an evening together in soho!

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late on saturday afternoon, we took the crew down to soho since conrad was refusing a nap at home and we thought maybe the stroller would do the trick (IT ALWAYS DOES THE TRICK!) by the time we got off the train downtown, we managed to have not one but TWO sleeping boys with us (thank you, stroller)! so we pushed a very quiet stroller around the neighborhood and enjoyed the weather and being just josh and me with our E.

we’re in a new stage of parenthood now where there are so very many questions. such a sweet curious mind soaking in the world around her, and with that comes a new phase of conversation. so it’s nice to be able to chat sometimes just us and eleanor, where we can really focus on her questions about life or the world, the questions she brings home from school (oh bless this whole new school chapter, because sometimes those learned phrases or statements from her classmates often feel like the hardest to tackle and answer). but even so, it’s an exciting chapter. because she is such a smart little girl who is determined to learn and understand. and i know that with all the junk or crazy or even plain stupid stuff out there she’ll be exposed to, that she’ll figure it out. even if her mama ages 10 years in the next school calendar year just trying to stay calm as i help her navigate. but yeah, this new stage. THIS NEW STAGE! this is the part where i basically beg all my seasoned mama friends to leave your wisdom with me in the comments. because it’s no joke that it takes a village, and the internet village i’m a part of is one of the very best and i’m so thankful for your tidbits of knowledge and kind words as we attempt each new stage for the first time. (thank you.)

anyway, on a lighter note, PICTURES FROM SATURDAY!


a favorite cobblestone street. the next time it snows in new york, you’ll find me here. i wanna see it all covered in sparkly white.


it’s not often this happens these days, but when it does, it’s kind of the most beautiful sight in my eyes and i just wanna kiss those sweet cheeks a million times.


when the occasional NYC curb isn’t exactly stroller friendly but you gotta keep going. HA. this curb was a particularly difficult moment of struggle for me and that last wheel just wouldn’t budge. eleanor even got out and helped pushed! but i still love you, new york. even when the curb isn’t being friendly and i hear suburbia in my head calling out, “HEY! OVER HERE! we have friendly curbs!” ;)


i was standing outside the pizza shop with the boys in the stroller when E and josh went in to get a slice.  when she walked out like this holding her pizza, it’s like i saw a 16 year old version of her just casually out and about enjoying a slice. and it was wild. she’s the sweetest. (also, so many shades of purple! haha. her second favorite color after blue.)


juggling a moving double stroller with a third child on the back WHILE holding and eating a slice of pizza. thoroughly impressed, josh davis. sometimes i feel like you are new york to me.

gonna get so mushy for a minute and say, who would have thought all those years ago when we fell in love in this city that we’d still be here, even ten years later, with three beautiful babies, some grey patches poking through your beard and a new non-existent-rather flat chest for me (thanks to that 5+ years breast-feeding stint we just wrapped up over here)…. but that we’d still have all the heart eyes for new york and no plans to leave her. who would have thought. life is crazy.


a collection of acorns from the week that has been hanging out in our stroller! my kids and their collections! eleanor keeps talking about doing an (art) project with them.


we walked by this place called jars by dani and eleanor was so excited when she saw they had a cookie dough jar. kind of a brilliant idea! all the jars are beyond beautiful, we met dani herself who was a sweetheart, and since the boys were snoozing, it was fun to sit outside and chitchat with E while she tried a few bites of her cookie dough jar. (we saved the rest for later.)


eleanor pointed out to us the men up on the side of the building painting a sign. they were seriously dancing as they painted and it was fun to take a minute and watch. i love how she can always find these fun things around the city as we walk. she is so observant and i’d have totally missed them if she hadn’t shared.


strawberries in your hair, sweet girl.

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when conrad eventually woke up from his late nap, it was 5:30PM! also, he woke up mad and angry at the world and the only thing that seemed to calm him were some french fries. i think he was just hungry, since we normally eat dinner earlier but he was snoozing through it. these kids and their ketchup though! i can’t stand it.


thankful for this best friend of mine because little adventures around the city are always more fun with him around. even if we maybe argued on the corner about our transportation method home and if the subway or a taxi would be faster. (we went with his theory….subway. and yes, it was rather fast and ok fine! i get it.)


ps. wearing this dress (c/o), similar boots, similar leather jacket (also here) and similar cream pompom beanie.

  1. Ella

    Hi! Love this post, so cute

    I’m coming to NY next week from Sydney Australia (first time! Exciting!) and I’m trying to work out what to pack, because based on my
    weather app it doesn’t look that cold there right now? Do I go full puffer coat just to be safe, long wool overcoat, short coat… ?Ill be there until after thanksgiving.
    and a huge thank you for the guides you have published they have been super helpful!

  2. Verity

    Your dress is gorgeous!

