halloween will soon be here!

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i’m so excited to show you guys our living room space today, because we most certainly went all out this year with halloween in mind because you guys, the holidays are just the best! i am such a lover of small spaces, and i seriously believe that even when you have a space on the smaller side, you shouldn’t feel left out of the party when it comes to bringing the festive spirit into your home.

halloween has been a fun holiday to celebrate over the years. from our first halloween as newly weds when we won the costume party award for best costumes…to the last few with kiddos in costumes and lots of trick or treating, we are fans. i’m not as into the scarier and gorier side of the holiday, but i like to decorate with pumpkins and lights and lots of color. we did bring a few bats and spiders into the picture this year, since our family is especially into these sorts of creatures right now (as of right now, samson is planning to be a spider for halloween!) but that’s about as spooky as we get.

all of the decorations we used for our space can be found at grandin road, who we partnered with for the holiday this year.  if you’re in the city, they currently have their first ever pop-up halloween shop at macy’s herald square happening now through october 31st.

a few photos we took while decorating and also a video we made, too!

we hung these bats up along our picture framed wall! coincidentally, if you ask our kids any sort of question about bats, they can probably answer.  they really have a thing for bats right now and so we are constantly reading and talking about them. eleanor has even asked if we could have one as a pet! what?! i suppose the next best thing to having a real pet bat is having several hanging out on your wall? maybe. at least that’s what i’m telling my kids whenever they ask for a pet bat.


shoutout to josh for hanging all the high stuff!


love these BOO letters that light up! probably my favorite part of the halloween decorations.

love-taza-grandin928nn-4 love-taza-grandin928nn-7

we grabbed some decorative rice krispy treats to show off this tray. ;)


also, we totally got a fog machine. haha! we have never had as much fun as we did putting a little bit of fog into the room! excited to have some friends over here soon and try it out again!


when i was little, my dad would put together this crazy haunted house on our porch outside and he’d even wear a microphone and put the speaker inside a carved pumpkin at the front door, so when kids would be near it, it’d be like the pumpkin was talking to them and i just remember it being the coolest thing when i was little! i definitely have to give him and my mom some credit for why i like halloween. besides the treats!

and thank you to grandin road for sponsoring this blog post! how do you guys decorate for the holiday? do you have favorite halloween tradition?

  1. Oh I can’t wait to tell my friends about the pop up store for their party! They are going to be so pumped! :)

  2. Tracy

    Love decorating small spaces!
    Did it when living in 275 sq ft studio in NYC

    The kids imagination is amazing!

    You and Josh truly are wonderful parents!

  3. Carly

    The decorations are just too cute! I bet your kids love that you go all out for Halloween. The string of bats is definitely my favorite part.

    Also, your English inspired halloween hat is so fun. You are definitely rocking it.

    We don’t decorate for Halloween, but we should. Our favorite family tradition is to go to the pumpkin farm and do all the fun things they offer there for a day.

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  4. Uzma

    Love the Halloween spirit! And these pictures are fabulous.
    I also love your polka dot sweater! Where is it from?

  5. Corina

    Your living room looks amazing, Naomi. I am sure the kids are all ecstatic about it. As for the fog…what a cool idea.

  6. Kit

    Bats are awesome. You should keep an eye out for Bat Walks — I know AMNH, Audobon, and NYC Parks hosts them, although usually in the summer, either in Central or Prospect Park. And if you’re an AMNH member, this is coming up!

  7. brittany

    whoa- this is amazing! totally transformed. halloween has never been my favorite holiday but now that i have a baby i’m totally into elebrating everything!


  8. Elishia

    When your Instagram said you’d gone all out I had no idea you meant anything quite to this extreme! Well it’ll certainly teach me how to do Halloween in the US!!


  9. Amy

    Hi! I’m such a fan of your blog. You make the mommy life look so glamorous, and being a mommy myself, I know it is a choice (backed up by hard work) to be positive and see the joy in parenting. Happy Halloween! We try to prepare and host a special Halloween craft at school in October. Kiddos feel very special working with Daddy and Mommy and teachers. Teachers appreciate the extra help during the holidays. And it is fun to be in the classrooms or just know that your lending a hand.

  10. Constanza

    Hello Naomi, i have a question…
    Why you celebrate Halloween? I have seen you and your family are believers, and i know about that celebration is about devil things
    I know you are mormon, and i really don’t know about what you believe in specifi, i think in God? So, why you celebrate haloween? The Word of God teach us about darknees and THIS party is about that!

