geocaching in boston!

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while we were in boston last week, we went on an actual real treasure hunt with the kiddos and tried our hand at geocaching for the first time! have you guys ever done this?! i didn’t even know this was a thing until recently, but it was so much fun and we are hooked! using tech like a mobile device or gps to check your coordinates markings, you can physically explore your area and find and log geocaches (that’s what is hidden. we like to call them treasure!) all around you, and around the world! it is wild!

we’ve recently partnered with sprout, the preschool TV network, who gave us a chance to have a sneak peek of a few of the first episodes of their new TV show for kids called dot. last month! the show is based on the picture book by randi zuckerberg about a little girl and all the adventures she has. it also aims to acknowledge technology in our lives and to give an example of how we can use it as a tool to inspire curiosity and adventure.

josh and i talk about tech all the time, especially how to navigate tablets and screen time and apps and everything tech when it comes to our children and what is best for our family when using technology. i think because we all don’t have a ton of history and past experience to draw from, we’re all kind of in this boat together figuring it out, since we can’t really ask our parents or grandparents what they did here.

when sprout reached out, they shared that as part of the launch of dot., they created a quiz called sprout talks techto see what everybody else is thinking about this topic. josh and i took the quiz (you can too! it takes just a few minutes and i found my results so fascinating), but one of the results of the quiz says that only 31% of parents are asking other parents what they’re doing when it comes to tech and their little ones! that’s the one that stuck out to me.  tech has become such a big part of this next generation’s lives, and yet we aren’t really talking about it a whole lot. i sometimes think this might be because the topic of tech for kids can sound kind of like a guilt trip. like if you are handing your little one an ipad or tablet or phone, you’re checking out and aren’t being the “best parent.” i have felt that before for sure. it’s definitely something we’re all trying to sort out, but in the past when i’ve shared round ups of some of our favorite educational apps for kiddos, did you know they are one of my most visited blog posts? by far! they are resonating with people, and i’m thankful for that because i’m right there with you, trying to figure it out too.

i wanted to share a few of the things josh and i are doing, as we try to figure this tech world out for our little ones and make technology as much of a positive thing in our family’s life as possible:

1. carefully curating content. we spend a lot of time learning about what types of content our kids can ingest and thinking about what can be the most helpful for our kids. taking the time to find the very best shows, movies, apps, and games is so important. and each child is actually quite different from the other, so what might be good for eleanor doesn’t actually mean it’ll work for samson and conrad, too. we select different educational apps for each of our own children based on their age and interests. even from some of the shows we do choose, we will double check the topics and themes in each separate episode and leave out some that are less appropriate or less interesting. carefully curating content for each of our children has proven to work well here.

2. exposure to all kinds of technology and how they work. we have enjoyed talking with our kids about simple machines and tools, batteries, circuits…. when they understand how it works, it’s an opportunity for learning and more so, they better understand the world around them. they’re also less likely to get frustrated. (especially when a battery dies or there is no wifi signal and it feels like the world has ended to them.)

3. experience the technology together! this means playing the apps they play, watching the shows they watch, playing with the toys they like, and talking with them about all of it as much as possible. this is safety issue and an educational issue.  it’s as much a conversation about media and culture as it is about technology. yes, new technology and devices are changing how, when, and where our kids and families get access information. access to media, content, games, tools, ideas, facts, and fiction. and it this information delivered through the technology that is really so important! when you’re participating in the things your kids are doing, then you’re more aware of their experiences, and in a way, acknowledging what they are loving or enjoying and not just an outsider who doesn’t get it.

a few photos from our day of geocaching in boston, where we found the tiniest magnet hidden along the fence at the big park named boston commons! the magnet contained a few rolled up pieces of paper others who’d found the geocache had signed their name to! some of the geocaches we’ve found have been rather large, like a tupperware container full of random toys and things, but this one was tinier than tiny, and you could easily miss it if you weren’t using your navigator just right and keeping your eyes open.

love-taza-geo2075-9 love-taza-geo2075-3

this geocaching thing (something that we watched the little girl named Dot do on one of the episodes of dot. we were able to preview), was incredible. there is a filter for level of difficulty, as well as for the level of terrain, so we were able to hand over josh’s phone to the kids and have them use it to help find the geocaches.


apologies to future geocachers in the area for taking up three rows to write our name instead of just one. we aren’t used to writing so small, so we did our best!!!


we laughed so hard when eleanor was placing the geocache back in its proper spot, because samson hopped up next to her and exclaimed all sneakily, “i’ll be your lookout, eleanor!” haha! these kids and their love of all things spy related.

