taking myself out on a date.

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something i’ve come to so appreciate, sometimes crave and hold very dear over the past couple of years, is my alone time. don’t get me wrong, you all know how big of a family girl i am and what a privilege i consider it to get to hang with my three little monkeys each day, but even after everyone is tucked in bed, and i’ve finished my work and can’t wait to hit the pillow myself, i have to just take ten or twenty minutes for myself to flip through hulu or take a bath. even when it’s nothing productive, it feels rejuvenating in the most needed way.

a few weeks ago, i was running errands in chelsea by myself after the kids went to bed and it was such a beautiful night outside, that when i finished my errands, i decided to walk all the way to the upper west side from 14th street, instead of hopping on the train. i put my headphones in for the first part of it and listened to some of my favorite music while taking in the magic of new york at night. once i hit lincoln center, i shut my music off and just walked in the quiet… even with the city sounds around me, there is something to be said about the quiet (honestly anything can be considered “quiet” in my book when i don’t have the kids with me.)

i snapped these photos last friday on my phone, when i took the afternoon to just have a date by myself in soho. the sweet ladies at paintbox invited me down for a fresh manicure (thank you, paintbox!), and so i made a date of it and took myself to lunch at cafe gitane afterwards with a leisure walk around one of my favorite neighborhoods (ok. and maybe a stop into one or two of my favorite shops in the area as well.) every minute of it felt special, and by the time i hopped back on the train to head up to meet my loves at the playground, i was missing them terribly, which is always a good sign. don’t let anyone ever make you feel guilty for taking a time-out from your usual day to treat yourself to something just for you. i think one of the best things we can give our children is the best versions of ourselves, and everyone needs to reenergize and reconnect every once in a while in order to work towards being just that.

a few of my phone photos from my afternoon out…

love-taza-83nu4ny9-3love-taza-83nu4ny9love-taza-83nu4ny9-5love-taza-83nu4ny9-4 love-taza-83nu4ny9-2

fresh pretty manicures make me happy. (my name rings are from here for those who have asked, although it’s been a long time since i ordered them and a few of you have tweeted me you’ve had issues with your orders. here is a similar shop that looks to have the same style of ring if you’d like to try them out instead.)


lunch at cafe gitane (i love this place but it’s not the best spot for strollers and babies, so it felt like such a treat to visit as it’s been years since the last time i was able to go. their avocado toast is my favorite in the city.)

love-taza-83nu4ny9-10 love-taza-83nu4ny9-11 love-taza-83nu4ny9-9 so many hearts on the streets of the city right now. maybe they have always been there, but i’m just noticing them more as of late. there is beauty and good in this crazy world. little signs like this are a welcomed reminder of that.  have a great week, you guys!

ps. my pink sunglasses, peplum top (on sale!) and black highwaisted jeans, leather jacket (similar) and black booties (similar here.)



  1. Mubarak

    YES!! This is one of my favourite things to do for myself. I usually get the kids all ready for bed and then head out on my own from 7-9 and sip a warm drink while shopping/reading. Soooo therapeutic…and theres something to be said for having free hands even for an hour or two.I can only imagine how good it would be to have that time in NY!

  2. Rylee

    Hey Naomi!

    Love the post, as always. I have no idea how to formally contact you but wanted to reach out to tell you about Maker’s Faire! It’s this weekend in Queens and someone mentioned it at work, and it seems like something your kids would love! Especially Samson -there’s a ton of robots there!

    I’m not associated with the fair at all, but saw it and thought of you guys! You should def check it out :)


  3. christa

    Sounds so lovely! I don’t live in an area that is quite as walkable, but taking a nice stroll alone is still one of my favorite things. Especially on a lovely crisp fall evening!

    xo christa | http://www.gardeniasandmint.com

  4. Natali

    Spending good, quality time with yourself is the best form of self – love and the more you treat yourself right, the better quality of life and people who surround you will be!


  5. that’s amazing Naomi! I love that you take some time for yourself despite your busy schedule with your family.

    I keep forgetting to do the same. I love walking around alone.


  6. Meg

    Um, YES. I’m a mama of a 2-year-old and I’m taking my first weekend away from the babe in a few weeks. Alone time is a MUST.

  7. Katie

    Oh your nails are so so cute!!! And I absolutely LOVE my alone time and I’m a huge family girl too so I totally get it <3

  8. Carly

    I’m so glad to know I am not the only mom that craves some alone time where I’m not doing housework or working on the blog! Sometimes it makes me feel a little guilty, so knowing that others feel that way too helps.

    Love that you went for a long relaxing walking and a mani all by yourself!

    We recently visited Chelsea and it’s such a cool spot in the city. I can imagine that walking around there leisurely with no kiddos was very relaxing.

