little letters, fall edition.


dear frank pepe pizzeria, we discovered you on our drive up to boston on saturday, and all i can say is, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

dear 4-hour-drive-to-boston-that-took-8-hours-in-reality, let’s never do that again.

dear boston, you’re beautiful, but let’s kick this 24-hour non-stop rain thing to the curb so we can get outside and see more of you!


dear children of mine who i served hot messy pizza to in the car, for a minute there i really doubted myself, but you made me proud… eating all of it and spilling none of it (ok conrad, i’m giving you a free pass with this one.)

dear josh, you gave eleanor your old CD collection last week and asked her to DJ the music in the car this trip. i have to say, this is why i love you. also, i’ve never listened to so much vivaldi in my life.


dear car selfies, i’m gonna figure you out one of these days.

dear fall foliage that kept getting better and better as we drove further north on saturday, you make october feel like a dream. the very best dream, too. thank you for sharing all your glorious color.


dear short bangs, i thought you were a good idea and then that forehead pimple showed up and all i know now is,  the struggle is real.

dear everyone who is driving in a rain storm, please be so so careful. driving in bad weather is one of my biggest fears and my body is still tense from experiencing you the other day. every be careful and stay safe, ok?!

dear archived little letters that i went through last night, was lovely revisiting you and all the old memories you brought back.

dear coat obsession, the first step is realizing you have a problem, right?

dear closet situation, thank you for helping keep the coat obsession somewhat in line.

love-taza-938jj7dear new york city, have i told you lately how much i love you?

dear paula hawkins who wrote girl on train, i’ve never read something so fast. and i’ve never been into thrillers. but you got me hooked with your writing and story telling and i just couldn’t put you down.

dear girls night out at the ballet, you were such a wonderful night.

dear george balanchine’s serenade, you make me tear up and feel so many things every single time i see you. i don’t think i’ll ever love a ballet as much as i love you.

dear orchestra conductor at the ballet, your presentation on george gershwin has left a huge impression on me and i’m totally intrigued as my last several computer searches in my history browser will tell you.


dear amanda, thank you for bringing your camera out and remembering to take photos! you’re a girl after my own heart, a fellow picture taker that doesn’t mind the weight of hauling a bigger camera around because she also knows it’s worth it. ;)


dear chicken pot pie at the smith, i’d never ordered you before this night, but you best believe you’ll be what i order from here on out. SO GOOD.

dear girlfriends of mine, i’ll stay out well past my late-night bedtime to be with you all. thanks for being such wonderful women in my life.


ps. back when i started this blog, i used to write little letters on occasion. some of those from 2008 are such insane throwbacks that still feel a little bit like just yesterday. time is crazy. was fun to bring the letters back today, i have missed them.

  1. Tracy

    Love “little letters” and hope you bring this style post back!

    Have fun in Boston!

  2. Dear Naomi! thank you for sharing your little letter with us! You are always so adorable and hearwarming.

    Kisses from France

  3. Lisa

    Dear Taza,

    THANK you for writing the most inspiring blog I have ever come across (and I have checked out many!) I love love love reading it and find it to have the perfect balance between fashion (love your style!) food, family (what an adorable bunch!) and travels (I keep note of the cool spots and places I will take my husband and two kids on one day when we can can take the kids to NYC).

    I usually don’t comment on blogs, but I thought you deserve to know that you have fans and followers even in tiny little Norway, like me, that get so inspired (have even considered to maybe bring back my bangs from before I became a mom and had more time to spend in front of the mirror, because they look so insanely good on you!) by you and your family’s “everyday life”. You rock and I enjoy following you on Bloglovin and Instagram so much! Have a great week <3 love Lisa

  4. asli

    Dear Naomi,
    Thank you for writing & sharing with us, reading you always make a huge grin in my face,

  5. Karen

    Yay, Little Letters! I love this throwback – please, feel free to do more throwbacks!

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  6. Carly

    Your little letters crack me up!

    It’s amazing how amazing or disappointing small thing in life can be, but you certainly know how to roll with the punches and it’s great that you are teaching your kids to do that do.

    Glad you guys made it through the rainy days in Boston safely.

    Carly from

  7. Julie

    Hi Taza, I feel for you. Starting a long road trip with the family and starting any stay/visit with lots of rain after such a long car journey is hellish with 3 little ones. Even dull grey sky is a relief but rain…..thank goodness you were in Boston where I am sure you found interesting/fun places to take the kids out. I’m with you with the selfies, I am no good at it and I don’t think I will ever master the art, in the meantime I will hide behind the lens where I am most at ease;-)! Have a good start to your week! Hugs from London, Julie

  8. Megan

    Ahhh I have missed those little letters! Loved this post so much! That pizza looks almost as good as that New York City snap. What a beautiful city!


  9. randi

    I hope you loved Boston. I moved here almost two years ago from LA and have been loving it. Love your Pepe Pizza shout out! haha. Plus the fall here is basically the best thing ever!

    Xo, Randi

  10. Celia

    Little letters and happy lists….

