a few quick exciting days in D.C.!

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hi everyone! we drove down to DC yesterday to spend the next couple of days together since there is no school for the kids right now and something exciting is taking place here.  i can’t wait to share more with you all soon!

after several hours in the car from the drive down, we stopped by the lincoln memorial (it’s my absolute favorite) to stretch our legs (more like get all the wiggles out!) and “try” to talk the kids about the significance of the monument and area in general before heading to meet friends. i’m not sure the kids were really into anything but trying to slide down the concrete blocks on the sides of the steps! haha! they can turn anything into a jungle gym.

this place always feels good to come back  to and visit after living here for a few years back in the day. i still can’t stand the traffic and parking situations, but even so, i love DC more than words can describe. a few photos we took at the monument below…


how beautiful is this abraham lincoln monument?! (also, crowded!)

love this photo so much. she’s our first baby, and a DC baby!

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these two were born here in the district, at a hospital not too far away from the monument! i know a lot of the reasons i’m so fond of DC has to do with the memories we created here, two of the most significant being the pregnancies, births and then newborn baby phases of these two loves of mine.

love-taza-dc3967jj5-8love-taza-dc3967jj5-7 love-taza-dc3967jj5-10 love-taza-dc3967jj5-21

when we walked down this portion of the stairs by the reflecting pond, and couldn’t get them to come down any other way than on their bums!


the most aggressive birds i ever did see, diving into the trash near our table and snagging french fries.

love-taza-dc3967jj5-24 love-taza-dc3967jj5-25love-taza-dc3967jj5-3

if you’re wondering, the answer is yes. i was hot in my jacket. when we left new york earlier in the morning, it was freezing cold outside. and then josh dropped us at the monument to go park, and once the car was forever far away, i figured wearing it was better than trying to hold it the entire time. anyway!


so happy to be back and will share more soon about why!

ps. my white t-shirt, jeans and my yellow sweater coat. i’m wearing these clogs (in black here.)

  1. Hello! Maybe you were hot in your jacket but I like it! :)

    You have reflected the autum in your photos!! I love this season

    Kisses from France

  2. Jordan

    I always love your DC posts! Were E and S born at Sibley?! I’m a DC baby as well (born and raised) and my mom had me at Sibley! Enjoy your time back :)

  3. sally mae

    I can’t wait to hear your news!!!!!!

  4. I love the one of you and Eleanor because yall look like serious twins!! My husband and I lived in the city, left for a year, and missed NYC so much so we are going back just like you guys! HAHA! I keep telling my husband “well Naomi does this and that” and he (and probably you) think I’m crazy ;) haha!

  5. Carly

    It looks like they really liked the concrete steps! Funny how we think kids will love and enjoy one thing that we take them too and then they think something random is way cooler.

    If you get a chance take them to the Museum of Natural History. It’s my three year old son’s favorite place and it is amazing!

    Have a wonderful trip

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  6. Hunter

    The outfit looks so cute! I just moved to DC and I’m loving it! Beautiful post!

  7. Julie

    Naomi – Just wanted to give you some much deserved props for encouraging E’s interest in science (noticing the dino shirt & all of the awesome experiences you provide her)! I love that she doesn’t shy away from bugs either. Keep up the great parenting!

  8. Sooo excited to see what the news is!! And goodness I love your jacket, and the cutest faces of your kids :) <3


  9. Elishia

    DC is on my list of places to visit in the states while we’re living in NYC. Your lovely family look like they’re all loving the adventures! I’m looking forward to seeing more of DC and hearing your exciting news X


  10. Alison

    Such gorgeous photos! DC had never seemed like somewhere to put on my travel list until I started reading you blog – I appreciate another look at the city! Excited to hear about whatever mysterious NY news you have ;)

    Alison – http://alisonpate.blogspot.com

  11. Holly

    Where did you find E’s amazing dinosaur shirt? It is fantastic!

  12. Jackmo

    Cute post — looks y’all had a great time!

    The history buff in me can’t help but point out that it’s actually called the “Lincoln Memorial” (and not the “Lincoln Monument” as referenced in your post). Perhaps you were conflating it with the “Washington Monument”?

  13. Kristina

    I was at the Lincoln Memorial today too! My first time visiting DC and I can’t get over how beautiful it it. It was crazy hot, I was shocked to see you in that jacket :P

  14. Joy

    You definitely have piqued my curiosity! Moving back…?! Also love your whole outfit! Are you guys going to get to go to the new African American history museum?

  15. Lendy

    I love all your adventures! You’re the queen of making even the hot coat look effortless.

    xo Lendy

  16. Emily

    Looks like a great little family trip! Excited to see what you’re getting up to there in DC.

  17. You always have THE BEST anthro stlye. Love your wardrobe and your vest for life! Such a cute family.
    xo! Carlie


  18. Maria

    Will you be at SXSL?! So fun!!

  19. Paige

    Oh my goodness, you’re buying a house in DC aren’t you? That’s my guess anyway! :)

  20. Kelsey

    Ahhh! You’re in my neck of the woods! Welcome back, even if just for a brief stay. Can’t wait to read what you’re working on here ;)

  21. Erin

    Eleanor is starting to look a lot like her twin aunties!

  22. Leticia

    Welcome back to DC! It was so fun to spend time with you today! See you tomorrow!

  23. Your clogs ARE TO DIE FOR. Cutest mama there ever was!

  24. LA

    Those birds are so aggressive!! I think we sat at the same table you guys did with cold coffees and fries. They know where to hang though.. always busy there.