more photos from washington dc!


if you’ve been following along on my twitter or my instagram, you saw that i got to spend some time at the white house kitchen garden yesterday and that today i have the honor of chatting with the first lady, michelle obama, all about her let’s move initiative! it’s been tricky containing my excitement and i’m so excited to share more about today once it ends.  it’s such an incredible initiative, and as someone who has seen the benefits of physical activity in my own life (once upon a time as a dancer myself, and now as someone trying to make my own health and well being a priority), as well now being a mother of little ones where i see first hand each day how nutrition and physical activity do so much for them, i just feel honored to get to chat more with her about it all, and hopefully help keep the dialogue and initiative going in some small way. anyway, more to come!

josh took the kiddos back to new york on the train yesterday since school resumed today and we didn’t want them to miss. i am so grateful to that man for braving a train ride from DC back to new york with all three kids solo, because that’s no easy task. before my family left the district, we spent monday doing some of their favorite things in DC, complete with a stop at the air and space museum, a playground, the carousel on the national mall, a spaghetti lunch, and a drive out to maclean to spend the afternoon with josh’s cousin’s family who has six of the sweetest kids ranging from one almost in college to a four year old just a few weeks younger than samson! i don’t know what it is about her and her beautiful family, but they have been my inspiration for years and the sweet spirit they have in their home is incredible. i just want to model much of what we do after them (including how they speak to their kids in italian!) josh and i love sitting at their counter and asking them a billion questions about parenting and life and then discussing it together afterwards on the drive home. haha! this stage of life is so crazy.

anyway, a couple of photos from the day. please note that samson took the photo of eleanor and me above in the air and space museum! eleanor’s smile is everything! ;) josh was outside with conrad who was napping and i just can’t believe the level of skill this kid is reaching with the lens, let alone the fact that he did not drop my very heavy camera. haha!


this girl has every intention right now of going to mars someday and her little pointer finger and big smile says it all. i love how much she wants it.


carousel rides, here we come!!!!


how we currently eat our pasta these days.  usually a few minutes in, he ditches the fork entirely and just goes at it. i feel you, conrad.


had some very good homemade gnocchi in georgetown at filomena!


the last few times we’ve been in DC, there has been so much scaffolding around the capitol! loved seeing it again!


these photos were from an earlier morning playground session at an old playground on capitol hill that i used to take eleanor to when she was little! we ended up running into old friends there and it reminded me how much i loved the hill, and the people on the hill.

love-taza-dc3489rj-17 love-taza-dc3489rj

stopped by thomas sweet in georgetown to grab some fudge to take to our cousins in virginia (and also get a few ice cream cones for the littles.) it was a good day and a great trip so far. thank you for always treating us well, DC. you know i love you.

ps. my wooden clogs and sweater coat from here. also wearing these highwaisted jeans.

  1. Naomi, you are so lucky to be in the white house and with M. Obama!! wow what level! I’m very impressed! :)

    I love the way Conord eat pasta, as my little son hihihih the best way ;)

    Kisses from France

  2. Karen

    Oh, how wonderful that you met with the First Lady – exciting! Adorable pictures as always – I’m sure it’s somewhat surreal to take your kiddos back to where they might have been raised. Happy Wednesday!

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  3. Elishia

    You totally are a rockstar of a Mum… no children yet, but you’re totally an inspiration. No wonder your lovely little lady sees herself going to Mars, look at what you’ve done AND having a casual chat with Michelle Obama?! She is an utterly inspirational women, I hope you have an amazing time x

  4. Carly

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and hit up all the fun sites!

    How amazing is it that you get to meet with the first lady! That’s incredible. It always amazes me at what opportunities you big time bloggers get. Congrats! I”m looking forward to the post about the meeting.

    Carly from

  5. Sierra

    I’ve seen your stories on instagram and this looks like an amazing trip. What an accomplishment to be able to meet with the first lady. Physical activity is so important and something we are trying to teach our little ones to get excited about, I hope you have an amazing visit with her! Beautifully Candid

  6. jo

    You let your kids eat a lot of icecream!

  7. Bryony

    Congrats on your meet up with our very own FLOTUS! Michelle Obama is a national treasure with her poise, dignity, humor, great style, intelligence and her initiatives for women and kids concerning health and exercise.

    I might add all those attributes apply to you too, so it’s no wonder two mega mamas get to meet. I can’t wait to see your post about it, and love the build up you have provided in the past 2 posts. Now your readers must wait in excitement for tomorrow’s story and photos!

  8. Alison

    I’m so so excited for you Naomi! I can’t wait to hear all about your experience at the White House, what an amazing achievement.

    Alison –

  9. Elaine

    You are amazing!! We had no idea what a surprise you had coming. Wonder if you will ever have space to plant your own garden?!! Anyway what an incredible honor to meet the first lady to discuss issues that are close to your heart. And I’m so glad that you took time to see our wonderful cousins in McLean. Couldn’t be more happy for you.

  10. wow what an incredible experience you must be having today! also these pictures are too cute, that spaghetti looks delish!

    I’m 31 and I don’t have kids (yet!), but you are an inspiration.


  11. Natalie

    How lovely! To speak to Michelle Obama…truly amazing.

  12. Sophie

    My family and I also went to Washington last summer. We loved it ! The museums are awesome !

  13. Megan

    Oh my goodness!! What an amazing trip! The Davis family is killing it as always!


  14. Amy

    How fun! Random question but how do you manage to eat healthy while living in a city where there are SO many temptations? How do you do meals at home? I often find myself just going out to eat because its simply so much easier than cooking in an apartment full of hangry kids! ;) Thx! Amy