time with people you love most is the best. It also tells a lot about a family that can have ridiculous amount of fun just being by themselves and doing nothing particularly special.

    It’s these ordinary moments that I find most extraordinary when I’m with people I love.

  6. Carly

    The simple moments of motherhood are definitely the best and even though they aren’t picture perfect, but they are definitely worth capturing.

    Love that you guys shared pictures of just your everyday moments!

    Conrad’s face is heart melting!… sweet

    Carly from

  7. Sarah

    I love your posts like this one so much. Such a gorgeous family. Thank you for sharing! X

  8. Sierra

    This is so cute. It’s always nice to capture the here and now. So many blogs only share the pretty and perfect things so it’s nice to see the everyday happenings. Such precious pictures to look back on. Beautifully Candid

  9. Neha

    :) my toddler was very much like Conrad when she was younger. She used to prop herself up on the couch and would eat her snacks – banana is the hardest fo clean, It took a while for her to grow out of that!

  10. I love the idea of catching those simple, in-between moments because you are so right..they are the ones to cherish. I enjoyed this post!

  11. Siobhan

    Oh my gosh, of all your posts this is one of my favorite!
    I think in this day of social media and capturing every moment, we forget the beauty in the messy, not as picture perfect moments when we forget about keeping the house clean and just play and laugh and enjoy time. Last night I was awake past my kiddos and husband, I put the toys aware, I swept up the crumbs, I packed up the blankets. All the things reminding my of our weekend at home. I prepared us for the work week ahead and it was bittersweet to sweep away all the reminiscences of the weekend.
    These are the moments that bind a family, and come every Monday I miss them so.

  12. Jenn

    These are the best moments to treasure. I usually never take my camera out at home. Thank you for the recommendation!
    The Pepper Express

  13. Paige

    Loving this photographic peek into a typical laid back weekend! You guys are such a cute family.


  14. luna

    your apartment makes me want to claw my eyes out! gross and filthy. straighten your photos.

  15. That first pic…what a feisty little one! lol! Reminds me of my daughter…she is so well-tempered and sweet, but when she wants to bring on the sass, holy moly, watch out, lol!

  16. Love capturing photos of moments at home, although I also need to remember to pull out the camera more. These moments you capture were so sweet!

    -Kristeena xx

  17. Brittnie

    The second photo with Conrad coloring and Josh looking over his shoulder…the look on Conrad’s face is priceless!!!! “Check out this masterpiece, Papa!!” Love your blog and keeping up with your family and New York City living!

  18. Karlie

    Your photos are beautiful and speak a thousand words. Your family life is inspiring to me as a mother of 4 kids to appreciate the small moments . I absolutely ADORE your appartment by the way and your eclectic style, it oozes happiness and warm. I think you’re an outstanding mother and wife/best friend to your husband and the legacy you’re leaving to your children is beautiful!

  19. Tamara

    Yes, I recognise the need for small pleasures when life van feel overwhelming or anxious…That saves us I guess, in these moments.
    Thanks for your stories and just keep going strong :)

  20. Loved this post-thanks for inviting us into your home routines…i love how genuine your posts always are.



  21. Eleanor is rocking that Star Wars shirt! Also loving the photos of Conrad wearing his astronaut helmet and all the toys behind him; the colours are gorgeous! And how kind of him to share his fireman helmet with Josh! Conrad also makes a great monkey :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  22. Zsuzsanna

    Hi Naomi, I’m your reader from Johannesburg and must admit that your blog posts always shine my days up, Thank you for sharing your precious moments spent with your beautiful family! You guys are such inspiration to cherish little things in life. Thank you!

  23. Amanda

    Your blog is definitely my favorite part of the internet, but this post is my #1 favorite. Thanks for beautifully, stylishly, and yet still sincerely celebrating family life. It does more good than you know.

  24. Joy

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile now, but this kind of post really resonates with me. You have a beautiful family and I love seeing you all in your real environment…toys all over the place, banana on the sofa and all. So relateable and lovely. Thank you! :)

  25. Kim

    That stationary, though! Where is it from?

  26. Caitlin

    Thanks for sharing the messy bits of life. I couldnt love this more.