happy halloween!

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i’m not sure if this whole “wild!” animal costume theme will stick throughout the day today (the kids have switched up costumes a few times this past week for different parties and outings), but leading up to halloween, eleanor was really requesting an animal theme and we were all happy to go along with it!

i will be totally honest and tell you how stressed out halloween costumes made me feel this year. mostly because for a minute last week, i felt like i had failed eleanor because she wanted nothing more than to be a lion the past few weeks. when she first told me, she followed up her reasoning by saying “i want to be at the top of the food chain, mom!” (in the same breath, she also suggested that i could be a zebra!) i happily obliged and ordered her a lion costume a few weeks ago. it came and didn’t fit well so i frantically ordered several other lion costumes. we had her first halloween party last monday but none of the new lion costumes made the cut for her (she happily went as a super hero giraffe that day, improvising from our dress up bin.) i looked at all the DIY lion costumes on pinterest this past week and just felt so overwhelmed. i wish i was craftier but ordering halloween costumes from the internet is my jam these days. when the last couple of lion costumes weren’t working, i asked her if there might be a back up animal she might consider? FORTUNATELY, all was saved with this kangaroo costume which she has been hopping around in all weekend and i’m just so glad. i think the fact that josh willingly and readily fulfilled her dream of dressing up as a panda helped make up for the lion ordeal. also, having a kangaroo pouch for her new baby kangaroo “joey” was a definite plus.  so thankful samson was willing to be whatever! he’s been an angler fish and bat as well this week, and no issues with any of the costumes, which were both his idea. and then conrad of course doesn’t really grasp any of it so we stuck him in a zebra costume and were thrilled to see the hat stay on for 10 seconds tops! halloween success in my book.

but yeah. wow. family costumes. so complicated sometimes. i don’t know. i kind of can’t wait for november 1st tomorrow. ;)

love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-7love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-12love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-3love-taza-halloween27hfhfhlove-taza-halloween27hfhfh-8love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-15see the baby “joey?”love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-9

love this one so much.


he’s the cutest elephant in my book, and i LOVE elephants!


impossible to get a proper photo of conrad in his zebra get up. hopefully i’ll get something later today when we’re trick or treating. this boy is on the go and doesn’t hold still for long, ever!

love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-4 love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-5

blurry photo by samson but still had to include!


and then he got one with us in focus, just cutting off panda’s head! i love it. haha!


how adorable is this sweet kangaroo mama and her baby joey?!

love-taza-halloween27hfhfh-16 love-taza-halloween27h8fhfh-2

i’m glad this worked out and our kids were so happy. excited to trick or treat with them tonight and have a good time together.

do you guys ever do family themed halloween costumes?! and if so, is it smooth sailing or is this sort of process the norm?!


  1. Eleanor’s costume is so adorable! My brother and I always had different ideas for what we wanted to be, so our parents didn’t try to do family themed Halloween costumes :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. Corina

    beautiful photos, as always, Naomi. I am still crying with laughter from Samson’s cut photo of Josh.ahahaha
    Eleanor is the sweetest girl ever. her smile just brightens up my day.
    all your kids do actually. love them so much, although only seen them in photos and through your eyes from the stories. is that even possible???

  3. sobi

    This is absolutely adorable! Happy Halloween, Taza!

  4. Oh this is the cutest I hope I get to have such a cute family one day and do fun things with them like dressing up for Halloween!


  5. It’s where the wild kingdom is! Ha ha! Love the costumes! So cute! Have a fun, and say New York halloween!


  6. Sasha

    Where is your giraffe costume from?! I’ve been looking for a one piece costume!

  7. lorena

    Happy Halloween too, I cant wait to finish work and pick up my daughter to have fun as well!!

  8. brittany

    i seriously cannot handle this- so darn cute! the zebra!

    well dome, mama.

    xo, brittany
    i’ve got a fall sweater round up on my blog- most under $50!

  9. Alida

    We all know Eleanor has a Lion’s heart, but she looked PERFECT as a kangaroo. And Samson, too sweet for words! So glad you didn’t go for anything creepy. We don’t celebrate Halloween in my country, so can never understand parents dressing their kids like that. But this is a great theme!

  10. Sierra

    I love this! Family costumes are the best, although tricky sometimes. She makes an adorable kangaroo and it looks like you saved the day. Beautifully Candid

  11. Elishia

    In the UK we don’t get as into Halloween as Americans, so living in NYC this year has been an absolute treat. I love your family themed costumes and I will totally aim for it one day… I feel that my problems won’t come from kids not wanting it, I have a feeling my chap wouldn’t be quite as willing as Josh!


  12. Siobhan

    We have done family costumes the past two years and we let our four year old pick. Last year we were a family of skeletons which was super easy thankfully since the newest member was only a month old. And this year we are a family of superheros and villians, big Brother is Batman, little Brother is Robin, Dad is the Joker, and Mom is Harley Quinn. (Mind you, the kids get the cool costumes while Dad and I usually end up in skirts and make up to make the dress up easier.) Happy Halloween!

  13. Oh my goodness, HOW CUTE. Eleanor’s kangaroo costume is perfect, and this whole shoot is so fun!! I’m thankful that for now, my husband pretty much goes with whatever idea I have, and our dog has no choice in the matter. ;p I shared our family costume this year here: https://wonderlandsam.com/2016/10/31/a-stranger-halloween/

    Happy Halloween!

  14. How adorable!! Onesie’s are the best costumes. I’ll probably wear my Eeyore one again this year. So cozy :)


  15. Caitlin

    I cannot get over how amazing these costumes are! You all look so cute and your kids always look like they’re having a great time!

    x, Caitlin

  16. Britt

    Those pictures are A-MA-ZING ! Wowww, that wall in the background just makes all the colours come to life. Beautiful family <3

  17. Kelleyn

    Super cute idea! Happy Halloween!

  18. Jessi

    I do sew but I give my son a deadline. I tell him he needs to make a final decision by a certain date (this year was one week before Halloween, as he was debating between 2 costumes (pretty simple to make). I find it makes Halloween less stressful for everyone.
    Another trick is to buy costumes after Halloween (major discounts!) & put them in his costume (or dress-up) trunk. Maybe you can find the perfect lion costume at a discount & Eleanor can play in it for the rest of the year?

  19. Aubrey

    LOVE everything about this. The costumes are too darn cute :)

  20. Angelica

    Love the animal theme for the family. So cute!

  21. Really really cute!

  22. Neha

    What a cute blog post! So glad I stumbled upon it!

  23. Neha

    What a cute blog post! So glad I stumbled across it

  24. Such adorable pics…and it makes me regret that I didn’t get that festive this year, considering my kids finally ‘get’ Halloween! My husband is from Italy and never celebrated Halloween as a child so it’s really hard to get him on board when it comes to decorating, costumes, etc. It will be a MUST next year!