    I follow you since 2012 and i always ask me about this.

    Grettings from Chile!!!

  11. Cara Via

    Your apartment looks great- thanks for sharing!

    One of my family traditions for Halloween is reading “Halloween Holly” to my kids. My two love sharing and caring with the elves AND Halloween Holly helps my family have a healthier Halloween while enjoying some candy too!

  12. Debi

    One of our favorite books is Stellaluna, which is the cutest book about bats.

  13. Rachel

    This is so awesome!!! My husband and I LOVE the holidays. So much inspiration in this post!!!!
    ALSO…. where did you get your spider-web poncho?!?! Adorable!!!!

  14. OMG this is probably my favorite blog post you’ve ever done, it’s sooooo cute and festive! One of the reasons why i love halloween is probably because it means christmas is coming soon, lol, but this got me totally in the orange and black mood. Love it!

  15. Katie

    October and Halloween are just the BEST! ?

    Have your kids read the Bat book series by Brian Lies? The bats go out to places like the ballgame or the beach while every human is asleep and get into all sorts of trouble. The books are incredibly charming!

  16. Inna

    So awesome! I wish Halloween was also celebrated in Holland!

  17. Ashley


    Thank you for keeping up with a blog for so many years! It has been a joy to pop in and read stories about your family and see what raising 3 little ones in NYC is possible and how fun you and Josh are intent to make it home.

    One thing I would love to know is where you store everything in a small apartment? This Halloween post especially brought the question to mind again with that huge spider and several pumpkins. I have wondered in the past about where you’re able to store so many adorable outfits, coats, hats, shoes, etc. My husband and I recently moved to a new apartment and “lost’ over 100 square feet of living space and it has made a huge impact on our storage organization.

    I appreciate any tips / revelations (especially if you rent out a storage facility somewhere).

    Also, what ever happened to your guys’ adorable convertible VW beetle?

  18. Lynn

    That…is a lot of Halloween. I do like to decorate for the fall (even in my very tiny 500 sqft apartment) and winter holidays, but I have to say that my Halloween decorations consist solely of candy that I have no intention of handing out to little children. Love what you did!

  19. Carmen

    I did the bats on the wall several years ago. I spent an hour or so cutting them out one-by-one. I saved them and three years ago, hung them from the high arches between rooms. They looked great. I have several items I bring out that we’ve had for years and years. Our children are nearly all grown and out of the house, so I don’t see any new decorations coming in. Our favorite part of Halloween is sitting on our driveway, listening to spooky music, with our firepit, and handing out candy to all of the cute little kids who come by.

  20. Kate

    I’m with your kids on bats, very cool creatures! Not sure if any American zoos have this experience, but the Singapore Zoo has a walk in bat enclosure. If you stand very still and quiet, they will land on you! I think my record was 10 bats fluttering over me at once. Not for everyone but I loved it! Hope your kids can experience something like it one day

  21. Sab

    My goodness Naomi, you look so friggin’ stunning in these photos! ? And you guys sure are all ready to go for Halloween, even though there are still 3 more weeks to go, haha. Just out of curiosity, seeing that you guys wear shoes in the house – how often do you have to clean the house and the wipe the couch?

  22. Rachel

    Your decorations are great! And I definitely want to make some of those rice crispy treats with mini Reese’s cups on top! Our decorations are more toned down right now, but we recently bought a house, so maybe after a few more years we will be all decked out! Here is a link from my blog when we decorated a few years ago: http://rachel-wildphotography.blogspot.com/2013/10/ghastly-adornment.html

  23. vicky

    oh my you guys are seriously family goals! haha I looooove this time of year with the back to back celebrations.

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  25. Jill

    Oh you guys are the greatest! Such fun for all of your family. My kids would be so jealous. :)
    Hey, loving your polka-dot sweater. Can you share where you found it? Thanks!

  26. lana

    Where did you get that spider poncho? my son would love if i wore that while trick or treating!

  27. Jacqui

    What lipstick are you wearing? Love it for fall!

  28. Lauren

    This looks amazing!! I want everything in that living room! Definitely the “boo” words!

  29. Jane

    I’m so excited for Halloween! I’ve never dressed up for Halloween before but I’m dressing up for the first time this year (at 26 years old, mind you) and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

  30. Sarah

    If your kids are into bats you really need to have them watch the youtube video by Jumpstart – “Echolocation” bat song. They’ll love dancing to it. My girls love it.

  31. Brittney

    Where is the spider web from?! I love it!