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  9. Julie

    Hi Taza! I am totally with you on the concept of having some well deserved ‘me time’. Like you I’m a mum of 3 and since I am mostly at home with the kids (although I’m a part time photography student and trying my luck at blogging) I need this little time to myself to gather my thoughts, wander around central London, visit an exhibition that would not interest anybody else in the family, catch up with a good girlfriend, go and do some photography….Even on a weekday, I need that time like you. My husband will beg me to go to bed early – especially if I have said to him it was a busy day – but I never manage it as I crave that little pocket of time at night to do ‘my stuff’. I think it”s all about balance, when you give it all to your little family these moments are key to re-charge and be ready for another fun day with the little ones. Your nails look amazing and I enjoyed looking at those photos are your whereabout in the Big Apple. Hugs from London, Julie


  10. Lauren

    I don’t even have kids and I always give myself me time! ha! There’s nothing better than walking around Glasgow with my favourite drink exploring the city or cuddling up in bed with some nice candles lit reading a book, I love it!


  11. Catryn

    Yes!! Good for you! I think this is so needed, and more moms need to start showing this sort of self love. It’s so easy to forget to take time for yourself.

    Sweet Horizon

  12. Elishia

    I love taking LONG walks through the city with earphones in (although I’ll usually be listening to an audio book), it’s got so much to be intrigued and excited by, it has it’s own character. And those rings are super cute!


  13. Kay

    Great post! Could you help with sizing of your jeans? How do they fit? They look good!

  14. Sian

    Aw this is a lovely post. I love that advice about
    Not letting anyone make you feel guilty about
    Taking time out…us mums just can’t help
    Feeling guilty it’s silly. You’ve inspired me to
    Go and get my nails done! It’s been ages.
    Love the blog. From sian, Wales UK.

  15. brittany

    your nails! so cool. i have yet to take myself on a date after having my baby but it sounds pretty dreamy.

    i’ve got fall wardrobe must haves for baby on my blog!

  16. Rachel

    This is such a sweet reminder. I’m 30 and have a 13 month old & constantly forget about doing things like these (easy to do). I just quit my p.t. job & will now have week nights available to do something like this for myself, while my girly stays home with Dad! I’m so looking forward to it, even if it’s walking through target by myself!

  17. NY is soooo nice. I wish I come back again once in my live.
    Kisses from France

  18. Maja

    I was just talking about this in my post this morning.. :) How that coffee in the morning means so much, and that “me” time sets such a good tone for the rest of the day! I don’t have kids, but I still live with my family, so I always appreciate some quiet time by myself as well! Josh and you and your babes are my fav internet family :) and don’t get me wrong – i love every single shot of any of you/them. But, I loved seeing these pics so much! Such a refreshing post from you.. I can really feel your joy in them & that you weren’t (only) a mum/wife in that moment, but just a beautiful woman in touch with herself & loving life! & I loved that! <3
    Lots of love to you from Croatia! :*

  19. Kat

    I so love NYC photos! We moved out a year ago (to California!) and I’m very happy here but there’s just something special about the streets of NYC….

  20. Sinead

    Your pictures are always so beautiful! I don’t have kids yet but I definitely agree with the idea of having time to yourself every now and then! :-)

  21. Pam

    How sweet are you! I loved this!
    And yes, everyone needs there alone time every once in a while, glad you had fun by yourself Taza!<3


  22. Tamara

    I thought this was a really beautiful post :)
    And a good reminder indeed.

  23. V

    Bahaha, I do the same with the selfie on my own. On the occasions that I’ve been out on my own and I’m feeling buzzed from the energy around me, and I want to take a selfie (cause hey the “me time” usually occurs when I go for a hair cut/colour), it turns out like the your first photo! I cant help but feel awkward, yet I don’t bat an eye when I see someone else do it.

  24. I do this once a month and I can’t explain how therapeutic it is! I can imagine it’s a great way to release and re-energize since you have kids. I run my own consultancy and recently it has grown at a pace that I can’t imagine. Great, but also tiring.

  25. Alida

    I don’t live in a part of the world where walking alone at night is a wise option, but do love my alone mornings at a shopping mall! Yours sounds like great fun! I’d also like to, if I may, recommend Lisa Leonard’s name rings, really beautiful (Not affiliated to her in any way, just love her stuff & her story).

  26. Emily

    I don’t have a big family of my own yet but I totally get this need for some alone time.

    Once during university to decompress from studying, I went to the movies by myself; it was such a weird/cool thing to be alone and going at your own pace, just doing whatever ticked your fancy!


  27. Clara

    hi Naomi! i remember you saying that you got your patagonia jacket from the kids section and i know this is a weird question to ask but since it’s already fall i was thinking about buying a patagonia jacket and it would be great if u could tell me what size ur jacket is? is it xl or xxl? thanks xx

  28. Debb Sanchez

    Hi Naomi I love that you feel that way too. 8 used to feel guilty about alone time but I don’t anymore and know I need it every now and then to be a better mom. Also, what is that red drink you were drinking? Looks yummy

  29. Paige

    There is nothing better than those refreshing mommy breaks that let you clear your head, and yet simultaneously remind you how obsessed you are with your kids.


  30. Kelly

    So many pretty photos and I love taking yourself on dates!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  31. brooke

    By any chance do you remember the location of the vendor selling his art in the photo above? I’m borderline obsessed with it and heading the NYC in January. I’d love to see if I could find him (like a needle in a haystack, I guess!) if you remember where they were located. Thank you!