i love this activity and how it gets us outside sort of weaving tech and recreational activities together! some of these geocaches are hidden along hiking trails or deep in the woods. i’m anxious to see how many we can find in central park now that we’re aware of them.

thank you to sprout for partnering with us on this blog post, and be sure to check out their new show dot. which premieres on sprout on october 22nd at 11am eastern, if you have little ones around eleanor’s age (or older) that might be into it! if you’re not sure if you have sprout, you can go to sprout online to see if it’s carried in your area, and  if you’d like to see what your tech parenting style is, you can take the quiz at sprout talks tech.

also! i’ll be interviewing randi zuckerberg who is the author of dot. on facebook live some time next week. so be sure to follow along on my love taza facebook page to tune in and watch if you’d like to check it out! (once i know the exact date and time, i’ll share it on my social channels!)

  1. Carly

    It looks like they had a great time and I bet they learned a lot! It’s fun how geocaching combines technology with a good old fashioned treasure hunt.

    Also what a great opportunity to see Sprout’s shows before they go live. I bet that was extra special for your kids.

    Carly from

  2. Britt

    Geocaching is so fun! I love anything to do with getting the kids outside, and its fun to find the treasure even when it’s kind of junk! Their happy faces are kind of just the best huh?! I also love Eleanor’s dress!

    I’ve got actually cute nursing clothes over on my blog today if you’re interested-

  3. Emily

    I just found your blog so it’s exciting to hear you talk about geocaching! I’ve been an avid geocacher for 11 years. You hit the nail on the head with how great of a family and exploration activity it is. I don’t have little ones but I do most of my geocaching with family. Keep at it and you will find so many hidden gems everywhere!

  4. Rachel

    What! I cannot believe you just caught the bug! We’ve been geocaching for YEARS! it’s the best free fun!!

  5. Amy

    What app are you using for this? Looks like serious fun – I suppose my boys would like it too. =)

  6. Jena R.

    My father-in-law has been geocaching for years and my husband and I always made fun of him!! We have since changed our stance on geocaching and welcome the adventure when we are on vacations together. It is a wonderful way to get outside and explore!

  7. Paige

    My husband and I geocached quite a bit in Utah, but haven’t done it since, we should definitely get out and do it with our kids this weekend!


  8. Alida

    So awesome that Eleanor can write her name!!

  9. Elishia

    I don’t have kids yet, but the idea of bringing them up in such a social media filled cyber world scares me as it is such a different landscape to being brought up even 10.15 years ago. It fills me with hope and excitement seeing how Mums and Dads like you two find a way to use it without turning them into mindless zombies 24 hours a day. This looks really exciting and a great way to have an adventure.

  10. Never heard of it before, but it sure sounds interesting – and time consuming;-)

  11. I think it’s so great to use technology in this way! I feel like the older generation is always telling off the younger generation for having too much screen-time and thus technology like a disease. While it can definitely get out of hand, I think learning how to use technology in this way is really healthy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  12. Giulia

    Love all of your blog and this post so much! Geocaching is seriously so much fun, and your kids are the cutest!!

  13. I’ve never heard of this before but it does sound pretty cool!

  14. hanna

    I’ve never heard of geocaching it looks like fun –Hanna Lei

  15. Jordyn

    Could you share your resources for researching content abs what is appropriate for each age and skill level?

  16. AK

    Hi Taza! I just love how you and your family really think about tech and being careful about what exactly you expose your children too. I was just interested to know what movies and shows you really recommend for young children.

  17. Sophie

    Geocaching is so much fun to do with the kids it’s a great way to spend time as a family !

  18. Laura

    I discovered geocaching 7 or 8 years ago, before I had kids, and I just love it! I can’t wait til my boys are old enough to do it with me (they are almost 3 and almost 2 months right now :))

  19. Megan Ham

    love this idea! what app did you use to do this with your kids? also is there ever something you wouldn’t want your kids to find while doing this ha? i can only imagine what people have hidden out there. Thanks for all your parenting ideas! love them and incorporate many of them.


  20. so cute! my dad discovered geocaching awhile ago, so each year around thanksgiving break our WHOLE family goes on vacation together and we make it an adventure and go geocashing. one of these days we are going to make our own. it’s especially fun with young kids, my nieces and nephews love it so much.

    xo, Samantha

  21. Laura

    What geocaching app did you use? I’m looking for a kid-friendly one. Thanks for sharing this activity!