    Real question though, how do you guys get a cab with 3 littles AND a double stroller?!? We just about manage a single in London, but even then I am sure more taxis ‘don’t see us’ than stop.

  3. lorena

    Beautiful Pictures as always, thank you for share them, I am in loved from NY hopefully I can come back soon!!!



  4. Tracy

    OMG love Jars By Dani and so happy she opened a shop!

    Those special moments with E and Josh look great!

    Have a great week, Naomi!

  5. brittany

    that picture of eleanor with her pizza! she looks 16!
    you look so pretty too- love your dress!

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got holiday dress up clothes for mama + mini on my blog today

  6. Emily

    Hi Naomi and fam! Just wanted to comment about the phase that Eleanor and you all have entered into. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I’m not a mom yet, but have the awesome and exciting opportunity to teach kiddos Eleanor’s age! I’m a kindergarten teacher, and that alone warrants all kinds of questions and conversations. Sometimes they ask me
    Questions and I’m like “WHATTTTT IM NOT QUALIFIED TO ANSWER THAT!” However, it’s so exciting that they are inquisitive and excited to learn. I think what is the hardest about sending kids off the school, is that not every family may have the same standards as your family. You want your special one to be safe, to hear good things and not bad words, you want them to have positive experiences, not negative ones. So what I challenge my parents of the students I teach- is to rear their child in a way that they know what’s expected of them from their parents, and from their teacher. If someone is doing something, saying something, whatever, that they know is wrong, they need to run from it. My parents taught me that very early. Run from wrong, run to right. I think the most exciting part of being a parent is that you get to be the one who answers those hard questions. And honestly when my students ask me something I’m not sure how to respond I say “ask your parents” haha. I’m really passionate about Eleanor’s age. For many 5 year olds, they have never been in school before, we throw all this stuff at them, and just like I need after a long day, I want to ask a million questions of the things I’ve observed. It’s really an exciting time. Sometimes I wish I was 5 again haha. Long winded commment but there you go :)

  7. Maggie

    You have really nic life i NYC :) E. is lovely girl and ketchup is the best Conrad ;)

  8. New York is an amaizing city. It’s my dream to live there, but unfortunately I think it will be that only a dream.

    You are my window to NY in every post. Thank you Naomi for sharing with me :)

    Kisses from France

  9. Steph

    lovely photos and post as usual. I’ve been a long time reader and follower. The flat chest from nursing totally rang true with me as I just finished nursing 3 weeks ago (2nd boy) – also have a 3.5 year old. I nursed them both for 20 months. Anyway, just wondering if you have any bra recommendations to provide a little enhancement if you will. lol.
    love your blog! its the best!

  10. victoire gardner

    My husband and I have raised 4 happy kids (son 31, daughter 29, daughter 23 and son 21) who are proud of what they do.
    One thing I have learned over the many long school years is that you have to make them feel that school is their own world totally. And that you, the parents find it fascinating, interesting, and exciting. A world that your kids can show you, teach you and invite you to discover. It gives them ownership and starts a life long conversation about their own life, accomplishments, dreams and disappointments too. That conversation can become crucial at times, especially during the teenage years when kids are looking to form their own identity.
    I have been enjoying your blog for several years and I can see that you and your husband are on the right track. Trust your instincts and good luck!

  11. Natalie

    Ahh I love that bag! Where is it from?

  12. Marie

    I love your bag — do you mind sharing where you got it? Your whole outfit is just adorable!

    • TAZA

      it’s a few years old, but it’s by rebecca minkoff!

  13. Rachel

    This post! So simple and sweet! One of my favorites of your whole blog. Maybe it because I have a daughter and can so appreciate it, like you do Elanor, or maybe it was all the gorgeous golden fall lights! But I love it.

  14. Corina

    E is growing up so fast. Love her fashion style. Quite the sweet little lady she is turning into.

  15. Thanks for introducing Jars by Dani! I’m a sucker for anything in jars; I’m also a sucker for cookie dough :P // I can relate to Conrad. Hangry is real. // The pom pom on your hat is so big; I love it! // The strawberry hair ties(?) (hair clips?) are adorable! They remind me of these beautiful crochet creations -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  16. Elishia

    I love your blogs about your adventures around the city, I love to walk in the Village too, it’s probably my fav NYC neighbourhood and in the snow it’ll be amazing. I haven’t been everywhere yet so I’ll look out for your suggestions!

  17. Lily

    Do you talk to your kids about voting and what issues matter to you both? If so, how?



    • TAZA

      yes! we talk not only about the general process and how it works but also about the character traits we look for in the people we want to lead our country. we’ve had so many great chats in the past several weeks. i try to make sure i don’t pass on any of my own stress to my kids about it all though since they are so small and that weight is much for them to handle. but lots of great open chats with them about all of it.

