my siblings are here!

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besides the fact that i am currently in bed this morning and feel like i’m dying (it only was a matter of time before i got what the kiddos had earlier this week…), i have all of my siblings in new york city with me this weekend and it feels good! my baby brother, isaac, leaves to serve a 2 year mission for our church in just a few weeks, so we had to do one last big adventure all together before he goes. i love these guys so much! it’s been a good time so far.

we took a couple of jumping photos yesterday while in hoboken. we had just finished jet skiing all over the hudson together (SO much fun. a quick last minute decision we made since it was 70 degrees here in nyc yesterday?!). anyway, this group will jump with me for a photo an obnoxious number of times, which usually results in me crying because i’m laughing so hard.  it’s what makes me love em.

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have a great weekend, you guys! stay HEALTHY! (and sorry in advance to all my sisters and ikey for probably most likely giving you what i have right now. trying my best, but it’s just a matter of time….)

  1. Britt

    yay, i felt so triumphant for you all when you nailed it on the last picture! have fun this weekend!


    weekend reading + steals on my blog today-

  2. Corina

    Beautiful photos Naomi! Love the energy of the group :)
    Get well soon

  3. Carly

    It’s cute to see that you guys are so fun and playful even as adults! Jumping photos are so hard to take. We’ve given up on them……they just always end up looking completely crazy.

    Best wishes to your brother on his mission trip. What an amazing experience he will have!

    Carly from

  4. It’s so wonderful to have the family with you for a while when you live far …. Me un France muy family in Spain….

    Take care of you

    Kisses from France

  5. These pictures are amazing! You all look so alike! :)

  6. Rose J.

    How fun! Love it when I see siblings that are close! My three daughters are close, and spoil Noah who will be seven next month! they all have a close bond, and hope their relationships will always be that way!

    Congrats on your brother serving a mission soon! That’s exciting!

    Take care!


  7. Jumping photos are simply the best! Where is Isaac being called to serve?

  8. Missy

    This is why you have kids!! I am from a family of 8 kids and my husband is from 5. We just had our 4th baby in July and even though it can be tiring, they are the best, most lovely little kiddos! Having great sibling relationships as every heats older is so amazing. I am so thankful for all my siblings! I love these photos of you and your siblings! Beautiful smiles on all of you! Take care and have a wonderful time! Enjoy the mission and be safe! Ok, I will stop. ;)

  9. India

    These photos are the best! Every time I see photos of your brother all I can see is Eleanor! Is it just me or do you all think so too? Where is Isaac serving his mission? Such an exciting time ahead!

  10. hanna

    Those photos are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  11. suzanne

    Your parents should make that last shot their Christmas card!

  12. Peter Schmalz

    Where is your brother going on his mission?

  13. Deborah

    Never forget to remember how lucky you are! I am a only child I am dying since I was a kid to sharing my life with a sibling!

    Hope you have the chance to stop by my blog:

  14. Anne

    Hi Naomi!

    Thankyou for an amazing blog. I have followed you for several years, and your posts always leave me super happy.

    I have been wondering if you might consider share your thoughts on brining up your kids in a religious home? I am from one of the Nordic countries, and religion is not really a part of our culture. I know religion means a lot in America, and I have always thought about how you are handling your religious beliefs in relation to the kids? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

    Once again, thankyou for a truely great blog.


  15. Leena

    Hi Naomi,
    I’m also from abroad and would like to know how is it that only men serve? Seeing your beautiful sisters makes me think is it just the family and kids -type of things reserved for them?
    I think one should dream big and go for what ever direction one wishes, not to be defined by ones gender.
    Have a great autumn!

  16. Wendy

    Read your blog faithfully and LOVE it, but these pictures of the five of you are THE BEST. Couldn’t restrain myself from commenting. Wish you were all here. We’ll all miss Ike. The street won’t be the same without him. Hope you’re feeling better.