  11. brittany

    I love this post! what a sweet way to get to see what is on your mind lately. & that pizza is making my hungry!

    I’ve got photo ready coordinating outfits for mama + mini over on my blog if you’re interested!

  12. Elishia

    Oh Taza these have just made me so delightfully happy curled up in my armchair with coffee. The little letters are such a lovely way of documenting your thoughts in little snippets and taking a moment to appreciate the simple great things in life. The personification of all the things in life pleases me on a whole ‘nother level. I love this idea and I might use it (whilst crediting you and linking your site of course). Thanks for the post, lots of lovely moments within.

  13. Veronique

    Thank you so much
    For being Who you are!

    Best regard from France

    Vero. ?

  14. Kayla

    Little letters is such a cute idea! And your coat!Where did you get it?!

  15. Jennifer Riley

    The great thing about a blog is that you get to take trips back in time. I saw the grapefruit image and how you wrote that you’d forgotten about your love of it and it reminded me of your post about eating healthy cutting out sugar and how it reminded you of your forgotten love of grapefruit. See, some things in life just keep coming back to us. It made me also think that Jimmy Fallon owes you some royalties?Have a great day it was a super cute read.

  16. Frances

    Read The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. Best Seller. My sister, dad and I loved. Will not disappoint!! Also maybe do a blog post about some of your favorite books? LOVE your blog, it’s in my browser at all times.

  17. Caitlin

    Omg I literally keep scrolling up to look at that pizza! It looks so good! Good pizza is so hard to find, you need to take advantage of it when you do!

  18. Jill

    Great post!

    I started following your blog a couple of months ago. Wish I’d heard about it sooner! I’ve been trying to catch up on all your posts from over the years. but I’ve had some difficulty navigating through the posts. I have to click back through each page until I reach my last stopping point, which can be tedious. I guess I could bookmark my page, but I usually access your blog from multiple devices.

    It would be great if your blog had a feature where you could click on a specific year and it would show all the posts from the that year. If it was organized by year and month that would be even better.

    Of course, this could potentially be a very tedious project that you may not want to do now or ever. :) But it would be helpful for us slow people that are just joining the band wagon. :)

    Unrelated, are you standing next to the founder of Shabby Apple at the theater? I recognize her from one of the “I’m a Mormon” videos. Haha! What a small world.

  19. Trina

    Dear Naomi,

    Please capitalize when you begin a sentence. I know it’s your blog, your style, it’s just hard to visually read. I don’t expect you to change anything. – just had to say it. That is all.

  20. Lucy

    now you just have to bring back ‘life lately according to my iphone’ those were my favourite blog posts :)

  21. Kenya

    Total throwback to your little letters time…. I love this post. I’ve been following you since the beginning of time and as soon as I started reading this post it also brought back memories for me from when you started! I loooove it! XOXO

  22. Kellie

    Your family is so cute!!! I’ve never been to Boston (well I did when I was 2, so I guess it’s more of I don’t remember ever going to Boston) but this post makes me want to!!!!
    And that pizza loos amazing!!!

  23. Quin

    Hi Taza! I love reading your blog, especially posts like this. I have always wondered what some of YOUR favorite blogs are. If you don’t mind sharing <3

  24. Mackenzie

    YAY! little letters are back in action!

    Love this format and the break it gives from the ordinary.
    Can’t believe Iv been reading your blog since 2008- the little letters have been my fave from the start :) reminds me to look at the little things in life that bring me joy.
    How bout the happiness lists!? remember those?

    thanks for sharing bits of your life here with all of us.

  25. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading your blogs. Always so interesting, always such beautiful photos, and your adventures as a family? I mean, come on. You guys are amazing!

  26. Katy

    I’ve just discovered your blog and absolutely loved this piece, what a lovely idea and enjoyable read! You have a beautiful fam too :-).

    Love from England!x

  27. Corina

    Naomi, you are such an inspiration! As blogger, woman, and best of all, mum. Lots of love

  28. Tanya

    Dear Naomi thank you for bringing smile on my face while reading these little letters. Thank you for you simple and absolutely beautiful everyday posts, those are my favourite!

  29. Kate

    Yes! Bring these back (: This brightened my day

  30. sophie

    Love this post very original and so much to read !

  31. claire

    love these letters!!!! keep doing them :)

  32. Hayley

    Dear Naomi, YAY! Your little letters were always so fun to read. I have missed them, so thanks. x Hayley

  33. Jill

    Just saw your awesome “browse archive” drop-down box. It’s perfect! Thanks!! That was quick. :)

  34. Alice Karas

    Your favorite part of Boston was pizza from a Connecticut chain that you bought at a mall in the ‘burbs? Either we didn’t do our job or you didn’t do yours! ;)

  35. Oh this was such a fun read! I’ve only started reading your blog these past few months, so I’ve never seen your little letters before. Thanks for digging this series back up from your archives! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  36. Diana Luna

    Oh, i’ve missed your little letters!
    Thank you! :)

  37. Awesome :) loved