  18. Allie

    I just love these photos of New York. So beautiful and reminds me how much life is in that city. I too fell in love the first time I visited NYC and am happy that it’s kept you for so long. Hoping to call NYC my home one day too.

  19. melanie

    hi Naomi! what camera did you use to take these incredible pictures?!

    • TAZA

      thank you! we used our canon 5D and 24-70mm lens.

  20. Brianne

    Naomi! You are such an amazing mom! I’m also trying my best to navigate through questions and mommy-daughter chats. My daughter started second grade this year! I think the best things that have helped me are prayer (talks with my heavenly father), talks with my husband, and just realizing that her coming to me to talk is the best thing that can happen. She knows she can talk to you about anything and you’ll always be there! The bathroom has become Naveya and I’s place to talk. Ha! Usually while we’re getting ready for bed and the two of us have a quiet min alone without Dad and little brother. :) As much as I feel inadequate as a young mama, I’m so glad to know I’m not alone. You have such an awesome hubby that is so involved and I’m sure church members that are so amazing! It really does take a village.

    Also, I love your posts about the city! I’ve only been twice, but I’m in love with that place you call home! I will live there at some point in my life, just not sure when yet! We’re planning to be there for a month next summer before my youngest starts kinder! Ah! Thanks for being a light Naomi! Shine on mamacita!

    xo, Brianne

  21. Briana

    Make sure you cook those acorns before using them in an art project or you will find bugs coming out of them. I learned that the hard way a couple years ago!

  22. Leticia

    Hey Naomi! I have 6 kids ages 10- 6 months so I only have a few years more of the school age than you. I definitely would not considered myself a seasoned mother but I’m also finding that I’m no longer the young mom with young kids! Waah! When did that happen? I’m only 31! ;) so the few tid bits I’ve learned with 3 kiddos in school. Is LISTEN, LISTEN to your child about everything they come home and ask or tell, even the things we as adults might think are silly things. This will prepare the stage for when they come home with bigger, deeper questions or concerns. Also, listen to the spirit. It will prompt you to ask more and sometimes deeper questions, when to push for a little more info and when to back off a bit. Listen to it on how to answer your child, the Lord knows best. Also, always be excited, never over react (both things I don’t think you struggle with) and the biggest thing is trust yourself. God gave you these children for a reason! Trust that you know best and know how to deal with whatever “it” may be. Loves! And good luck, as we navigate the waters of motherhood together!❤️

  23. Paige

    Such a great post! We haven’t navigated those mommy daughter conversations at all yet, because our daughter is two, so I’ll be loving any further insight you give into that over the years.


  24. You and your family are simply the cutest family I have ever seen. I have no ideas how you juggle being a mom, blogger, wife…It is really impressive! <3
    Love always,

  25. Rilee

    You make living in NYC look so quaint and dreamy! Heart eyes.

  26. Meghan


    I would like to know more information about your handbag. Thank you!

    • TAZA

      it;s by rebecca minkoff but it’s several years old. i don’t think they carry it anymore. sorry i forgot to include the bag in the post!

  27. Destinee

    I love this! I am hoping to make a move to NYC once I finish school! I was born there but raised right outside of Atlanta. It will be a huge culture shock, but it’s a dream i’ve had for quite sometime now! Does the city ever get overwhelming?

  28. Destinee

  29. Jen

    The first year of school with our oldest was the hardest year of parenting for us, and it all came down to understanding that we were her advocate, we were enough, and that yes, she would figure things out, but she also still needed us and our home as her anchor and constant. Their schooling is only supplemental to what we do in our family, and the support we are giving her is the most constant and beautiful thing she will remember. You’re doing a beautiful job. You’re loving her, seeing her, listening to her, and teaching her how to follow her North Star and that will undoubtedly help her through the turbulence and “what does that mean..?” that she’ll experience in school. It’s something my mother told me a lot when I’d call in tears during my daughter’s first year and I try to keep reminding myself every day! She is in 2nd grade now and I still have days where I don’t know how to answer her questions or how to deal myself. And sometimes I’m wrong and I just reassure her that everyone is still learning, even me. Btw that was the best advice I got with how to deal with friends/bullies, we’re all still learning how to be friends. It helps my girls understand that we’re all the same and feel the same and deserve forgiveness and love.

    Also I’ve been writing questions she has had down, they’re always less heavy and intense when you read them years later.. “remember that chat we had about your birth control options when you were in Kindergarten..?”

    Lastly, we are moving from Detroit to Maryland’s Eastern Shore and I can’t wait to explore D.C. over the next few years! Do you have a guide of sorts for the area?

  30. Katie

    What stroller sleeping bags do you use? I can only find down filled ones that go up to 18 mo? These looks warm and cozy in the pictures.

  31. Katie

    What is the name of your double stroller?