a video (VLOG) from halloween!

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we had a great halloween here on the upper west side and made a little video from our night below! i love how new york city really pulls out all the stops on this night for the kiddos with every restaurant and shop handing out candy with a couple of incredibly decorated brownstone stoops in-between. it’s the best, and even with all our highs and lows from the day (lows with tears…i’m looking at you, sugar!), this was a year for the books.

hope you had a very happy halloween!!!!

  1. Garazi

    I loved the vídeo! So adorable Conrad with he’s icecream ?

  2. oh my goodness- so darn sweet! your little fish, firefighter and knight are pretty adorable!

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  3. Carly

    Looks like a wonderful Halloween! I’m always impressed by how many costumes you guys wear each year.

    It’s so cool that the New York City restaurants and shops get involved. I wish every city did that. It would make trick or treating a bit easier and safer.

    Happy Halloween!

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  4. Peggy

    I remember what it was like to be a kid again! So sweet.

  5. Corina

    these kids of yours just melt my heart!

  6. Erin

    I love that you and Josh still wore the animal costumes even though the kids switched it up. Hilarious!

    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  7. Angelica

    Cute! We spent the night listening to “Monster Mash” on replay and bingeing on candy.

  8. Elishia

    My husband and I went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and had no idea that the hops and restaurants got involved! Our doorman was such a good sport too, dressing up and having pics taken with the trick or treaters! Lovely, I’ll head over to the blog now for some lunch time viewing!


  9. Desiree

    I love it. Stoop trick or treating! I am from Brooklyn. That is how we New Yorkers do it!!! thanks for sharing.. my kids are older still wore costumes but nothing compares to when they were little!

  10. Julia

    We were the ones that stopped you guys on Amsterdam. Thanks for taking a minute to say hello and chat. Your family is even cuter in person and my Isabelle has been talking about Samson’s costume and light all morning! Thanks for sharing!

  11. You guys really have the sweetest family! And I love all the videos you pull together – adds something extra special that still photos can’t quite capture. I’ve been experimenting with GoPro videos this past year and finally shot a travel video on a DSLR during our trip to Portland, which you can watch here if you’d like! : https://wonderlandsam.com/2016/10/21/portland-a-video/

    We don’t have kids yet, but last night we walked around a neighboring area with our dog (in her tutu!) to check out all the decorated houses and trick-or-treaters. It made me so strangely happy to see the community come together like that – especially in Los Angeles -and gave me some serious baby fever with all the cute kids, haha!

  12. So awesome you were able to get all this footage! Half the time I get 2 grainy cell phone pictures and call it good! I need to be better about taking my ‘real camera’ out, and taking more videos. I know years from now I’ll regret it if i don’t!


  13. Jenna

    Too cute!! Our son, Clive, who is just a month or so younger than Conrad ALSO only ate a banana while we were trick or treating. Haha! No interest or understanding of candy yet, luckily ;)

  14. Jessie

    Oh my goodness your kids are the sweetest. Conrad at the end getting his candy! Made me smile he’s so cute!

  15. Joy Bela

    oh man this makes me so nostalgic. i grew up on the upper west side and i have such fond memories trick or treating there. experiencing halloween in nyc is truly a special thing. e, s, and c will have the best memories of it!!.xo

  16. jane

    Conrad is so me. That’s how I would feel if I went into an ice cream shoppe and I didn’t get ice cream.

    This is such an adorable video! Kids aren’t something I see in my life, but I can definitely see becoming an aunt for all my cool nieces and nephews in the future!


  17. elvi

    That was the cutest vlog that you have uploaded it. You guys make me smile :) By the way Samson’s costume is awesome.

  18. Katrin

    Great costumes!! It looks like so much fun ! :)

  19. lorena

    I love New York, on Halloween should be amazing I need to go once at this time of the year, it was the first time for my daughter and me in London and we enjoy a lot!! your kids as always adorable!!




  20. Neha

    Kids are the sweetest! We had a similar experience with my 2 year old daughter with candy! :)

  21. Rachel

    This video is so awesome!!!

  22. Lauren

    So cute naomi!! I hope I run into you over thanksgiving it would be like a dream to meet you maybe you won’t be in town but it would make all my holiday dreams come true if I ran into you at church on Sunday after turkey day!