our trip to boston!

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i have so many photos to share from our trip to boston! we had a wonderful time, and i’m so glad we finally went. i had never been before, despite all these years of living on the east coast and always hearing the best things about the place. but everything aligned last weekend with a few days off from school for eleanor and with old friends now living in boston, so we decided it was the perfect time to go, especially with all the fall foliage basically at its peak right now (the drive alone was insane, it’s so colorful out right now.)

we drove up on saturday and hit a big rain storm, which didn’t stop pouring until the early hours of monday morning! i couldn’t believe all that rain. we didn’t get to start exploring the city much until monday because of it, but it worked out well since we were just able to spend time going to church and indoors catching up with our friends and their little ones. you guys gave us so many great recommendations and i can’t thank you enough! i feel like we only scraped the surface of everything to do in boston since we didn’t have much time, which only means a return trip will have to take place soon.

a few photos from our time in boston….


acorn street over in beacon hill did not disappoint. it reminded me so much of georgetown in washington dc.


we loved tatte bakery! the bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich seems so simple but they did it so well.  i think it was the bread. it was delicious.


we walked part of the freedom trail with friends and stopped at the old state house!

love-taza-9508-10love-taza-90503love-taza-9050551this is one of boston’s old city halls. love-taza-boston3775

since josh has a past life of rowing (he rowed through high school in florida and also at columbia a bit), he was especially keen on driving over several bridges across the charles river to try and spot some rowers. haha!


i shared this photo on my instagram, but i’m counting it as a win since 3 out of the 4 are smiling. lol. sorry conrad.


i love mary martha and her beautiful family so much! can’t believe she is about to have her 4th baby. boston, be good to these guys!!!


just incase anyone was curious if i found my dream house in boston, why yes! yes i did. it’s that one right there with the ivy over the windows and all the car doors open in front of it.


so many of you said to make sure we stopped at flour bakery! we did so on our drive out of town. all of those treats are so beautiful, we shared a sticky bun but it was a little too much for me! one bite and i was done! that thing is sweet.


she’s going to be taller than me, i already can sense it.


when you can’t try to avoid the balloon man on the street because your kids spotted him like 5 blocks away. lol.

love-taza-9508-8love-taza-957jjf74love-taza-90508love-taza-905020 love-taza-9050201

we drove out to walden pond early one morning and i couldn’t believe the beauty out in concord.


remember when samson was taking photos on my instagram stories the other day? here’s the photo! thanks, samson!

love-taza-boston8377h3475-9 love-taza-boston8377h3475-2 love-taza-boston8377h3475-7

we loved stopping by the lagoon in the public gardens to watch the ducks and see where they live! we love the book, make way for ducklings by robert mccloskey! and it was fun to see the statues and also the live ducks and kind of piece together all the locations for the kids!


mama duck!

love-taza-boston8377h3475-5love-taza-boston8377h3475-4love-taza-boston8377h3475-3love-taza-boston8377h3475-8 love-taza-boston8377h3475

the ducks themselves!!!


we will definitely be back since we weren’t able to get to everything. always so great seeing good friends and exploring a new place. hope to see you again soon, boston!

ps. wearing a brown leather jacket (similar here and here), these cropped wool trousers, ruffled cream polka dot silk blouse (on sale), lack of color hat and similar neutral booties.  also wore these jeans with this ruffle top.


  1. Who how lovely!! I was in Boston this summer for the first time but boy does the city look different with autumn foliage! I love love love it!! Wish I can go back one day during that time of the year! :)


  2. courtney

    you captured my city beautifully! You reminded me of all the fun tourist things to do that I take for granted. Need to plan a weekend like that ASAP. I hope you do return, there’s so much more to do!! What did you think of the accents?

  3. Natali Karppinen

    As somebody who’s very much into fashion, woman, you look incredible in your 2nd outfit, wow! Beautiful photos from your trip!


  4. Maisie

    Such beautiful photos as always! The colours are just to die for! Sending love from sunny ol’ England! x

  5. Christa

    Yay, Boston! Living in CT, I head to Boston a fair amount to visit friends! There are so many lovely pockets, I hope you guys all get to go again!

    xo Christa | http://www.gardeniasandmint.com

  6. Tracy

    Great Photos!

    Love Boston so much!

  7. Jessica

    When your favorite blogger puts a new post up and you do a little happy dance ? Lovely pics as always! You make me want to whisk my 3 little ones off on a trip to New England! Especially since the leaves on the trees here are still green green ?

  8. I was in Boston just a few weeks ago for a hackathon! It was a busy event though, so I didn’t get very much time to explore Boston, but I did get to walk to the Charles River and then some :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  9. Jessi

    Can’t believe my favorite little family was in Boston the one weekend I wasn’t! SO happy you got to try Tatte! Next time you visit, MUST try Barcelona in the South End!!

  10. Jess

    My husband proposed on that bridge in the public gardens (your 3rd to last photo)! It was the dead of winter and bitter cold so I thought he was nuts kneeling on the ground… but he wanted to propose somewhere we could regularly bring our kids (that didn’t even exist at that point)! Couldn’t argue with that sweet thought… you’ll have to come back in the summer to take the kids on the swan boats there, our kiddos love them!

  11. vicky

    Man, these photos just scream Fall! :) love it!

  12. Bianca

    So beautiful. Boston will forever be one of my favorite cities.

  13. charlotte

    You went to concord! used to live there from the age of 7 to 10, miss boston and the states!
    love from paris xx

  14. so much fun! Boston is on my trip wish list so is the entire East Coast! One day soon I shall visit NYC, Boston, Washington, DC, the Carolines and eat my weight in lobster rolls in Maine.


  15. Boston looks a lot like England. You’d think I wouldn’t be surprised, considering it is in New England, but I still was!

  16. Mara

    I thought I saw Josh as we (my husband and one of my boys) went down Washington street. Wish I had stopped and annoyed you for a foto ?
    We are from Portugal and we go to Boston very often
    Love your blog!

  17. Elishia

    This post really sells Boston to me, and you weren’t even on the hard sell! The pictures are beautiful and I can totally see why you’re in love with the little ivy covered house! Since moving to NYC we’ve been saying we have to explore the surrounding areas, where better to start than Boston! A lovely post Naomi


  18. Megan

    Just want to say…after having a kid of my own, I recognize how freaking hard it is to approach parenthood with energy and creativity. I have one 18-month-old and it’s a constant internal battle to get us out of the house and explore our city instead of sitting inside watching cartoons. Thanks for being a great example of parenting with energy and creativity. It’s not easy to be on the go, but I think it’s worth the effort.

  19. MEGAN


  20. hanna

    The trip looks like so much fun! –Hanna Lei

  21. conny

    hi, lovely post!!!
    Could you do a post on how to get everything organized with the 3 kids around the house (especially when living in a small space and I think organization in this case is very important), meaning how do they help and also how do you “control” them inside and outside???

  22. Angela Palmeri

    Beautiful pictures and post. My favorite picture is the one Samson took, he did a great job! I’d like to know where is Eleanor’s dress from, it’s so cute! Thank you ?

  23. Gabi

    Your beatiful family and amazing pictures bring tears to my eyes!
    What an amazing accomplishment!
    Big fan :)

  24. Katy

    So glad you came to visit my beautiful city! I feel about it the way you do about NYC. And glad you made it to Tatte. Tzurit’s confections are incredible!

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  26. Kelly

    My town!! So glad you had a good time!