photos from life lately…


get ready for a billion photos! recapping a few days last week when my siblings were here and also some photos in-between. we have been dealing with a lot of sickness in our family lately and just as i thought we were over the worst of it, poor conrad’s fever is back and it’s breaking my heart. so we haven’t been as diligent at bringing the camera out since both josh and i have had a very sad baby in our arms for most of this past week when we weren’t sick ourselves. don’t you love how it slowly knocks out each member of your family one by one and slowwwwly?! e’ll probably be taking turns with all of it in shifts until december.

we had a great time with my siblings though during the moments we were feeling well and able to join in on their adventures. for those of you who caught my snaps of my brother playing the piano and have been messaging me, the answer is YES! he’s leaving on a mission next week but he will have music available to listen to in the next few weeks and since he’s the most humble kid on the planet and would never even tell anyone when it drops, you better believe i’ll let you all know when it comes out. he has been composing his own music since he was a little boy, and it is some of the best stuff i have heard. i am beyond proud of him and can’t wait to see him do incredible things with his special gift in this lifetime. so anyway, don’t worry, i’ll keep you posted!

and now, PHOTOS!


can’t even believe how grown this baby brother is. i was 12 when he was born and remember trying to sneak into the car with my sister hannah when my parents were leaving to the hospital to have him. it was still dark outside it was so early in the morning and we were just so excited and didn’t want to wait a minute longer to meet him. my parents made us go back inside the house and since we had rehearsal late into the evening, i remember the day feeling like 5 days combined because it just kept dragging and rehearsal just kept going forever and by the time we 

got to the hospital, i remember hannah saying, “he’s already almost a day old!!!!!” and we were so distraught that we hadn’t met him and he hadn’t met us yet. lol.


i don’t know what they’re talking about but our family genes aren’t strong at all. ;)


absolute chaos! these pics are from back when we were being quarantined because we weren’t sure what we all had. (turns out, it’s just a virus and she won’t leave!!!!!)


i love how eleanor still draws conrad as a “baby” when she draws our family. :) also, i’m pretty sure i am winking in that pic.


early morning blueberry pancakes on a day last week…


our friend mari threw the cutest halloween party for all the kiddos yesterday in central park! we’re going through a couple of costume changes over here this week at our house because we had a hard time on deciding what to be. ;) so eleanor was a purple super hero giraffe (emphasis on purple!) and samson was an angler fish! samson mostly just loved putting the head of his costume down and walking up to people and then opening the mouth to show his face and say, “gotcha!” haha. i love him so. also, please note the spider his fish is eating. (thank you amanda for taking this photo!)

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taking a moment to just process the fact that all my sisters got unreal thick hair and i somehow did not. just look at all that hair of bekah’s! it’s so pretty.


josh is the best and cooked a lot of great food for all of us when my siblings were here and we couldn’t go out because the kids were sick. i was joking the other week that i don’t know if i could ever leave new york because of all the great food and he was like, “babe, i’ll cook it all for you… ” and then i remember thinking, oh yeah. i forget he’s rather exceptional in the kitchen and has actually done pretty great at mimicking a lot of my favorite dishes around the city. so maybe it’s not such a scary thought. (IT’S A VERY SCARY THOUGHT.)


we got pretty lucky and our kids are seriously obsessed with both of my brothers in law. when ryan is around conrad goes to him before anyone else (sometimes myself included) and nelson plays so well with all three, they talk about him often when he’s not here and ask to call or FaceTime him.

love-taza-lately947fngr-8 love-taza-lately947fngr-6 love-taza-lately947fngr-5

telling a secret!


love them all lots!

  1. Carly

    It looks like you guys have been fitting in some great family moments despite everyone being sick. I always love seeing the pictures of Josh cooking. It’s wonderful how involved he is with the house and kids.

    I hope Conrad gets better soon! It’s so hard when the little ones are sick.

    Best wishes to your brother for a safe and insightful mission.

    Carly from

  2. So cute the Eleanor’s drawing of the family.
    If you look Naomi, you are the biggest one; and that means that you are very important for her!!

    and I agree your family genes are so weaaaaakkkkk!;)

    Kisses from France

  3. Corina

    oh man. you and your family genes. Darlings!

  4. Bridget

    that last picture of all of you is so great.

  5. Rena

    So sorry you have been all sick … but I see you are such a beautiful family!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Shira

    I see your sister and brother and law at the dog park sometimes! Have been tempted to tell them I read your blog but haven’t yet..

  7. Elishia

    I love how you document your life with pictures, you seem to appreciate the beauty in the small moments, even with a nasty virus! I hope you’re all feeling better!

  8. alexis

    Naomi! I am looking to purchase my two littles scooters for Christmas. I’m sure you’ve mentioned in a previous post, but where did you find yours??

  9. brittany

    those halloween costumes are so. darn. cute!! and conrad on the scooter in the nursery- what a sweetheart!

    i’ve got the cutest fall clothes for the littles on my blog today!

  10. Annika

    So nice being all together. You are very blessed to be a family who all enjoy one another. I LOVE Samson’s angler fish costume!

  11. India

    Yay! I’m so excited for your brothers music!!! He’s amazing! I can’t wait to hear more of it!

  12. Patricia

    All the photos are very awesome!!

  13. These pictures of you and your siblings are so touching :) And Eleonor’s drawing too <3
    Such a beautiful family… xxx

  14. Pam

    Love these pics! And yes, you are all SO alike lol
    You have a beautiful family Naomi <3

  15. Alex

    SO glad you got time in with your precious siblings. Family time is the best time ;)

    I also feel like you could totally make a post on hats, You rock them all so well and I’m inspired by your confidence in wearing all different styles and shapes! Thank you for reminding us all to love hats. Love the beanie!

  16. Alex

    It’s so great how your kids get along so well…. how do you do that!? I guess there is some uncaptured in pictures fighting and jelousy but nothing we readers can appreciate
    Love your style and your blog. It’s lovely how all your siblings look alike.
    You have an amazing family!
    Cheers from Argentina!

  17. Veronica

    hello Naomi,
    as you walk into your home, barefoot or with shoes?
    how you behave with the guests?

  18. Victoria

    That snapchat/instagram video of Samson trying to remember which of his aunts was which the other day just killed me – until I realised I couldn’t pick out one from the othereither! (a total compliment by the way, you all have such good genes and look so striking yet I can never remember which sister is which!) I feel ya S!

  19. Saira

    Naomi I know this isn’t related to the post but I have to ask, how and where do you store your bucket bike?

  20. Lisa

    Please thank your parents again and again for those beautiful teeth and smiles!!

  21. Amy

    Love this post! Clearly you are all adorable!

    The photo of Eleanor and Samson with him winking – oh my gosh. So cute. Your kids are going to have albums and albums of amazing photos to look back on!!

  22. Rose J.

    Nice family pics, and what a fun gathering with all your sibs! Cute shots of the kids too in their halloween party costumes! Darling!

  23. Kellie

    Ya’ll are seriously adorable!!! It’s awesome how close you all are– I really wish my family was the same

  24. Dulce

    loved all the pics but specially the one with your sibblings, such a wonderful family you have!

  25. Lauren

    Your brother is amazing to comprise all that music! Such a talented family!! My nieces and nephews are the same with
    my husband. They are always asking my sisters to call him. They are obsessed.

  26. Sabrina

    I love the way you talk about Josh and the things he does. He surely sounds like one in a million!

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