autumn in central park!

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october in new york is just incredible. the colors in central park, with the sky scrapers behind the red, orange and yellow leaves often leave me speechless. sometimes i have a wandering eye when it comes to more space out west or warmer winters down south, a case of the “grass is greener” if you will that leaves me struggling on occasion with trying to figure out what is best for me and my family. but october in new york always sets that wandering eye straight! new york will always have my heart, and i love how that love for her is rekindled in autumn. (i wish autumn happened once more at the end of january when i really need her. lol. also the end of march when it’s still freezing with no signs of spring. GAHH! can you tell i’m already really dreading winter??!?!?!)

we spent time before dinner on a walk in the park yesterday where we happened upon so many fallen leaves on a certain grassy patch, that we decided to sweep them together and make a pile for play! i can’t even count how many times the kids jumped into those leaves. we took turns burying them in the pile awaiting them to pop up and scare us, made snow angels (or leaf angels i suppose!) and took turns throwing them at one another. we had to tear everyone away when it was time to go, they didn’t want to leave. it was a fun afternoon for sure and one i’ll remember for a good while.

some of my favorite photos!


after almost a week of being knocked out by sickness, so happy to report that mister conrad is feeling almost back to his happy and cheerful self! he was so chatty yesterday, it made me realize how much he didn’t talk this past week as he couldn’t muster up the strength much of the time. i am SO glad he’s getting back at it though, because i realized how much i missed him trying to tell me so many things and how much i love trying to nod and understand and chat back.

i think he makes an extra effort to keep up with his older siblings, so i find a lot of his behavior and words to be more advanced than when his siblings were his age. bless his heart for being the third and always anxious to be included. he does such a good job keeping up and i often forget he’s just so small still. he was so cuddly this past week and i felt like i had a baby again. yesterday he was back to racing around and always being “go go go” and it was a little bittersweet. so glad he’s pretty much healthy again but gosh it was nice to have those moments of just holding and hugging and cuddling the past several days.


i can’t with these two and their faces jumping into the leaves!


probably my favorite photo of eleanor right now. in her element, so happy and carefree!


gave everyone a proper scrub down before we came back inside our apartment, but the amount of leaves inside my pockets, inside my coat! it was crazy. you’d think they were sticky or something.


major props to papa for reassembling the big leaf pile every 30 seconds! ;)


new boots for winter. (i tell myself it’s one of the things that helps make living in the cold not feel so terrible, new boots. probably not true whatsoever but i’m gonna keep telling myself anyway.)


thanks for this one, eleanor.

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perks of buying winter coats one size up and having them fit the following year!

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josh took this and i freaking love it.


also love these boys of mine. and this family of mine in general. also, october. i love you, october. thanks for putting my favorite color on all the leaves and for reminding me of my love for crock pots of slow cooked chili and smart wool socks and also for showing how beautiful my new york is. she’s just the best. i love her so.


ps. wearing this sweater coat, this turtleneck, these high-rise straight jeans and  these boots. the kiddos hooded down jackets are available here.

  1. Ragna

    Love those autumn colours. The woods here in Belgium are quite gorgeous as well! But I’d love to come see New York in autumn with my family. It’s on our list!!


  2. Carly

    Fall in New York City looks like such a dream! These pictures definitely make me want to plan an October vacation to the city next year.

    Glad to hear your clan is feeling better and everyone is happy and cheerful again.

    As always your kiddos look adorable!

    Carly from

  3. Lucie

    Dear Naomi,

    I love love love colorful leaves! Unfortunately, Paris isn’t as colorful as I would like it to be (and definitely not comparable to NYC)…

    Could you please tell me how big Conrad is and what size is his jacket? I want to buy a Patagonia jacket for my son (98cm tall which is something like 38 inches) and don’t know which size to pick.
    Thank you very much for your advice.


  4. Beth

    I love these! Where is Eleanor’s hat from? I’ve been looking for something like this for my daughter!

  5. Brittany

    their faces! so much joy. fall is just so pretty!

    xo, brittany
    how we montessori at home, for 12-15 months on my blog today! lots of toddler friendly activities with some stuff you can diy-

  6. Corina

    Naomi, these photos are breathtaking! Your kids’ smiles is everything

  7. Lorena

    Autumn is amazing in some places, I love New York City!! It looks so beautiful at this time of the year, I am lucky London is the same as well.



  8. Caitlin

    This looks like the perfect fall afternoon and you captured it perfectly! Those are the faces of pure happiness! I love your ability to capture the exact feelings of a moment!

  9. the autumn in new england is always pretty. i live here for years. and i love writing and telling my parents and friends in asia about it too. thanks for sharing. it looks a lot of joy in your photos.

  10. Amy

    I bought a new Patagonia coat this year and totally wiped out (like a child, skinned knees and everything) and ripped it!!! Feathers everywhere!! It was quite tragical.

  11. Cori

    Where are Eleanor’s sweatpants from? They’re so cute!

  12. Kate

    Having never experienced a true fall (always been a west coaster) this seems magical

  13. kelsey

    I am so impressed with Josh getting so dressed up every day even though he doesn’t work outside the home! Very cool.

  14. Carolyne

    Naomi I read your blog on a daily basis as I am so in love with New York and it’s people that I am so envious of your lifestyle there. You give me the constant yearning to come back and play for months in this gorgeous town. I miss it, I miss it even when I am there – there’s something special about it. So I thank you and your family for giving me my fix everyday and I hope you continue sharing your wonderful journey with us all. (Melbourne,Australia)

  15. Sophie

    Gorgeous photos !!! What a fun day you had, making beautiful memories !

  16. Such a fun day! I loved playing with leaves!

  17. Randi

    Little ones and fall leaves! Two of my favorite things!!!!! My little one loves playing in leaves too. Love all of these pics – so much joy!

    Xo, Randi

  18. Is it cold enough for those jackets already?? Its still like 75 here during the day in CO, this weekend it was high 80’s. TOO HOT for October! I feel like our fall is going to last a week before its winter already.

  19. Elishia

    What a stunning set of pictures of you and your family. I’m shoving my boots right on and getting out to the park now to get some of that wonderful autumn air into my lungs. Central Park is a well deserved break from job applications :) A beautiful post as always.

  20. Misty

    You guys look like an ad for Patagonia! I think they are just on my mind because I saw the awesome video about the Patagonia company that Design Mom posted on her blog. They are a great company! with 100% retention of all working moms!!
    Very sweet photos!

  21. Katrin

    E’s shoes ~ love how she always rocks her outfit!
    You look awesome, Naomi!

  22. Kelly

    Your kids are so freaking cute and I love the glitter shoes!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  23. I am jealous of all those gorgeous leaves and of being in New York. It’s my spirit home, I think, although Portland, Oregon has my heart. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them!

  24. These photos are perfect. THIS is what the season is about. You guys have the loveliest family, and though I can’t imagine surviving the winters there, NYC really is such a magical place. <3

  25. Lourdes Martin

    September and October are the best!! If only Fall can stay a while longer (although we’ve been spoiled this year). Love this post!



  26. Emily

    Conrad’s hair is the color of a new york autumn